Minecraft, But You Can Craft Custom Totems...

Minecraft, But You Can Craft Custom Totems... (Challenge)

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This is a Custom Coded Minecraft Challenge (Minecraft 1.16) in which I try to beat the game, but I can craft custom totems! this idea was inspired by @Wisp 's "Minecraft, But There Are Custom Totems" video, except I put my own twist on it. This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a "Minecraft, But" Challenge!


  1. Wisp

    WispPred mesecem

    Why didn't you make the Wisp Totem???

  2. Mirre Neerhof

    Mirre NeerhofPred 2 dnevi

    @Silver thats just mean

  3. Maxe Satinitigan

    Maxe SatinitiganPred 10 dnevi


  4. Maxe Satinitigan

    Maxe SatinitiganPred 10 dnevi


  5. cttr_q

    cttr_qPred 18 dnevi

    Me: *kills wisp for head* Wisp: D:

  6. Zach Powell

    Zach PowellPred 21 dnevom


  7. Leonidas Kilroy

    Leonidas KilroyPred 20 minutami

    the squid totem is so op

  8. Ruth Duckels

    Ruth DuckelsPred uro

    The squid totem is op

  9. Amelie Noelle Serban

    Amelie Noelle SerbanPred 4 urami

    Omg the squid totem was so op !!! In my opinion i think thats the best totem !!

  10. Maria Midie

    Maria MidiePred 4 urami

    9:50.Villager:Here take this skull I know you need it. Viewers:Where the heck did you get that. Villager:I just kill my friend.

  11. TheLust

    TheLustPred 5 urami

    whats the mod

  12. Pierce

    PiercePred 6 urami

    The squid totem was actually sick, it dropped more netherite than the netherite totem!

  13. Porsche Games

    Porsche GamesPred 7 urami

    Why do you need a squid totem it gives inc

  14. M&Ms 4 days yt

    M&Ms 4 days ytPred 8 urami

    The squid TOTEM

  15. Renato Romano

    Renato RomanoPred 8 urami

    Squid totem

  16. Jaydan Bleach

    Jaydan BleachPred 10 urami

    Real talk. Why is the squid totem better than the iron golem totem?

  17. Willow

    WillowPred 11 urami

    9:25 We know the other killer of the village

  18. Willow

    WillowPred 11 urami

    You don’t have to put a saddle on a skeleton horse it is already tamed

  19. mbnj cfxds

    mbnj cfxdsPred 11 urami

    The scrawny toothbrush accordantly trade because chocolate complimentarily watch aboard a lyrical blizzard. cuddly, dirty scarf

  20. Aishwary Mishra

    Aishwary MishraPred 12 urami

    Silver is so lucky he got whither sull head in one short

  21. Reuben Burgess

    Reuben BurgessPred 13 urami

    seed plz?

  22. kaung khant lin

    kaung khant linPred 14 urami


  23. Ayaan Parimela

    Ayaan ParimelaPred 15 urami

    BRUH THE SQUID TOTEM WAS OP WHY IS IT THAT OP?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. Ayaan Parimela

    Ayaan ParimelaPred 15 urami

    ment so op haha

  25. MinecraftBoy

    MinecraftBoyPred 20 urami

    Best odc

  26. Jeremy Valdez

    Jeremy ValdezPred 21 uro

    you should do a video with wisp

  27. Bubsicle

    BubsiclePred 22 urami

    the squid one was cool

  28. EZ GAMER

    EZ GAMERPred 23 urami


  29. Johan Edström

    Johan EdströmPred dnevom

    the squid totem was sooooo god

  30. GamesMeme

    GamesMemePred dnevom

    SQUID TOTEM IS OP!!!!!!!!!!

  31. man fart

    man fartPred dnevom

    Squid totem

  32. TheMasterOfCubes

    TheMasterOfCubesPred dnevom

    Villager: drops a head of his neighbours Me: uhhh, ima just leave you be, btw im crafting a squid totem out of youre pet squid :)

  33. real190loggedout

    real190loggedoutPred dnevom

    Imagine ender dragon totem

  34. SavageDestroyer10 1

    SavageDestroyer10 1Pred dnevom

    i love that squid totem

  35. Charkitty Plays

    Charkitty PlaysPred dnevom


  36. MrbreadWasTaken

    MrbreadWasTakenPred dnevom

    you can tame a skeleton horse the reason you didint went on the horse is that you were holding a sadle (skeleton horses doesnt requires a sadle )

  37. Adexio

    AdexioPred dnevom

    SQUID totem

  38. Pickle playz

    Pickle playzPred dnevom

    CAN I get this mod on my Minecraft pc addition?

