Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)

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Directed by Petra Collins
Starring Olivia Rodrigo

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing good 4 u. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records



  1. Kory Iott

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    Yes you are

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    i wish i can like a video 5 times

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  4. General Zodden1701

    General Zodden1701Pred uro

    Based on the last few seconds of this video its good for the boyfriend that he dumped her. He wouldn't have survived for much longer. 😁


    PUPPETPred uro


  6. NEZUKo han

    NEZUKo hanPred uro

    Yes plis

  7. blessings with SROTASWINI

    blessings with SROTASWINIPred uro

    Nice phone

  8. the wolf journal

    the wolf journalPred uro

    i just realized this girl played in bizaardvark :0 holy crap! she is so talented!!

  9. Manu

    ManuPred uro

    Brasil choraaa

  10. fnaf_kid

    fnaf_kidPred uro

    I miss the old her

  11. Gisele Maia

    Gisele MaiaPred uro

    Me lembrou a Avril Lavigne! Muito bom!

  12. josefdo13

    josefdo13Pred uro

    This song sounds like a 2000's song

  13. VAS1L3V

    VAS1L3VPred uro

    i literally thought this is a song from the 2000s I've never heard of until i saw all the z flip phones

  14. ur.bae.nat.j

    ur.bae.nat.jPred uro

    okay but the end was so dope

  15. Leidy Sun

    Leidy SunPred uro

    asmr in minut 2:30

  16. Lizaudy Diamante

    Lizaudy DiamantePred uro

    All men are the same when they see something else they change their MIND




  18. rukiye w

    rukiye wPred uro

    **obsessively twerking**

  19. Luke Official

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    Need an MGK remix 🤘🏼

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  26. Paula Gomes

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  27. aileen bg

    aileen bgPred uro

    This sounds just like Misery Business by Paramore

  28. Smalls T

    Smalls TPred 2 urami

    Disney stars cursing👀

  29. Nick

    NickPred 2 urami

    This is the song you jam to when the homies aren’t around

  30. George Nechifor

    George NechiforPred 2 urami

    Es la de Bizarbark verdad?

  31. alguem ai

    alguem aiPred 2 urami

    Billie eilish que lute

  32. Harland Williams Johnston

    Harland Williams JohnstonPred 2 urami

    Mark my words : One day she will win a Grammy...... 👍👍👍

  33. Henry _Games

    Henry _GamesPred 2 urami

    Yay I'm the 118 million viewer

  34. Piper atiradora de tijolo

    Piper atiradora de tijoloPred 2 urami

    Cadê a tropa do Brasil

  35. Cozy Samurai

    Cozy SamuraiPred 2 urami

    "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

  36. Reece

    ReecePred 2 urami

    is this also an ad for samsung

  37. Jhony Torres

    Jhony TorresPred 2 urami

    Vengo de la morra que canta en tik tok :)

  38. Ruby donnelly

    Ruby donnellyPred 2 urami

    Plssss tell me i want one

  39. Ruby donnelly

    Ruby donnellyPred 2 urami

    How do you get a SLthrow channel

  40. 1Shotdqang

    1ShotdqangPred 2 urami

    she is really good at singing

  41. Aditi Sharma

    Aditi SharmaPred 2 urami

    Am I the only one getting Avril Lavigne vibes ?

  42. Buckers0885

    Buckers0885Pred 2 urami

    Catchy as this song. The chorus reminds me of hearing misery business by Paramore for the first time.

  43. Charles Henze

    Charles HenzePred 2 urami

    This gives me early 2000s vibes and I love it

  44. Every youtuber is cool

    Every youtuber is coolPred 2 urami

    If I was the boyfriend and she was always this phsyco I probably never cared

  45. Daniel Alencar

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  46. Rania Raza

    Rania RazaPred 2 urami

    Do y'all see the princess diaries and Jennifer's body references here too or is that just me-

  47. crazy cousins

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  48. topking ツ

    topking ツPred 2 urami

    obra de arte slk

  49. Jose Gil Ibarra

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    te amoooooooooooooo

  50. HBSUofficial

    HBSUofficialPred 2 urami

    Nice Paramore cover

  51. Randy Ludwig

    Randy LudwigPred 2 urami

    cool video! cool song!

  52. thoricsneeze

    thoricsneezePred 2 urami

    Is it just me but I thought the lyrics were you look happy hell

  53. ༻꧁W̷O̷R̷L̷D̷ ̷ G̷A̷C̷H̷A̷꧂༺

    ༻꧁W̷O̷R̷L̷D̷ ̷ G̷A̷C̷H̷A̷꧂༺Pred 2 urami

    Eu pensando onde ela vai morra agora? Vai vira sereia?

