Action Movie Hidden Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch At Least Once | Netflix

There's nothing like a good action flick to get your heart pumping. Whether you're a fan of traditional action fare or you prefer to sprinkle your action cinema with elements of fantasy, horror, or even comedy, there's a little something for everyone just waiting to be added to your queue. Here's a look at some of the hidden action gems you won't want to miss.

There's no such thing as a miracle cure, and our protagonist in the sci-fi/action thriller Self/Less finds that out the hard way. The 2015 film features Sir Ben Kingsley as Damian Hale, a billionaire who is diagnosed with terminal cancer but is offered a whole new lease on life when he learns of the so-called "shedding" treatment. This secret medical operation transfers his mind into a newer, healthier body, so when Damian wakes up, he finds himself with an all-new physique, with Ryan Reynolds now portraying the revitalized Damian Hale.

The trouble is, this perfect body was not created in a laboratory, as Damian previously believed, but instead belonged to a man whose memories begin to resurface when Damian fails to take his prescribed medications. Damian learns that his body once belonged to a man named Mark, who has a loving wife and child who are very much still alive. Damian must then race against the clock to find out the truth of this novel "shedding" procedure before Mark's mind either takes over, or fades from his body altogether. Get ready for some serious existential thrills when you queue up Self/Less.

Self/Less | 0:00
Peppermint | 1:35
Adrift | 2:26
Mr. Right | 3:12
Unknown | 4:12
Double World | 4:53
Triple Threat | 5:31
Inside Man: Most Wanted | 6:14
The Outpost | 7:12
Tremors: Shrieker Island | 8:23
Prospect | 9:06
Hold the Dark | 9:48
Point Blank | 10:46
Seventh Son | 11:44
Polar | 12:28
The Outsider | 13:09
Space Sweepers | 13:53
Free State of Jones | 15:05
American Assassin | 15:51

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Action Movie Hidden Gems On Netflix You Need To Watch At Least Once | Netflix

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  1. Peroxic

    PeroxicPred 23 urami

    Whats the movie on the thumbnail

  2. JJ Wellplayed

    JJ WellplayedPred 8 dnevi

    Hold the dark!! Shiiii


    AF_GUCCIPred 10 dnevi

    These new films are just shity i like the old movies better like bruce lie

  4. SCP-049

    SCP-049Pred 11 dnevi

    why can't i find the other movies?

  5. imadesome

    imadesomePred 13 dnevi

    Polar is great if you pick if you think that both John Wick and RED lacked unnecessary sex scenes, over the top characters, had too many action scenes and a plot that made sense.

  6. sukiwatson

    sukiwatsonPred 14 dnevi

    Polar is a great movie

  7. Davina Missick

    Davina MissickPred 15 dnevi

    Mr Right is funny AF 😄

  8. Ger

    GerPred 15 dnevi

    Mr Right was so much better than I expected. Sam Rockwell is amazing. I couldn't get 10 minutes into Space Sweepers.

  9. Sherman Crowder

    Sherman CrowderPred 18 dnevi

    Hello, it would mean the world if you responded to this comment. I am looking to make a SLthrow reviewing different movies and tv shows. My question is, how do you get permission to play trailers from Netflix? Do you need permission? Or do you just have to add their logo in each trailer? Thank you for whatever advice you give. Wish you all the best.

  10. Matthew Fajilagutan

    Matthew FajilagutanPred 21 dnevom

    Lol most of the movie you recommended are not or no longer available on netfix. Specially peppermint, adrift and selfless

  11. MiguellanZz

    MiguellanZzPred 22 dnevi

    I only click this because of the cool dragon

  12. khalid

    khalidPred 25 dnevi

    Seventh son, space sweeper and American assassin is best in all of them , I haven't watched polar yet but some says it's best so.. 👌

  13. Sean Balme

    Sean BalmePred 26 dnevi

    All of these films have like a 19% rating on rotten tomatoes

  14. Sean Balme

    Sean BalmePred 26 dnevi

    well not all

  15. Mfundo Mkhize

    Mfundo MkhizePred 27 dnevi

    Space Sweepers

  16. Adam Reid

    Adam ReidPred 29 dnevi

    Oh looks like some wonderful gems!

