IFSC World Cup Briançon 2021 || Finals

The final World Cup before Sport Climbing makes its Olympic debut takes place this weekend in Briançon, France, where 140 athletes will compete for a place on the podium.

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  1. VectornautACR

    VectornautACRPred dnevom

    When Matt pronounced Ryu Nakagawa “Raiu Knackawaga”, I died a little bit inside. XD

  2. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred 3 dnevi

    What better than to be a Czech climber with last name of ADAM-O-vska ???

  3. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPred 4 dnevi

    Grande Stefano!!

  4. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPred 6 dnevi

    why do they always fail to cover the top of the climb sufficiently from the rain?

  5. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPred 7 dnevi

    and would have had to swap feet to move across.

  6. Iain Kelly

    Iain KellyPred 8 dnevi

    16 names, Matt. That's all you have to learn. Nakawagwa indeed. Excellent commentary otherwise. So happy for Eliska!

  7. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytPred 6 dnevi

    Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.

  8. Rikky D. T. Maas

    Rikky D. T. MaasPred 8 dnevi

    How can we rewatch Olympic climbing in the US?

  9. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPred 4 dnevi

    Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.

  10. rhi021

    rhi021Pred 8 dnevi

    Commentary was good, and it can be even better if you look at the language you're using - all the men you're talking about how much they would like to win, and the women it's how happy they are to be there and how smiley/calm/focused they appear. The women also want to win, and I would think the men are also happy to be there!

  11. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPred 6 dnevi

    Matt Groom is excellent on commentary. He really should have been asked to commentate on the Olympic coverage for the beeb 👍

  12. Igels Club

    Igels ClubPred 8 dnevi


  13. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred 3 dnevi

    Wow so happy for Eliška, so deserved, she climbed superbly!!

  14. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred 9 dnevi

    Oh yay. Comments are back. I love going to the comments to learn more about the sport/climbers.

  15. Hayden

    HaydenPred 9 dnevi

    Anyone know where janja is? Is she taking a break before the olympics?

  16. Alex Galays

    Alex GalaysPred 9 dnevi

    how do these world cups work? there are like 3-4 sessions, you can go to any of these if you don't feel tired or what?

  17. andrew webber

    andrew webberPred 9 dnevi

    Great to see Eliska win. It’s interesting however that a maybe a reasonably basic positioning error likely made the difference for Natalia being second. Maybe she underestimated how bad that last crimp was or was just really pumped and thus just “going for it”. However just looking at it you can see how much more easy Eliska made the move by shifting across so her centre of gravity is under the crimp and holding herself in position with left foot against the volume. In contrast Natalia is much further to the right and would have had to swap feet to move across.

  18. andrew webber

    andrew webberPred 9 dnevi

    Also I think Eliska managed a very effective knee bar test on the route that could have given her just that edge!

  19. Jose Benjumeda Rubio

    Jose Benjumeda RubioPred 9 dnevi

    i feel like the belayers give them too much slack they let them fall almost to the ground it seems so scary

  20. Nzd

    NzdPred 9 dnevi

    They know what they're doing

  21. Jorge Barros

    Jorge BarrosPred 10 dnevi

    Stefano, what a fkin beast!

  22. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred 9 dnevi

    Eliško, jsi borkyně!

  23. Denver Strong

    Denver StrongPred 10 dnevi

    If you put it on 2x playback, it's speed climbing

  24. Greg Siegel

    Greg SiegelPred 10 dnevi

    53:02 why didn't they say anything about Sean using no holds to keep himself on the wall!

  25. ling

    lingPred 9 dnevi

    his feet were still on unlike stefano

  26. John Doe

    John DoePred 10 dnevi

    Never thought I'd live to see the day when Ashima finally decides to ditch those ugly shorts that she would turn up in, in the past. God, those were an eye sore... Glad that's over.

  27. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred 10 dnevi

    such a rollercoaster of a final!

  28. Maddie Pilz

    Maddie PilzPred 10 dnevi

    Wow so happy for Eliška, so deserved, she climbed superbly!!

