when the food is straight up bussin | Kitchen Nightmares


EDIT: Moments where Gordon LIKES THE FOOD, if it wasn't obvious.

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  1. Kitchen Nightmares

    Kitchen NightmaresPred mesecem


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  3. mariokheart

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    oh my god.

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  7. David Dela Cruz

    David Dela CruzPred 12 minutami

    Mother Mary was so adorable getting that kiss seeing how Ramsey enjoyed her meal out of all things :')

  8. Filip

    FilipPred 15 minutami

    2:06 why are you throwing away the food? If you don't like it give it to someone who is hungry, even homeless people. You don't have any around? This is why I hate this posh mumbo jumbo kitchen programs. You want to improve the food? That's fine, but stop wasting it. I'd rather believe that restaurant chef saying oysters are delicious than someone saying every single dish he gets is nightmare, just so the show looks better...

  9. brightshadow524

    brightshadow524Pred 28 minutami

    her name's Candice

  10. We:Live:In:A:Simulation

    We:Live:In:A:SimulationPred 54 minutami

    I don't get it.... "when the food is straight up bussin" don't bussin means "great"?

  11. kenneth paulsen

    kenneth paulsenPred 57 minutami

    things are never fresh if its been frozen

  12. William Gone

    William GonePred 2 urami

    Frozen food sucks

  13. OfficialQueenOfSwaga

    OfficialQueenOfSwagaPred 2 urami

    Loved the moment he kissed the momma on the cheek shows how much she cares about his opinion and was soo happy and how appreciative he is off true amazing cooks

  14. justIn_

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  15. Sheridan Fanboy

    Sheridan FanboyPred 2 urami

    That bread pudding guy was so humble

  16. ذوالفقار علي حسين كريم ثالثة ص

    ذوالفقار علي حسين كريم ثالثة صPred 2 urami

    12:20 The legendary quote.

  17. Iron CαlIN

    Iron CαlINPred 2 urami

    This is the result of entrepreneurs who do not know how to perform but know how to borrow money and remain in debt.

  18. Technoplane

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    i am fully convinced they let a gen z run this fucking channel

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    2:29 got you

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  23. caleb peters

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    i love you

  24. Reuel Naresh

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    Sheeeeeesh it's bussin respectfully

  25. Borden Bandz

    Borden BandzPred 6 urami

    Respect for that title hahaha

  26. Temitope Akingba

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    14:40 her face omgggg lmaoo

  27. Linkz

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  28. Mahesh Panth

    Mahesh PanthPred 7 urami

    Kitchen Nightmare is a joke. All the hotels are closed now 😡😡😡 just made for TV trp and ratings

  29. guguigugu

    guguiguguPred 9 urami

    i am forever happy for the bread pudding guy

  30. Dougie Roberts

    Dougie RobertsPred 9 urami

    ''He is crazy'', the best cook in the world,,,? Really ? Love the mature lady, different class.

  31. Dougie Roberts

    Dougie RobertsPred 9 urami

    Some crazy people, mental, nutcases,,,, but rest assured,,if Rambo tells you it isnt good, you can take it to the bank and bank it.

  32. #midzzforagent

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  33. Otto Täkker

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    SHEEEEEESH respectfully

  34. Ashley Richardson

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    Borat in the second clip 😂

  35. Alabama Slammer

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    Anyone know what episode the last ones from?

  36. Ferret In sweatpants

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  37. MrApalaka

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    0:29 I found Candice

  38. Kevin H

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  40. JayRebel

    JayRebelPred 11 urami

    Uhhhh bussin means "very good". Why are these meals he says are crap? Don't try to use slang you have no idea what the definition is. Is the person writing these descriptions drunk or just completely incapable of using google?

  41. Mimi

    MimiPred 11 urami

    Plot twist Gordon runs this ytb channel😂

  42. Degenerate Phoenix

    Degenerate PhoenixPred 12 urami

    >This is a verified channel >Title has Bussin >The pinned comment

  43. Darkel

    DarkelPred 12 urami

    14:37 *I have an unbelievable amount of respect for this man* "You're not a meat expert, all you know how to do is sit in front of the computer and change menus. That is what you do." DAAAAAAAMMMMNNNN

  44. Ian

    IanPred 12 urami

    I thought bussin meant good? He hates the food

  45. Christopher Scali

    Christopher ScaliPred 13 urami

    WhO’s CaNdIcE

  46. filthy_peasant_the_one 2

    filthy_peasant_the_one 2Pred 13 urami

    this has become more of a meme channel than anything

  47. Shaygen Laryn

    Shaygen LarynPred 14 urami

    Hii candace

  48. nangni

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  49. brad W

    brad WPred 14 urami

    It’s funny how the owner says “oh that’s our worst thing” to one of the dishes but instead of trying to make it better just proceeds to sell shit food

  50. Mintpoet

    MintpoetPred 15 urami

    bussin bussin... SHEEESSHHHH.... food got the drip

  51. CrystalBros C.B.S

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  52. Tommy_142 H

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  53. Mr. Irrelevant

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    Kitches nightmares are being controlled by a child💀

  54. Tanisha Karim

    Tanisha KarimPred 15 urami

    What genz is the owner of this but absolute legemd

  55. Jean Pachon

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    The cute spear retrospectively tire because ravioli exemplarily double outside a gleaming caterpillar. inconclusive, awesome vase

