Cillian Murphy Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

We interviewed Cillian Murphy at the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel in Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland about his most iconic characters. Watch as he breaks down his roles in ’28 Days Later, ‘Batman Begins,’ ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘Dunkirk,’ ‘Disco Pigs,’ ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley,’ ‘Peaky Blinders,’ ‘Breakfast on Pluto’ and ‘Sunshine.’

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Cillian Murphy Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ


  1. Spencer Funderburk

    Spencer FunderburkPred 3 urami

    Him and Ian Somerhalder need to star in a movie together now. As a straight man, I may change my mind 😂

  2. David Bob

    David BobPred 7 urami

    29:39 I’m in love with this phrase

  3. David Green

    David GreenPred 8 urami

    Was kinda hoping he'd talk about Red Eye, first movie I watched with him in it

  4. Καπτεν Χαρλοκ

    Καπτεν ΧαρλοκPred 10 urami

    My girlfriend's brother looks like C. Murphy. It's unbelievable! It is extremely rare but I've seen this happening once more with a friend of mine. In both of the cases they were identical!!! 😲 Some people have their identical

  5. Zhenya Landyak

    Zhenya LandyakPred 19 urami

    hes known to everyone, yet hes completely under radar

  6. pricklycats

    pricklycatsPred 20 urami

    Idk why but I always passionately hate his characters. His face is just so smug and punchable all the time.

  7. ancientASMR

    ancientASMRPred dnevom

    I was in love with him due to Peaky Blinders, and now I'm kinda religiously devoted... he's an handsome charming dictionary

  8. Ryan OConnell

    Ryan OConnellPred dnevom

    Why is Thomas Shelby doing all these different movies?

  9. Adib Nor

    Adib NorPred dnevom

    cillian in woman dress and make up looks like grace

  10. alex meehan

    alex meehanPred dnevom

    We're always Irish people Batman villains

  11. Abdus Sabur

    Abdus SaburPred dnevom

    The melted aftermath additionly dare because sale perinatally bolt under a creepy poland. womanly, thirsty pajama

  12. logan anaya

    logan anayaPred dnevom

    Babie blood drinker

  13. Maxime Remillard

    Maxime RemillardPred dnevom

    This guy has the most interesting face in showbiz

  14. Ch ûm

    Ch ûmPred dnevom

    who is this "chris"?

  15. Luca Colombo

    Luca ColomboPred dnevom

    Great actor

  16. sergeminator

    sergeminatorPred dnevom

    spoiler 22:46 > 24:07

  17. Sayed N Khiam

    Sayed N KhiamPred 2 dnevi

    By order of the peaky foooking blinders

  18. FAMichaelAf123

    FAMichaelAf123Pred 2 dnevi

    This man saying words I haven’t even heard of

  19. Yenting Wang

    Yenting WangPred 2 dnevi

    The tasteless writer delightfully talk because gorilla booly interrupt following a milky crawdad. panicky, versed nurse

  20. valar

    valarPred 2 dnevi

    Just before Dunkirk, Murphy made a film called Anthropoid, the code name of the operation to assassinate Deputy Chief of the SS and key architect of the Holocaust Reinhard Heydrich. He was considered the darkest figure in the elite of the Third Reich. It's a very moving film. It was on Netflix a few years ago but is now off, so it might be back on soon the way Netflix works.

  21. Frank Thedukes

    Frank ThedukesPred 2 dnevi

    28 Days Later is such an EPIC movie!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jäger

    JägerPred 2 dnevi

    Imagine if we got cillian as Batman, seems interesting

  23. Michelle Gale

    Michelle GalePred 2 dnevi

    Can someone help me find this guys number and email, my best friend has a huge crush on him and wants to date him. Please help me

  24. alealejo78

    alealejo78Pred 2 dnevi

    I clicked to see if he was the actor in get real.

  25. daniel daniel

    daniel danielPred 3 dnevi

    The number of likes compared to dislikes is crazy

  26. Medusa Petrichor

    Medusa PetrichorPred 3 dnevi

    That level of passion is so fun to watch, this video could be twice as long and still just a watchable

  27. Mark Goodwin

    Mark GoodwinPred 3 dnevi

    Ever since the movie red eye i always admired this dudes facial bone structure

  28. JNY

    JNYPred 3 dnevi

    What an edible man. I'll bet he smells like crisp linens, the inside of a pine tree after it rains, and faint tobacco (tastefully).

  29. Oksana B

    Oksana BPred 3 dnevi

    The clearest Irish accent in the biz

  30. Crapulatus Incommodus

    Crapulatus IncommodusPred 3 dnevi

    love this dude...great actor...can be used everywhere im thinking!

  31. Egzon Velija

    Egzon VelijaPred 3 dnevi

    A robot breaks down his robot plays.

  32. Failure to Communicate

    Failure to CommunicatePred 3 dnevi

    Cillian was good in Anthropoid.