  29. MrFerned

    MrFernedPred 10 dnevi

    Was there no boulder competition? It looks like we haven't gotten boulder transmissions for 2 cups or so.

  30. KrakenAttackin

    KrakenAttackinPred 10 dnevi

    Its lead season

  31. Matt Marcroft

    Matt MarcroftPred 11 dnevi

    Matt Groom is excellent on commentary. He really should have been asked to commentate on the Olympic coverage for the beeb 👍

  32. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred 10 dnevi

    I was more nervous just watching the women climb than ashima was in her whole entire climb. Hahahahah

  33. Mark Christian

    Mark ChristianPred 11 dnevi

    why do they always fail to cover the top of the climb sufficiently from the rain?

  34. Harry Clucas

    Harry ClucasPred 11 dnevi

    So glad molly is commentating for the olympics, she is great! (Although definitely would rather see her on the wall!)

  35. Verbal Wound

    Verbal WoundPred 11 dnevi

    Can they stop giving Aleksandra Totkova a leprechaun costumes?

  36. clairemira

    clairemiraPred 11 dnevi

    Little shrek yeeting her way up the wall

  37. Todd Snow

    Todd SnowPred 11 dnevi

    Too bad the route setters ruined the mens comp

  38. Ian Rasmussen

    Ian RasmussenPred 11 dnevi

    Best finals in ages. Every attempt was nail-biting. What a lovely change from "normal", quite a different experience.

  39. Yung Guap

    Yung GuapPred 11 dnevi

    Thank you for uploading this for free

  40. Mønkey

    MønkeyPred 11 dnevi

    Eliško, jsi borkyně!

  41. The Great Niro

    The Great NiroPred 11 dnevi

    1:48:42 - That is a beautiful shot with the bit of color in the sky

  42. Joe Omundson

    Joe OmundsonPred 11 dnevi

    Word: Beta UK: Beeter US: Bayduh

  43. Alex Galays

    Alex GalaysPred 9 dnevi

    FR: bétah

  44. Freestyle

    FreestylePred 11 dnevi

    What better than to be a Czech climber with last name of ADAM-O-vska ???

  45. Jess Jordan

    Jess JordanPred 11 dnevi

    Sebastian and Molly are both great guest commentators, I'd like to hear more from them :)

  46. GreyWolfClimber

    GreyWolfClimberPred 11 dnevi

    Congrats to Stefano!

  47. font9a Ninea

    font9a NineaPred 11 dnevi

    So good to see Sean on fire this season. I watched him climb on the open circuit and just crushed every time he came into my gym. Amazing performances from everyone in Briancon!

  48. tdsdesa

    tdsdesaPred 11 dnevi

    What a beast Stefano, incredible strenght

  49. Sarah Thornton

    Sarah ThorntonPred 12 dnevi

    I was more nervous just watching the women climb than ashima was in her whole entire climb. Hahahahah

  50. Alfonso Jimenez

    Alfonso JimenezPred 12 dnevi

    Very entertaining climb show and great commentators! Thanks

  51. edmunek

    edmunekPred 12 dnevi

    I so much like the "city" intros on every single of the finals. good job @ifsc

  52. TOPP3R1993

    TOPP3R1993Pred 12 dnevi

    Very awesome comp! Especially the men's route... A+

  53. dannykumite

    dannykumitePred 9 dnevi

    The 3D boulder problem in the middle overhang section is so good.

  54. Dries van Oosten

    Dries van OostenPred 12 dnevi

    Fakirianov's struggle was truly a joy to watch!

  55. mrmoorash

    mrmoorashPred 10 dnevi

    what do you mean?

  56. Umberto Biroli

    Umberto BiroliPred 12 dnevi

    Bravo Stefano gli hai messo tutti in riga

  57. Matt Marcroft

    Matt MarcroftPred 12 dnevi

    So many ads on here now- makes it almost unwatchable.

  58. Joey Gardiner

    Joey GardinerPred 11 dnevi

    there were only 2 or three and skippable?

  59. andrew webber

    andrew webberPred 12 dnevi

    Shame that Sean Bailey isn’t in the Olympics unfortunately his comeback to form happened too late!

