Interstellar voyage to find the Second Earth | Space Documentary 2021

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A documentary showcasing interstellar travel to visit an Earth-like planet, a bonified Earth 2.0 to see if there is life on it. Follow this amazing adventure in state of the art CGI and with the world's leading scientists.


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  2. Greenland Shark

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    Thanks for showing this spectacular and visual documentary S1. I would like to ask if it is possible to add english subtitles to this video?I have a severe hearing loss and would really like to hear what is being said and it’s frustrating not to grasp the whole story. The background music also filters out the talking. It is also very difficult to hear the voice over too since I’m not viewing the speaker. Adding the subtitles would really help me and maybe others to understand and enjoy this documentary. Thanks S1 for your time and effort!

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    @Havennew WooD Hang in there.

  4. Havennew WooD

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    I so want to be around when we become an inter stellar species, I won’t be but it would be so so cool.

  5. Jim Smith

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    Hey me too. I love space documentaries to sleep. Best narrators/content

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    @Pug106Quiksliver 16V weapons equipment is also used for mining in my gaming experience so its a must. lol

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    bro i love this but i just woke up to it. idk how my playlist got to this

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  9. Chris D

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    We are babies. Babies are dangerous to everything around them. Nature has made more than 5 billion species go extinct, and in 800 million years the entire planet will be a smoldering cinder and take the rest with them. Humanity will maybe end a million by the time we develop the ability to stop anything from going extinct ever again. We are growing up fast. Just wait.

  10. Adeyinka Adebayo

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    🌌🪐 I enjoyed this documentary..

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    2.8k people disliked this.? This is brain porn for the intelligent

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    The clumsy quicksand annually question because crocus alternatively chase lest a slimy gemini. possible, curved behavior

  13. Logan M P E

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    FYI those hot springs are called Bumpass "Hell" not hill. Just sayin.

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  15. Nick Saldana

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    It’s crazy how much i think about space and I’m so curious if I’ll be alive when they discover life somewhere else or if maybe we leave earth.

  16. Sovereign One

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    We'll see.

  17. Havennew WooD

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    Running into spacecraft that earthlings sent into space 2 billion years ago would be quite the experience.

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    It's invisible.

  19. justin wolf

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    This is so beautiful makes me proud to see that our children and Grandchildren will reach the stars!

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  21. Mittul Chauhan

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    Incredible scenes ..great voice .. please create more videos like this

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  23. Sam Dunn

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    ah mann!!! I saw this on Curiosity Stream and have been looking for it ever since!! Couldnt find it! SO glad to see it again, thanks for sharing.

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  25. deno mens

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    Space Documentary 2021 uploaded in 2019 .

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  27. Kell Kenyon

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    Nonorganic matter self-assembling into some form of simplistic life form that never showed signs of life sounds very far fetched and unlikely.

  28. Sovereign One

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    It's true, primitive, simple life arising from ORGANIC MOLECULES with the help of energy and water is completely implausible but an all-powerful, all-knowing being arising out of nothing is totally plausible. Reality doesn't care about your feelings or your personal incredulity.

  29. Shelburn James

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    The galaxy is rotating if we went against the flow it would cut travel time

  30. Sovereign One

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    The rotation is quite slow in cosmic terms, 270 kilometers per second. It takes the Sun 220 million years to complete one orbit. It would help a very tiny amount only. The speed of light is approximately 300.000 km/s. A craft traveling at 10% the speed of light would travel at 30.000 km/s. The galaxy (and the target star) rotating "into" the craft's direction of travel would help only in its acceleration and deceleration fazes a tiny bit and only for very near stars.

  31. Nigel Arendse

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    I think the answer to travel is really simple. We cannot think from the earth. We need to interact beyond what we think. If we want to travel beyond our Galaxy, we need to think beyond our Galaxy. Thus; if we need to move in the stars; stop thinking of fuel; rather think of what's available out there to harvest while we traveling; then reap... Only then; we are able to travel. It's like trying to drive on our N! road; where we are only allowed to travel at minimum 120 kilometers an Hour; yet a bicycle can only travel at 10 km/h......

  32. Sovereign One

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    In your opinion what is there to "harvest" for example?

  33. Yiannis Mantheakis

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    There are only so many elements and the whole universe is made up of the same stuff albeit in different forms and shapes. This alone pretty much guarantees the universe is full of life and civilisations.