  39. Finn windcaster Reviews

    Finn windcaster ReviewsPred dnevom

    yo the squid totom is op


    JK THE NOOBPred dnevom

    The squid totem, it is more op then ur moms belly attack in the fighting game

  41. FORTOF

    FORTOFPred dnevom

    The squid totem is so op

  42. ebiscuit fire games

    ebiscuit fire gamesPred dnevom

    XD 11:54

  43. IlusiNex

    IlusiNexPred dnevom

    enchanted notch god golden apples. that's what they're called... right?

  44. Sebastian G

    Sebastian GPred 2 dnevi

    squid totum

  45. Ender Hoeflin

    Ender HoeflinPred 2 dnevi

    i was wondering why you didnt kill those squid at the start

  46. samer mherat

    samer mheratPred 2 dnevi

    to be honest i wanna know what the squid totem will give you

  47. ranjith Kariminlla

    ranjith KariminllaPred 2 dnevi

    U got a cookie from the villager because that's what happens when I have hero of the village


    HIMANK AGGARWALPred 2 dnevi



    GRANDHI SREE SUHASPred 2 dnevi

    You missed the creeper head!!

  50. Eric Wiginton

    Eric WigintonPred 2 dnevi

    Squid totem

  51. Milkyboy

    MilkyboyPred 2 dnevi

    The squid totem is the best

  52. BMX Things

    BMX ThingsPred 2 dnevi

    what mod is it

  53. Blake Nisbet

    Blake NisbetPred 2 dnevi

    Squid 🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙 totem is the best

  54. ISO

    ISOPred 2 dnevi

    squid totem should give u water buckets and underwater breathing potions

  55. Andy Tapi

    Andy TapiPred 2 dnevi

    The mysterious rake advisably mourn because hubcap concretely use into a crazy copy. powerful, victorious number

  56. Oinky _

    Oinky _Pred 2 dnevi

    Squid totem to OP

  57. Allie Cat

    Allie CatPred 2 dnevi

    The squid totem was so stupid 🤣 Why would you even think of that?!

  58. MrAidenTerry

    MrAidenTerryPred 2 dnevi

    OMG the squid totem is op ;)

  59. Blake Jackson

    Blake JacksonPred 2 dnevi

    The squid totem is Op 🔥🔥🔥 what the heck

  60. conner yan

    conner yanPred 2 dnevi

    The small vibraphone complimentarily tour because connection conventionally observe mid a plant mexico. unarmed, immense hippopotamus

  61. lonk

    lonkPred 2 dnevi


  62. jake killer

    jake killerPred 3 dnevi

    I used the mob head data pack about 2 years ago so I remember all the heads

  63. Firdous Fatma

    Firdous FatmaPred 3 dnevi

    Sqid totem

  64. Mango

    MangoPred 3 dnevi

    I was so jealous of the squid totem

  65. dana smith

    dana smithPred 3 dnevi

    squid totem was so op

  66. Asanai Chuenmeechao

    Asanai ChuenmeechaoPred 3 dnevi


  67. Asanai Chuenmeechao

    Asanai ChuenmeechaoPred 3 dnevi


  68. Solomon Singer

    Solomon SingerPred 3 dnevi

    I think the same way that you get the car in a little car ride with you and then go get on the ride pet pet dog dog and dog ride ride with you for your dog and ride pet ride leg ride ride pet ride ride with me if I get a chance and you get a ride pet dog dog ride pet ride leg and fly it to you play with your dog ride ride leg leg and ride leg and leg leg and I can ride pet ride with my car and ride pet dog dog and dog ride pet ride leg and leg for the car dog and dog ride leg leg is

  69. Sophia Snare

    Sophia SnarePred 3 dnevi

    Everyone’s bragging ab how op the squid totem is but its honestly garbage lmao

  70. Newo 132

    Newo 132Pred 3 dnevi

    Omg I love the squid totem it’s my favorite 😍

  71. Michael Abandia

    Michael AbandiaPred 3 dnevi

    idk what the squid totem do though

  72. seef salah

    seef salahPred 3 dnevi


  73. seef salah

    seef salahPred 3 dnevi

    Everybody goes gangsta when they knows that he don't know that he can tame skeleton horse without saddle

  74. ByLummix

    ByLummixPred 3 dnevi

    Do you all remember his old Hypixel Skyblock content?

