The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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  1. carly colazantti

    carly colazanttiPred 24 minutami

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  2. Crusher O'Lies

    Crusher O'LiesPred 31 minuto

    diseases from animals had its most deadly attack when explorers came to the americas. the natives here had only domesticated llama/alpaca. so people came here with all the diseases they had got from birds and cattle and pigs and everything else like rats that do well in cities etc, and the natives had nothing to give back as far as diseases. youll hear various guesses about how many died but its usually up in the 90%'s of how much of them died off after some explorers just talked to them and spent a couple days visiting before moving on. and when those explorers came back prepared to make settlements most of the people had died. stopping travel needs to be number one move for the globe when this happens. not waiting months to even enact the simplest travel restrictions and in all actuality people have been traveling still the whole time. we are going to have other pandemics that wont have a vaccine already kind of ready like we have for covid since these new vaccines are just modified sars vaccines we already had( this is actually how we skipped safety checks on covid19 vaccines and moved straight into efficacy testing). no matter how careful we are there will be more pandemics and making the proper moves to reduce spreading is the most essential part of that. ebola virus procedures show this. yes most die from it but they make sure the damn thing doesnt spread so that only some in a village or city die and not spread it around the world. we know what to do, we just have leaders with no balls or brains to do the right things.

  3. Bryce Ryland

    Bryce RylandPred 32 minutami

    This guys voice is fucking annoying

  4. Sol Walters

    Sol WaltersPred 33 minutami

    As someone from Salt Lake City, I am deeply offended. I love paintball. I need it to take my mind off of the fact that I live in Salt Lake City.

  5. Hello Hi

    Hello HiPred 49 minutami

    John Oliver furry art


    MINTLEAF DOGSERVICESPred 53 minutami

    It's happened every 20 years it's going to happen again

  7. Jerry Cai

    Jerry CaiPred 59 minutami

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  8. Alesha Belyk

    Alesha BelykPred uro

    To put it into perspective.. If you account for the population of the Western World and you calculate that approximately 36% of that population are of working-age adults... That's roughly 409,488,120 people who are adults who earn a living (not retired). If each of those people pitched in $80 to the cause ($10/month for 8 months or $5/month for 16 months), that would bring in $32.76 billion dollars for research efforts. I for one would gladly pay $80 to secure not only my future but also future generations. $80 is a hell of a lot better than a year of lost wages!

  9. Alex Batista

    Alex BatistaPred uro

    Nah, drama queen. 😁

  10. purrin

    purrinPred uro

    :( im scared

  11. Super Man

    Super ManPred uro

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  12. Theophilus Jedediah

    Theophilus JedediahPred uro

    The ugly woke idiot has finally been identified. COVID-19 was a dress rehearsal for the next biological attack. Social engineering was the agenda not the solution. This man made virus (it has been proven as lab created and not from animals) we even know the lab it came from and continue to give them millions of US dollars. Oliver is not funny and I’ll-informed. Time to get someone who ‘gets’ comedy.

  13. Da913

    Da913Pred 2 urami

    They’re on boats so they don’t have to be near filthy retard humans

  14. Steve Jarvis

    Steve JarvisPred 2 urami

    I guess viruses have been with us sine the beginning of time and they can and have been known to mutate into something worse. The ocean alone has over 400 thousand viruses in it supposedly. I wonder if it's because of all the toxic waste, pollution, run off and plastic humans throw into it all the time. Actually no I don't wonder really. It's likely a contributing factor. In some parts of the world, there are lakes so deadly to any life, that no one and no other forms of life on earth even dare to go near them. There are some parts of the world where viruses thrive on and within the land and plant life alone, even without the help of human kind. I think humanity was simply a mistake as it seems too primitive to even keep itself truly safe. If aliens do exist, they're just going to let us all wipe our own selves out and they wouldn't have any real interest in us, other than to maybe keep some of us around as a sort of a petri dish experiment or for who even really knows what other reason.