  60. test

    testPred 9 dnevi

    he's very technical

  61. Alex Hubanov

    Alex HubanovPred 12 dnevi

    Matt Groom seems a bit fake sometimes

  62. cont3mplat3d

    cont3mplat3dPred 12 dnevi

    Mens 1. Fedir Samoilov - 13:30 2. Alberto Gines Lopez - 20:05 3. Luka Potocar - 24:10 4. Sascha Lehmann - 28:25 5. Martin Stranik - 36:05 6. Dmitrii Fakirianov - 40:55 7. Sean Bailey - 48:25 8. Stefano Ghisolfi - 55:15 Womens 1. Ryu Nakagawa - 1:12:45 2. Lana Skusek - 1:17:55 3. Aleksandra Totkova - 1:22:30 4. Ashima Shiraishi - 1:28:00 5. Vita Lukan - 1:35:00 6. Eliska Adamovska - 1:40:38 7. Lucka Rakovec - 1:47:15 8. Natalia Grossman - 1:52:10

  63. qwert yuiop

    qwert yuiopPred 3 dnevi

    You are doing the God's work.

  64. Pete

    PetePred 11 dnevi


  65. Scr3wie

    Scr3wiePred 11 dnevi

    hush hush, to the top with you!

  66. Lucy Reed

    Lucy ReedPred 11 dnevi

    thank you, this is so helpful

  67. Daniele Scafidi

    Daniele ScafidiPred 12 dnevi

    Bravo Stefanoooo!!! :)

  68. Vince W

    Vince WPred 12 dnevi

    Matt is quickly becoming the voice of climbing, having the competitors in the commentators box is great insight

  69. Vince W

    Vince WPred 12 dnevi

    The yellow and purple combination is very retro.

  70. Smar 316

    Smar 316Pred 12 dnevi

    Molly Thompson-Smith is such a delight to listen to on commentary. Her and Alanna Yip are so friendly and knowledgeable and positive!

  71. Guilbert Jude Garrido

    Guilbert Jude GarridoPred 12 dnevi

    Any timestamps?

  72. Kristi Kincaid

    Kristi KincaidPred 12 dnevi

    Sebastian is a terrific commentator! We always are excited when we hear his voice at the start of the comp.

  73. Bostjan Skufca Jese

    Bostjan Skufca JesePred 12 dnevi

    Molly was so pleasant to listen to - kinda like as if she and Matt were old buddies, watching this final while having a casual chat over a coffee... err, tea! :)

  74. Martin C

    Martin CPred 12 dnevi

    Weird people getting podiums this year with the best climbers out for the olympics and covid etc.

  75. Martin C

    Martin CPred 5 dnevi

    @mrmoorash I agree Stefano is deserving of a podium as a top 5 lead climber in the world. Being #15 shouldn't get podiums. Seems like you're new to IFSC cups, you're in for a treat when the big dogs come back.

  76. mrmoorash

    mrmoorashPred 6 dnevi

    @Martin C on my opinion, Sean, Dmitriy and others who appeared to be on the podium are at least on the top 10-15 competition climbers list, which including missing athletes as well. Alberto is a rising star, Sean significantly improved as a lead climber since 2019 and he could easily compete with all other missing top athletes. Needless to say Stephano one of the best climbers in the world, and Sean with others proved their high level competing against Stephano, which could be sort of a benchmark. So no, not a word that you said is legit or makes any sense, in my opinion.

  77. Martin C

    Martin CPred 6 dnevi

    ​@mrmoorash Most notably, Sean Bailey and everyone who podium'd at Chamonix or Braincon. Don't get me wrong, these climbers could still make finals under normal circumstances, but this is not the quality of climbing we saw in 2019.

  78. mrmoorash

    mrmoorashPred 6 dnevi

    Who do you call weird?

  79. Davide Gaggino

    Davide GagginoPred 12 dnevi

    Forza Stefano !! Sei super !!!

  80. Danielle Goodspeed

    Danielle GoodspeedPred 12 dnevi

    Why do the commentators say these elite athletes who train endlessless and make so many sacrifices are just there for the experience and the fun?