  75. Nicola Dyer

    Nicola DyerPred 4 dnevi


  76. Emiliano Barrera

    Emiliano BarreraPred 4 dnevi

    It will make 100 ink saks

  77. IcePotato9000

    IcePotato9000Pred 4 dnevi

    squid totem = OP

  78. Amani Kagungila

    Amani KagungilaPred 4 dnevi

    the squid totem is so op

  79. F H

    F HPred 4 dnevi

    The squid totem is just like (。⌒∇⌒)。←

  80. James O'Kane

    James O'KanePred 4 dnevi

    Did anyone else notice that when Silver made the Golem totem at 5:08 his gold multiplied or am I just crazy???

  81. Beau Barker

    Beau BarkerPred 4 dnevi

    The squid totem was so op

  82. TwoArrow !

    TwoArrow !Pred 4 dnevi

    That squid totem was super op

  83. Mahabe Mahatikele

    Mahabe MahatikelePred 4 dnevi

    The squid totem looks like squidword

  84. Gamer BF

    Gamer BFPred 4 dnevi

    The squid totem should give lots of ink sacks.

  85. james aass

    james aassPred 5 dnevi

    17:16 Silver: "jumps in cobbweb" xD

  86. varghese augustin

    varghese augustinPred 5 dnevi

    Silver vilagger's and iron golem are firends

  87. Arkan Gaming

    Arkan GamingPred 5 dnevi

    dupe glitch XD!

  88. Shiraz Arief

    Shiraz AriefPred 5 dnevi

    You can tame a skeleton horse you don't need a saddle and auto tame

  89. Byrned

    ByrnedPred 6 dnevi

    Bro the squid totem was so cursed

  90. Karen Hanakahi

    Karen HanakahiPred 6 dnevi

    yo squid totems are so good

  91. Iwan Marc

    Iwan MarcPred 6 dnevi

    Squid totem?

  92. ruben salazar

    ruben salazarPred 6 dnevi

    That squid totem was op

  93. HaiAnh :D

    HaiAnh :DPred 6 dnevi

    squid totem is too op

  94. Melissa Jones

    Melissa JonesPred 6 dnevi

    that squid totem was rly cool

  95. Voice Crack

    Voice CrackPred 6 dnevi


  96. Darren Kahler

    Darren KahlerPred 6 dnevi

    What about The spider totem

  97. Luis Ramirez

    Luis RamirezPred 6 dnevi

    yo i rlly liked the squid totem

  98. Mateja Micic

    Mateja MicicPred 6 dnevi

    does anyone have a download link to the mod

  99. Mateja Micic

    Mateja MicicPred 6 dnevi


  100. BxWi_Frosty

    BxWi_FrostyPred 6 dnevi

    11:31 Justin Case😂😂😂😂

  101. Pred L3vi

    Pred L3viPred 6 dnevi

    The Squid totem is so good bro it needs to be added

  102. Rebecca Lurie

    Rebecca LuriePred 6 dnevi

    that squid totem is INSANE

  103. Hey Hottie

    Hey HottiePred 6 dnevi

    Did anyone notice that around 5:09-5:11 he multiplied his gold??????

  104. Idk

    IdkPred 6 dnevi

    really, the squid totem is my favorite looll, it drops a lot of ink sacs but a ton of good stuff too

  105. Drake Goebel

    Drake GoebelPred 6 dnevi

    Blaze Piglin doesn’t exist, it can’t hurt you Blaze Piglin: 11:55

  106. G Surya Pranav

    G Surya PranavPred 7 dnevi

    squidward totem ' LOL