Top 10 Metroidvanias (That Aren't Metroid or Castlevania)

From Hollow Knight, to Blasphemous, to even a charming little game about exploring a giant interconnected world via the joy of Pinball, these are our picks for the top 10 best Metroidvanias, that aren't Metroid or Castlevania.


  1. Not rick Astley

    Not rick AstleyPred 3 urami

    It’s hard to find a tier list not consisting every sinful one of these Metroidvania

  2. Zeus Himself

    Zeus HimselfPred 2 dnevi

    Damn scrolling through these comment a someone who never played hollow knight makes me feel like I need to change that

  3. Aavishkar Singh

    Aavishkar SinghPred 2 dnevi

    As long as ori and hk were on the list... Damn I miss Ori

  4. 洪子緒

    洪子緒Pred 3 dnevi

    Ender Lilies is better than Hollow Knight because it's easier to play. And also good music too😊 I expect next is F.i.s.t.

  5. r35ct

    r35ctPred 5 dnevi

    I found hollow knight when i was looking at speedruns for some games, after a while i began to look at hollow knight content. Every bit of it was so good that i had to get it myself. I got the game and was introduced to the calming title theme. I made a file and began playing. Each minute that i play feels very smooth, the graphics spectacular, the whole thing feels unique in its own way. Story develops nicely and with each hour you spend, the more and more you begin to enjoy it more. Travelling to the different places was very nice, the transitions between them gives a smoother feeling for each time you go through them. The soundtracks are so special in their own way, each track fits the feeling of their locations. Say for example City of Tears, the place emanates the feeling of melancholy and a calming atmosphere that gets broken with the enemies you encounter as you traverse. The feeling of what once was a thriving city now gone is enforced by the theme that plays with the sounds of rain that drops from the ceiling. Such a wonderful thing.

  6. SilentSoul

    SilentSoulPred 6 dnevi


  7. tsppm

    tsppmPred 7 dnevi

    Well done list 👍🏽

  8. Darr Bear

    Darr BearPred 7 dnevi

    olive oil and what?????

  9. Leandro Rocha

    Leandro RochaPred 7 dnevi

    Strider ???

  10. Spazrocket Gaming

    Spazrocket GamingPred 8 dnevi

    Would you guys call rain world a metroidvania?

  11. Rafael Estácio

    Rafael EstácioPred 9 dnevi


  12. nathan crowson

    nathan crowsonPred 9 dnevi

    Just making sure the top 2 were Ori and Hollow Knight, good list

  13. juegos y animales

    juegos y animalesPred 9 dnevi

    Monster boy and the cursed kingdom

  14. MrRighteousfish

    MrRighteousfishPred 10 dnevi

    Yokus island express is dope

  15. Gaming Slash News

    Gaming Slash NewsPred 11 dnevi

    Say sprawling one more time, I dare you, I double dare you!

  16. Kay Fabe

    Kay FabePred 11 dnevi

    This is what happens when you give the young bucks, access to the SLthrow account...Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. Thiago Romam

    Thiago RomamPred 11 dnevi

    I think this video should be extended to include 'Dust: an Elysian Tail' and 'Dead Cells' too

  18. pointy5911

    pointy5911Pred 12 dnevi

    I loved Blaster Master Zero if you count that.

  19. Chertograad

    ChertograadPred 12 dnevi

    Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Or the other entries in the series.

  20. Dragon G'lant

    Dragon G'lantPred 12 dnevi

    Why are the top 2 games both tragedies?

  21. NoOppaiNoLife

    NoOppaiNoLifePred 6 dnevi

    Because the game you play actually plays with your emotion too

  22. 501st that gets ignored

    501st that gets ignoredPred 12 dnevi

    Touhou Luna Nights, anyone?!

  23. Jamilex Lah

    Jamilex LahPred 13 dnevi

    Ori should be the no 1 best game in the world

  24. Cornuqopia

    CornuqopiaPred 13 dnevi

    Fuck I want si

  25. Krenotenze

    KrenotenzePred 13 dnevi

    Sundered was sadly not on the list :(

  26. Anthony

    AnthonyPred 13 dnevi

    We need Ori in Smash

  27. Dan Piccolo

    Dan PiccoloPred 14 dnevi

    Strider and Dust: An Elysian Tale should be on this list.