  81. cheznikos

    cheznikosPred 11 dnevi

    Because they're terrible indeed. Comps are not about fun, it's about winning, which indeed is fun then.

  82. GreyWolfClimber

    GreyWolfClimberPred 11 dnevi

    Climbing is, at its heart, play. Some forms of training do not feel like training. How people used to train in the 70s and 80s, just bouldering. That’s enough to get into decent shape. Of course they have to train systematically these days too. But when they actually climb, it’s fun.

  83. Tiara Edwards

    Tiara EdwardsPred 12 dnevi

    As crazy as it sounds, some of them are. Some just enjoy climbing a lot. Many have jobs and school outside of climbing.

  84. shibboleth_without

    shibboleth_withoutPred 12 dnevi

    Дима, вот так подарок! Молодец! Гордимся!

  85. Daniele Monchiero

    Daniele MonchieroPred 12 dnevi

    Grande Stefano!

  86. Alex Church

    Alex ChurchPred 12 dnevi

    There was no way Bailey could’ve won, the two moves above where he fell at are max span. I don’t even think he can do those moves. Bad route setting.

  87. Samantha S

    Samantha SPred 11 dnevi

    Sean was probably at more of a disadvantage with his height for that move, however, I still believe that it was possible for him. His right hand popped off while he was reaching which caused him to fall. I think that if he was less pumped and if his right hand stayed on, he could've definitely made the move work.

  88. Zachary Laschober

    Zachary LaschoberPred 12 dnevi

    @Alex Church Sean has almost always been the shortest male competitor and knows he has to be dynamic, yet because he pinches the volume and scummed his right foot for most of the move he greatly slowed his movement and restricted his range. Despite this, he was still able to post with fingertips. Not in the least impossible. Harder? Probably, but doubt Sean would use that as an excuse.

  89. Alex Church

    Alex ChurchPred 12 dnevi

    @VivianHLY and impossible if they are unreachable

  90. VivianHLY

    VivianHLYPred 12 dnevi

    Max span moves are certainly doable, but they are also certainly harder than if they weren't max span.

  91. Joe B

    Joe BPred 12 dnevi

    Nice try Sean! Get outta here you already got two golds

  92. Iwona Tchorzewska

    Iwona TchorzewskaPred 12 dnevi

    Adamovska 🥰

  93. Ryan Sawyer

    Ryan SawyerPred 11 dnevi


  94. Gaël Aubrit

    Gaël AubritPred 12 dnevi

    Lovely final!! I was really touched by Eliska Adamovska. Might be the first time I don't skip a podium ceremony. And her climbing was epic!

  95. Wilson Ramirez

    Wilson RamirezPred 12 dnevi

    Sean Bailey Rocks!

  96. Wilson Ramirez

    Wilson RamirezPred 10 dnevi

    It is just my personal opinion.

  97. Kristian Rasmussen

    Kristian RasmussenPred 12 dnevi

    This was one of the most exciting and gripping finals I've yet seen! Whew!

  98. Kristian Rasmussen

    Kristian RasmussenPred 12 dnevi

    no pun intended

  99. Kristian Rasmussen

    Kristian RasmussenPred 12 dnevi

    on Stefano's instagram you will see him practice moves exactly like that slip where he is gripping his hangbox only with his elbows and forearms (using shoulders and pecs muscles). So that's amazing ha ha it paid off. Also I believe there is footage of him slipping and saving himself on either La Dura Dura or Bibliographie. Stefano is 100% a climbing legend and one of the greatest current climbers!

  100. Martin C

    Martin CPred 6 dnevi

    ​@Blar Froer After who? Ondra and Megos? Both Ghisolfi and Schubert have done 9b+ outdoors, and Schubert is the much more accomplished comp climber between the two. Honestly Schubert is disgustingly good in comps and might be the best most consistent lead comp climber of all 4.

  101. Blar Froer

    Blar FroerPred 11 dnevi

    For lead climbing, I'd put Stefano as number 3 in the world. It's a shame he didn't make it to the Olympics. This combined format sucks.

  102. GreyWolfClimber

    GreyWolfClimberPred 11 dnevi

    Yep. The box hug. I thought of that when he saved it. Great recovery!

