Taylor Swift - Love Story (Taylor’s Version) [Official Lyric Video]

Official lyric video for “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) - off her upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. Pre-order the album here: taylor.lnk.to/fearlesstaylorsversion
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift


  1. Red Future

    Red FuturePred 6 minutami

    I broke her heart and put it all together just waiting for the Ever & Ever?! Because it's a love story and my baby said yes!

  2. Tin foil hat man In Space

    Tin foil hat man In SpacePred 29 minutami

    I doubted the point of Taylor re -recording her discography but this far surpasses the original a=& I think she has put even more emotion to this version her own version .

  3. eli j

    eli jPred uro

    ma qween

  4. Harry Potter Stories

    Harry Potter StoriesPred 2 urami

    I actually kinda wish they make a new music video for this new version....

  5. Amber Ivanka Fortuin

    Amber Ivanka FortuinPred 3 urami


  6. 호르헤 루이

    호르헤 루이Pred 3 urami

    just .... ✨perfect ✨. Taylor i love you uwu

  7. Manya Chauhan

    Manya ChauhanPred 3 urami

    I love taylor she has the best songs i love her songs💕💞

  8. ulius J

    ulius JPred 3 urami

    I like you so much.

  9. pedro

    pedroPred 3 urami


  10. Siddharth Kashyap

    Siddharth KashyapPred 3 urami

    Tears , I miss her ! This song struck the deepest secret of my heart ...

  11. evermore 13

    evermore 13Pred 4 urami

    1989 hearts for Taylor 💛💛

  12. Project Jay

    Project JayPred 4 urami

    I wish everyone who read this, become a successful person one day. BLESSINGS!!!

  13. sameen bukhari

    sameen bukhariPred 5 urami

    this song aged like fine wine istg

  14. Jm Arzadon

    Jm ArzadonPred 5 urami


  15. Amanda Woolner

    Amanda WoolnerPred 5 urami

    The picture of her at the beginning is so cute ☺️

  16. The Wizarding Web

    The Wizarding WebPred 5 urami

    Taylor is the only person who can make a sad story, have a happy ending.

  17. folklorexevermore

    folklorexevermorePred 5 urami

    we love you so much taylor!

  18. ahmad raza

    ahmad razaPred 5 urami

    Taylor swift is the reason a handicapped person would stand up - just to turn off her music

  19. ahmad raza

    ahmad razaPred 5 urami

    Wow this hit different on mute 💯


    MILLEN LA FLEURPred 5 urami

    Back in 2009

  21. Liang Koe

    Liang KoePred 5 urami


  22. Annymous AM

    Annymous AMPred 5 urami

    Datang dari Quora...

  23. Hawa Moh

    Hawa MohPred 6 urami

    anyone here cuz ginny and georgia

  24. Dung Phuong

    Dung PhuongPred 6 urami

    From Vietnam with love

  25. Victor Antameng

    Victor AntamengPred 6 urami




    I'm crying rn

  27. MysticalTurtle

    MysticalTurtlePred 7 urami

    Cant believe Twitter out here trying to make Taylor look bad like oh my cats. Are we still in 2016? No, grow up, Twitter itself at this point is the summoning of canceling unnecessary people over out of context things and claiming false things. Scared to wake up tomorrow and see reputation (Taylor’s version) that has an entire new album within it, don’t think I could handle another come back like that-

  28. happy beedee

    happy beedeePred 8 urami

    Why do I keep running from the truth? All I ever think about is you You've got me hypnotized, so mesmerized And I just got to know Do you ever think when you're all alone? All that we could be, where this thing could go? Am I crazy or falling in love? Is it real or just another crush? Do you catch a breath when I look at you? Are you holding back, like the way you do? 'Cause I'm trying, trying to walk away But I know this crush ain't goin' away Goin' away

  29. lps kittylover

    lps kittyloverPred 8 urami

    Im your biggest fan ever taylor 😍🤩🤩!!!

  30. Queen_363

    Queen_363Pred 8 urami

    Taylor, we love u No matter what the world says or sees u as, we always hold on to you. No matter what comes after, what you will be.we swifties are forever committed to you. I've already watched this on the day it was released. Its just that After this netflix mess i just wanted to write down this comment. Since it's a love story. Lots of love and respect to u taylor.

  31. archana saravanan

    archana saravananPred 7 urami

    This comment is very heartwarming 💕💖💖💛💛

  32. Bismi John

    Bismi JohnPred 8 urami


  33. Master Oogway

    Master OogwayPred 8 urami

    1.1M likes,I'm in tears now

  34. Alexandrea Carillo

    Alexandrea CarilloPred 8 urami

    So sad😢😢😢😭😭

  35. Red Potato

    Red PotatoPred 8 urami

    Nothing to see here just a potato listening to a song

  36. Triggered Snowflakes

    Triggered SnowflakesPred 8 urami


  37. Nasim Zibaiy

    Nasim ZibaiyPred 9 urami

    This is very beautiful

  38. Uasobusted Lâm

    Uasobusted LâmPred 9 urami

    Who's here when TaylorSwiftIsLovedParty is trending on Twitter?

  39. Maria Renee Archelen

    Maria Renee ArchelenPred 9 urami

    Just imagine how many people are watching and listening to this with you right now.