  15. Abhishek Bhavsar

    Abhishek BhavsarPred 2 urami

    Vegan people have my respect now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Kigark Bajarke

    Kigark BajarkePred 2 urami

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  17. Repentance Faith

    Repentance FaithPred 2 urami

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  18. Cory Levy

    Cory LevyPred 2 urami

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  19. Aquatic Borealis

    Aquatic BorealisPred 2 urami

    Eating less meat takes care of most of the issues. Eat way less and the effects would be huge. Not just pandemics, but global warming, and loss the world's habitats and biodiversity. There's also the very worrying growth of antibiotic resistance. The agricultural industry is by far the biggest consumer of antibiotics.

  20. Olaf Pijl

    Olaf PijlPred 2 urami

    The biggest cause of all: overpopulation! With fewer humans, we don't need as much land, meat, oil, etc. Or have as many issues with migration, famine, lack of biodiversity and biological corridors, etc. That would be a great topic to do a show on!

  21. AmericPet

    AmericPetPred 2 urami

    I really like the educational nature of this episode. Showing that many of the problems that people have been discussing are connected and are of large concern to the human population as well.

  22. Christian Spremulli

    Christian SpremulliPred 2 urami

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  23. Carole Trapp

    Carole TrappPred 2 urami

    How about this as an "interesting fact". America could spend less in WAR and DESTRUCTION put the money in to helping and still be have the biggest war machine in the world.

  24. Mar Mar

    Mar MarPred 2 urami

    Covid didn’t come from the wet market

  25. Brandon Burgh

    Brandon BurghPred 2 urami

    Basically we are our worst enemy! Texas like Mississippi just lifted the mask mandates & allowing businesses to open full capacities. Yes another wave is coming

  26. Laney Holliday

    Laney HollidayPred 2 urami

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  27. Space Reyn

    Space ReynPred 3 urami

    10:00 jhon Oliver has rat furry images at the ready? 13:22 and plays animal crossing 14:30 and makes a joke about kissing pigs Well, hes just as smart as he is horny

  28. Khalifa Mohsin

    Khalifa MohsinPred 3 urami

    Next Pandemics gonna be realy worse for America N in India a Fever outa Mouse 🐁 going to hit badly (than Disney) like killing kinda

  29. TheStarGazingKirin

    TheStarGazingKirinPred 3 urami

    Woah waoh did he just call out furries XD Lol


    AMBI DEXROUSPred 3 urami

    Well Mother Nature is going to deliver a disease that’ll wipe out billions most likely, one way to save on resources is to kill a proportion of a population, it’s like relieving the pressure. I think that’s a good thing

  31. Carole Trapp

    Carole TrappPred 3 urami

    "as soon as we can ghetto-ize these diseases". How true this woman spoke. When we can make the "worthy" people immune and let it run rampant in the "poor" population. That's when the "worthy" people know it is safe.

  32. Mel G

    Mel GPred 3 urami


  33. BAtkinson

    BAtkinsonPred 3 urami

    Awee, got flash backs to butterfly farming days in Thailand!

  34. Philipp Wallat

    Philipp WallatPred 3 urami

    We are the Virus.

  35. Josh P

    Josh PPred 3 urami

    @LastWeekTonight .... I am Canadian and feel really sad how your politics are working atm ... at least create a new party to make things not so one sided >< thats the main thing ... one side got so rich that the just squish new parties ... so sad whats going on in usa ... i hope it doesnt ruin democracy for the whole world >.> .... like china and russia already is ... if usa goes one party only ... gonna be extremely sad ...

  36. Josh P

    Josh PPred 3 urami

    as far as the pandemic ... we all know how this coulda got handled ... put the low risk at extreamly high risk and keep them safe instead of close everything down and ruin our economy more then it was >

  37. (O=[][]=O)

    (O=[][]=O)Pred 3 urami

    Solution: population control. The earth has too many people on it.

  38. BAtkinson

    BAtkinsonPred 3 urami

    Our pandemic response is good enough. Asteroid response and defense is the real lacking one.

  39. jgr

    jgrPred 3 urami

    TIL the left still believes SARS-COV2 sporadically came from bats.

  40. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred uro

    It's hard to expect much from John Oliver viewers, my dude.

  41. Shir Gruber

    Shir GruberPred 3 urami

    Hey! Environmental scientist here. This link between global health and deforestation/ wet markets has been known a long time. One thing we need to acknowledge is the source of these problems: poverty. You can’t solve these issues without realizing that the state of our economic system today is what is leading to these realities. To anyone looking for a gentle introduction to this topic, I would highly recommend the book "Braiding Sweetgrass". The book reads like a warm hug and is written by an Indigenous scientist.

