Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart vs Ratchet and Clank (Remake) | Direct Comparison

Direct visual and gameplay comparison of the recently released Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the Ratchet & Clank Remake released in 2016 for PS4.

Both games are being played on a PlayStation 5 and are recorded using a 4K Capture card.

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  1. leonthesleepy

    leonthesleepyPred 20 urami

    This looks insanely good. I think in 2 more console generations, we wont be able to tell the difference between high quality cinematics and gameplay.

  2. FelixBlue4

    FelixBlue4Pred dnevom

    this one truly feels like next gen it is only possible on the ps5 ofc

  3. Mr Kaji

    Mr KajiPred 6 dnevi

    I prefer the title art from 2016

  4. Howard Mueller

    Howard MuellerPred 8 dnevi

    I haven’t been this impressed with a game since gears in 2006. This was my first time playing ratchet and I loved it. Just epic 🔥from beginning to end!

  5. Owen O Donoghue

    Owen O DonoghuePred 9 dnevi

    Was it just me or was the sound design in the remake better than rift apart, Buzz blades sound like they actually hurt when they did u

  6. le theo

    le theoPred 9 dnevi

    The game is amazing I just played the first 2 missions and it looks amazing smoothly and idk man I am an og ratchet and clank fan and I fckn like it

  7. chrikke

    chrikkePred 17 dnevi

    I dont see why rift apart cant play on ps4 pro. Those 2 games looks almost identical. Only difference is the lighting

  8. A Tribe Called Quest

    A Tribe Called QuestPred 18 dnevi

    I don't like his outfit in the new games 🙄

  9. Kendrick Viera-Ramos

    Kendrick Viera-RamosPred 22 dnevi

    Hey nick930 can u pls make a history of ratchet and clank

  10. Mases

    MasesPred 22 dnevi

    How can graphics even get any better?

  11. Peter Iselizo

    Peter IselizoPred 22 dnevi

    ps5: *zooms in on fur*

  12. Slick Videos

    Slick VideosPred 24 dnevi

    PlayStation 5 has really did it this year. I would encourage everyone to play this game. It amazing and has beautiful graphics.

  13. blkmattymatt

    blkmattymattPred 26 dnevi

    Compared to rift apart. The ps4 version still looks really good.

  14. kfsdk8

    kfsdk8Pred 28 dnevi

    Rift Apart is masterpiece

  15. Boomer72O

    Boomer72OPred 28 dnevi

    Hey! Here's a 20 year old Project to show the power of the PS5. Id hope the graphics are different. have had 20 years to get it this way. try it on a new IP and you'll see the quality drop. oh PlayStation, how you've fallen

  16. 34abub021

    34abub021Pred 13 dnevi

    You ain't making any sense

  17. Hirola

    HirolaPred 29 dnevi

    Not my cup of tea, but it looks really good!

  18. Aurum TheBrave

    Aurum TheBravePred mesecem

    Rift Apart is a proper pixar game.

  19. Ariel Jersey Jr

    Ariel Jersey JrPred mesecem

    While Dunkey said the graphics barely have an upgrade. But I understand when you just playing the game you don't really see the fine details.

  20. 34abub021

    34abub021Pred 13 dnevi

    The fact that people are zooming in on fur instead of having fun in a video game. Man gaming is fucked

  21. Elijah E

    Elijah EPred mesecem

    Jesus christ goddamn THIS is what the PS5 can do! Holy shit I love video games

  22. m*Σ*t*H

    m*Σ*t*HPred mesecem


  23. CAKO

    CAKOPred mesecem

    Playing the Remake on PS5 and it's looking pretty good but damn Rift Apart looks awesome!

  24. Khalid Al-Zhrani

    Khalid Al-ZhraniPred mesecem

    I cant wait to lay my hands on a PS5, so excited to play and feel the beauty of this game!

  25. danny carr

    danny carrPred mesecem

    Is this worth buying……I didn’t even play more then 1 hour of the one ps5 owners get for free because I didn’t like it

  26. danny carr

    danny carrPred mesecem

    I started playing crank in time last night and yeahs it’s great I will be getting rift tomorrow

  27. NoddleEgg

    NoddleEggPred mesecem

    It's worth trust me

  28. Lord Almansoori

    Lord AlmansooriPred mesecem

    best details I've experienced in a videogame so far, amazing

  29. klaatew

    klaatewPred mesecem

    We all know how good Rift Apart looks but I’m honestly amazed to see how good the remake still looks even after 5 years.

  30. CroatiaGM

    CroatiaGMPred mesecem

    Odličan videozapis! Moj pljesak vrijedi 10,00 HRK 👏

  31. D

    DPred mesecem

    Mogo si bar stotku nabacit

  32. Chris Taylor

    Chris TaylorPred mesecem

    A Rift Apart looks better graphically, has faster loading times, less irritating Clank sections that don't require as much footwork and retreading, and the low gravity areas are neat. But man do I miss hoverboard/bike racing, space battles, a decent arena, and the overall feel of innovation and trying out new things to give us more to do outside the story. Plus being able to play without the game corrupting my save or hardfreezing my console, damn there are some nasty bugs.

  33. Spydiggity

    SpydiggityPred mesecem

    2016 is still a more fun game, regardless of tech. The writing in both games is trash, but the gameplay is more fun in 2016.

  34. Lloyd Cruz

    Lloyd CruzPred mesecem

    I dunno why, but I think Rivet is frickin hot!

