Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours! (Rainbow Food Challenge)

After Chad Wild Clay made "Ways to SNEAK into an ABANDONED MOVIE THEATER for 24 HOURS of Funny Situations with Spy NInjas", Vy Qwaint created "WEIRD CREATURE DELIVERING PACKAGES at 3AM CAUGHT ON CAMERA! UNBELIEVABLE!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "EXTREME HIDE and SEEK at 3AM - I Challenged SPY NINJAS to the Ultimate Game", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "MY FIRST GAMING VIDEO! Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator But Loser Must Dance Like a Bee with Honey Shoes", Spy Ninjas take on an epic challenge of eating ONE COLOR for 24 HOURS! The Winner gets to brag for another week, while the losers have to paint their faces! Who will survive? Who will last the longest? Can Chad survive on RED food alone? Can Daniel win by eating only BLUE items? Does Vy have it the hardest with PINK?! Is YELLOW the easiest color for Regina? Or does Melvin get crowned the champion of GREEN? Next, the Spy Ninjas play the Cheap vs Expensive food challenge and it gets gross! The Spy Ninjas combine each of their colors to make the most epic gross drink on the planet! After the challenges, the Spy Ninjas receive a very scary present at their doorstep. What's inside was a hidden message. Can they decode it? Is it from that mysterious dog? Comment Below on what games would you like to see Spy Ninjas play next! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Vy Qwaint

    Vy QwaintPred 2 meseci

    Hey Spy Ninjas! What color of food would you want to eat for 24 hours?

  2. Sharett Gentle

    Sharett GentlePred 8 dnevi


  3. Dominic D

    Dominic DPred 19 dnevi

    @PZ2 I am going to go get some food for you

  4. gz ii

    gz iiPred 22 dnevi

    BLUE 1811992929291919283746463635%%%/%

  5. Francesco Romeo

    Francesco RomeoPred 27 dnevi

    I thinc It Is ok

  6. Remi Mcmurray

    Remi McmurrayPred 27 dnevi

    Hi queen vy

  7. Eiram Butt

    Eiram ButtPred 48 minutami


  8. Rosané Casiano Pérez

    Rosané Casiano PérezPred uro


  9. Multi acc

    Multi accPred 2 urami

    Its a cupcake not muffin

  10. Shajna Begum

    Shajna BegumPred 7 urami

    Strawberry milk

  11. Cynthia Wurdeman

    Cynthia WurdemanPred 7 urami

    Is it 3:00 pm

  12. Cynthia Wurdeman

    Cynthia WurdemanPred 7 urami

    Meven is so funny

  13. Cynthia Wurdeman

    Cynthia WurdemanPred 7 urami

    I'm eating dretos blue dretos

  14. Blair Umphrey

    Blair UmphreyPred 8 urami

    Can you guys give me your guys address cause I'm sending a card to you

  15. Nuri Selimi

    Nuri SelimiPred 9 urami

    He’s manager is great you I song hacker

  16. Alana Alvizo

    Alana AlvizoPred 9 urami


  17. Adam Lawrence

    Adam LawrencePred 11 urami


  18. Owen Serrell

    Owen SerrellPred 11 urami

    as soon as chad said dont choke like melvin i started choking

  19. •RUBγANDfRIENDs•

    •RUBγANDfRIENDs•Pred 12 urami

    Bruh vy didn't even paint them

  20. Bob M

    Bob MPred 13 urami

    It's funny

  21. Emanuel Tekie

    Emanuel TekiePred 13 urami


  22. Bob M

    Bob MPred 13 urami

    Be happy 😸

  23. Alia Hmoud

    Alia HmoudPred 15 urami

    Hi spy ninjas ♥️❤️💛💖💕💞💛🧡💗💝💓💜💙💚🥰

  24. Alia Hmoud

    Alia HmoudPred 15 urami

    WOW Vy 💞💗💝💕💖💓💘🌸🌷🌺

  25. Ajna Beslija

    Ajna BeslijaPred 16 urami

    When Melvin said melborn Australia he sounded like Joseph Banks

  26. Jade Hulse

    Jade HulsePred 16 urami

    Melvin veggies are the most greenest fruits Me ummmmmm don’t you mean vegetables

  27. Max O'Hanlon

    Max O'HanlonPred 18 urami

    It’s hours radish


    SIKE DAT DRIPPred 18 urami


  29. Kirsty Sutcliffe

    Kirsty SutcliffePred 19 urami


  30. Andrea Thomas

    Andrea ThomasPred 20 urami


  31. Andrea Thomas

    Andrea ThomasPred 20 urami

    I really love you be quiet

  32. Arfa Jahangir

    Arfa JahangirPred 22 urami

    Danny boy is funny not gross somtimes he is

  33. Mutant Breacher

    Mutant BreacherPred dnevom

    u guys have the same blender as ours 9:05

  34. Dredan Smith

    Dredan SmithPred dnevom

    Because the surger cookies and cupcakes and Chad's plate because Doritos I like Doritos that's my favorite chips in history and Regina's play because french fries I like french fries that's my best kids meal of it and we are the spy ninjas I like your videos I subscribe and like and the bell