  42. BlackBox863

    BlackBox863Pred 4 urami

    Well were boned

  43. MotiFuzion

    MotiFuzionPred 4 urami

    No more pandemic please!! 😓

  44. Paolo Grillo

    Paolo GrilloPred 4 urami

    And how do they know that these vires come about when you cant see the future with these vacation the deficit will sky 🚀 the rich will get richer the poor will get poorer and taxes will go up the people will pay for it i think there working on the black plague if you look there is an artical on the internet they doug up a grave from the black plague ara which they are working on

  45. Pablo Iranzo

    Pablo IranzoPred 4 urami

    The pandemic came and when it was raving in 2020 in Germany, what did German politicians do? Further introduce laws making it possible for butchers to keep Pigs in even tighter spaces then before. We also had the swine flu in 2020, but instead of doing something about it, we're just making it worse. I swear this world is run by psychopaths who don't care except for their greed.

  46. TonyElpsitolamtaci

    TonyElpsitolamtaciPred 4 urami

    Pretty sure I learned most of this in elementary school, and then more in Highschool.

  47. IvanGotYokes

    IvanGotYokesPred 5 urami

    This is like Big Bang Theory without the laugh track...

  48. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred uro

    Agreed. Exactly as preachy, and staffed by insufferable b-list hollywood types.

  49. Awol Peace

    Awol PeacePred 5 urami

    Not funny

  50. Emma Larose

    Emma LarosePred 5 urami

    I misssed you too! Are you speaking faster than before or is my english worse?

  51. Gaming Ace

    Gaming AcePred 5 urami

    Yeah you say we shouldn't be the reason for bringing wildlife out by deforestation are we not the humans who coexisted with them in the forests. Now it's our age why don't the animals just adjust with our urbanisation and support by living with us. 🤔

  52. Bec

    BecPred 5 urami

    I have come to terms w the fact that I’m going to die young because the world is literally being destroyed by infrastructure and the weather is getting more extreme everywhere you go. It sucks that I can literally feel the change in weather from when I was a kid. (i live in canada btw)

  53. bcreason

    bcreasonPred 5 urami

    The disease experts on boats is not a coincidence. If you knew a pandemic is coming wouldn’t you want to be isolated out to sea?

  54. James O' Regan

    James O' ReganPred 5 urami

    No mention of MRSA and other resistant bacteria 🤔

  55. Jovan Murillo

    Jovan MurilloPred 5 urami

    BBC video link? Anyone?

  56. Nisa Cornforth

    Nisa CornforthPred 5 urami

    I kinda feel like people should be forced to watch this...

  57. Alex Kellington

    Alex KellingtonPred 5 urami

    ....was the virus voiced by *Jack McBrayer*??? LMFAOOO

  58. Iahd hWje

    Iahd hWjePred 5 urami

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  59. Snack Time

    Snack TimePred 5 urami

    I think someone should investigate just how many pigs and rats John Oliver owns 👀

  60. Henry van Megen

    Henry van MegenPred 6 urami


  61. Too Canadian

    Too CanadianPred 6 urami

    Is he trying to be funny? I legit did not laugh at a single thing he said while attempting humor...

  62. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred uro

    Leave it to a Canadian to have the elk-sized balls to point out when a you-tube-approved Brit isn't funny. You're a credit to both our once-great nations, sir.

  63. MiraclzHD

    MiraclzHDPred 6 urami

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  64. N J

    N JPred 6 urami

    When politicians laughed at Bernie Sanders in 2016 when he said that climate change is a threat to national security, now it's more than just reality. It's an emergency. Aside from climate change, taking care of our environment also protects us from emerging outbreaks caused by habitat destruction.

  65. Keres666

    Keres666Pred 6 urami

    I like how he shit on Johnny Depp despite him being Amber Heard's victim.

  66. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred 2 urami

    What do you expect? Oliver is a trough-feeder entertaining trough-feeders.

