Iker Casillas incredible save, Ray Hudson loses his shit

Iker makes incredible save and Ray Hudson predictably screams like a fucking hyena. Amazing.


  1. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezPred 19 dnevi

    The guarded balinese summarily reduce because fork rapidly bolt onto a pretty waterfall. terrific, cruel season


    RAMMSTEINPred 21 dnevom

    Ray always makes those sounds everytime he watches messi

  3. Hydry

    HydryPred 21 dnevom

    normal commentator: "ooh that was a nice save there by Cassillas" ray hudson: "AAAAHHHHHH"

  4. 💿

    💿Pred 23 dnevi

    Did he find his shit since then? 😂

  5. BradTheThird

    BradTheThirdPred 24 dnevi

    It looked like everyone in the stand on the left fell over around the time of the save. But I suppose a bunch of Liverpool fans crushing each other is nothing new...

  6. GWellS

    GWellSPred 25 dnevi

    0:06 *i feel good*

  7. A.K Griff

    A.K GriffPred 28 dnevi

    he was David de gea before David de gea.

  8. Thesportsman

    ThesportsmanPred mesecem

    He should have seen Kasper Schmeichel’s last save against Chelsea in the FA Cup final

  9. BePlexy

    BePlexyPred mesecem

    day 1 to comment on every video i see.

  10. F H

    F HPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson always loses his shit

  11. Ivan Dankob

    Ivan DankobPred mesecem

    Video description says it all.

  12. Afeeq

    AfeeqPred mesecem

    9 years later: *came out in my recommendation

  13. B. O

    B. OPred mesecem


  14. luca Ch

    luca ChPred mesecem

    This is very normal for him you should see when Messi touches the ball

  15. siddharth

    siddharthPred mesecem

    Magic 😊

  16. João Lamêgo

    João LamêgoPred mesecem

    yes guys, youtube algorithm reunited all of us again

  17. AopGunshotzzz

    AopGunshotzzzPred mesecem

    He’s such a shit commentator. Shouting doesn’t make u good!

  18. burrchill

    burrchillPred mesecem

    0.75 speed *+* 0:06 = Mario dying

  19. burrchill

    burrchillPred mesecem

    and returns as Wario at the very end

  20. Hamza Zilani

    Hamza ZilaniPred mesecem

    The greatest goalkeeper of all time. Crazy how under appreciated he’s become after his unfortunate end to his Madrid career

  21. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithPred 28 dnevi

    Greatest? Lol relax

  22. Andrés g.V

    Andrés g.VPred mesecem

    The GOAT.

  23. Ders snek in me boots

    Ders snek in me bootsPred mesecem

    Sad how madrid treated him ☹

  24. dantes

    dantesPred mesecem

    That commentator always put some annoying sounds. Like some headless chicken

  25. Incognegro

    IncognegroPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson speaks aghrjfnjfhsjdjdn

  26. Romario Henry

    Romario HenryPred mesecem

    This is in my recommendation after Real Madrid and Sevilla drew 2-2

  27. Dennis Johnson

    Dennis JohnsonPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson loses his shit every other game.....no surprises there

  28. xocsm

    xocsmPred mesecem

    ray hudson is the epitome of the word “obnoxious”

  29. Kane Bradford

    Kane BradfordPred mesecem

    I hate ray hudson

  30. Flavv

    FlavvPred mesecem


  31. sagir carpenter

    sagir carpenterPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson never has his shit together. Especially when its messi playing. Such a messi fanboy😄

  32. BT FINN

    BT FINNPred mesecem

    My best goalkeeper list: 1.Lev yashin 2.Iker casillas 3.Manuel neuer

  33. OfficialSparklex

    OfficialSparklexPred mesecem

    Haaaaaaaaah! 😂

  34. Tadija Tadić

    Tadija TadićPred mesecem

    Sounds like Joe Rogan

  35. 3 fcbarcelona

    3 fcbarcelonaPred mesecem

    The algorithm is doing it again

  36. FromHyrule

    FromHyrulePred mesecem

    Hudson was pissed he blocked it. Only got wet for Messi.

  37. John Castillo

    John CastilloPred mesecem

    Love Ray, one of the most entertaining commentators. What a save from one of the greatest keepers of all time, Casillas proved that you don’t need to be really tall to be a great goalkeeper.