  34. Sovereign One

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    How does that follow?

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    3 hours, 3 ads. Thank you! 🙏🏻

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    I didn't put any ads. Maybe the claimer did or youtube started abusing people by simply putting ads on all videos and not paying the uploaders. It wouldn't surprise me. Immoral. Just install Ublock Origin and you won't see any ads.

  37. Roger Smith

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    There are no other life forms like us...

  38. Sovereign One

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    That's a given.

  39. HEntai

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    I can't wait for a really unique discovery..❤️❤️❤️

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    This makes me sad cuz I well not be here to see this happen

  42. Sovereign One

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    Who knows, we'll see...

  43. PYRO ON

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    When we get to “Minerva” thinking it’s “Nirvana”We might wake something up to our existence that we shouldn’t have ...Everyone is so excited to find life but do they ask themselves what happens to us when this life finds out we exist and decides we’re too advanced and nothing more than a threat that’s needs to be mitigated. These egg heads assume we’re just going to stumble upon primitive life like bacteria 🦠 that we can quantify and control.....What if we’re the bacteria that needs to be controlled?

  44. Sovereign One

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    "What if we find a unicorn but can't ride it because it's really a hog?" "What if we find aliens but can't talk to them because they need our blood?" These ridiculous fantasy what ifs are fun! Maybe I'll go and post them on some poor souls youtube account just to annoy him and make myself into a fool?

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    I was watching fishing videos and now I’m watching this, I dident press anywhere

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    Thanks for the update.

  47. Raymond Blech

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    Unless you have anti gravity non-combustion propulsion. The tech that can move blocks of space, you will not go exo-far from Earth with a biological body.

  48. Sovereign One

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    @Raymond Blech Avoiding admitting you talk about something that doesn't work even if it existed is not cool.

  49. Raymond Blech

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    @Sovereign One is your question, “How can I not realize?” I hypothesize will be my corollary answer to that question. I imagine the possibilities and believe some day we will know more than we know this moment.

  50. Sovereign One

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    @Raymond Blech How can you not realize that "anti-gravity" propulsion wouldn't work in interstellar space or even in interplanetary space even if such a thing was a thing.

  51. Raymond Blech

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    Anti gravity is an actual or apparent control over the influence of gravity or the freedom from its influence.

  52. Sovereign One

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    Please define "anti-gravity". No such thing. A popular saying among "ufologists" describing nothing of substance.

  53. Sean Reed Reciprocity Soils, Gardens, and Farms

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    Uncovering the processes of our exploration in all manner of science and industry, this documentary asks many good questions and supposes some possible answers. This makes for a wonderful introduction for all high schoolers to contemplate as they choose potential career paths. It is a challenge to educate for the future; what will be necessary in five years? Certainly, we will continue to rely on the scientific method, critical thinking, experimentation, coding, collaboration, and imagination. Thanks for the time and effort you devoted to making this documentary. Peace and health to you all.

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  55. Phillip Brewster

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    Isn't it insane how a few tardigrades cells are considered life but Democrats refuse to identify a beating heart in the womb is not life that should be protected. If they dont eat there babies cant live to a 130 years like he has.

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  57. Cecilia Peng

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    I envy that guy who sits around all day to alert humanity to any possible radio signals from outer space. This has to be the most comfortable job in the world, aside from being well paid and so secure.

  58. Sovereign One

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    You envy a computer that doesn't get paid? Raise your goals in life and away from parasitism.

  59. F

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    Conclusion: take care of earth. Keep it clean and don’t pollute. There is no other planet like earth near us. And if there is it will be too far for humans to get there

  60. Sovereign One

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    Edgelord extreme.

  61. Recneps Gnitnarb

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    So, they landed on LV223?

  62. Sovereign One

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    Tired reference but thanks for watching.

  63. milosz lewandowski

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    It's funny to see some of us humans Doubting the universe. They say science is a religion, and that it's all science fiction BUT ITS NOT. We can see it ourselves with our own eyes and it's all the for us to find and colonise. That's the future of us all to colonize and expand, and not stay here on earth believing fairy tale regions that keep us all brainwashed and trapped on this planet. Don't forget, without science, we would have absolutely nothing in our lives. Including all the people that doubt and believe ridiculous religions out there reading this on a phone, tablet or TV that's all possible through science. Great video. Makes you think deeply about who you really are as a human.

