Chris Broussard - Kristaps Porzingis has no Right to be Frustrated by Luka Doncic

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard \u0026 Rob Parker react to a report that Kristaps Porzingis is frustrated with Luka Doncic having the spotlight and dominating the ball.

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  1. yasio bolo

    yasio boloPred 2 urami

    to play off ball he just stands around when he doesn’t have the ball.

  2. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPred dnevom

    This is amazing

  3. David Chandler

    David ChandlerPred dnevom

    Luka is a great player but yes they dont use pokringus talent all at all n i would be pissed too

  4. Israel Pollo

    Israel PolloPred dnevom

    The difference was his team started slacking

  5. Haralds Joelis

    Haralds JoelisPred 2 dnevi

    Chris is talking Bullshit .

  6. yasio bolo

    yasio boloPred 2 urami

    Rob Parker: Thumb face.

  7. Brian Mitchel

    Brian MitchelPred 2 dnevi

    I think rob and Chris are missing KPs point. He’s not saying he needs to be the man but theres a offense adjustment that needs to be made that will use him more effective specifically in the post instead of having him playing a ton on the wing

  8. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPred dnevom

    the mavs beat the clippers if trae and luka swapped places

  9. Kalvis Sležis

    Kalvis SležisPred 2 dnevi

    Man I can’t stand these shouting media people. Why do you do that?? Speaking loud doesn’t make you right about anything, FYI.

  10. Ben Pindar

    Ben PindarPred 3 dnevi

    Would Luka be getting knocked out in the first round if he was playing with a prime Kareem Abdul Jabbar? Probably not. He doesn't even need a super team just give him a 2nd star and a decent set of role players and the mavs will be contenders

  11. ken juan

    ken juanPred 3 dnevi

    Porzingis is right...just the same way CP3 was right about simply isn't winning basketball for Luka to be so ball dominant.

  12. Joshua

    JoshuaPred 3 dnevi

    Rob parker knows nothing about sports

  13. Chris Eller

    Chris EllerPred 3 dnevi

    So Luka doesn't pass? He doesn't let other guys get thier own shots? Bro I watched that whole series, he passed that ball so much and it definitely frustrated me lmao


    DUFFY DOPEPred 3 dnevi

    Rob trash

  15. Mire Slavejkov

    Mire SlavejkovPred 3 dnevi

    I know it's too early in Doncic's career to be comparing him to Larry Bird, but at this moment, Rob Parker seems to be just refusing to see the truth I would say. So just for sake of seing things clearer: this playoff Doncic had 3 40+ pts games (plus one almost 40 pt game at 39) and the question is, what more was he to do? Talk about loosing a 0-2 lead when without him there wouldn't be an 0-2 lead, or a 3-2 lead? As for comparing him to Bird... here are the stats for it: Doncic @ 22 y age / 3rd NBA season: 35.7 ppg / 7.9 reb / 10.3 ast on 49.0% from the field and 40.8% from 3 Bird @ 22 y age / 1st NBA season: 21.3 ppg / 11.2 reb / 4.7 ast on 46.9% from the field and 28.6% from 3 Bird @ 25 y age / 3rd NBA season: 17.8 ppg / 12.5 reb / 5.6 ast on 42.7% from the field and 20.0% from 3

  16. Marquise Neson

    Marquise NesonPred 4 dnevi

    I’d watch this show more if Rob weren’t here

  17. StiffMeist3r

    StiffMeist3rPred 4 dnevi

    Rob Parker needs his meds.

  18. Dre-Cool

    Dre-CoolPred 4 dnevi

    rob sad

  19. Em B

    Em BPred 4 dnevi

    Dude cant even stay on the court 🤦‍♂️ 🗑

  20. B

    BPred 4 dnevi

    All Rob did in this segment is completely ignores Chris' points and say "but they were up 2-0!"

  21. Child Rebel Soulja

    Child Rebel SouljaPred 4 dnevi

    Rob Parker: Thumb face.

  22. B

    BPred 4 dnevi

    Rob praising trae young as the most impressive young player in the playoffs and saying luka has to start winning.. lol trae beat the knicks, and luka took the clippers 7.. no way the mavs beat the clippers if trae and luka swapped places

  23. Prof Motta-Cruz

    Prof Motta-CruzPred 4 dnevi

    So, Rob, Are you saying Larry Bird having KP and Co. would have won over the Clippers? Don't think so...