  56. Harry Hawtin

    Harry HawtinPred 16 urami

    i beat my wife xD

  57. Iba

    IbaPred 16 urami

    Darryl meed some taste buds


    KILL ME PLSSSPred 16 urami

    I love Gordon

  59. MemeKid

    MemeKidPred 17 urami

    Chef: “I hated the carrot cake” Gordon: “ that’s fucking delicious”

  60. Ammar Hussain

    Ammar HussainPred 17 urami

    Gordon: what’s your name? Waiter: Candis Gordon: Candis? Waiter: yea, candis stick in yo mum?😂

  61. AlmaraiMilk

    AlmaraiMilkPred 17 urami

    11:15 shitlins lmao

  62. Julian Bratseth

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  63. Gentle_Criminal 1

    Gentle_Criminal 1Pred 17 urami

    6:04 the chef has a bigger ego then sebastians dream to have his pizzas in shops

  64. skaworld509

    skaworld509Pred 18 urami

    Excellent compilation and zany background noises toned down

  65. Albin ;D

    Albin ;DPred 18 urami

    The owner of this account is a memester

  66. Grand Walking Tours

    Grand Walking ToursPred 18 urami

    There is always one thing Gordan does and i will always 100% respect that from him Chef - tear them limb from limb Owner - tear them limb from limb Manager - tear them limb from limb Waiter/waitress give them the god dam respect they deserve , these are the people who bring you the food , they dont make it , they run back and forth and do most of the hard work and are front line to take the crap , so 100% respect man for being a decent humble human being to them Oh I dont care about the rest he can tear the top 3 to shreds , they are the reason he is there in the first place

  67. shroomiboi

    shroomiboiPred 19 urami

    her name is candice......

  68. AlienMidget123

    AlienMidget123Pred 19 urami

    Joshua Weissman has taken over the Kitchen Nightmares channel


    SITA A/P SURESH MoePred 19 urami

    Come on you only clicked on this video because the title said bussin.

  70. lord nemo

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    the last one always makes me smile

  71. cherrqcore

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    ok so like who runs this channel

  72. Khalito

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    The guy who runs this channel is carrying 2021 lol

  73. BingBong

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    The Food He likes Is Always The Food The Owners Have No Control Over.

  74. Glenn Quagmire

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    Shut up Meg

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  76. Chanel Pierre

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    Yeah title

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    please tell me this is a dream

  79. Akko Chan

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    Soul food restaurant Sous chefs: 😒💀🙄💀😒💀🙄💀 Shelly: 🤣😂🖕😋😏😡🤡 👁👄👁

  80. Gamerzzz Artz

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  81. Athifa Audrey Carissa

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    *sht is bussin, respectfully* agreed

  82. Jayden

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  83. RR BB

    RR BBPred 22 urami

    "Are these fresh?" "Yes they're fresh frozen" You need some major balls to say that to Ramsay with a straight face, I'll give her that.

  84. Arthur Caron

    Arthur CaronPred 21 uro

    You can tell she’s just saying what the owners instruct them to say, even she knew it was bullshit

  85. Futiles

    FutilesPred 22 urami

    First of all how the hell does this channel keep getting new clips

  86. KwaiiRelxa

    KwaiiRelxaPred 22 urami

    if there’s one thing I’ve realised is that Gordon has a sweet tooth 😏

  87. the_true_slavmemember

    the_true_slavmememberPred 22 urami

    whos candice? the girl waiter:im candice

  88. Rahma Eyad

    Rahma EyadPred 22 urami

    Okay the trendy tiktok titles were fine until you put sheeesh in the comment section. Don't make it cringey please 😭

  89. jane smith

    jane smithPred 22 urami

    oh legend serve

  90. Tomas_ Attack

    Tomas_ AttackPred 23 urami

    0:43 because Gordon Ramsay doesn't say worse

  91. Sun Tzu

    Sun TzuPred 23 urami

    I swear to god y'all better be getting payed to run the channel or it would be a crime

  92. Not Gusheyy

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  93. Siddat Hossain

    Siddat HossainPred 23 urami

    I mean Gordon does use TikTok. Im guessing its his son or one of the daughters running the channel. Idk. But Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh 🥶🥵.

  94. People I Breathe Fresh O2.

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  95. Exiiwyd

    ExiiwydPred 23 urami

    Wait, whoever runs the channel, my guy, you know how to get viewers, sheeeshh

  96. Ollie Mcleod Music

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    i need to know who runs this account cause sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  97. PowerMetalic

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  98. doggin6

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    If I walked in rot that soul food place. I would b-line right out of there. Not a single hair net, they are all so shiny and sweaty, and dirty. Who the hell would eat anything, anyone in the building touched?

  99. deine mutter

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    12:21 its the meme

  100. Heffley

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    2:30 what did he say?

  101. doggin6

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    I sure hope whoever titled this, got fired.

  102. mathew broom

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    Pork chop with mac and cheese?? Wtf is that combination for a meal lol disgusting

  103. MB

    MBPred dnevom

    Me during quarantine now. My Sister: "How's the pasta" Me: "Dreadful, dry, bland, what a shame!"

  104. Luke Harman

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    Who named this video??? 😆

  105. NOT ad3tya

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    Bruh her name Candice

  106. utopian

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    Anyone thinks the owner looks a bit like Freddie mercury?