If FOOD were PEOPLE | Funny Food Situations by La La Life Emoji

What if food were people? Do you think it would be cool or awkward? Let's see what can happen in our new vid! 🥦 🍔🥦 🍔🥦 🍔🥦
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00:00 No more junk food!
00:27 To the trash!
00:57 You got me!
01:18 Experiment
01:57 Chewing gum
02:18 Shopping
02:43 Pistachio
03:26 Marshmellow
03:58 Dads' secret
04:23 Garlic vs Gum
05:07 No food in the cinema!
05:37 Candy sound
05:58 What chips?
06:08 Spicy meal
06:41 Ketchup & Mayo
07:11 Coffee & sweets
07:38 Сabbages' revenge
08:16 Stuck in teeth
08:26 Tomato lover
09:02 Expensive cheese
09:25 Сheating with cake
10:18 No more diets!
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