  24. Princella Smith

    Princella SmithPred 4 dnevi

    Porzingis doesn't fit on this team. Luka is great. He will slim down, tone up, and develop better use of his size on defense because he's a large guard. All the Mavs need is one more star to pair with Luka just like other 2-superstar having teams. Scorers play better with other scorers. It's why Steph played better with Klay, etc. No need to panic. Just adjust that roster.

  25. youngmyth

    youngmythPred 4 dnevi

    It’s crazy I didn’t realize Lebron led a team to the finals at 22. That’s nuts. That is really not easy

  26. Lord Saif

    Lord SaifPred 4 dnevi

    But when harden was doing the same thing they had an issue with it

  27. Mr. Perfect

    Mr. PerfectPred 4 dnevi

    Tim Duncan was! We won a championship and finals mvp in his 2nd year

  28. G-street Boy

    G-street BoyPred 4 dnevi

    Idk why people are so surprised Mavs lost to a team with a 2 time finals MVP 2 time dpoy top 5 lead player with a fellow 29 year old star who's also a former mvo candate just 2 short years ago n a great supporting cast

  29. Mark Bantz

    Mark BantzPred 5 dnevi

    Rob is pretty awful!

  30. w3t80y123

    w3t80y123Pred 5 dnevi

    Hey Rob, when you were 22, what did you do?

  31. SJay Kay

    SJay KayPred 5 dnevi

    First time I’ve heard Chris admit that they’re harder on players today in the media than they use to be.

  32. Jaybee

    JaybeePred 5 dnevi

    Hey Parker, if Porzingis averaged atleast 20 instead of 13, it would have been a different series. You’re starting to sound like Skip Bayless spewing nonesense hate on an individual when it is a TEAM game.

  33. velvetjonez06

    velvetjonez06Pred 5 dnevi

    Rob parker... stfu..

  34. brian henry

    brian henryPred 5 dnevi

    What happened the last couple games, is everybody but luka started playing and shooting like garbage. Luka carried them as far is they could go, truth is they would be a lottery team without luka

  35. Ralph Mack

    Ralph MackPred 5 dnevi

    Wow rob Parker a 22 year old tho. Luka will be okay 👌.

  36. RD2A

    RD2APred 5 dnevi

    Despite his poor play in the 4th quarter, Luka has consistently been a massive positive in the playoffs for the Mavs. It's like this dude wants Luka averaging 70 point triple doubles or something ludicrous like that. Luka was not the reason the Mavs lost the series.

  37. hgm38

    hgm38Pred 5 dnevi

    Please stop comparing him to Larry legend

  38. Akron162

    Akron162Pred 5 dnevi

    I guess that dude is trying to copy the Skip Bayless schtick: cynically hating on greatness just to get attention and clicks. That sort of strategy is a blight on sports media.

  39. Cody Neuhaus

    Cody NeuhausPred 5 dnevi

    I wonder how the ratings are for these guys?

  40. Just a Guy

    Just a GuyPred 5 dnevi

    We gloss over the fact that Larry Bird scored 28 over 3 games.

  41. Dontae Russell

    Dontae RussellPred 5 dnevi

    It doesn't matter who they put with Luka, long as he continues with the style he plays, players will continue to struggle because the style he plays is rhythm killing..

  42. kendrick riles

    kendrick rilesPred 5 dnevi

    And his inconsistent Rebs and defense? It's not just about scoring

  43. Drakorez

    DrakorezPred 6 dnevi

    If luka was the problem, why was KP not even the 2nd scorer on the team. He did nothing and watched teammates other than luka score more than him. His problem is he played like trash in the playoffs.

  44. Robert Murdock

    Robert MurdockPred 6 dnevi

    Cornbread maxwell not a good player in what world is that true Cornbread was awesome in the NBA finals and was doing the fakers high fives

  45. Robert Murdock

    Robert MurdockPred 6 dnevi

    Being a journalist means you are critical of everyone and you don’t play favorites so Rob Parker is hated on because he doesn’t have his pets or idols

  46. Robert Murdock

    Robert MurdockPred 6 dnevi

    Luka like Jamie is ball hogging and just like Jamie he wants all the credit but no blame for losing

  47. kwame nyame

    kwame nyamePred 6 dnevi

    Media comes on tv and radio bash guys for not performing.. how u expect them to put up big numbers when Luka hugging the ball

  48. kduece2

    kduece2Pred 6 dnevi

    Rob don’t like the L names.. he doesn’t like Lebron and now he don’t like Luka 😂

  49. K Jo

    K JoPred 6 dnevi

    All the excuse making in the comments, Rob is right. Luka was up 2-0 & lost all his home games... that’s awful. Baby bird?? I need to see it.