  28. Kiriu Xeosa

    Kiriu XeosaPred 14 dnevi

    Ender lilies came out before this video was made You are not forgiven

  29. Lazarlol

    LazarlolPred 15 dnevi

    Ori and the will of the wisps is my favourite video game yet. Slime rancher second. Hollow Knight third. Dirt rally 2.0 comes in fourth.

  30. Squizzlor

    SquizzlorPred 15 dnevi

    Shame was hope for some more 3D metriodvanias. Prime was just so good.

  31. Anguloose

    AnguloosePred 15 dnevi

    axiom verge is balls

  32. Lee Carter

    Lee CarterPred 16 dnevi

    I just dont understand myself as a massive metroidvania fan who doesnt like hollow knight? Nearly every other one ive played ive loved i cant think of one i didnt like apart from hollow knight. I jus dnt understand why i dnt like it????

  33. theomatron

    theomatronPred 16 dnevi

    cant wait for crowsworn and silksong

  34. Just some guy with a beard

    Just some guy with a beardPred 16 dnevi

    An IGN video which is good ? That doesn't happen very often

  35. Lukasz Zylik

    Lukasz ZylikPred 16 dnevi

    It seems to me like Metroidvanias are just Metroid type games. I originally thought Metroidvanias mixed the exploration of Metroid games with the RPG elements of SoTN. Bloodstained and Blasphemous are good examples of that. The other games on the list seem to be more Metroid like games to me? Am I just wrong and missing an important ingredient here?

  36. Lukasz Zylik

    Lukasz ZylikPred 16 dnevi

    While Hollow Knight is amazing and deserves the praise it's getting, the other games on this list are all amazing too. A good list. I also highly recommend Monster Boy.

  37. marça

    marçaPred 16 dnevi

    Dandara is also great

  38. YakiYuki

    YakiYukiPred 17 dnevi

    6:08 I want some robotic heroin too give me some

  39. V1RTUO5O

    V1RTUO5OPred 17 dnevi

    Wheres Rayman Origins?

  40. Emmet Postma

    Emmet PostmaPred 17 dnevi

    Dandara is super good, dont think it gets enough love

  41. Logan Symmes

    Logan SymmesPred 19 dnevi

    Hollow Knight is one of the best games of all time.

  42. Strange Thoughts Music

    Strange Thoughts MusicPred 19 dnevi

    Bloodstained and Hollow Knight 😍

  43. Pinky Knight

    Pinky KnightPred 20 dnevi

    If you didn't know Ori was number two and Hollow Knight was number one reply to this comment saying "you are gay"

  44. Perry Pepper

    Perry PepperPred 21 dnevom

    ori and hollow knight are so good!!

  45. Orep

    OrepPred 22 dnevi

    puta madre el traductor automatico de títulos de videos me confundió y pense que era un video en español,no entendi nada pero imagino que estara hollow knigth asi que buen video.

  46. Burhan Khalib

    Burhan KhalibPred 23 dnevi

    Hollow Knight broke me. Every games i played since felt easy and meh.

  47. João Guilherme Greenhalgh

    João Guilherme GreenhalghPred 23 dnevi

    I honestly really want to play Cave Story

  48. Kyubi's Master

    Kyubi's MasterPred 23 dnevi

    Ori is a great game but it's so sad. My kids cried when they saw the start of the game.

  49. Beady 00

    Beady 00Pred 24 dnevi

    Olive Oil and Ice cream???

  50. Unaming Gaming

    Unaming GamingPred 24 dnevi

    Why is no one mentioning ori?

  51. Dave Courtemanche

    Dave CourtemanchePred 25 dnevi

    Shantae and the Seven Sirens was a lot of fun.

  52. jake w

    jake wPred 27 dnevi

    No dead cells?

  53. Lijy

    LijyPred mesecem

    I literally just watched this so i could see someone praise hollow knight

  54. Patrick Blair

    Patrick BlairPred mesecem

    Hollow knight is my favorite game I’ve ever played, but I’m surprised to not see Dead Cells on this list

  55. MilesoftheMasterRace

    MilesoftheMasterRacePred mesecem

    Bloodstained and Blasphemous are not just some of the best MVs I’ve ever played but some of the best videogames Ive played in general. They should be higher.