  35. Dredan Smith

    Dredan SmithPred dnevom

    I would eat vy's plate

  36. Dredan Smith

    Dredan SmithPred dnevom

    Vy is going to win

  37. Shahd Wael

    Shahd WaelPred dnevom

    On 12:34 u can see that by is drinking water

  38. Shahd Wael

    Shahd WaelPred dnevom

    Vy *

  39. *-Nora- *

    *-Nora- *Pred dnevom

    18:48 Vy and Melvin 😂😂

  40. Melissa Hines

    Melissa HinesPred dnevom

    3 12345678910

  41. Power Wolf

    Power WolfPred dnevom

    Daniel that was funny 😆

  42. Tamar Azo

    Tamar AzoPred dnevom


  43. Roblox gaming Burleson

    Roblox gaming BurlesonPred dnevom


  44. Jaymie Perez

    Jaymie PerezPred dnevom

    I’m in the hospital

  45. Connie Wilkinson

    Connie WilkinsonPred dnevom

    Song is that

  46. JaxplaysFN

    JaxplaysFNPred dnevom

    When chad got out I was like wait but daniel was out

  47. Milky Waterfall

    Milky WaterfallPred dnevom

    At 2:07 in the video I was like 😐😐😐 that is not spicy I had that 6456843 times

  48. Unique sisters

    Unique sistersPred dnevom

    You didnt paint them pink vy



    Vy is like u guys this is gross hahahah

  50. Melecio Lipa-Od

    Melecio Lipa-OdPred dnevom

    One time I bite lemons

  51. ClayMation Studios

    ClayMation StudiosPred dnevom

    The sweet colours

  52. Cute Mathas

    Cute MathasPred dnevom

    I liked subscribed and hit the Notification bell 🛎

  53. Cute Mathas

    Cute MathasPred dnevom

    Melvin Melvin Melvin.

  54. Wolf Blood

    Wolf BloodPred 7 urami

    Daniel Daniel Daniel

  55. Cute Mathas

    Cute MathasPred dnevom

    Yooo wussup

  56. Little Miss Spy ninja!

    Little Miss Spy ninja!Pred dnevom

    vy what are you going to eat thats not that much pink foods

  57. Will Chen

    Will ChenPred dnevom

    14:09 oooooooohhhh.....

  58. Nur Aleesya Nadira Mohammad Fauzan

    Nur Aleesya Nadira Mohammad FauzanPred dnevom

    guys do fergoot to puasa that mean you can eat but you can eat ta nitg

  59. Tammy Gladstone

    Tammy GladstonePred dnevom

    Omg hiiiiii

  60. tuffnbuffJ

    tuffnbuffJPred dnevom

    I wish do you know who’s my heels my ninja it’s a sorry we played your boyfriend chat kidding that’s my favorite it’s Melvin I don’t know win

  61. Kailee Bridge

    Kailee BridgePred dnevom


  62. pia elisa rocio

    pia elisa rocioPred dnevom


  63. Audrie Baines

    Audrie BainesPred dnevom

    I love lime

  64. Kameel Ganie

    Kameel GaniePred dnevom

    Hey man

  65. slurz

    slurzPred dnevom

    It’s funny how Daniel jumps that he ate raspberries and he eliminated chad

  66. Velle Mart

    Velle MartPred 2 dnevi


  67. RedXWolf RedXAlpha

    RedXWolf RedXAlphaPred 2 dnevi

    am I the only one who caught when Vy said " look at this muffin" Me: THATS A FREAKING CUPCAKE!!!!!!

  68. Mireya Camilo

    Mireya CamiloPred 2 dnevi

    Red 🍅🌶🍅🍒🍓🍉

  69. Christie Clifford

    Christie CliffordPred 2 dnevi

    I think this number is1442334

  70. Ellianas Bamboos

    Ellianas BamboosPred 2 dnevi

    ahy daniels hair grey he want to be old?