  64. Sovereign One

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    Thank you.

  65. Taki Tachibana

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    Watching the vastness of the universe, Knowing that no matter how much we understand about the universe, there will be so much to understand That even the most genius theories may eventually get disproved and replaced by something entirely different We are still far from understanding the concept of time (I personally like to think about time a lot) What if the universe is shaped like an infinitely long tube with the width of the observable universe and the observable universe is moving in this tube, having no start and no end? What if the "Fifth Force" is responsible for this movement of the observable universe and entropy is like a general wear-and-tear caused by this 5th force of nature and time is nothing but an illusion caused by this weird force, observable due to entropy? What if Dark matter and dark energy is created by this very phenomenon (Dark energy can be defined as the energy caused by the "friction" between the edge of the observable universe and this tube-shaped universe)?

  66. Sovereign One

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    @Taki Tachibana What matters is that you try to think in these terms. You differ from the average commenter.

  67. Taki Tachibana

    Taki TachibanaPred 19 dnevi

    It is one of the questions I asked myself and it turned out to be really illogical (unless further developed (if possible))

  68. Taki Tachibana

    Taki TachibanaPred 19 dnevi

    @Sovereign One It is still far from plausible tho Too many loose ends + it don't actually explain most of the basic things that we already know

  69. Sovereign One

    Sovereign OnePred 19 dnevi

    Great. Publish it and have it critiqued if you have evidence pointing to your hypothesis.

  70. Tip Toe

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    What if there is a 6th mass extinction before we here back from Minerva? There might not be the same Earth, we could have another Krakatoa-like eruption at Yellowstone and everything, to do w this mission back at home, has been destroyed. Shame Edit: I guess they were thinking the same thing. That perhaps there has BEEN intelligent life but something happened. I've thought that since watching that goofy movie Contact as a kid. That maybe a billion years ago there was intelligent life a billion years more technologically advanced than we are but are no longer around to detect from here.

  71. Sovereign One

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  72. Indefax

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    i watched all of this so interesting

  73. Indefax

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    @Sovereign One no problem

  74. Sovereign One

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    Thank you.

  75. Kristy Kanagala

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    What will most likely happen, when we discover life on another planet, we will probably not even recognize it. We're looking for specific life that is similar to Earth. There are infinite possibilities of different forms of life in our universe.

  76. Sovereign One

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    You assume way too much.

  77. James

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    There's a certain irony of trying to watch a show about the future at 480p.

  78. Sovereign One

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    It would be consistent and the opposite of irony.

  79. David Lee Connelly's

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    We have not begun to look for life in our solar system

  80. Sovereign One

    Sovereign OnePred 23 dnevi

    A good percentage of all the probes we sent throughout history had current or past life detection instruments. So, no.

  81. SuperbaDD C

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    Who else watched from the beginning to the end.

  82. Sovereign One

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    Quite a few.

  83. Joe Joe

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    Much thanks for vid

  84. Sovereign One

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    Thank you for watching and commenting.

  85. Nat Drake

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    i fell asleep high on youtube and woke up to this masterpiece playing

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  87. james steadman

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    Quit wasting time and money on research just fly something e

  88. Sovereign One

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    A paper plane?

  89. Frankie Lu

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    Hey fellow "listening to as I fall asleep, nature loving" soul like me. Fancy meeting you here lol.🤣. gn💯

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  91. Politoed Master

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    Love it. Great job!! Sucked me in and cant go to bed till im done lol

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    Thank you for watching.

  93. LiteStuff LLC

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    Typically successful voyages into the unknown have been for economic purposes. The idea of a very costly and barely doable project to answer if there is other life seems dubious. What if evidence of life is found on Mars or Io do we cancel this project? The reality is these dreams need a financial goal, and it is hard to justify a 100 year voyage without any likely payback. If you want to go into space find something useful to do there.

  94. Sovereign One

    Sovereign OnePred 24 dnevi

    @LiteStuff LLC Again your assumption is negated by the history and funding of space flight. Now, when it comes to economics - one of the major points of accessing space is access to unlimited resources.

  95. LiteStuff LLC

    LiteStuff LLCPred 26 dnevi

    @Sovereign One The successful voyages I am referring to are the explorations of the new world and other regions on earth... I agree most space activity has been for non economic activity which ultimately delivers very little value. If there is to be major takings it can't be for no positive return value. Continued space exploration for little or no return will create a red hole sucking more and more resources into it.