  103. Kristian Rasmussen

    Kristian RasmussenPred 12 dnevi

    @Tristan Cleveland right the thought occurred to me right after posting lol whoops. Could be Perfecto Mundo. In any case, some very difficult climb. Might go through anx find it to make the edit...

  104. Tristan Cleveland

    Tristan ClevelandPred 12 dnevi

    Stefano hasn't sent La Dura Dura. Perfecto Mundo?

  105. Joe B

    Joe BPred 12 dnevi

    Natalia now has 2 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze in bouldering and lead in just this season alone. Better than most climbers achieve in a lifetime. Tragic she’s not representing the US in the Olympics.

  106. Perry Doig

    Perry DoigPred 10 dnevi

    @Blar Froer Climbing Magazine did a great article on the rapid rise of the US team. Give it a read.

  107. Joe B

    Joe BPred 10 dnevi

    @KTape Yeah I've watched them all and all I'm reading are just excuses from you. Easy route setting. Dynamic moves. Come on dude that move was not difficult at all and I'm sure Laura would agree it's all on her for not hitting it. Are you actually saying "if she didn't fall she would have won". Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?? And let's not pretend Laura isn't decent at bouldering coming in top 10 at Innsbruck. Regardless, I'm not saying Natalia or Brooke are better than any of them but I think you're confused by the definition of "on another level". Maybe English isn't your first language but when you consistently podium with the same people and sometimes beat them at the highest level of competition then yes you are on their level.

  108. KTape

    KTapePred 10 dnevi

    @Joe B Yes I have watched them, have you? Also I don’t think you quite understand the setting purposes in each round. Finals routes are easier than semifinals (apart from the major mishap in Chamonix and here in Briançon to some extent where the semis were too easy) because the finals are meant to be a show where there’s a top to entertain the crowd. Semifinals are intentionally set in a higher difficulty to provide accurate separation based on ability. It doesn’t matter that Natalia climbed a finals route a minute faster, lead is about endurance/technical skill not how fast a climber can speedrun an easy to top route. Go watch the Innsbruck and Villars semifinals to see just how much better Janja and Laura are compared to Natalia and Brooke. I wouldn’t say Brooke “handily” beat Laura in Innsbruck either, Laura fell quite early on a trippy dynamic move that knocked out both her and Lucka, as the two of them are lead specialists and don’t work on dynamic moves as the boulderers would. If not for that fall or the weirdly bouldery/dynamic setting of that final, I highly doubt Laura would’ve lost to Brooke. Her endurance and static strength are undoubtedly better than Brooke’s. Also, as I mentioned before, both Ai Mori and Chaehyun Seo did not compete this season. Ai has incredible endurance, and Chaehyun has consistently beaten Janja, even claiming the overall lead title in 2019. Unless one of those 4 makes a mistake or the setters create a route full of dynos like the Innsbruck final, the American climbers likely won’t be on the podium. I’m not saying that they aren’t on good form at the moment, but you’re really not accounting for the fact that so many strong athletes have not been competing for the entirety of this season, due to covid travel restrictions and/or Olympic preparations.

  109. Joe B

    Joe BPred 11 dnevi

    @KTape Did you watch the recent comps? Natalia has been right behind Laura and Janja in basically each lead finals. She actually did the final problem in Villars a minute faster than even Janja but missed the last hold. And Brooke has handily beaten Laura once already this season…

  110. KTape

    KTapePred 11 dnevi

    @Blar Froer I agree that the US athletes have become stronger, but you have to recognize that so many major players have not been competing/competing inconsistently throughout this season. I don’t think we’re going to be seeing any US women in lead podiums once Chaehyun Seo and Ai Mori are back competing alongside Janja and Laura. Those 4 are just on another level with their lead climbing.

  111. Eadelin Dizon

    Eadelin DizonPred 12 dnevi

    i quite liked sebastian halenke as a commentator (: adding quite abit of personal anecdotes about the athletes he's climbed with, opinions and technical knowledge, all without sounding self-indulgent. more more more!