  67. bob lagger

    bob laggerPred 6 urami


  68. Seth Reimer

    Seth ReimerPred 6 urami

    99.6% survival rate with covid that’s brutal I’m so scared I’m going to sit in my house all my life from fear

  69. David Northam

    David NorthamPred 6 urami

    Wuhan flu from a wet market in Wuhan China. I come from a line of people who do not spit on others and we do not eat bats.

  70. NORMAN F.

    NORMAN F.Pred 7 urami

    For ALL you 'stupids' and 'Covidiots' just search for vids where Gill Bates( I had to spell it that way) talks about depopulation yes that means culling 15% of the world's people. That may make you think twice I hope? duhh! The only ones remaining will be slave to the billionaires ,wealthy rockstars, actors ,Athletes etc.

  71. Lisa b

    Lisa bPred 7 urami

    On the other side of the coin, how about we just leave things alone and let a virus/pandemic take it's course. The weak die and the strong become natural immune and carry on. I'm sure that besides the elderly, there are a lot of sicko and nasty bastards in this world that the earth can do without.

  72. Eric Vega

    Eric VegaPred 7 urami

    The whole video is missleading. It actually started in the Wuhan Laboratory. Your welcome.

  73. Shaggy

    ShaggyPred 8 urami

    Sars, Ebola, h1n1, covid. It's easy to name something after you PATENT it. I mean you gotta ask yourself why are the elites so adamant about people going back to work? Meanwhile we are getting fucked in the ass by the economy and the billionaires just keep getting richer. You need to ask yourselves these questions.

  74. One Topic At A Time

    One Topic At A TimePred 8 urami

    Virus: “Why do I fix everything I touch?!”

  75. Shaggy

    ShaggyPred 44 minutami

    @EditorialJoe They basically dont see themselves as apart of the general public. We got fucked over, losing jobs and our homes and these fuckers did nothing but made it worse.

  76. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred 47 minutami

    ​@Shaggy I just find it funny that all these misanthropes are screaming at me to wear a mask, but then ALSO saying things like "humans are the real virus, we deserve to die, maaaaaahn". Like, either get to flip shit about the virus, or celebrate how much we 'deserve' it. Not both. Pick a narrative.

  77. Shaggy

    ShaggyPred uro

    @EditorialJoe You have to be absolutely out of your mind and totally bonkers to not notice that we are getting fucked over. It's insane to the membrane my dude!

  78. Shaggy

    ShaggyPred uro

    @EditorialJoe Zoinks! Will do brother!

  79. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred uro

    @Shaggy Lord, of all the rubes commenting on this video...Shaggy is the first person I found who actually gets it. Roll one for us, brother. I'll bring the Scooby snacks.

  80. Laury Leclerc

    Laury LeclercPred 9 urami

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  81. Lampadas Horde

    Lampadas HordePred 9 urami

    Did he just skipped over the fact that the virus might have come out of a chinese bioweapons lab?

  82. Tony Drury

    Tony DruryPred 9 urami

    I really cant talk about all of it here until you go look her up on google or through her direct feedback@lyraholtdean .com to see how she has helped myself and so many others in becoming financially stable

  83. Ragin Pooh

    Ragin PoohPred 9 urami

    This is called “conditioning”.

  84. David Acero

    David AceroPred 9 urami

    11k people at animal Crossing and can't take a joke.

  85. Peter Angelo

    Peter AngeloPred 9 urami

    Back when I was young in Kenya I used to go through the painful financial lose and emotional ordeal of killing 1/3 of my pigeons, chickens & ducks everytime they get the bird flu. It only takes one bird to get infected and soon the whole neighbour is full of infected birds. I my case my pigeons were the main suspects of virus carriers, so I stopped my pigeon farm.

  86. raiden233

    raiden233Pred 10 urami


  87. First Last

    First LastPred 10 urami

    Jim Parsons is an American treasure.

  88. January Success

    January SuccessPred 10 urami

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  89. Hackney Rachel

    Hackney RachelPred 10 urami

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  90. Lady Grace

    Lady GracePred 10 urami

  91. clair

    clairPred 10 urami

    If we can learn one thing and only one thing from this it's that we are interconnected. We can't keep holding the Not in my Backyard stance when it comes to global issues.

  92. David Acero

    David AceroPred 10 urami

    I'm so happy he brought the rat having sex image back.