  54. Joel46n2

    Joel46n2Pred 2 urami

    Psycho girl music haaaaaa

  55. Noemi Villanueva

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  56. Nonstop_Football🏈

    Nonstop_Football🏈Pred 2 urami

    Jeez chill

  57. agus

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    Might be a bold statement but this consolidated her as the new it girl

  58. Ognjen Lilic

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  59. Hiba Rezki

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    Becose YOU not ARMY 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🖕🖕🖕

  60. idk what to name this

    idk what to name thisPred 2 urami

    😂😂 Go kid have your online classes and give phone back to mommy

  61. Jayakumar Thankaiah

    Jayakumar ThankaiahPred 2 urami

    U can't hate on people just because they are not amry

  62. SpookyTV SpookyTV

    SpookyTV SpookyTVPred 2 urami

    ✨ *Im Obsessed* ✨ with this song

  63. Siva's review☑

    Siva's review☑Pred 2 urami

    Let's be honest Who all searched this like damn sociopath

  64. giih ,_,

    giih ,_,Pred 2 urami

    Olivia, so young but so talented, a beautiful example of not giving up even when receiving a lot of no, true inspiration

  65. Franco Tapia

    Franco TapiaPred 2 urami

    Amamos un smash-hit orgánico, sin necesidad de poner millones de remixes e usar payola para ser #1. YAAAASSS.

  66. Pixel Destroyer

    Pixel DestroyerPred 2 urami

    I absolutely hate driver license with a burning passion but deja vu is really good and good 4 u is like my new favorite song

  67. TheGrecianG

    TheGrecianGPred 2 urami

    "like a damn sociopath" by: the woman who literally wrote him a damn song to ask him why he got another so fast

  68. Belen Laura

    Belen LauraPred 2 urami

    Wow es la primera vez que escucho una de sus canciones y me encanto ♡ esta chica tiene demasiado talento, me sorprende que tenga tan pocas vistas.

  69. Blossom Family

    Blossom FamilyPred 2 urami

    Why did I think she was saying happy in hell?? 😭😂

  70. Deborah Moss

    Deborah MossPred 2 urami

    This song is pure insanity. I LOVE IT

  71. Matthew Holland

    Matthew HollandPred 2 urami

    The guiltless insurance feasibly remove because jam seemingly push of a breakable cabinet. curved, difficult karen

  72. Christina I.

    Christina I.Pred 2 urami

    2:31 she looks Like Demi Lovato

  73. Henlinrae

    HenlinraePred 2 urami

    how much did Samsung pay to be in this video because that do be some good adverticement

  74. Haiden Lopez

    Haiden LopezPred 2 urami

    Esta rolita salvo el 2021

  75. Dakota and Reagan's fidget toy review op

    Dakota and Reagan's fidget toy review opPred 2 urami

    omg ya

  76. 🙈h3l0xX

    🙈h3l0xXPred 2 urami

    1 br q vejo no chat

  77. Rohini Sengupta

    Rohini SenguptaPred 2 urami

    When u r happy but still addicted with this song..XD

  78. Julian

    JulianPred 2 urami

    I really feel this song :,(

  79. Bruna Policarpo

    Bruna PolicarpoPred 2 urami

    The one and only

  80. Renata Novais

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    Olivia 🇧🇷 ❤

  81. Robertosantos Santos

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  82. Barrack Obama

    Barrack ObamaPred 2 urami

    She needs to do a collab with some DnB artists. Her voice is fucking sick for a dirty baseline

  83. daniel flores tamani

    daniel flores tamaniPred 2 urami

    alguien escuchando esta hermosa cancion un viernes 18-06-21

  84. Heber Denilton

    Heber DeniltonPred 2 urami

    your music is very good i listen every day

  85. theus tube

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    Quem veio pelo tik rok

  86. speedy 02

    speedy 02Pred 2 urami

    Sounds like Paramore.

  87. bich purr

    bich purrPred 2 urami

    came here bcuz of spencerwuah 😍

  88. Andrea Sarvai

    Andrea SarvaiPred 2 urami

    why am i getting Miranda sings vibes???? BAHHAHAHA LOVE U

  89. Bilieberrr

    BilieberrrPred 2 urami

    I might be the only one and idc but I don’t get why this song is topping the charts🙁🙁🙁 Just my opinion by the way!!!!!!!!

  90. Jayakumar Thankaiah

    Jayakumar ThankaiahPred 2 urami

    Because it's a great song that's why it's is on top of the charts

  91. Meredith Paz

    Meredith PazPred 3 urami

    Oh my god you’re the weird girl on TickTock

  92. Karolína Tichá

    Karolína TicháPred 3 urami

    my favourite!!!!

  93. MvpFN 4K

    MvpFN 4KPred 3 urami

    Am I the only one that just noticed she’s from Disney Channel

  94. Mateus Alves

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  95. GuitarFanMusicMan

    GuitarFanMusicManPred 3 urami

    lyrically: bad musically:prettty nice all around below average

  96. Jayakumar Thankaiah

    Jayakumar ThankaiahPred 2 urami

    If u don't like it , it's doesn't mean u hav to spread hatred 🙄

  97. Twichy Hamodi

    Twichy HamodiPred 3 urami

    Such a 2007 songs vibe mixed with avril lavigne

  98. Samuel Ferreira

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  99. Jull_ia

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    Your vioce is so beautiful

  100. •Ayako•

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  101. Érica Fernanda Fernanda

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    Amo essa música

  102. Daniela Guerrero

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    I like the part where she says you look happy in hell