  50. Matithyahu Ben Yasharahla

    Matithyahu Ben YasharahlaPred 6 dnevi

    Luka is a ballhog and takes forever to make plays! At least Lebron plays at a faster pace! I wouldn't mind Luka with Damian Lillard it would speed up the game and spread the floor!

  51. Marcus Housley

    Marcus HousleyPred 6 dnevi

    Kp cant do it in his own like that he can’t take the ball and go off the dribble or really do anything he can’t even post up 6’3 players

  52. Masala Bk

    Masala BkPred 6 dnevi

    KP come to Brooklyn they talking crazy bro

  53. Unbias Cowboy

    Unbias CowboyPred 6 dnevi

    Even though it’s not all his fault Luka has to win a playoff series before we start crowing him. He is still the future of the league but he’s not totally there yet until he wins a playoff series.

  54. P V M

    P V MPred 6 dnevi

    Once again you knuckleheads are missing the point. Do you think the other players on the Rockets were happy with their system? No. Rus and CP weren’t happy bc it didn’t utilise them much. KP, just like any other star, needs to touch the ball enough in a game to get into rythm. He was considered a “Unicorn” in NY bc he touched the ball. Put almost anyone in a system where they barely touch the ball and yet have to be ready in case it comes their way and they’re going to be frustrated. The slightest bit of empathy would make this obvious to either one of these lames.

  55. Anthony Parker Jr

    Anthony Parker JrPred 6 dnevi

    I wonder if LUKA WERE BLACK would the fans and media love him this I highly highly doubt it I mean the kid is getting top 10 respect for beating the 3 seed a few games lol Same 3 seed who these groupies said were frauds same 3 seed with the person yall call PANDEMIC P Except when they need him to evaluate Luka he becomes the all star again. Lol

  56. Eddy Arcade Beats

    Eddy Arcade BeatsPred 6 dnevi

    I see both sides of the argument honestly

  57. Joab Johnstone

    Joab JohnstonePred 6 dnevi

    Ahh Kyrie had a higher usage rate than LeBron why do they speak without knowing anything

  58. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory WilsonPred 6 dnevi

    Chris is too emotional, shrieking like he’s getting ready to punch someone. Yelling doesn’t persuade or prove a point.

  59. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory WilsonPred 6 dnevi

    Chris stop rewriting history about Biird. I knew Bird. I’m a Bostonian . Luka is no Bird.

  60. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory WilsonPred 6 dnevi

    I agree with Rob. Luka is no Larry BIRD. Larry was always in good shape. Larry made his teammates better..

  61. Gregory Wilson

    Gregory WilsonPred 6 dnevi

    Dallas will never win with Luka. He is way to greedy, selfish and ball hoggish.

  62. Ty N

    Ty NPred 6 dnevi

    Tim Duncan at 22 was clearly the best player on the 1999 Spurs. The Admiral was only 15/10 that year, and that team probably had the worst NBA championship backcourt ever (Avery Johnson, Jaren Jackson)

  63. Terrell Monger

    Terrell MongerPred 6 dnevi

    This just shows the influence of SKIP “water pistol Pete” BAYLESS. He has bamboozled a whole sports generation… No more analysts. Every conversation is a continuation of “Who’s the greatest….” It is robbing us of the opportunity to enjoy sport and appreciate great players.

  64. John Matrix

    John MatrixPred 6 dnevi

    Luka doesn't play like Bird at all. He's like a less athletic Lebron with a better shot. If you gotta pick a white guy go with Mark Price or Jerry West.

  65. LoosieGoosie

    LoosieGoosiePred 6 dnevi

    Porzingis and Luka stats are not extremely different, Luka got him in most categories but not by a huge margin.

