Willem Dafoe Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Boondock Saints' to 'Spider-Man' | Vanity Fair

Willem Dafoe discusses the roles that make up his film career, including "The Wooster Group," "Heaven's Gate," "The Loveless," "Platoon," "The Last Temptation of Christ," "Wild at Heart," "The Boondock Saints," "Shadow of the Vampire," "Spider-Man," "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," "Antichrist," "The Florida Project," "At Eternity's Gate," "The Lighthouse" and "Motherless Brooklyn."

You can see Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse and Motherless Brooklyn in theaters now!

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Willem Dafoe Breaks Down His Career, from 'The Boondock Saints' to 'Spider-Man' | Vanity Fair


  1. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio GonzalezPred 15 urami

    Where was nemo?

  2. Frank Covers

    Frank CoversPred 15 urami

    Apparently Willem was too nice of a guy to say…”Hey, you guys forgot about To Live and Die in L.A.”

  3. Cyborg—fizz 12

    Cyborg—fizz 12Pred 22 urami

    I’m contemplating becoming a voice actor. I’ve got an adaptable voice and I could act a little bit. Not greatly like this man here.

  4. WilliamTheGunNut

    WilliamTheGunNutPred 23 urami

    The lighthouse is my favorite movie

  5. Vibotx

    VibotxPred dnevom

    i'm really sad that he never get to play joker, he would have been perfect

  6. Otto Kriete

    Otto KrietePred dnevom

    It seems that when I'm perusing Netflix, a lotta the time , it's "Oh , hey... Willem Dafoe is in this........ crank it up!""

  7. Oscar Ruiz

    Oscar RuizPred dnevom

    Such a great guy

  8. Sub2Nacho

    Sub2NachoPred 2 dnevi

    There’s this guy who works at my local foods co and he looks like him and when u was little I said hey u look like green goblin

  9. † Masterhp †

    † Masterhp †Pred 2 dnevi

    9:49 you are welcome

  10. lavish

    lavishPred 2 dnevi

    Such a awesome person

  11. Uriah Dowell

    Uriah DowellPred 3 dnevi

    David Goggins was so inspired by Willem's role in the Platoon. Goggins always give credit to that powerful scene. Both Goggins and Willem amazing gents!

  12. RoachDoggJR

    RoachDoggJRPred 3 dnevi

    God i love his voice

  13. Pris Killa

    Pris KillaPred 3 dnevi

    Why didn't they mention John Wick 2? He's such an amazing actor. What a free spirit he has. The way he describes things is so beautiful, " like a color on a canvas." He seems like the kind of guy you wanna have drink with and just listen to him talk about anything. Fascinating.

  14. Ryan McSwain

    Ryan McSwainPred 3 dnevi

    Where tf is mister beans holiday

  15. Kurt Mittelberger

    Kurt MittelbergerPred 3 dnevi

    one of my favorite actors

  16. Jake Morton

    Jake MortonPred 3 dnevi

    No mr bean movie ? Tragic


    RENEGADE CZPred 3 dnevi

    I am Willem Dafoe and my face looks like Gorillaz animated music clip character

  18. masqoff

    masqoffPred 3 dnevi


  19. S. Adam Bernstein

    S. Adam BernsteinPred 3 dnevi

    He's great, but never became a huge star.

  20. Säm

    SämPred 3 dnevi

    How was speed not on this list lol...

  21. Vic Alon

    Vic AlonPred 4 dnevi

    I Seriously Believe Willem Is Not Dafoe. Willem Is Dafriend.

  22. Vince Troy

    Vince TroyPred 4 dnevi

    I'm mad coz I loved his role in Mr.bean... Carson clay

  23. Sharon Speer

    Sharon SpeerPred 4 dnevi

    I'd like to see him in a film with Frances McDormand...brother and sister. They fight alot but love wins. Brilliant actor- love his attitude and the variety of colorful characters he can play. Willem doesn't play one type of role and always surprises us. Unpredictable. I would like to be that type of actor!😊💜

  24. MJ Trace

    MJ TracePred 4 dnevi

    I friggin love this guy

  25. klskin

    klskinPred 4 dnevi

    Streets of Fire!

  26. Orlando Di Ciccio

    Orlando Di CiccioPred 4 dnevi

    Such s nice guy!

  27. Todd Welsh

    Todd WelshPred 4 dnevi

    He had a bit part in “ the hunger”

  28. Hugg

    HuggPred 4 dnevi


  29. Gilgamesh

    GilgameshPred 5 dnevi

    00:30 Don't associate the holiest place on earth with an unclean place like New York , do not you dare.

