HUNT OR BE HUNTED! Today a Fortnite Pro has to wipe the lobby... before Peely Patrol tracks him down! This is a Fortnite Manhunt!

Shoutout to @Dream for the inspiration.


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    Theres over 100k

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  4. Obada Hakim

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    Denver MoisesPred 22 dnevi

    @Gatlin Francis Yup, been using Flixzone for years myself :D

  6. Corey King

    Corey KingPred 22 dnevi

    @Gatlin Francis yea, I have been watching on flixzone for years myself =)

  7. CxmpVex

    CxmpVexPred 2 dnevi

    Who else came here from watching their season 7 one

  8. Ttv InfiniteGamR817

    Ttv InfiniteGamR817Pred 2 dnevi

    I love how there is just the Dream Manhunt music in the background

  9. Bha clix

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  10. Alejandro Cabrera

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  11. Dream

    DreamPred 3 dnevi

    Car clutch

  12. Josh Scott

    Josh ScottPred 4 dnevi

    pls kid friendly I 9

  13. Alexia G. (Lexi :3)

    Alexia G. (Lexi :3)Pred 5 dnevi

    1000IQ plays by JORDAN

  14. SKINSKIN77

    SKINSKIN77Pred 7 dnevi

    I like your videos🤩🤩🤩🤩

  15. syed7630 syed7630

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    150k mor like

  16. Olivia x Todoroki, Deku, Kenma

    Olivia x Todoroki, Deku, KenmaPred 9 dnevi

    Honestly there’s a difference between banned and kicked.

  17. Justin Diaz

    Justin DiazPred 10 dnevi

    The car plan was like a movie no cap

  18. Sneak

    SneakPred 10 dnevi

    holy that song at 0:10 whats it called?

  19. Trish Eves

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  20. NaTas

    NaTasPred 11 dnevi

    knowing that they got banned for teaming really means you can't have fun anymore in fortnite

  21. Pierre Collazo

    Pierre CollazoPred 23 urami

    Yeah agree

  22. I like spider man🕸🕷🕸

    I like spider man🕸🕷🕸Pred 12 dnevi

    Great video bro’s

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    keep the likes like this

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    Yo is that the dream music

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    pleey pleey

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  31. Jan-Ole Groth

    Jan-Ole GrothPred 18 dnevi

    I Love peele 🍌

  32. Kai Crouchman

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    0:06 the peelys do be looking sus hiding in the shadows

  33. Camden DiBrano

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  34. Garnet Matson

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  35. Kathryne Harff

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  36. owen freeston

    owen freestonPred 21 dnevom

    What no jesus

  37. x.Skully8

    x.Skully8Pred 21 dnevom

    Nice copy of dream you really ran out of ideas didn't you

  38. x.Skully8

    x.Skully8Pred 21 dnevom

    This is quite entertaining actually

  39. Ce-iresick001 Easy bro lion 🦁

    Ce-iresick001 Easy bro lion 🦁Pred 22 dnevi

    They are thinking bad

  40. Ce-iresick001 Easy bro lion 🦁

    Ce-iresick001 Easy bro lion 🦁Pred 22 dnevi

    You didn’t team

  41. nh dw

    nh dwPred 22 dnevi

    The foregoing ground osmotically desert because diamond fourthly identify qua a jumbled girdle. near, rough chance

  42. Jayse Daignault

    Jayse DaignaultPred 22 dnevi

    I love that he is using dreams speed run music lol

  43. Jaydin Wade

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    100,000 likes did they make another one?????

  44. dev patel

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  45. sagewyd21

    sagewyd21Pred 24 dnevi

    am i the only one that saw peely patrol hiding in the intro?

  46. Tweezy

    TweezyPred 24 dnevi

    2:00 200 IQ

  47. Redwood On The Beat

    Redwood On The BeatPred 24 dnevi

    always a banger when i see your name man! 🌎

  48. Orin

    OrinPred 25 dnevi

    F for peely

  49. Ulas Ekin

    Ulas EkinPred 25 dnevi

    The furry furtive increase overwhelmingly lick because spinach concordantly sip notwithstanding a spectacular harbor. unequaled, yummy mexico

  50. Aryaman Singh Bais

    Aryaman Singh BaisPred 25 dnevi

    that peely patrol intro was pretty sick

  51. Alex  ツ

    Alex ツPred 25 dnevi

    Let’s be honest we just clicked on this video so we can seee if Jordan is dream

  52. Jiseok Song

    Jiseok SongPred 25 dnevi

    Dream music

  53. Kingso Plays

    Kingso PlaysPred 27 dnevi

    You guys are the best keep up the work

  54. ZensSZN

    ZensSZNPred 27 dnevi

    So now we are just copying dream?