  66. Mysterio 6996

    Mysterio 6996Pred 6 dnevi

    Look folks , These 2 knuckleheads are delusional 😂 . Doncic is for real .He just needs 2 more ISO players like a Harden and Kyrie to get their own shot , or set him up . Dallas doesn't have that . Luca is more like the 1984 to 1989 MJ that couldn't elevate a team to Championship form alone . Luca is nothing like Larry Bird . Their games are not simiilar at all . Larry could probably play and defend all 5 positions if he had to in any game . He was a marksman from anywhere on the half court within the 3 point line . Larry was an outstanding banger down low against anybody for a bucket . Larry had Championship level mettle and mentality wherever he went . Larry could kick anybody's ass physically getting in his face , if he had to . Larry was a great trash talker and chess player in a game . Luca doesn't have any of those traits or versatility . Luca is just more of a scorer primarily . Luca is more like Harden really in total game . KP has every right to be frustrated in Dallas . KP is often times a 3rd or 4th wheel instead of a 2nd wheel in Dallas . KP isn't some unskilled at shooting pylon Javale McGee that just shot blocks , rim runs , and gets rebounds .This guy KP can do it all at 7 feet . He has a handle , shoots , assists , scores , blocks very well for his size . So yeah the Unicorn reference was legit at the time . The Knicks were a pathetic mess with or without KP when he was there , that's why he wanted out . KP is as good as Jokic in Scoring if KP had the same opportunities that Jokic gets . If I'm Bob Myers in GS ? I'm on the phone trading Wiseman , and some minor pieces for KP . You put KP with the Splash Bros ? He is the 3rd Splash Bro instantly at the Center position with that ball movement system GS has . Not to mention KP gives you good screens , rim protection , and shot blocking that Wiseman will never do .

  67. Woah Nawh

    Woah NawhPred 6 dnevi

    Idc Rob is right Chris said it was over now that Luka lost he saying it’s shouldn’t have went 7 , Luka is not new to basketball he’s been doing this overseas for years

  68. Jay Bird

    Jay BirdPred 7 dnevi

    Porzingis cried his way out of N.Y. to Dallas! You made your bed, now lay in it!!

  69. Peter Nut

    Peter NutPred 7 dnevi

    He does if you hog the ball every game and jack up 30/35 shots a game. He bags Simmons who had a 7/7 and distributes the ball and plays D to make his team better . Chris is a loud mouth.

  70. David Kulko

    David KulkoPred 7 dnevi

    Luka 36% usage regular season, Luka 40% usage in playoffs. Even though KP is overrated and a diminished player after all the leg injuries, he is making a good point about the ball dominance and lack of ball movement in a team game. How are you supposed to be a well-knit cohesive unit that way? Westbrook and Harden have had similar usage rates and where has that gotten them? By the way-- Larry Bird's usage for his career was around 27-28%.

  71. happythoughts love everybody

    happythoughts love everybodyPred 7 dnevi

    Luka weak defense and barely over 50% from the free throw line in the playoffs. He so great scoring but he gives up points on defense. Like the mavs were beating the nets clippers or bucks.

  72. Moses

    MosesPred 7 dnevi

    Luka is cut from the Kobe cloth. He'd rather win than have to drop 50. If Porzingis had a semblance of a post game I promise Luka would dump it to him. They get guards switched onto him and teams don't even run doubles at him, all he has is a turnaround brick jumper out the post

  73. Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithPred 7 dnevi

    Thank you Rob. We are crowning these young players WAY too early without them accomplishing anything. Can we just say these players are good or really good. Let's leave those words like GREAT and LEGEND to those that act are that. WINNING MATTERS. Skill wise he has a Larry Bird game but that is about it.

  74. Storm Cloud

    Storm CloudPred 7 dnevi

    MJ, if you're watching this video, as a Charlotte fan, I'm begging you, PLEASE DON'T sign Kristaps Porzingis! I know he fits the bill of who you like to sign, but please don't. Don't do this to us. Don't trade anybody for him because we would have to give up somebody young and talented for him. Keep our core together, please. It's not worth it. Let KP find his space somewhere else. He can go to the Lakers and sit on their bench in a suit for half of every season. It's unfortunate, but he's injury prone.

  75. D S

    D SPred 7 dnevi

    Let's tell it like it is. KP simply didn't show up in these play-offs. If you want to be considered second star in the team, you go and do stuff. Yo do not wait in the corner even if the coach tells you. You are either alpha player or not. And he doesn't feel like alpha player. If you ever played basketball, you know you need to move, to change positions, to adapt to the game, open yourself and put yourself in the positions that you can get a pass and score. He didn't do that enough. Of course Luka is frustrated with him, because Luka is real alpha and in every single game, he is there for a win. That is all he counts. And you can see with his reactions and answers to reporters (He scores 46pts but is like "So what? We didn't won. And that is all that counts".) He has that Mamba mentality and KP does not have.