  38. Aaron Sandassie

    Aaron SandassiePred mesecem

    For a second I thought it was Warner who shot that 😂😂😂

  39. Leo Osnaya

    Leo OsnayaPred mesecem

    Everyone likes Ray Hudson but I feel that his reactions are just really fake, like WWE.

  40. Fridi Beast

    Fridi BeastPred mesecem

    An American commentating a football match sounds so weird

  41. Luis Porras

    Luis PorrasPred mesecem

    I can't see a shit

  42. Russell Jeffrey

    Russell JeffreyPred mesecem

    *Ray Hudson being stabbed during football game

  43. Daryl Brown

    Daryl BrownPred mesecem

    I remember this fondly I actually fell onto the pitch as he saved the shot great memories.

  44. Dara O

    Dara OPred mesecem

    Your Comment Is Very Nurturing I’m Trying To Think Of Another Word Besides Nurturing But I Can’t !!!!

  45. Dara O

    Dara OPred mesecem

    Your Comment Is Very Nurturing I’m Trying To Think Of Another Word Besides Nurturing Tho I Can’t !

  46. Anthony Santos21

    Anthony Santos21Pred mesecem

    Hate Ray Hudson with a passion

  47. James Blake

    James BlakePred mesecem

    Worst commentator in the history of football imo. There is a reason he doesn't commentate on premier league games. Makes micheal Owen sound like Gary Neville. Smh

  48. Ong Bonga

    Ong BongaPred mesecem

    Did he ever find his shit?

  49. Henri Marjoan

    Henri MarjoanPred mesecem

    I used to lose my shit also but then I stopped flushing.

  50. James Iyer

    James IyerPred mesecem

    sounds like a spider landed in ray hudson's lap just as the save was made

  51. mndflns LGN

    mndflns LGNPred mesecem

    Duno where or how this idiot gets to commentate but hes ruined so many matches.

  52. WillyB

    WillyBPred mesecem

    Fucking LOVE him in beIN sports, I love when he commentates

  53. Kerry O'Brien

    Kerry O'BrienPred mesecem

    Is anyone gonna talk about the complete takedown in the box near the far goalpost?

  54. crazypenguinbob

    crazypenguinbobPred mesecem

    This gets funnier the more you watch it

  55. SamMcTagger

    SamMcTaggerPred mesecem

    Excuse me Mr. Hudson, I’m sorry to inform you but we burnt your toast: Ray Hudson: AAAAAAA

  56. Frenchy

    FrenchyPred mesecem

    Imagine playin fifa and instead of lame ass Martin/Alan.. you had Ray blasting through ya tv when some incredible shit happens.

  57. Hafif Priambodo

    Hafif PriambodoPred mesecem

    I don't know why. When I heard him scream, I feel Like he is overreacted and little bit disgusting

  58. Ato Ben

    Ato BenPred mesecem

    Yo bro this title made me scream like Ray lollllll

  59. Trakz

    TrakzPred mesecem

    I hate American commentaters but Ray Hudson gets a pass

  60. runkie

    runkiePred mesecem

    anyone else just completely dislike ray hudson, BECAUSE of shit like this? childish

  61. Fa waz

    Fa wazPred mesecem

    #RayHudson ❤️

  62. Friendly Zodiac

    Friendly ZodiacPred mesecem

    Damn I remember gol tv use to be the channel for the early messi vs cr7 matches.

  63. lI-Death ToYou-Il

    lI-Death ToYou-IlPred mesecem

    I feel good

  64. snakeobias

    snakeobiasPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson is an embarrassment to football commentary. so’s that yank he’s always with. “Marcelo at the bottom of the goalie’s zone. finds the pass to Ronaldo on the key. Ronald shoots. Ronaldo shoots from downtown, aaaand it’s good! Ronaldo scores the point!”

  65. Chezzbo Q7

    Chezzbo Q7Pred mesecem

    Worst commentator ever, genuinely hate hearing anything coming from this deluded biased goon, can't believe someone like him is an actual commentator as its like you just picked up anyone off the street, although I'm sure if you picked someone off the street they'd do a better job. Football is amazing but he just ruins any game that he's commentating over, feel sorry for his co-commentator

  66. Henrich von Staufenberg

    Henrich von StaufenbergPred mesecem

    GolTv lol the nostalgia 😭😭😭

  67. Josh Deemi

    Josh DeemiPred mesecem

    Loses his shit? Dude’s never had control of his shit, he’s wild

  68. jack rogers

    jack rogersPred mesecem

    Sorry was straight at him. Any self respecting goal keeper should have saved that

  69. Liam Duff

    Liam DuffPred mesecem

    When you stub your toe 0:05

  70. Lakshya Birla

    Lakshya BirlaPred mesecem

    We want Ray Hudson in FIFA22 😂


    BURNING ITPred mesecem


  72. Bima Priambada

    Bima PriambadaPred mesecem

    The save was great but the result was not.