  93. Adolf Hochhaltinger

    Adolf HochhaltingerPred 11 urami

    If things begin to develop into a false direction nature / evolution has it's own way to correct this. And pandemics like Covid-19 are one of them. As humans get so many that they begin to act as earth's locusts a correction is necessary, otherwise we bring the whole system to a crashing halt, leaving tens of billions of humans on a planet no more capable of hosting earth's usual animal life and incapable to deliver food and water for all of us. And instead to react the right way by decreasing our numbers slowly every politician is ringing the alarm bell as the population numbers stop growing. Instead praising this healthy trend those idiots cry for state incentives to restart the growth of the population again. Just WHY ???

  94. emckay2350

    emckay2350Pred 11 urami

    At the rate we're headed the fact that people don't think that things will get worse is extremely alarming. If severe changes aren't made immediately across North America I fear things will only continue to escalate.

  95. TheOvermaster

    TheOvermasterPred 12 urami

    I really wish he had discussed more about factory farming and even mentioned the term "vegan" - imagine getting rid of 75% of diseases instantly just to not eat a steak or some bacon at breakfast. Seems like a pretty good tradeoff to me - considering the stress levels of a 2% deathrate pandemic.

  96. EditorialJoe

    EditorialJoePred uro

    "When viruses appeared on the earth 3.4 billion years ago, it was because of pork belly and ribeye." We got some real MENSA members up in here today.

  97. Anthony Melnyk

    Anthony MelnykPred 12 urami

    Artist for the rat picture is Biohazard

  98. Leah S.

    Leah S.Pred 12 urami

    I feel I do need to correct something John said. SARS-COV-2 is NOT a zoonotic disease. It did something which we call species hop moving from one species to another a single time. Zoonotic diseases can jump back and forth or infect both humans and at least one animal species at once. West Nile Virus, Lyme disease and Rabies are all examples of zoonotic diseases. HIV, and swine flu are examples of diseases which made the species jump but can no longer able to infect the species from whence it came or transfer to other species.

  99. Moop Meep

    Moop MeepPred 12 urami

    Thanks exotic wild market . U create another pandemic

  100. Amit Shiv Shakti

    Amit Shiv ShaktiPred 13 urami

    The only problem in this world are humans.

  101. Geoff McF

    Geoff McFPred 13 urami

    How DARE you speak ill of the Depp

  102. Hello World

    Hello WorldPred 13 urami

    The rabid ravioli taxonomically regret because plant booly trot opposite a lame watchmaker. ill-informed, spicy router

  103. Anton Brakhage

    Anton BrakhagePred 13 urami

    "little goth mouse" is the best name for bats.

  104. D A

    D APred 13 urami

    You need go try harder to tell people to reduce their consumption of animal products.

  105. Rufus Shinra

    Rufus ShinraPred 13 urami

    8:18 or Dubai

  106. King in the North

    King in the NorthPred 13 urami

    I'm amazed by his optimism. Given every other episode of this show we could easily be dead before the next pandemic comes around.

  107. D A

    D APred 13 urami

    As long as humans keep farming animals, we're fucked.

  108. niraj

    nirajPred 14 urami

    I am not an expert but after analyzing the video. I cannot say anything because as i said in the beginning i am not an expert. Thanks.

  109. jaysper

    jaysperPred 14 urami

    So coronavirus gas killed about 4 times as many people worldwide as the flu and we have collectively wet our pants and heaped misery on the global population? Genius! We've treated this like smallpox and it ain't anything like it. Pathetic.

  110. Mikoto Suoh

    Mikoto SuohPred 14 urami

    TLDR: Batman is the biggest and smartest Serial Killer.

  111. Dashippo

    DashippoPred 15 urami

    If we as a species saw another species that reproduces as rapidly and as foolishly as we have and continue to do, we would curtail it. Citing basically every concern on this show for doing so....yet when it's us over populating and killing the planet it's fine. Every global level threat can be mitigated with one solution...population control. Pandemics. Energy crisis. Global warming. Deforestation etc etc I'm not advocating for a mass cull (though that WILL be the outcome if we do nothing) currently our global birth rate is higher than the deaths....that's an unsustainable growth regardless of out current population.