  112. WonderWhatHappened

    WonderWhatHappenedPred 11 dnevi

    @Blar Froer definitely understandable. His grasp of the English language is probably as good as mine and I'm a native speaker :)

  113. Blar Froer

    Blar FroerPred 12 dnevi

    @WonderWhatHappened he said a lot of things the way he would in German. That's why he made some mistakes and some unnecessarily long phrases.

  114. Jeremiah d

    Jeremiah dPred 12 dnevi

    He's been on several times and always has interesting commentary imo

  115. WonderWhatHappened

    WonderWhatHappenedPred 12 dnevi

    I agree. He could have a career co-commentating just a little wordy in his explanations but I think it's more of a language thing. I dunno.

  116. Finlay Humberstone

    Finlay HumberstonePred 12 dnevi

    They often do a very good job with the co commentators, I always enjoy hearing a new athletes perspective

  117. Mt. Diablo Beta

    Mt. Diablo BetaPred 12 dnevi

    such a rollercoaster of a final!

  118. Superior Gazellus Maximus

    Superior Gazellus MaximusPred 12 dnevi

    Finally Vita got her first world cup podium! I love her climbing.

  119. KTape

    KTapePred 12 dnevi

    I agree, so happy for her! Poor Lucka though, she’s been so strong in qualis/semis in the last couple of comps but finals just haven’t been going well for her. Hopefully she’ll be able to medal in the remaining lead world cups for this year.

  120. Scifikimmi

    ScifikimmiPred 12 dnevi

    Oh yay. Comments are back. I love going to the comments to learn more about the sport/climbers.

  121. MangoSnap

    MangoSnapPred 12 dnevi

    I just got into climbing this is so cool

  122. MangoSnap

    MangoSnapPred 15 urami

    @Jonahackett yea lol edit climbed my first v3 like a week ago wich is cool ig

  123. Jonahackett

    JonahackettPred 8 dnevi

    @Zeke Smith apart from while youre inevitably injured

  124. MangoSnap

    MangoSnapPred 9 dnevi

    @Zeke Smith so far it’s amazing my favorite sport yet

  125. Zeke Smith

    Zeke SmithPred 9 dnevi

    Yes, welcome. You will not regret it

  126. Schaeffer Carr

    Schaeffer CarrPred 10 dnevi

    One of the best and most friendly places to be! Welcome!

  127. VivTheWickedAwesome

    VivTheWickedAwesomePred 12 dnevi

    Why was Lucka Rakovec's score 26 instead of 27+? She should have been in the tie at 27+ and moved ahead of Ashima on countback, if I'm not mistaken, but her final score was lower and she finished in 6th place instead

  128. Wind River

    Wind RiverPred 12 dnevi

    The 27th hold was the undercling on the the left side of the volume that you can see Ashima using at 1:32:09. Lucka never used that hold, instead going directly for the next one. She was given a + though, so her final score was 26+

  129. KTape

    KTapePred 12 dnevi

    Major props to the routesetters for this excellent final, both the women’s and men’s routes presented the challenge they’re supposed to with a good balance of powerful yet technical climbing. An amazing podium battle and well-deserved golds on both sides as well. Stefano with that crazy compression save on the volume and still powering through to a new high point. And Eliska of course, what a smooth climb through the bottom section and giving it everything she had on the crimps. I’m sure she’ll remember this victory for a long time to come. As much as I miss the Olympians and can’t wait to see them back, it was nice to see the talent of the other climbers shine through today.

  130. Tristan Cleveland

    Tristan ClevelandPred 12 dnevi

    The routes were excellent.

  131. Erick Hernandez

    Erick HernandezPred 12 dnevi

    Climbing starts at 13:12

  132. Frank

    FrankPred 12 dnevi

    Grande Stefano!!

  133. Michele Riggio

    Michele RiggioPred 12 dnevi

    13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35 13:35

  134. Blar Froer

    Blar FroerPred 12 dnevi

    German TV nominates a "goal of the month" in football, we should have a "climbing move of the month". And for July, it's Stefano's save. Just, how? Big congrats to Eliska, you earned it. And Matt, please put a little effort into the athletes' names. Her name is Ryu Nakagawa, not Rye-yoo Naguagua. That's honestly disrespectful.