  55. ZensSZN

    ZensSZNPred 26 dnevi

    @Santi MurAh oh alright then

  56. Santi MurAh

    Santi MurAhPred 26 dnevi

    they are not copying they said this idea is originally by dream

  57. Anthony Slosser

    Anthony SlosserPred 27 dnevi

    How did they get banned

  58. Banana Doppio

    Banana DoppioPred 27 dnevi

    So done at fortnight

  59. plushie party

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  60. NL clu

    NL cluPred 28 dnevi

    Let’s see how many subs I can gain from this Comments current 14

  61. Alma Morrow

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    The icy blue naturally frame because fireman consistently excuse qua a bright touch. earthy, near mistake

  62. JB

    JBPred 28 dnevi

    Rip banned peeleys

  63. Carter Lippert

    Carter LippertPred 28 dnevi

    U put the best song u can in the vid neffex blow up I love them and I love u 🤟🏻

  64. Bizz playz

    Bizz playzPred 28 dnevi

    How do you guys get in the same match but without being in a party/team

  65. H1GH PL4YZ

    H1GH PL4YZPred 28 dnevi

    Mlg car

  66. FTW Tech

    FTW TechPred 29 dnevi

    They got banned? That means u were in a public lobby. U can’t do that shit in a public lobby. Fortnite will ban u for teaming.

  67. FTW Tech

    FTW TechPred 29 dnevi

    Dream sounds different in this video

  68. The banana

    The bananaPred 29 dnevi

    banana potrol

  69. An Fr

    An FrPred 29 dnevi

    fortnite dream

  70. Winneromg5

    Winneromg5Pred 29 dnevi

    Pepl what is the ban hammer is it like they got baned

  71. Sergio Lingen

    Sergio LingenPred 29 dnevi

    R.I.P Dream in chat

  72. griskatt

    griskattPred 29 dnevi

    You should have done the same intro as Dream that would be hilarious

  73. jz.gaming

    jz.gamingPred 29 dnevi

    What the hell why would you ruin minecraft like this

  74. Stacy Ferguson

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  75. ProXAntify

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  76. Alehabarr Gaming

    Alehabarr GamingPred 29 dnevi

    I love you

  77. HadiTheAwesome

    HadiTheAwesomePred 29 dnevi

    If they make a third one they should call it fortnite manhunt fortnite pro vs 5 hunters

  78. Emma Duffy

    Emma DuffyPred 29 dnevi

    one has ac/dc

  79. Arif

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  80. pineapplefish

    pineapplefishPred mesecem

    Dream: Minecraft Manhunt x2Twins: Yes

  81. Sibusiso Magqogqo

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  82. Brinton McKenzie

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  83. TwinAlpaca

    TwinAlpacaPred mesecem

    I didn’t know he was dream wait DREAM FACE REVEAL

  84. Steezy Yeezy 13

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  85. rafiq saroia

    rafiq saroiaPred mesecem

    yyou naughty baby ha

  86. Yohann Aingelo SISTEVERIO

    Yohann Aingelo SISTEVERIOPred mesecem

    damn jordan and jesse are dream and geaorge

  87. IconicGaming

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  88. Fnaf Life be like

    Fnaf Life be likePred mesecem

    What skin is that bro

  89. Кристиян Георгиев

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    DREAM PLAYING F0rtn1te

  90. Richard Larios

    Richard LariosPred mesecem

    nice Robo recall music

  91. Dimon Carrillo

    Dimon CarrilloPred mesecem

    Lol basically Dream Terms

  92. Charlie Revello

    Charlie RevelloPred mesecem

    bruh fortnut manhunt doodoodoodoo

  93. Nathan Gonzales

    Nathan GonzalesPred mesecem

    Hate peelys fishy for life fishys are better

  94. DeSean Tyson

    DeSean TysonPred mesecem

    One of my favorite videos ever

  95. Marco Lazo

    Marco LazoPred mesecem

    Did the peeleys get unbanned

  96. Pæīñ

    PæīñPred mesecem

    Why he making it seem like he a god at the game 😂😂😂 manz be almost get killed by tacs and this ain't Minecraft 🤡😂

  97. Mr.RoxisPlays

    Mr.RoxisPlaysPred mesecem

    People who say that we don't know who dream is but.... I thik it is Jordan

  98. ReLiKz -_-

    ReLiKz -_-Pred mesecem

    Cant believe how he can jst ask for 100 k likes

  99. ANG 10

    ANG 10Pred mesecem

    I love this series

  100. Dayz Fn

    Dayz FnPred mesecem

    Say yes if you got banned

  101. Reuben Rbx

    Reuben RbxPred mesecem

    my mind when peely patroll qas chasing jordan in the boats: SHEPHERD

  102. Leo Tube

    Leo TubePred mesecem

    Get chased by the fishy Fetchers

  103. A1 Tiko

    A1 TikoPred mesecem

    This was so intense

  104. ZenX

    ZenXPred mesecem

    You guys are cracked

  105. Averi Hall

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  106. Dark Crypticz

    Dark CrypticzPred mesecem

    Dreams new video: Minecraft manhunt goodwill edition

  107. Emilis Macius

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  108. sagewyd21

    sagewyd21Pred mesecem

    Bro I laughed so hard watching this 😂😂😂

  109. Drippy Streamer

    Drippy StreamerPred mesecem

    this was so fun and entertaining