  56. Richard Patterson

    Richard PattersonPred mesecem

    What is enjoyable about playing hollow knight?

  57. Richard Patterson

    Richard PattersonPred mesecem

    Hollow knight sucks. It's art is cool. The story sucks. The play is frustrating. The rewards are pathetic because you never get a chance to enjoy them, you just hunt for the next upgrade that you use a few times. Bleech! I liked axiom verge, Both Ori's, dead cells. But hollow knight was hollow

  58. omniyue

    omniyuePred mesecem

    How did Odin Sphere not make the list?


    ZANDATSUPred mesecem

    Hollow Knight is like playing video game in your dreams,it's so calming and amazing at the same time

  60. TheSif

    TheSifPred mesecem

    Fuck ign

  61. Patrick McGrane

    Patrick McGranePred mesecem

    Ice cream and olive oil?

  62. RYN

    RYNPred mesecem

    Timespinner is a good honorable mention. I had fun with it. Can't wait for Axiom Verge 2!!

  63. Mr. Boombox

    Mr. BoomboxPred mesecem

    Steamworld Dig 2 desevers all the attention it can get. The movement is so delicious.

  64. Abdulellah M

    Abdulellah MPred mesecem

    any suggestions for side scrolling games (Nintendo switch) ?

  65. J

    JPred mesecem

    So 90% of the genre's titles?

  66. Michael Weller

    Michael WellerPred mesecem

    No shovel knight?

  67. Eric Widder

    Eric WidderPred mesecem

    Hollow Knight is overrated.

  68. MegaHoro

    MegaHoroPred mesecem

    I like Shaman King: Master of Spirits [GBA]

  69. Pranav Badrinathan

    Pranav BadrinathanPred mesecem

    I started metroidvanias with Ori and the Blind Forest, and thought it was the best game ever. So much so that I replayed it! Then, I thought Ori and the Will of the Wisps was the best game. I could not replay it due to issues, but it was great fun and made me cry and laugh. Then I played Hollow Knight. On my 3rd playthrough right now, and I can't wait for Silksong. I am soo HK obsessed that I even follow some HK speedrunners and content creators. I mean, the only other game I do that for is Minecraft! EDIT: If you can't tell, I play games for lore and boss battles, with the only exception being Minecraft.

  70. FeelsGoatMan

    FeelsGoatManPred mesecem

    With these lists you can just skip #1 since we all know what it is

  71. Wesley Baldwin

    Wesley BaldwinPred mesecem

    Hollow Knight is the best for sure and it's got amazing design but Ori is the most beautiful, both looks and sound.

  72. BlameTheFlame

    BlameTheFlamePred mesecem

    Arkham Asylum is a fantastic 3d Metroidvania.

  73. Szymon Tkaczyk

    Szymon TkaczykPred mesecem

    You must wait 20 years

  74. Szymon Tkaczyk

    Szymon TkaczykPred mesecem

    Oh boy

  75. Filipe Soares

    Filipe SoaresPred mesecem

    I miss: Dandara Trials of Fear, Reventure and Celeste.

  76. Not My Fault

    Not My FaultPred mesecem

    @Filipe Soares Just like how terraria has rpg elements. Still not a metroidvania

  77. Filipe Soares

    Filipe SoaresPred mesecem

    @Not My Fault but have metroidvania elements.

  78. Not My Fault

    Not My FaultPred mesecem

    How is celeste a metroidvania lol

  79. Cristóbal Andrés Ojeda Pinto

    Cristóbal Andrés Ojeda PintoPred mesecem

    Why nobody mentions TimeSpinner?

  80. RoomerJ

    RoomerJPred mesecem

    Ya I love calling Castlevania games that have Metroid inspired Gameplay elements or layout, METROIDVANIAS. Unfortunately, not a single game here is Castlevania or has anything to do with it. IE:Metroidblasphemous, Metroidknight, MetroidCave and so on. You may, and I mean it's a stretch to even consider it, but you may be able to call some of these "Metroidvania Likes" Funny fact that serves the second purpose of just further pointing out the ignorance on this video, Metroid has never been a Metroidvania. That term was exclusively created to describe quite a few Castlevania games, not a single Metroid game. I know it's hard to wrap your mind around but you know how games like Dark Souls and Rouge are called "Souls like and Rouge like? That's because to call a game Dark Souls and Rouge that has nothing to do with either is pretty damn stupid. Just like calling non Castlevania games" Metroidvania ".

