Minecraft, But Every Drop Is Custom...

Minecraft, But Every Drop Is Custom...
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  1. xNestorio

    xNestorioPred mesecem

    For the people wondering about 10:05 how I was no longer in hardcore, I ran into a bug (expected with hundreds of mods) where I kind of just died to nothing instantly 😂. Which was a bit anti-climatic so I decided to re-use the seed and inventory in normal mode, as with this many mods -- it's quite impossible to not run into the danger of randomness! Hope that clears things up! anyways I've never died in Minecraft and never told a lie

  2. Neil Yang 2

    Neil Yang 2Pred 4 dnevi

    …in your lifetime?

  3. ZinZen Koh

    ZinZen KohPred 5 dnevi

    Hello? You have died in Minecraft, well I saw you die in someone else’s video and you died by digging straight down. Anyways I don’t remember his name, but I remember the topic and it’s Minecraft, but you can smelt SLthrowrs. If anyone can correct me of something please do.

  4. Hardcore gamer

    Hardcore gamerPred 7 dnevi

    Sorry I did not read this

  5. mike rodi

    mike rodiPred 14 dnevi

    Omg im a big fan

  6. Karen Sosnowski

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    Oh yea that’s weird

  7. Conrad Davis

    Conrad DavisPred 6 urami

    wha- what about honey?

  8. Emmanuel Charles

    Emmanuel CharlesPred 9 urami

    you must not know Dragon Ball Z.

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    Ur a obsidian pickaxe

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    U are an obsidian pickaxe🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Jonathan

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    Your brilliant

  19. sultan AlSumaiti

    sultan AlSumaitiPred 4 dnevi

    It’s not a doughnut ti is a Space ship from dragon Ball

  20. Jaden Suggs

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    I wish I can play Minecraft with you because I have Minecraft

  21. Jaden Suggs

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    Your my best youtuber

  22. Jaden Suggs

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    INSECTOPred 5 dnevi

    You miss a axe on the floor

  24. Manika Roy

    Manika RoyPred 5 dnevi

    Nester murdering apology be like : 11:07

  25. Amy Hart

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  27. Magma Turtle

    Magma TurtlePred 5 dnevi

    Please stop refering as modded items to custom XD

  28. LoRdGd

    LoRdGdPred 6 dnevi

    my favourite mod of mobs is mowzie's mobs

  29. Animalboy YT

    Animalboy YTPred 6 dnevi

    Who else was triggered when he did not pick up the infinity gauntlet 👇🏻

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    Nah, Honey is better

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    I like the fact that it’s not hardcore but normal on the donuts

  34. miten lad

    miten ladPred 7 dnevi

    The Donuts are frieza space ship from dragon ball

  35. aydonn hall

    aydonn hallPred 8 dnevi

    he went from hardcore to survival go to 9:45 and watch his hearts

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  40. Seth the Minecraft anime. master

    Seth the Minecraft anime. masterPred 8 dnevi

    My favourite custom thing was the cosplay items I need them

  41. Seth the Minecraft anime. master

    Seth the Minecraft anime. masterPred 8 dnevi

    How did u get the cosplay stuff I want the todoroki stuff

  42. the racoon boi

    the racoon boiPred 8 dnevi

    Donuts in sky mod 😆

  43. 2dn Shift

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    the best part of this video is 21:43

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  45. PhantomSlasher

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    I wonder how ur character would feel from eating so many onions

  46. Kalavathi Rajesh

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    Wow looks interesting

  47. Nezue Nezue

    Nezue NezuePred 10 dnevi

    The way he said Shoto todoroki was 👌👌

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    It's bot doughnut,it's UFO

  49. Sricharan Kasoju

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    Basically random drops.....

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    If the blue rose sword has the power like it had in the anime

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    Dragon ARMAR

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  62. Boba tea gacha

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  63. Boba tea gacha

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    Web gangs where you at

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    Hey xnestorio what's that mod for the guns

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    I really don’t recommend getting that creeper mine it breaks multiple minecraft logic rules such as theres lava on top of water

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    Alternate title: Minecraft but there are crazy custom items Onions


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    me thinking what is the doughnut nestorio saying realizing its frieza ship

  89. TheRedSwordMaster289 MC

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    The Blue house was a zombie police station where you can get some pretty good guns

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