  17. Kendra Arnold

    Kendra ArnoldPred mesecem

    The 1st recommendation is awesome. It's minority report meets face off

  18. Binge Fox

    Binge FoxPred mesecem

    Its June 29th 2021 besides these movies release 2 months ago everything else sucks.

  19. Catalistic

    CatalisticPred mesecem

    no "The Night Comes For Us"?

  20. AH MDi

    AH MDiPred mesecem

    You don't need to explain all the details of the movie , you ruin it you moron

  21. david joost

    david joostPred mesecem

    cant find unknown on netflix

  22. DeadPool

    DeadPoolPred mesecem

    8:55 é o que você procura

  23. Usha

    UshaPred mesecem

    I loved Peppermint, brilliant film.

  24. Manish Vasudevan

    Manish VasudevanPred mesecem

    Half of them are not even available on Netflix

  25. Kinn Thoine

    Kinn ThoinePred mesecem

    Unfortunately not all of them are on Ita Netflix. Tried to look for some but couldnt find

  26. loveinspired7

    loveinspired7Pred mesecem

    "Peppermint" was pretty good. "Selfless" looks very interesting.


    AYNSLEY STOREYPred mesecem

    double world is well worth checking out

  28. Klemoc 22

    Klemoc 22Pred mesecem

    title should be ''Hidden Gems only US is allowed to watch'' most of those are not in my region (Denmark). and those few that we do have here, we have already seen. out of the 19 movies on this list, we can only see 6 of them. and to see that US netflix only cost $9 compared to the almost $16 in Denmark, i feel kinda cheated.

  29. Jack Stamford

    Jack StamfordPred mesecem

    Bs ain’t it

  30. Faeez Hartley

    Faeez HartleyPred mesecem

    Triple threat ain't on Netflix

  31. Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn

    Czxaswedf ZxasdwebnPred mesecem

    The modern watch precisely help because exclamation daily yawn outside a waggish jellyfish. white, parallel kilogram

  32. mcsuchnsuch

    mcsuchnsuchPred mesecem

    I paused it to google Roxanne McKee.

  33. C. Alex

    C. AlexPred mesecem

    space sweepers was so freaking good.

  34. chul yeom

    chul yeomPred mesecem

    The outstanding target spectacularly coil because chick mathematically buzz among a abashed denim. unwieldy, delightful lilac


    SMPN 2 PANGKAJENEPred mesecem

    peppermint its not recomended

  36. Azrin South

    Azrin SouthPred mesecem

    Garner did peppermint Affleck did the accountant Both bad ass.

  37. Akimbo .-

    Akimbo .-Pred mesecem

    is it just my netflix or is peppermint not on there

  38. Gabriela Santiago

    Gabriela SantiagoPred mesecem

    Space Sweepers IS SO GOOOOOOOOD

  39. DeGeneral876

    DeGeneral876Pred mesecem

    marvel actors getting alot of recasts all over

  40. jedironin380

    jedironin380Pred mesecem

    I did see Peppermint, loved it! Will definitely check out a few of the others. Thanks!

  41. Rachel

    RachelPred mesecem

    I just came here for the dragon....

  42. Ashish Shah

    Ashish ShahPred mesecem

    I was about to skip this one, but then I saw space sweepers on the list. God, this is gonna be interesting

  43. private private

    private privatePred mesecem

    SO she's giving away the premise and the twists and ALL the spoilers...if you're a person that likes to discover these things on your own, DON'T WATCH this video. Luckily for me, i already watched SELFLESS in the theaters. But of I was even remotely interested in something else on this list, hell they are telling the WHOLE DAMNED MOVIE...i stopped after the SELFLESS reveal. Scrolled through the comments t see what other shows are recommended without sitting through the 17min long video of SPOILERS

  44. Aliaz Kallang

    Aliaz KallangPred mesecem

    Peppermint was a good movie.

  45. SHAGI

    SHAGIPred mesecem

    Netflix patting themselves on the back

  46. Ant R

    Ant RPred mesecem

    u must get paid by Netflix. Some of these are the worse movies ever

  47. Linda Conrades

    Linda ConradesPred mesecem

    Out post is some what on the nose!. Americans got no business making war films about Afghanistan or anywhere in the middle east glorifying America soldiers behaviour. Considering the reality of their war crimes over there.

  48. Tazzy T

    Tazzy TPred mesecem

    Mr right is garbage...garbage acting garbage script

  49. Kalomika Arts

    Kalomika ArtsPred mesecem

    I don't like spoilers so can someone just post the list please?