  76. The Casino Coin Bro

    The Casino Coin BroPred 7 dnevi

    Rob Parker got it correct for once.

  77. Colin Murphy

    Colin MurphyPred 7 dnevi

    Rob Parker sounds like a hating old head Luka is 22 playing in the playoffs against kawhi Leonard with no help averaging over 35 a game and the Larry comparison has to do with skill set and play style not literally that he is Larry bird 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  78. mr.c.p. brown

    mr.c.p. brownPred 7 dnevi

    All of that hollering & didn't prove 💩, but he's vanother Luka 🍆 rida. Porzingas has every right to be a lil frustrated. Porzingas was ballin with New York & with Dallas before he got injured. & the media had hyped Luka up before he entered the NBA. & a lot of it has to do with his color which is a BIG part of his fan base. In their eyes, he can't do no wrong. They've overly exaggerated /lied about 💩 in Luka's favor. They've now have records for EVERYTHING he does. Luka's the first player to hit a 3 point shot after taking a 💩 during halftime. OH MY HE'S SPECIAL! It's obvious. The media has got his head swollen, thinking he suppose to get a call every possession, whining about everything. He was 1 tech away from suspension, & could've easily gotten it. Porzingas has every reason to be frustrated. Because Luka is ball dominant with another all star player on his team. Maybe if he did get others more involved he wouldn't lead the NBA in turnovers, the 1 thing he leads in the media won't talk about. Porzingas, come join Hawk Nation. Trae Young will let you touch the ball, & get you past the first round. Because he too has been 💩ed on compared to Luka. From rookie of the year, which they both should've been co rookie of the year. To Luka being nominated for MVP, & winning most improved player last season. Even though Trae's stats improved more & led Luka in every category other than rebounds. Even this year being snubbed out the alll star game while Luka voted in as a starter. Used Trae's record as the reason for not making the all star team, yet the Hawks record was better than Dallas, New Orleans, & Golden States, & it didn't eliminate Luka, Zion or Steph. Not to mention Trae still playing leading the Hawks to the second round in his debut while Luka, Zion, & Steph are at home watching Trae. We'll take Porzingas. Respect to Trae not needing fans to say he's only 22 like that's a legitimate excuse considering Luka's been considered a professional since he was 15.

  79. mike wallace

    mike wallacePred 7 dnevi

    The worst thing said in this segment was Chris saying Paul George could be a hall of fame

  80. bo ramsey

    bo ramseyPred 7 dnevi

    Why are blk men always screaming 😱

  81. Jordan Aldrich

    Jordan AldrichPred 7 dnevi

    These guys are brutal. Luca doesn’t have to win a thing until he gets some experience and they build a team around him. The guy is already amazing with virtual no help in Dallas. I do agree that you can’t compare him to Larry Bird, Luca is a great ball handler and playmaker. That’s not what birds game was about, but these media guys see two great white players and can’t help themselves. If anything the better comparison would be to Magic.

  82. SupremeAbdulJabbar

    SupremeAbdulJabbarPred 7 dnevi

    Spit Talk Podcast presented by Rob Parker.

  83. SupremeAbdulJabbar

    SupremeAbdulJabbarPred 7 dnevi

    Rob spitting all on the mic tip, pawse.

  84. SupremeAbdulJabbar

    SupremeAbdulJabbarPred 7 dnevi

    Love Luka..., but Porzingas is correct that Luka needs to give up the ball more, and stop hot-dogging it.

  85. AJBoss

    AJBossPred 7 dnevi

    I’m pretty sure if Kawhi switched teams with Luka, the Clippers would still win.

  86. ken evans

    ken evansPred 7 dnevi

    STFU Rob, you're either ignorant or flat out dumb!! Luka was the only superstar on the Mavs team and in fact out played everybody on the court, including Kawi and PG for the whole series. The mavericks are not beating anybody if Luka is the only one on the team getting 35/10/9 while the role players were only getting 2/4/8 points on many of those losses. His other star player in KP was just flat out horrible as he only wanted to stay outside and shoot 3 point shots, sometimes he was even 5ft beyond. If KP had at least one or two decent games then the Mavs move on, I dont even think KP even got to 20 points the whole series. KP the other superstar was only avg 13/5/1 and that's a player who is making max money. The Mav role players were just flat out pathetic as they missed way too many wide open shots.