  73. Mirza Ahmed

    Mirza AhmedPred mesecem

    Filmed on a potato?

  74. @da_king

    @da_kingPred mesecem

    I love these commentators. Where are they from?

  75. RT09

    RT09Pred mesecem

    Ray Hudson, the most stupid screeching tv commentator.

  76. AqA

    AqAPred mesecem

    'loses his shit' what kind of language is that Gone are the days when people used to speak decently 😣

  77. Fernando

    FernandoPred mesecem

    The best of the history.

  78. Nike

    NikePred mesecem


  79. Kattepiss

    KattepissPred mesecem

    never liked the guy, it feels like he's overreacting and tries to hard. like almost all of his outbursts feels fake

  80. Kattepiss

    KattepissPred mesecem

    @shai mohan why tf is that relevant, it still sounds fake and cringe

  81. shai mohan

    shai mohanPred mesecem

    He sees the play life ,infront his eyes.. you see the play on a screen with 1 min delay....who is more in the moment?

  82. Tsoi Boy

    Tsoi BoyPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson loses his shit so often, rumour has it he’s now just a tiny, wrinkled raisin with a mouth.

  83. P de Pes

    P de PesPred mesecem

    pero habeis visto esa para de Iker Casillas, es Butland!

  84. Myles Dunne

    Myles DunnePred mesecem

    Man I still remember that save. Superhuman stuff.

  85. Sunny Darko

    Sunny DarkoPred mesecem

    He wanted madrid to loose. He loves barca n messi

  86. With Witt

    With WittPred mesecem

    @Sunny Darko you have a lamelo ball pfp don’t say nothing you scrub

  87. Sunny Darko

    Sunny DarkoPred mesecem

    @With Witt cry a little bit more

  88. With Witt

    With WittPred mesecem

    Just stfu

  89. Anthony Cerato

    Anthony CeratoPred mesecem


  90. xenofloss

    xenoflossPred mesecem

    The real question is when doesn’t ray lose his shit?

  91. Lt Wolfe

    Lt WolfePred mesecem

    aaaaaaaaaah what a brilliant save.....by Messi.

  92. codywarrior

    codywarriorPred mesecem

    Wow I miss the good old days of goltv

  93. Friendly Zodiac

    Friendly ZodiacPred mesecem

    Facts. Early 2010s la liga matches

  94. stupidmg

    stupidmgPred mesecem

    and he made the same save twice against Sevilla lmao

  95. K. Byrnmr

    K. ByrnmrPred mesecem

    It’s a death scream 😅

  96. F RD2000

    F RD2000Pred mesecem

    My favorite Goal Keeper of Ever. Sad that he didn't get a proper farewell.


    JOSH DUNNPred mesecem

    Ray my man Hudson. Love u brother

  98. Drew D

    Drew DPred mesecem

    It is a good save but the striker hits it right down the middle which makes it more comfortable for iker

  99. MrAhmes2001

    MrAhmes2001Pred mesecem

    Terrible shot

  100. pedofil

    pedofilPred mesecem

    it's more like a bad shot rather than a good save

  101. Jaime Rodriguez

    Jaime RodriguezPred mesecem

    Ray Hudson makes la liga a beautiful competition to watch. His passion 👏🏾👏🏾❤️

  102. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithPred mesecem

    Greatest pressure save of all time against Robben in that WC Final.

  103. Waffly Sheet

    Waffly SheetPred mesecem

    Anyone else getting recommended this 9 years later

  104. Jxck

    JxckPred mesecem

    Went from American to German real quick

  105. Toby Cripps

    Toby CrippsPred mesecem


  106. M A

    M APred mesecem

    He's voice is annoying asf

  107. SK-NSW

    SK-NSWPred mesecem

    16.04.2021 gang where u at?

  108. Humberto Castaneda

    Humberto CastanedaPred mesecem

    Gol tv what a throwback

  109. aritrosan 7

    aritrosan 7Pred mesecem

    IKER the king

  110. Don't mind me

    Don't mind mePred mesecem

    The crow's back