  50. Vida DW

    Vida DWPred mesecem

    Solid Snake 13:06

  51. Woody y

    Woody yPred mesecem

    95% of the movies aren't hidden gems!

  52. Michael Kantner

    Michael KantnerPred mesecem

    Do NOT rent or see Seventh Son, it was an absolutely HORRIBLE film. I like Jeff Bridges, but in this movie, his character sucks, his acting is bad and the plot is laughable, don't waste your time, I wish I could get my two hours back.

  53. Two_Tone_ Xlophone

    Two_Tone_ XlophonePred mesecem

    thanks for the list!

  54. Tarmo Tyyri

    Tarmo TyyriPred mesecem

    Really, hidden gems? All of these movies have been scored less than 7 on

  55. Jim Jolly

    Jim JollyPred mesecem


  56. Thiago Albino Santos

    Thiago Albino SantosPred mesecem

    Me like it. Gimme more.

  57. Astrel Slater

    Astrel SlaterPred mesecem

    Amazing List.

  58. gns

    gnsPred mesecem

    Free State of Jones is not a hidden Gem. That movie was 2 hours to long.

  59. MackrelPill

    MackrelPillPred mesecem

    The only one i had seen on this list was the 7th son. Others i hadnt even heard of.

  60. Xynergy

    XynergyPred mesecem

    Double World and Triple Threat will quadruple the action 👊

  61. WC 'Strawberry' Fields

    WC 'Strawberry' FieldsPred mesecem

    Terrible. Terrible dialog. Terrible fight scenes. Netflix knobs on CCP-D. ❤$🇨🇳$❤

  62. Mike G

    Mike GPred mesecem

    Pffff lame

  63. IDKman555

    IDKman555Pred mesecem

    Don't watch Seventh Son. Space Sweepers was a blast!

  64. Tony Ngomana

    Tony NgomanaPred mesecem

    I hate that I stumbled upon this video...Netflix, don't you want me to work on my projects??? You made so curious enough to checkout this movies. lol


    DUTCH REDNECKPred mesecem

    . Is it only me that is having problems finding most of these movies ? When i type in the movie titels in the search page of NETFLIX i get a lot of other movies but NOT the one's i want to find ! WTF AM I DOING WRONG ? ?

  66. Juan Pascal Luciano Bravado

    Juan Pascal Luciano BravadoPred mesecem

    This is such shit. A few are good movies but why use that awful voice just reading other people’s reviews of the films?

  67. Brian Cathey

    Brian CatheyPred mesecem

    i wouldnt trust any thing written by anyone from cnn.

  68. Dixie Normous

    Dixie NormousPred mesecem

    Peppermint was great. It's extra satisfying to watch if you're a Walking Dead fan because her daughter is the same actress who plays Judith Grimes.

  69. Xander Felargo

    Xander FelargoPred mesecem

    Space Sweepers I believe is the most fun movie on this list and I 100 percent agree is a hidden gem.

  70. Mirko Cattaneo

    Mirko CattaneoPred 16 dnevi

    for me it is like if my manga or anime just became real life actors!!!

  71. Mr Uncle The Redge

    Mr Uncle The RedgePred mesecem

    Really good movie....

  72. Xander Felargo

    Xander FelargoPred mesecem

    Seventh Son is a horrible movie in my opinion. I usually love bad movies but this one is worse. Definitely not a hidden gem 😂😂

  73. Brandon Jacobs

    Brandon JacobsPred mesecem

    11/10 on this movie list. all of these are great movies 💯

  74. Alex

    AlexPred mesecem

    ohhhhh Peppermint was just beautiful.

  75. Vincent Hammons

    Vincent HammonsPred mesecem

    I want a season 2 of alice and borderland already

  76. Erik Iacopelli

    Erik IacopelliPred mesecem

    Polar is REALLY GOOD!! I watched it 15 times

  77. Olocip Picolo

    Olocip PicoloPred mesecem

    Free State of Jones is a must watch. The ambiance reminds me a little about Red Dead Redemption 2 (though the movie is set in 1860's-70's and Rdr2 is in 1899). Polar was good, there's some really cool action scenes, and Mads Mikkelsen is always a win.