  96. Sovereign One

    Sovereign OnePred 27 dnevi

    You're assuming something that is not correct. Most space exploration up till now has been done for scientific and political reasons, not economic (apart from commercial satellites). Also if we find life on Mars (that arose independently from us) it would show life is a widespread phenomena in the universe. Mars is most likely dead. But if we find life on Mars or nearby planets that has the same origins as Earth-based life that would mean it was spread there from Earth or vice versa.

  97. 1980’VINZ

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    I do the same... I wish you a goodnight too spacefriend, from France 🇫🇷.... have good dreams 🌒

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  99. Sully

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    what if we are the first, and we will observe other planet life.

  100. Sovereign One

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    It's a significant possibility we are the first at least in the galaxy. We could seed life throughout the galaxy if we don't destroy ourselves.

  101. Sean.

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    No idea how i ended up here but i will 100% watch all of it 👌

  102. Sovereign One

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    Thank you.

  103. Politoed Master

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    1:22:35 in. Should go to bed lol

  104. Alex Ribeiro

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    parabéns sucesso em todas suas moções 👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲👲

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    Thank you.

  106. Giant Opinion Sports

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    Thanks for the video. I know how much work video's like this take. It must get aggravating reading that people are clicking just to go to bed. Keep grinding my brother.

  107. Sovereign One

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    Hey thanks. Appreciate you.

  108. The Vedic Version in the Movies

    The Vedic Version in the MoviesPred 29 dnevi

    Please explain how it's possible for one species of bird to "evolve" into another, taking into account that it takes a male and female of the newly created species to reproduce and the fact that species cannot interbreed. The evolutionists have NO explanation. Therefore, "evolution theory" is simply a childhood fantasy like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy! Most people grow out of such fantasies!

  109. Sovereign One

    Sovereign OnePred 28 dnevi

    Read a book and actually use the grey matter between your ears, if you can, for anything more than simply making up lies.

  110. Giant Opinion Sports

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    @The Vedic Version in the Movies I'm not sure what kind of half assed biology professors you talked to but the evidence is overwhelming. I'm comfortable calling it a fact.

  111. Giant Opinion Sports

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    Multiple random mutations over vast time spans. A mutation normally gives a particular animal an advantage so that animal mates more often passing on its Genes. It's hard to believe it because our lifespans are so short. Viruses mutate a lot faster si maybe chwckibg that out would help. You can see mutations happen quickly in wild animals that become domesticated. I believe foxes start birthing babies with all kinds of colors in just 2-3 generations.

  112. oneilluminatus

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    In my next life I'll be an astronomer or better yet a space explorer. 😎

  113. Sovereign One

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    This is the only one you get. Better do something now.

  114. FootPlaysStuff

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    that weird computer AI voice is so irritating lol

  115. Sovereign One

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    Another one thinking lol is a period.

  116. Rosa Segura

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    Is crazy to me that the aliens 👽 can come and go from our planet when they want!! Is just right that we can go to theirs but we need to find it first!!

  117. Giant Opinion Sports

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    @Rosa Segura if an alien race pulled up to earth it's probably not good for us. I don't mind communicating from a distance. Be careful what you ask for. Every advanced civilization that came upon a less advanced one didn't end well for the less advanced civilization. I don't wanna be exterminated or enslaved lol.

  118. Rosa Segura

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    They are really smart creatures!!

  119. Rosa Segura

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    @Giant Opinion Sports lol Im just anxious I’m so ready to see this!!

  120. Giant Opinion Sports

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    @Rosa Segura they could possibly be on any planet but we probably wouldnt detect them unless they have a bunch of space junk in their solar system or we can observe the atmosphere of their planet. We've just started looking for planets with life on them. Give us time.

  121. Rosa Segura

    Rosa SeguraPred 28 dnevi

    @Giant Opinion Sports okay so hby can give an explanation on where can they possibly be at?? Why can’t we see them?? And we can only if they want to be seen ??

  122. Sher Lytle

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    Planet Hunters! Love it! Thank you for sharing for free. God bless 💘

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    Thank you for watching.

  124. Fernando Alexis Bernabe

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    Well, this is my fourth time that’d have seen it; because myself I cannot film such as well-done Documentary as this one!!!- Ex Animo.