  30. Dominic Campbell

    Dominic CampbellPred 5 dnevi

    "The chicken is in the pot, over."

  31. sorrowhill9

    sorrowhill9Pred 5 dnevi

    Boondock Saints amazing

  32. Mark Bordelon

    Mark BordelonPred 5 dnevi

    The one movie he starred in you didn't mention and is my favorite....Streets of Fire. The first movie I feel in love with Diane Lane!!! Such a beauty

  33. Cold_broth

    Cold_brothPred 5 dnevi

    10:03 Hearing Willem Dafoe say “Spider Man” took me back to my childhood

  34. Arthur Djahani

    Arthur DjahaniPred 5 dnevi

    This interview gave me such a new found appreciation of and respect for Mr. Dafoe.

  35. hotstixx

    hotstixxPred 6 dnevi

    Streets of fire.

  36. 100 ms

    100 msPred 6 dnevi


  37. JamTrini

    JamTriniPred 6 dnevi

    His acting/role in The Last of the Mohicans is a masterpiece

  38. -Gemberkoekje-

    -Gemberkoekje-Pred 6 dnevi

    I thought he was Dutch because his name is Willem

  39. Matt Knight

    Matt KnightPred 6 dnevi

    Where is "Mississippi Burning"?

  40. x Sinister

    x SinisterPred 7 dnevi

    Everytime this man speaks I always picture Green Goblin.

  41. M New

    M NewPred 7 dnevi

    Some clown makeup would be would interesting. I mean he's always got a smile on his face🤡

  42. Touchy banana

    Touchy bananaPred 7 dnevi

    I realize he's such a boring actor.

  43. John Spence

    John SpencePred 7 dnevi

    "I am a colour on the canvas, and I love that." Well said.

  44. Konner Dent

    Konner DentPred 8 dnevi

    Anyone else think this guy would make a great Joker?

  45. Ender Rock

    Ender RockPred 8 dnevi

    I can't help it, he is norman

  46. Green Dholia

    Green DholiaPred 8 dnevi

    God Speed Spiderman!

  47. double dark

    double darkPred 8 dnevi

    i love him so much

  48. dead girl in the pool

    dead girl in the poolPred 9 dnevi

    someone explains to me why he said i went to mecca 0:32

  49. Horror Specialty

    Horror SpecialtyPred 9 dnevi

    It's fascinating how when I looked at his face, the only thing that changed was his hair color

  50. Eevee Nation Gaming!

    Eevee Nation Gaming!Pred 10 dnevi

    William asked about a Circus movie? What about Mirror Mask? Also why didn’t he talk about his roll in “Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant?”

  51. Visions of Madness

    Visions of MadnessPred 10 dnevi

    "You weren't even there maaaaan".

  52. Sunday Pikachu

    Sunday PikachuPred 11 dnevi

    Loved watching this. I thought Dafoe would be a typical narcissist in Hollywood, but he's so down to Earth and approachable here. He's has such a long career. He knows why he took certain roles and remembers detailed experiences he had in each role. I wish he would have covered 'Streets of Fire' too. He should write a memoir. He's very good at describing his experiences, and they are very interesting.


    SWIG GIGOLOPred 11 dnevi

    Love him in lighthouse omg wow what a film

  54. Mystic

    MysticPred 11 dnevi

    I will create a story just to have Willem Defoe play in it

  55. Coastfog

    CoastfogPred 11 dnevi


  56. My Mind

    My MindPred 12 dnevi


  57. Rhino

    RhinoPred 12 dnevi

    I always loved him as John Clark. One of my favorite characters in Tom Clancy novels. He did a great job

  58. Noah Cook

    Noah CookPred 14 dnevi

    He is one of my favorite childhood actors! Very talented and charismatic!

  59. Lexxal

    LexxalPred 14 dnevi

    What a legend

  60. Raikhan

    RaikhanPred 14 dnevi


  61. Daniel Lindy

    Daniel LindyPred 14 dnevi

    Cool, cool dude.

  62. Frank Lehmann

    Frank LehmannPred 15 dnevi

    "The hunter" was also a great movie.

  63. Kelby Henry

    Kelby HenryPred 15 dnevi

    I love William even more now

  64. Caxtuxx

    CaxtuxxPred 16 dnevi

    After seeing his thought process about his career really gives you a different opinion about him and he seems to respects everyone he works with. Would love to see how he feels about people he doesn’t respect

  65. lenni weelozz

    lenni weelozzPred 16 dnevi

    dafoe is 1 of the great actors. he's distinct. and genuine. and isnt afraid to take on different types of movie roles. he was a great bad guy in to live and die in l.a. .