  71. Maria Monroy

    Maria MonroyPred 2 dnevi

    Vy lose because at 17:37 that she got yellow chips and her color is pink she did it sneaky for nobody can see her

  72. Derreck Galindo

    Derreck GalindoPred 2 dnevi

    24 h

  73. momto2gs

    momto2gsPred 2 dnevi

    i love chicken nuggins

  74. Josh Hemler

    Josh HemlerPred 2 dnevi

    Vy loses

  75. Mariam Lunat

    Mariam LunatPred 2 dnevi


  76. Mariam Lunat

    Mariam LunatPred 2 dnevi


  77. Mariam Lunat

    Mariam LunatPred 2 dnevi


  78. Mariam Lunat

    Mariam LunatPred 2 dnevi

    Meaning pz44

  79. XxLuna Isurpapax

    XxLuna IsurpapaxPred 2 dnevi


  80. Shion Flower

    Shion FlowerPred 2 dnevi


  81. Martina Banner

    Martina BannerPred 2 dnevi

    When daniel said here in a funny way it made me laugh

  82. Brooklynn Arquette

    Brooklynn ArquettePred 2 dnevi


  83. Khadijah PlayZ

    Khadijah PlayZPred 2 dnevi

    It said I am your biggest fan on the usb

  84. Ulizzeth T Cruz

    Ulizzeth T CruzPred 2 dnevi

    Can Daniel can even sabotage chad because he is out

  85. Nappytastic

    NappytasticPred 2 dnevi


  86. Aishath zyva

    Aishath zyvaPred 2 dnevi

    Daniels hair is very funny😂😂

  87. Maddie

    MaddiePred 2 dnevi


  88. Cool Cookie

    Cool CookiePred 2 dnevi

    Daniel YOU give one to chad but you don't see

  89. Cyprus The_SpyNinja

    Cyprus The_SpyNinjaPred 2 dnevi

    Why would Chad be out Daniel was out🤷‍♂️

  90. Cyprus The_SpyNinja

    Cyprus The_SpyNinjaPred 2 dnevi

    Daniel was out so how could he have gone out of the game

  91. Vang Girls

    Vang GirlsPred 2 dnevi


  92. Ileana Rivera

    Ileana RiveraPred 2 dnevi

    Hummus gross burger

  93. Ileana Rivera

    Ileana RiveraPred 2 dnevi

    Is that hummus burger

  94. Ileana Rivera

    Ileana RiveraPred 2 dnevi

    I'm taking diarrhea first world problems sometimes do we read the top and we read the bottom reminder Vineland we always know that we can song

  95. Ileana Rivera

    Ileana RiveraPred 2 dnevi

    Choking problems more like choking alert choking on him choking alert there's a man that's choking here

  96. Sarah Luafalemana

    Sarah LuafalemanaPred 3 dnevi

    I laughed so hard when Daniel said he Tryna make me lose over here 🤣😂

  97. Tazeem Hussain

    Tazeem HussainPred 4 urami

    It made me laugh😂🤣😅 so hard

  98. Wolf Blood

    Wolf BloodPred 7 urami

    It made me laugh a bit

  99. Martina Banner

    Martina BannerPred 2 dnevi

    It made me laugh so hard when daniel said he tryna make me lose over here in a funny

  100. Lucy Stanton

    Lucy StantonPred 3 dnevi

    Chad : 😯 you snuck blue in there

  101. Archie Stewart

    Archie StewartPred 3 dnevi


  102. Dakota Betts

    Dakota BettsPred 3 dnevi

    Its funny when Melvin said I washed my hands fool to danial

  103. Nicholas Achoy

    Nicholas AchoyPred 3 dnevi

    You can

  104. Nalani Dolor

    Nalani DolorPred 3 dnevi

    I love your videos

  105. Iveta K

    Iveta KPred 3 dnevi

    I love you guys you are the best SLthrowrs I watch all of your videos

  106. Tara Sammons

    Tara SammonsPred 3 dnevi


  107. Natalie Garcia

    Natalie GarciaPred 3 dnevi

    Ok 👌 I like it because the cantcandy

  108. Natalie Garcia

    Natalie GarciaPred 3 dnevi

    Why cheap vs expensive challenge

  109. Natalie Garcia

    Natalie GarciaPred 3 dnevi

    Omg that pepper 🌶️ is spicy 🥵🥵🔥

  110. Chris P Baken

    Chris P BakenPred 3 dnevi

    ⚫️◼️ 🖤⚫️◾️♣️♣️♠️

  111. Phi Soben

    Phi SobenPred 3 dnevi

    Yep it’s spicy

  112. Spy ninjas Fan

    Spy ninjas FanPred 3 dnevi

    Chad gave Daniel a chance and Daniel didn’t give a chance

  113. ronald burke

    ronald burkePred 3 dnevi

    AT least one of my friends is the only one who has the right to be out Tuesday and Wednesday

  114. Wiwa Buc

    Wiwa BucPred 3 dnevi

    My color for 24 hours is pink to and l love all the spy ninjas

  115. Davin Veng

    Davin VengPred 3 dnevi

    9:19 that’s why Melvin is my favorite spy ninja

  116. ronal eresto

    ronal erestoPred 3 dnevi

    Pink like you vy qwaint

  117. George Paegle

    George PaeglePred 3 dnevi