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    Thanks for watching.

  126. Mohammed Jama

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    I woke up and this was playing watched a bit then fell asleep. Great documentary. I'll try to watch the whole documentary.

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    Space 🌌 deeper

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    4:21 am squad, where are you?😴

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    Well chuffed finding this. Good luck in your future endeavours!

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    Thanks for watching.

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    Great show

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  134. Gaming Acc

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    To judge others,we have to know everything about us... to know about the universe first we have to know everything about the earth.... Which we don't know 😅

  135. Sovereign One

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    This makes no sense.

  136. rescyou

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    We learn about the earth by studying other planets.

  137. Zynx Rox

    Zynx RoxPred mesecem

    This sentence haunts me to this day. “Born too late to explore the world, and born to early to explore space.” I forgot who said it but it haunts me

  138. Sovereign One

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    Unless you're 80 yo it's probably not too late.

  139. Zynx Rox

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    @Abhilash Kumar thank you

  140. Abhilash Kumar

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    “Born at the right time to explore ourselves” is the phrase completing that line 😉😉Cheers!

  141. Murderous Rabbit

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    I fell asleep watching SLthrow and woke up 30 minutes into this

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    Thanks for the update.

  143. Travel with Tony

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    Until we can figure out a way to travel at the speed of light, we aren’t even scratching the surface. Maybe find a way to hook onto light sources.

  144. Sovereign One

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    Speed of light is too slow.

  145. Liam Hinrichs

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    Send a crew of 30 adults and 30 ten year olds... Make them equal male and female and train them to operate the ship. Send them out 31 years and wait for their return in 31 years. Easy. Have them drop relay satellites every so often on their way back and release the dead into space.

  146. Sovereign One

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    I don't suppose you as the "architect" of such a psycho mission would be one of the crew?

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    Why this is in terrible pixal quality

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    Why are you alive?

  149. Jorge Yumiseba

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    The way I see it the universe is still young af and we are the first living creatures in it or we are just soo primitive that other far more technologically advanced beings just ignore us for the time being until we can figure it out what is truly going on.

  150. Sovereign One

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    Thank you for a reasonable comment. It's rare.

  151. William Kirkland

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    We will never be able to reach any of these places they to far away. Waste of money and minds.

  152. Sovereign One

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    I'm sure you'd be perfectly happy with mud huts.

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    I gotta stop smoking

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    Can anyone throw some water on you?

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    holy fck........dont tell biden or harris that we need carbon......they might have a heart attack

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    this is like a whole community here 🙏

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    Is it?

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    What if, just if we are all there is? Maybe we should behave ourselves and stop the nonsense!