  135. SleepTightShipOfDrea

    SleepTightShipOfDreaPred 11 dnevi

    @Ian Rasmussen Oh please, no need to make it sound like rocket science... Japanese in particular is super easy to speak. Just say "you" with an r before and bam - Ryu, pronounced correctly, with an accent. Adding whole syllables and diphtongs is not "accent", it's part dyslexia and part ignorance. I appreciate that dyslexia is hard to beat, plus Anglosaxons are agressively monolingual... But it should simply be a given that names are pronounced correctly in an international comp series. Matt's doing a great job otherwise, just this point is super annoying.

  136. Ian Rasmussen

    Ian RasmussenPred 11 dnevi

    I don't understand the anger over someone having difficultly pronouncing words in a language that uses completely different syllables from the one that they speak (it's actually crazy how different syllables and sounds between some languages are from a linguistics perspective). Strange to me that people get so offended at different pronunciations. That's what accents are, they're a normal part of growing up speaking a language, and it influences how you say words. There's nothing disrespectful about giving it your best shot but not being able to do it 100%.

  137. j Head

    j HeadPred 11 dnevi

    @Matt Groom Hey Matt, you are legendary in names butchering:), but you got Eliška Adamovská pretty good and I noticed that you got much better. Commentary in my opinion is as good as Charlie Boscoes and guests are always great. Great input from booth Sebastian and Molly. Thanks man, you are doing a great job!

  138. ToBeardOrNotToBeard

    ToBeardOrNotToBeardPred 12 dnevi

    @Matt Groom Some advice from a guy who commentated on diverse events with plenty of different names before: When you write down phonetics, be sure that the phonetics are actual phonetics (or at least phonetics that you can understand). Even if you invent your own code for it, just have something that is consistent and isn't just English letters slapped together haphazardly. You want to do your best to make sure that when you read your phonetics, the sound that comes out of your mouth is the same. Sure you might make mistakes here and there, but it's actually better to make the same mistakes over and over again than it is to pronounce the name differently each time (you run the risk of confusing viewers who might think you're talking about multiple people when you're actually only talking about one person). Additionally, a consistent phonetic system is a lot easier to correct! You can compare the original with your phonetic version and make adjustments where necessary because you have a consistent system. Also take note of the actual number of syllables (pronouncing with the wrong number of syllables is one of the easiest ways to make a name sound absolutely butchered). Unfortunately you will need to practice pronouncing syllable structures that don't exist in English (e.g. "Ryu" or "Lju" in Ljubljana). As frustrating and awful as it might feel, re-listening to your own recordings with a critical ear is a useful (albeit cringey) exercise. Lastly, it might be worth it to rank pronunciations with difficulty. When I was doing this, I would put 3 stars next to names that were especially difficult, 2 and 1 stars next to medium and easier names respectively. Then at a glance on the name sheet, I could quickly identify the names that I need to practice on, and the names that I need to be careful to pronounce correctly. I think your commentary by-and-large is extraordinarily fluent. You never get in the way of the action, and you always have something intelligent and useful to say that helps push the broadcast forward. You establish fantastic rapport with your co-commentators, even though they are shuffling every single time, which is difficult to do! I would say that the only thing holding you back from taking your commentary to the next level is the occasional slip-up with names, and that is a workable issue that you can improve. Keep up the great work mate!

  139. Mt. Diablo Beta

    Mt. Diablo BetaPred 12 dnevi

    @Matt Groom I really respect your willingness to take feedback. I know you'll be a great commentator for many years to come!

  140. Amy Kroening

    Amy KroeningPred 12 dnevi

    Who is commentating with Matt?

  141. Blar Froer

    Blar FroerPred 12 dnevi

    Sebastian Halenke and Molly Thompson-Smith

  142. Alberto Alvarez

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  143. Thomas

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    If you look closely at 59:05, you can see Ghisolfi secreting some spider silk from his left hand.

  144. Jacob Magnuson

    Jacob MagnusonPred 12 dnevi

    u wot m8

  145. Christine Moulard

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  146. Christine Moulard

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  147. Christine Moulard

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  148. Christine Moulard

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