  66. Brett Doughty

    Brett DoughtyPred 16 dnevi

    What about mississippi burning.......?


    BAHBAHA LMAAPred 16 dnevi

    Got much Love for this guy

  68. T Y M E

    T Y M EPred 16 dnevi

    I know the deathnote movie was like bad but he seemed like the perfect casting choice for ryuk

  69. Brett Satz

    Brett SatzPred 16 dnevi

    How can you leave out Streets of Fire? Epic cult classic.

  70. D. Diaz

    D. DiazPred 17 dnevi

    Great video!

  71. BobbytheBongoPlaya

    BobbytheBongoPlayaPred 17 dnevi

    Willem dafoe presented a clear and present danger here.

  72. Hausline Perez

    Hausline PerezPred 17 dnevi

    He is my favorite actor.

  73. Sporky

    SporkyPred 17 dnevi

    Idk why but I loved him The Hunter.

  74. SSJ4GAWD

    SSJ4GAWDPred 18 dnevi

    This Man Made my Childhood

  75. Tom Kavanaugh

    Tom KavanaughPred 18 dnevi

    Was William Dafoe good-looking in the loveless? Lmfao weird

  76. Mi B

    Mi BPred 18 dnevi

    the boondock saints ... oscar job! thx for that!

  77. Rob W

    Rob WPred 18 dnevi

    No To Live and Die in LA? No Streets of Fire? Tsk tsk tsk

  78. don't worry about it

    don't worry about itPred 19 dnevi

    Mississippi burning and platoon.. 💯

  79. brettjaron

    brettjaronPred 19 dnevi

    Boondock saints gave me chills when I first watched it.

  80. Isaiah Dixon

    Isaiah DixonPred 19 dnevi

    So you’re just not going to mention Mississippi burning? That was my favorite

  81. FilmJunkie

    FilmJunkiePred 20 dnevi

    Great Actor, Great Person.

  82. Fish Mix

    Fish MixPred 20 dnevi

    Willem Dafoe is my favorite actor.

  83. Tomás Gomes

    Tomás GomesPred 20 dnevi

    What? I thought he was a scientist.

  84. tawon1984

    tawon1984Pred 21 dnevom

    Godspeed Spi-Da-Mann!

  85. Sml Fan

    Sml FanPred 21 dnevom

    When I was little I thought Williem Dafoe played Scars voice in lion king

  86. Pineapple

    PineapplePred 22 dnevi

    his character in The Florida Project fills me with warmth.

  87. Eddie W

    Eddie WPred 21 dnevom

    Not gonna lie I thought his character sucked

  88. Leather Man

    Leather ManPred 22 dnevi

    What about streets of fire? Awesome roll he played!

  89. Eddie W

    Eddie WPred 21 dnevom

    No thanks he was the worst

  90. Bryn Kirsch

    Bryn KirschPred 23 dnevi

    He's awesome

  91. WysteriaGuitar

    WysteriaGuitarPred 23 dnevi

    Frankly, if they did a movie about Charlton Heston, he would be perfect for it - looks like em...

  92. Jason Snyder

    Jason SnyderPred 23 dnevi

    Skipped John Wick, but ok

  93. Alicat A

    Alicat APred 24 dnevi

    I wish he talked about Black Widow/ Before it had a Name. It's such a beautiful artistic film

  94. Mr spinnage

    Mr spinnagePred 25 dnevi

    Willem Defoe would be a good William afton for the fnaf film

  95. Joey Moehlenkamp

    Joey MoehlenkampPred 25 dnevi

    Legend into platoon!

  96. Aditya Bharadwaj

    Aditya BharadwajPred 25 dnevi

    What a legend!

  97. Alucard Vekkia

    Alucard VekkiaPred 25 dnevi

    "Call me a hippie" -Willem Dafoe

  98. luis colon

    luis colonPred 26 dnevi


  99. SalusFuturistics

    SalusFuturisticsPred 27 dnevi

    This is missing so many Movies

  100. cookytrix

    cookytrixPred 27 dnevi

    #1 actor planet earth willem defoe, all time

  101. Khalid Hamid

    Khalid HamidPred 27 dnevi

    That’s some very interesting movies not typical Hollywood so called A list sellouts. He didn’t mention Mr Beans Holiday which was just amazing 😂 🤣

  102. Sprite Bottle

    Sprite BottlePred 28 dnevi

    So now we know how much he sacrificed