  40. Phil

    PhilPred 9 urami

    Love you Taylor 💖

  41. Jelyn Almendras

    Jelyn AlmendrasPred 9 urami

    Claim your "here before 100million views" here:>

  42. Breetha Suresh

    Breetha SureshPred 9 urami

    Tay fans drop a like 👍

  43. Nicko Dela Cruz

    Nicko Dela CruzPred 9 urami

    I love you TAYLOR 😍😍😍

  44. Hein Htet Aung

    Hein Htet AungPred 10 urami


  45. Carem Rosales

    Carem RosalesPred 10 urami

    its like listening to my old ipod shuffle again ..so manh flashbacks😭😭😭💕💕💕 best part...TAYLOR OWNS THIS SHIT YEaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  46. Jordan Martinez

    Jordan MartinezPred 10 urami

    Hey what's up Taylor it's me Jordan The guy who broke your arm just innocent bystanders and I wanna see you again soon hopefully soon ttylr I love you too my beautiful ❤️................👽🎭👑👁️✅😘🥺🤩🥳🤩😍🥰😭🤗😘🤬🤪🤢🤯😱💯💫👽💤🤑☠️💨💦🦠👁️👄💋👥👀👅💅👩‍💻👫

  47. Francois Vermeulen

    Francois VermeulenPred 10 urami

    We love you Taylor!!

  48. Splatoon 2 Hundred

    Splatoon 2 HundredPred 10 urami

    This is called a nostalgia trip to the country.

  49. Paul Bach

    Paul BachPred 10 urami

    amazing she sounds like the original singer!! 😲😲😲😲

  50. Itz Lemonade Gacha

    Itz Lemonade GachaPred 10 urami

    Im ur big fan Taylor swift we love you i wanna see you🥺🥺💖💖💖

  51. Dabo1287

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  52. Dabo1287

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  53. Dabo1287

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  54. forough foroughi

    forough foroughiPred 11 urami

    n×1000000×hearts. Love you Taylor 💕😭😭💝💝💝💝💝

  55. Fearlessly Gorgeous

    Fearlessly GorgeousPred 11 urami

    I badly want the vinyl of fearless taylor's version but sadly I don't have any money. Love you Taylor. So excited in april 9th.

  56. Adiya Яahman

    Adiya ЯahmanPred 11 urami

    I love your song taylor much love

  57. preet chhabra

    preet chhabraPred 11 urami

    This song is for her fans 😍😍I lov taylor swift and swiftes

  58. Ritika Rajeev

    Ritika RajeevPred 11 urami

    Love you Taylor from India

  59. Cha Rles

    Cha RlesPred 11 urami

    Hello the old taylor cant to the right now why oh ! Because she came back stronger than 90s trend.

  60. Roki Shouto

    Roki ShoutoPred 12 urami


  61. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 12 urami

    I love that you made an attempt to give a shit... That's something. . . It's not love... But it's something.

  62. zunaira diy and fun zone

    zunaira diy and fun zonePred 12 urami

    Every picture is perfect 💛

  63. zunaira diy and fun zone

    zunaira diy and fun zonePred 12 urami

    Taylor I'll be waiting for you but you never come its a love story between you And me if you don't come then shall i come ?😅💛

  64. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 13 urami

    . .

  65. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 13 urami

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  66. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 13 urami

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  67. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 13 urami

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  68. Dabo1287

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  69. Dabo1287

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  70. Dabo1287

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  71. Dabo1287

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  72. Dabo1287

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  73. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 13 urami

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  74. Dabo1287

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  75. Dabo1287

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  79. Dabo1287

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  80. archana Shrikar

    archana ShrikarPred 13 urami


  81. Giorgia De Filippo

    Giorgia De FilippoPred 13 urami


  82. shuzhen wang

    shuzhen wangPred 13 urami

    The flowery ruth consequently bleach because cafe totally remind behind a gorgeous club. romantic, overt boat

  83. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 13 urami

    Joy... .. ... . . That's how ya do what I do.... It's a shame others want to take it and keep you from feeling it.

  84. Rhima Payumo

    Rhima PayumoPred 13 urami

    Haup ka kween ikaw naririnig ko. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  85. Shristy Rajpurohit

    Shristy RajpurohitPred 14 urami

    SWIFTIE for life 🌻❤️

  86. Julia Schäfer

    Julia SchäferPred 14 urami

    We love you Taylor and are so proud of you ♥️



    You rock Taylor Swift

  88. Kry

    KryPred 15 urami

    I Love you TAYLOR❤👑!!!

  89. Rowena Cansino

    Rowena CansinoPred 15 urami

    Celro uelrec ofre spdee ofoya pkery oepipre

  90. Anushka Deshmukh

    Anushka DeshmukhPred 15 urami

    Her vocals are so so so improved!

  91. Sussy Vid

    Sussy VidPred 16 urami

    I wasn´t a swifite during the Fearless era so I´m so excited and that´s it

  92. Marjorie Curibang

    Marjorie CuribangPred 16 urami

    I love you, Taylor Swift! Thanks for bringing so much memories through this song.

  93. Jelo Cndelaria

    Jelo CndelariaPred 16 urami


  94. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 17 urami

    Yes. . . My stage name can be Whipped Cream.

  95. Annisa Al isra

    Annisa Al israPred 17 urami


  96. Mikela Obregon

    Mikela ObregonPred 17 urami


  97. Dabo1287

    Dabo1287Pred 18 urami

    Why don't you love your mother???

  98. Eloi Villavicencio

    Eloi VillavicencioPred 18 urami

    BTW, Olivia Rodrigo wants to work with @Taylor Swift

  99. Arianna Manabat

    Arianna ManabatPred 19 urami

    This gave me chills. I’m so happy for her!

  100. Cristopher Sanchez

    Cristopher SanchezPred 19 urami

    TAYLOR SWIFT you will do an omfg concert😌😌😌

  101. S K

    S KPred 20 urami