  87. oto khan

    oto khanPred 7 dnevi

    Luka playing ball dominant this much was because he was ordered to. KP is so injury prone like a glass that Rick was so hesitant in playing him at the high post or low post. The evidence is last bubble playoff, if you go back and observe how they played you would see a split of possessions between Luka and KP where Kp played highpost, ISo and pick and roll and pick and pop. the result he got injured within 3 games. This year they wanted him to space out the floor so he wouldn't exert as much physicality into scoring but he even failed at that. They're trying to get as much as possible from the investment they made for KP. it wouldn't be good if he got injured again without even reaching half of the remaining years in the contract he has.

  88. Brandon Abrons

    Brandon AbronsPred 7 dnevi

    Chris are we forgetting Derrick Rose Was a 2X all star, All NBA 1st team, NBA MVP and led his team to the best record in the NBA 62-20 and made it all the way to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals by age of 22!!

  89. PAssassin

    PAssassinPred 7 dnevi

    I love Rob Parker, but this is why he's not on tv anymore. His take on Luka was asinine. Porzingaz is bitch made and will never be on Luka's level

  90. Rok Kokalj

    Rok KokaljPred 7 dnevi

    Can they win something? Eurobasket champion with Slovenia, Euroleague champion, finals MVP, regular season MVP, 3 times Spanish league champion, Spanish league MVP

  91. glanette1

    glanette1Pred 7 dnevi

    I feel like I lost a few brain cells listening to Rob Parker‘s reasoning behind his words. Ever meet somebody who likes to argue just to argue? It did not even matter how pointless he was being he just wanted to argue.

  92. Charles Williams

    Charles WilliamsPred 7 dnevi

    He's just never healthy I remember they said the Knicks were crazy I think the dodged a bullet.

  93. Emmanuel Enyinwa

    Emmanuel EnyinwaPred 7 dnevi

    Luka is 10 times the player ever was,. The NBA is ten times better than when Bird played. Stop the "win a series" cap. Bird played with 5 Hall of Famers.

  94. Gian Bado

    Gian BadoPred 7 dnevi

    Rob trippin'

  95. DTS

    DTSPred 7 dnevi

    Porzingis you’re the highest paid player on the team and you’re the 4th best player

  96. AWSME J

    AWSME JPred 7 dnevi

    Let me just say this “be quiet!” 😂

  97. Mar Jun Amistoso

    Mar Jun AmistosoPred 7 dnevi

    Russell Westbrook is a triple double machine for nothing!!! He has no rings!!!

  98. JJ skyflyer

    JJ skyflyerPred 7 dnevi

    Porzingis is in a tough place because he is good enough that he should be getting the ball more he is making bad shots missing shots because he doesn't get the ball enough and then when he does there's way too much pressure to score I think he does need to be on a team where he's the high shooting percentage second option to a team I think this is Lucas team I don't think that's going to change I don't even know if his playing style will change where he'll pass the Baltimore I don't think he is enough faith in his other players to give up the ball more so he's still trying to do it on his own but porzingis is stuck in Dallas with that contract he needs to try to figure it out with Luca cuz I think if they could use his talent better it would be a better team

  99. Colin Edwards

    Colin EdwardsPred 7 dnevi

    Rob keeps moving the goal post.. at 22 with no help Luka has been wonderful..

  100. J J

    J JPred 7 dnevi

    "Luka was so dominant you didn't see a way they could come back and beat him" - Luka stayed dominant. It wasn't anything Luka did. Mavericks missed tons of open looks after Luka found open people, and Clippers were lights out offensively as a team in the games they won (and Kawhi had maybe one off game the entire series, he was a beast through 6 of the games, and as a Mavs fan I dreaded every time he shot it because it was almost a guarantee it was going in)

  101. Donald Anderson

    Donald AndersonPred 7 dnevi

    Porzingis play's soft He 7'3 Trying to play like an point guard

  102. will liam

    will liamPred 7 dnevi

    Luka is not Bird, only both Whites. Luka is baby Lebron. A White A Bron