  81. XBuster Zero

    XBuster ZeroPred mesecem

    The lack of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom here is utterly disgusting. But nice list lol

  82. M Shelton

    M SheltonPred mesecem

    Ori and the will of the wisps is my favorite the art style and game play it's a masterpiece. one of best games on the switch runs flawlessly. Played Ori right after Hollow knight for me I prefer the pace and the color. Looking forward to Metroid Dread!

  83. Ezio Auditore

    Ezio AuditorePred mesecem

    Just platted HK....the word masterpiece is overused these days but it truly is a masterpiece

  84. Pedro Ramirez

    Pedro RamirezPred mesecem

    Hollowknight is number 1. Rightfully so.

  85. Drew Star

    Drew StarPred mesecem

    Special shout-out to Outland!!!

  86. Tetsuo The Great

    Tetsuo The GreatPred mesecem

    Blasphemous is such an addictive atmospheric adventure

  87. Tic Gameplays

    Tic GameplaysPred mesecem

    Hollow Knight seems to be a good game. I think I will try to play it sometime

  88. Madquantum

    MadquantumPred mesecem

    Hollow knight is a masterpiece

  89. Jeremy

    JeremyPred mesecem

    There is a game called Headlander that I really like. It is not the greatest game ever but it is a pretty cool campy Sci-Fi Metroidvania.

  90. Tim

    TimPred mesecem

    For me it's Ori.. Never have I played a game with such smooth movement. Feels so good.

  91. Leonardo Gonzalez

    Leonardo GonzalezPred mesecem

    Shantae's Saga? Strider?? Shovel knight?? I though they're should be incluide in the list

  92. I create pixels

    I create pixelsPred mesecem

    I just discovered Lilium Reach,

  93. Ryan Palmer

    Ryan PalmerPred mesecem

    I think ori and guac are too much of a platformer to qualify. Bloodstained wins IMO

  94. Bryan Martinez

    Bryan MartinezPred mesecem

    I'm physically ready for Silk Song but not mentally ready.

  95. Low Moral Fiber

    Low Moral FiberPred mesecem

    Nice list! Hollow Knight is one of the top 10 games I've ever played, no doubt about it.

  96. SeaTheAlchemyst

    SeaTheAlchemystPred mesecem

    It’s definitely not the best or even really worthy of top ten… but mega man zx has some really pleasant controls, and does a solid job combining the mega man platforming and boss power style with the robust world. There’s obviously a few weak points like story (could be written a little better, it’s very basic) and the map isn’t very helpful aside from full area connection points.

  97. dakasport

    dakasportPred mesecem

    Hollow Knight is the best game ever. Story, graphics, soundtrack, difficulty. It took me 80 days to complete, I probably tried to kill Radiance 100x before suceeding, but loved every single minute of trying and felt truly rewarded when it finally happened. I never thought a game would bring back the feeling and vibe I had when playing '90s platformers as a child, but Hollow Knight delivered 100%. It is a mystery, why it's not talked about more. I hope Silksong will be able to live up to the expectations.

  98. Arte Floe

    Arte FloePred mesecem

    Playing Hollow Knight was such a magical experience for me, not just because it's an amazing game, but also it was my first Metroidvania, so everything in this game was fresh and unique to me.

  99. Francisco Osvaldo

    Francisco OsvaldoPred mesecem

    Ive never played hollow knight but I doubt its better than ori and the will of the wisps

  100. Reggie Sterling

    Reggie SterlingPred mesecem

    Blasphemous is a amazing game but I wish wasn't so punishing they need a wuss mode just for us who want to finish it

  101. KfkFod

    KfkFodPred mesecem

    ori's first game felt a bit linear to me

  102. Camo 4

    Camo 4Pred mesecem

    Gato Roboto is a good one as well. Severely underrated.

  103. Cryingraven

    CryingravenPred 2 meseci

    Hollow Knight is the King!

  104. Ori The Spirit Guardian

    Ori The Spirit GuardianPred 2 meseci