  78. Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn

    Czxaswedf ZxasdwebnPred mesecem

    The pricey garden disappointedly cheer because group congruently trick over a righteous timbale. understood, ubiquitous potato

  79. Brent McLean

    Brent McLeanPred mesecem

    Polar is so good, absolutely love it!

  80. eddygtube

    eddygtubePred mesecem

    I like how half of these movies aren't available in Colombia

  81. Eurico Thrasher

    Eurico ThrasherPred mesecem


  82. Red Rain

    Red RainPred mesecem

    Some of them are best keep hidden

  83. Kim Walker

    Kim WalkerPred mesecem

    Damn. I need a vpn. Only space sweepers is on my Netflix. Need a VPN or I gotta move to another country

  84. Efosa Etc.

    Efosa Etc.Pred mesecem

    mr right is one of my most favorite movies and shotcaller is my second fav

  85. Viktor Poiasnik

    Viktor PoiasnikPred mesecem

    Shot caller is soooo sooo over the top made for Hollywood, its just hard to watch and know, that this shit dont work this way. But kool watch.

  86. Steven Tracy

    Steven TracyPred mesecem

    After the documentary cuties no one should be using Netflix. Boycott Netflix.

  87. Sir_Grayfoxx

    Sir_GrayfoxxPred mesecem

    Yikes. This list is terrible. The Outsider was the only interesting movie on here.

  88. seriousM

    seriousMPred mesecem

    Im gone watch not on netflix though

  89. Edward Osako

    Edward OsakoPred mesecem

    The Outpost should not be in this list. There is a lot of bad acting going on there.

  90. sweetpea31821

    sweetpea31821Pred mesecem

    I’d like your list better (and actually subscribe) if you catered to both American AND Canadian Netflix. Our countries are so closely linked but there are different rules as to what can be released, this is highly annoying. (Thank goodness for VPN’s 🙄)

  91. KnightAlbert

    KnightAlbertPred mesecem

    Self-less is not on my Netflix

  92. don pujitha Karunatillake

    don pujitha KarunatillakePred mesecem

    Non of these are available in Sri Lanka (south Asia) 😔😔😔

  93. john Mutton

    john MuttonPred mesecem

    Outpost on netflix?

  94. Eric Nhero

    Eric NheroPred mesecem

    BS on the seventh son Kit Harrington casting! he aint the protagonist he died!!! the real hero is prince Caspian Ben Barnes!

  95. Terrance Hall

    Terrance HallPred mesecem

    Hold the dark, was surprisingly good

  96. Don Pablo

    Don PabloPred mesecem

    nah shrek still the best

  97. Garrison Fjord

    Garrison FjordPred mesecem

    She basically gives the whole plot away so I guess I don't have to watch these now.

  98. BlazingPrincess

    BlazingPrincessPred mesecem

    Most of these are boring "Drama sells" scheme shiz.. and they think will sell cause a famous fellow american is in it 🤣

  99. Vishnuvardhan Ch

    Vishnuvardhan ChPred mesecem

    Is this list available in India Netflix?

  100. Bijaya Adhikari

    Bijaya AdhikariPred mesecem

    And... by June... most of the films have already been removed from Netflix!!!

  101. Mr Dallas12

    Mr Dallas12Pred mesecem

    Peppermint shouldn't be on this list. How the hell can a woman take out the cartel. If you want to watch a movie more believable watch Rambo: Last Blood.

  102. Dominic Van der Merwe

    Dominic Van der MerwePred mesecem

    Straight action movies that aren't attached to other genres like Fantasy, Scfi,War are so generic, and never have any true depth. WOW, people that enjoy that are brainless.

  103. Vaisero

    VaiseroPred mesecem

    a lot of US military propaganda but.

  104. Wesley Cooks

    Wesley CooksPred mesecem

    Spectral is the best Sci fi movie on Netflix hands down!

  105. Paul Skelding

    Paul SkeldingPred 29 dnevi

    I liked it a lot until the end and then I only thought their explanation of the ghosts could have been better or different. I loved everything else about the movie.

  106. Fred Tillman

    Fred TillmanPred mesecem

    Great movie!

  107. WirelessJoeJackson

    WirelessJoeJacksonPred mesecem

    Most of these were major motion pics so now sure how they can be considered "hidden"..and most of these suck

  108. Sani Diadié

    Sani DiadiéPred mesecem

    8:55 and thank me later