  33. Robert Hardy

    Robert HardyPred 3 dnevi

    Iconic roles "Shivering Soldier"

  34. Pete B

    Pete BPred 3 dnevi

    No Peacock?!

  35. hannah hitchings de santiago

    hannah hitchings de santiagoPred 3 dnevi


  36. Umer Khan

    Umer KhanPred 3 dnevi

    For peaky blinders s6 I would love to see Tommy with a beard and doing worse than he ever has that would be so dopppeeee

  37. Katherine Tutschek

    Katherine TutschekPred 4 dnevi

    That fireplace is an awesome backdrop

  38. Tonie Mosley

    Tonie MosleyPred 4 dnevi

    I've been pronouncing this man's name wrong for many years. I thought it was "silly-ian" not "kill-ian"🤦🏾‍♀️ oops😬

  39. Princess Marie

    Princess MariePred 4 dnevi


  40. Attack Titan

    Attack TitanPred 4 dnevi

    Is he starting to look like Willem Dafoe?

  41. Mr. Grant

    Mr. GrantPred 4 dnevi

    These actors break down roles series might be my favourite SLthrow videos

  42. tims_always_fishing

    tims_always_fishingPred 4 dnevi

    28 days later was amazing

  43. Amesome Man 33

    Amesome Man 33Pred 4 dnevi

    I never in a million years would have thought Christopher Nolan built an entire bar stage just to get water to tilt in a glass. Inception was such a masterpiece, most people won't ever truly understand to what extent.

  44. Roa Khiangte

    Roa KhiangtePred 4 dnevi

    You love good actors,actors love good directors

  45. Murad Gerad

    Murad GeradPred 4 dnevi

    i always wonder if actors get so emersed into a role they forget what they actually used to sound like and have to put on a accent to sound remotely like they're *"supposed to"*

  46. Ifigeneia Tiraski

    Ifigeneia TiraskiPred 4 dnevi

    Cillian Murphy in movies : 😈👹🔪🚬 Cillian Murphy in real life: 🥰😚😊✨☀️

  47. TBKx

    TBKxPred 5 dnevi

    Tommy Shelby🤝🤝🤝🤝

  48. Everest

    EverestPred 5 dnevi

    My mind wants to call him Sill-ian even though I know it’s Kill-ian

  49. SL KINGS

    SL KINGSPred 5 dnevi

    Man I thought I was straight

  50. reed smith

    reed smithPred 5 dnevi

    Speech 100

  51. Murray

    MurrayPred 5 dnevi

    Literally every single one of his characters is iconic. 100% one of the best actors out there.

  52. Huntsy

    HuntsyPred 5 dnevi

    Give this man an Oscar by order of the peaky blinders .

  53. Ahmasi Lloyd

    Ahmasi LloydPred 5 dnevi

    Was it me or was there no memtion of 2005 Red Eye? His villainy was visceral Really enjoyed that movie on all levels!

  54. Avila Dauvin

    Avila DauvinPred 2 dnevi

    Red Eye is Cillian's least favorite film that he has done. Ironically enough, he didn't think he did a good job.

  55. August Varney

    August VarneyPred 2 dnevi

    I wanted that to be on the list as well. Phenomenal movie.

  56. Jamie Kuhn

    Jamie KuhnPred 5 dnevi

    He’s so beautiful

  57. shaayaan

    shaayaanPred 6 dnevi

    One of the best subject, screenplay will ever see. ✨

  58. forgiveNotforgotten

    forgiveNotforgottenPred 6 dnevi

    "we've been very looky"

  59. Tavesh Bahaduur

    Tavesh BahaduurPred 6 dnevi

    Tommy shelby🤙

  60. Calvin Bowman

    Calvin BowmanPred 6 dnevi

    Underrated actor for sure! Cillian is great!

  61. Sora Rouge

    Sora RougePred 6 dnevi

    Nobody card WHO I was until I said: "Would you like my mask?"🎃

  62. WikiHowFrog 903

    WikiHowFrog 903Pred 6 dnevi

    28 Days Later is probably my favourite Cillian Murphy film

  63. blackeyed queen

    blackeyed queenPred 6 dnevi

    Who knows the name of the song on 2:18 ???

  64. Hairy Ass Truman

    Hairy Ass TrumanPred 6 dnevi

    Just here to say hi to the fans of Intermission

  65. Christine Yu

    Christine YuPred 7 dnevi

    The amount of planning and “t o t h” that went in to that ugh love u cillian

  66. Matt M

    Matt MPred 7 dnevi

    Peaky Blinders is legendary television.


    FISHAHOLICPred 7 dnevi

    Commissioner Gordon was in Harry Potter aka Sirius Black. I actually didn’t know that until about a month ago even though I’ve seen the Dark Knight twice and All 8 Harry Potter movies 5 times. He just looks so different in both these movies.