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    While the universe may be full of life, Earth has many things that make life as we know it possible. It has been many years since I learned this in high school, so please be forgiving of my memory and any errors. 1: OUR STAR: Having a long-lived stable star that does not have major or quick changes in intensity and energy output yet puts out enough energy to have a Goldilocks zone far enough away from the star to not become tide locked (like Earth’s moon). 2: OUR STARS AGE AND BIRTH: Our star and solar system was formed from clouds of matter that had all of the elements needed. These elements were created from matter created by fusion in earlier stars that "died". Our star has also been and continues to be stable long enough for life to evolve. 3: OUR STAR IS RELATIVELY ALONE: Our star is not a binary and does not have other very close neighbors that would affect earth’s orbit and our stars stability, or any neighbors who went supernova. It is also in a relatively safe part of the galaxy (far from black holes, and other stellar creatures that go bump in the night) 4: OUR PLANETS ORBITAL SHAPE: Existing in the Goldilocks zone is just part of it. Having a stable orbit that is not too elliptical to create major heat/cold cycles. 5: OUR PLANETS ORBITAL DECLINATION: Earth orbits on the plane of the elliptic with the rest of the planets. While I do not remember all of the reasons this is important, I do remember that that it had to do with other planets effects on our orbit are more consistent, as a polar orbit would not be stable. It also puts earth in the area cleared of asteroids and comets by the large outer gas giants. 6: OUR PLANETS ORBITAL DISTANCE FROM THE SUN: This of course references the Goldilocks zone of liquid water. It also effects the amount of harmful radiation the Earth receives. 7: OUR PLANETS ROTATIONAL PLANE: Earth rotates in roughly the same plane as its orbit. This allows for our day/night cycle to exist. 8: OUR PLANETS AXIAL TILT: This ties into the rotational plane. Earths small but significant axial tilt allows for our seasons. This helps distribute energy throughout the biosphere and prevents the polar regions from completely freezing over. Having a larger axial tilt would negate our rotational plane advantages. 9: OUR PLANETS SIZE: Our planet is large enough to have enough gravity to help keep most gases from escaping, but just low enough to allow orbital escape (Think Rocket Equation) 10: OUR PLANETS MAGNETIC FIELD: Having a magnetic field protects earth’s atmosphere from being stripped away and protects life from much of the harmful extraterrestrial radiation. Without this protection, most of our atmosphere and water would have been boiled and stripped away. (think of Mars) 11: OUR PLANETS LARGE LIQUID NICKEL IRON CORE: Having a large liquid nickel iron core that rotates faster than the rest of the planet is what helps create the dynamo that powers Earth’s magnetic field. 12: OUR PLANETS LARGE SOLID IRON CORE COVERING: Having a solid section of iron core that surrounds the liquid nickel iron core also helps create the dynamo that powers Earth’s magnetic field. 13: OUR PLANETS MANTLE AND CRUST COMPOSITION: The Earth’s mantle is composed of minerals with the right plasticity to bend and stretch (0.3 Poisson’s ratio, about the same as piano wire). This allows for the mantle to circulate along with the crust material to move about on top of it causing plate tectonics. 14: OUR PLANETS PLATE TECTONICS AND VOLCANOES: Plate tectonics and their accompanied volcanoes drive the planets carbon and mineral cycle. Without plate tectonics and volcanoes, Earth would be a shallow ocean world unable to support most higher lifeforms, as most minerals needed for life would be locked up under the sea as the solid land eroded into the bottom of the ocean instead of being continually recirculated. And after the core solidified and the magnetic field decayed, the atmosphere would be stripped away by the solar winds produced by the sun. The oceans would start to boil as the pressure dropped, and then most volatile liquids would be stripped from the surface. (again, Mars) 15: OUR PLANETS LARGE MOON: Having such a large moon in relation to the Earth’s size is what helps keep our nickel iron core molten, and drives plate tectonics, as its continual flexing of the Earth (tides of water and land) imparts heat energy into the earth as rotational energy is converted to heat. This is what causes longer days over time. It also helps the crusts movements over the mantle. 16: OUR PLANETS LARGE AMOUNT OF WATER: Having such a large amount of water helps with stabilizing our climate, and of course, is very important in supporting life as we know it. 17: OUR SOLAR SYSTEMS LARGE GAS GIANTS: Having these large gas giants in our outer solar system serves to clear out asteroids and comets that would become planet and life killers. That is all I can remember for now, as I am tired, and it is past my bedtime. But this was fun to try and pull up from memory all the things that make Earth special. If you can fill in or correct my knowledge, and have read this far, please reply with it.

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  200. rescyou

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    @Sovereign One I would add "Time" to the list as it we have no idea how long it took. It could have taken a nano-second with the right conditions or it may take millions of years of brewing.

  201. Sovereign One

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    @GoCoyote I've answered this in my previous reply. Anything outside of that is superfluous. We don't know what conditions are needed for "complex" life to evolve from simple one either. It could be literally millions of possible different ones. For abiogenesis you only need the ones I listed, as far as I am aware at present.

  202. GoCoyote

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    @Sovereign One I am curious as to what parts you consider superfluous, and why. When I learned all of this, the book I was reading often referenced Mars as an example of a planet that lacked what earth has. While life may have, and may possibly still exist on mars, the conditions are not hospitable for life in general, and definitely not for more complex ones. Having a star that is stable enough to not blast away our planets atmosphere and cook the surface with radiation on a any sort of basis is important. A more eccentric or elliptical orbit would also have the effect of causing a planet to move into and out of the habitable zones. This may result in the planet having its atmosphere alternating between being boiled away when it gets closer and freezing when it gets further away. Mild cycles, such as Earths tides, are much more conducive to life being able to have the optimum amount of change and stability to develop.

  203. Sovereign One

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    Most of what you list is superfluous. Energy, organic molecules and a solvent is what you need for biologic life to have a chance of starting.

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    @Okyn Maybe, but the chance of meeting another "intelligent" species that arose independently is quite low. Nothing to worry about.

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