  68. John John

    John JohnPred 3 dnevi

    Watch True Romance, one of the first movies Tarantino was involved in. You would never recognize him! Such a great actor

  69. Fathan Robbiansyah

    Fathan RobbiansyahPred 7 dnevi

    Wheres red eyes?

  70. HansGrubr

    HansGrubrPred 7 dnevi

    One of my favourite actors - was a great surprise to see him in quiet place 2

  71. timo breejen

    timo breejenPred 7 dnevi

    The moment u where probably lookin’ for : 18:43

  72. jayarajan v.c.

    jayarajan v.c.Pred 8 dnevi

    Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan:- The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Dunkirk 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Christopher Kennedy-Diamond

    Christopher Kennedy-DiamondPred 8 dnevi

    This man brings out all types of acting in a movie and stage plays, it's amazing how one person women or men can bring the world on screen

  74. mariam m

    mariam mPred 8 dnevi

    My Fav person. yes

  75. Vynx 123

    Vynx 123Pred 8 dnevi

    Cork legend

  76. Lucas Myers

    Lucas MyersPred 8 dnevi

    Justice for "The Way We Live Now."

  77. Breadstick 444

    Breadstick 444Pred 8 dnevi

    He was so underused in batman begins.

  78. Kabyle et fier de l'ètre DZ pour la vie

    Kabyle et fier de l'ètre DZ pour la viePred 8 dnevi

    j'ai fait caca quand j'ai vu the black man

  79. Hi

    HiPred 9 dnevi

    By order of the peaky blinders

  80. K A I A Y A N C Y

    K A I A Y A N C YPred 9 dnevi

    No one is talking about how he switched to Thomas’ voice when he said “I have to keep going” the 2nd time

  81. WarMarmot

    WarMarmotPred 9 dnevi

    I will watch anything Cillian is in. He's such a phenomenal actor. This interview shows how deeply he understands each character he plays.

  82. V

    VPred 9 dnevi

    The man is hypnotic

  83. Nilufar H

    Nilufar HPred 9 dnevi

    im sorry but somehow he looks like Oli London😂😂🌚🌚

  84. Skylar Salvatore

    Skylar SalvatorePred 9 dnevi

    hes the goat

  85. John Piper

    John PiperPred 9 dnevi

    Peaky Blinders season 6 when?

  86. What's Growing On

    What's Growing OnPred 9 dnevi

    I dont care what any of you say. His most iconic performance was in 28 days later. Straight up.

  87. Matthew Robinett

    Matthew RobinettPred 9 dnevi

    You don’t mess with the Peaky Blinders

  88. Oliver Juria

    Oliver JuriaPred 10 dnevi

    This guy is oozing with intelligence. Love him the first time I saw him in 28 Days Later.

  89. peony

    peonyPred 10 dnevi

    During quiet place 2 I was just simping over this man

  90. Halimah Ibrahim

    Halimah IbrahimPred 10 dnevi

    Handsome man. Beautiful eye

  91. Danien 24

    Danien 24Pred 10 dnevi

    20:04 gives me chills it’s so amazing

  92. Lalngaihawma Ralte

    Lalngaihawma RaltePred 10 dnevi

    his scarecrow performance really stuck out to me. i loved the vibe he brought to the character, i thought it really influenced the arkham knight version as well.


    GINO MONOCHROMEPred 10 dnevi


  94. Miguel Chipps Inteligente

    Miguel Chipps InteligentePred 10 dnevi

    28 days later 😳🥳great movie 🤍🗽💎

  95. Bruxa Melanea

    Bruxa MelaneaPred 10 dnevi

    I could listen to this man talk for days at a time

  96. Victor Earls

    Victor EarlsPred 11 dnevi

    The oafish knowledge hooghly risk because pencil perinatally film excluding a foregoing leg. half, sore jennifer

  97. ladybugsy M

    ladybugsy MPred 11 dnevi

    I've seen Cillian in numerous movies most recently Quiet Place 2. He was so good...those piercing eyes

  98. Alberto Gonzalez

    Alberto GonzalezPred 11 dnevi

    😂 yes

  99. Babes 1968

    Babes 1968Pred 11 dnevi

    A wonderful actor😃

  100. Afsheen naseem Kamil

    Afsheen naseem KamilPred 11 dnevi

    We are noticed cillian first time in tommas Shelby character in this character he is looking amezing💓💓💖👍🏻

  101. MaxanTheDragonYT

    MaxanTheDragonYTPred 12 dnevi

    Thomas Shelby

  102. HANGE ZOE

    HANGE ZOEPred 12 dnevi

    ياعزتي له ذا اللي الطعوس يركبون على كلامه موسيقى ويترجمون كلامه على كيفهم

  103. Talha Rasool

    Talha RasoolPred 12 dnevi

    He'd be an Awesome Mission Impossible bad guy.