  35. 34abub021

    34abub021Pred 13 dnevi


  36. Lost Gamer

    Lost GamerPred mesecem

    1:42 now i feel like playing on a ps3 🥲

  37. Rinka

    RinkaPred mesecem

    Didn't come here to watch the video. Came here to correct the title: Ratchet & Clank vs Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (Remake) | Direct Comparison I don't necessarily care about the games, but even I know better. Get it right.

  38. 34abub021

    34abub021Pred 13 dnevi

    Stfu nobody cares

  39. Varun Srinivas

    Varun SrinivasPred mesecem

    I honestly feel that if Insomniac remade Ratchet and Clank again in 2021 for the PS4 it would've looked much much better, I mean look at Spiderman PS4, the level of detail on that game is almost comparable to Rift Apart, I mean sure that fur may not have been as detailed on the PS4, but the clothes and other textures would've been of a much higher level of detail

  40. waffles E

    waffles EPred mesecem

    skip two minutes in and this lonely dork is complaining about hair strands lmao jesus some ppl need a wife and kid GET A LIFE DUDE

  41. 34abub021

    34abub021Pred 13 dnevi


  42. MrCelroy

    MrCelroyPred mesecem

    Games now look like the pre rendered intros they had in the early 2000s

  43. mahdi glorius

    mahdi gloriusPred mesecem

    im very intrested in game in quality new story butt i cant buy ps5

  44. Blag Cog

    Blag CogPred mesecem

    The eye reflection is not a cubemap. I could see characters reflected in their eyes perfectly clean.

  45. Terrence Vergauwen

    Terrence VergauwenPred 5 dnevi

    Usually, if the reflection is grainy and has no anti-aliasing, it's a raytraced reflection... If it's smooth/blurry and anti-aliased, it's a cube- or spherical environment map. Current new-gen HW raytracing isn't powerful enough yet to do anti-aliased raytraced reflections and true glossy raytraced reflections (although it's possible to raytrace the reflection first and then apply a blur effect on the result, which is what I think they did with clank's metal body, they raytraced the environment reflections and then applied an anisotropic blur effect to make it look like glossy, anisotropic (eg the metal is polished in a direction), shiny metal.

  46. Monkey Robots Inc.

    Monkey Robots Inc.Pred mesecem

    The better the game looks, the less amount of time they spent on gameplay. Think how ugly girls usually have the best assess. It's like that. Sad really.

  47. Lyso

    LysoPred mesecem

    Definitely not in this case, Rift Apart has a much better gameplay than the 2016 remake, there is a lot of difference.

  48. Monkey Robots Inc.

    Monkey Robots Inc.Pred mesecem

    Big sh!t companies like insomniac and naughty dog are lucky most people buy games based on graphics alone our they'd be out of business.

  49. Game Heroes

    Game HeroesPred mesecem

    shut they make make quality and quantity run hater

  50. Monkey Robots Inc.

    Monkey Robots Inc.Pred mesecem

    The remake sucks, so i can't imagine buying the new one. Bargain bin this one.

  51. Dad Fighter Films

    Dad Fighter FilmsPred mesecem

    Rift Apart might be visually the best game out there

  52. SoughtAfter Vessel

    SoughtAfter VesselPred mesecem

    Does anyone know where is a great place to learn game development? I would love to learn all the techniques talked about and more like from this video I want to be able to make a high-quality, comparable to triple AAA company, style game as possible/potentially a lone developer I don't know where to start other than search online. Watching videos and studying, but i hope to seek a dedicated teacher or course that can pass on the knowledge on making 2D and 3D style games.

  53. SoughtAfter Vessel

    SoughtAfter VesselPred mesecem

    @Lyso it is very possible

  54. Lyso

    LysoPred mesecem

    Alone developer making a triple AAA game? You have to be kidding

  55. El Kenny Bagnis

    El Kenny BagnisPred mesecem

    I played Ratchet and Clank 2016 and Rift Apart back to back on my PS5 and one of the things I really love is how fluid the movement is now. I also never had any frame drops playing in performance ray tracing mode!

  56. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulatingPred mesecem


  57. Brned Ndennensnw

    Brned NdennensnwPred mesecem

    From a man to woman and become transgender

  58. Danny Dimes

    Danny DimesPred mesecem

    10/10 playing my second play through already. New Sly Cooper next please!!

  59. MCinsayno

    MCinsaynoPred mesecem

    I pre-ordered my PS5 at the end of november 2020. The pre-orders till mid november 2020 are delivered. That means my PS5 is very close now. Can't wait to play this game on my 4K TV UPDATE: I GOT MY PS5 YESTERDAY WITH R&C

  60. Imre Tamás Szabó

    Imre Tamás SzabóPred mesecem

    Stolen ideas from Crash Bandicoot 3 : Warped...

  61. Just razu

    Just razuPred mesecem


  62. Bored AsFuck

    Bored AsFuckPred mesecem

    Worth every penny

  63. Vespa

    VespaPred mesecem

    The story is what keeps me coming back to this series, so I would not call it bad or (cheezy) it's been 20 years and I'm still waiting for him to find his family and now we still have to wait longer

  64. Nathan T-M

    Nathan T-MPred mesecem

    the thing that is insane is that insomniac developpers never were in a crunch time one single time for this game. WOW

  65. KillerTacos

    KillerTacosPred mesecem

    A Rift Apart is exactly why I hope games stop being crossgen… I think it’s about time

  66. Roy Marquis

    Roy MarquisPred mesecem

    The game is amazing but quite a let down from a vet of the series…

  67. Roy Marquis

    Roy MarquisPred mesecem

    @Nathan T-M hopefully 🙏 R&C 3 on the ps2 was my favorite of all time! Had the arena and races and mini games and the awesome secret agent clank missions where clank turns into a big robot like kit does

  68. Nathan T-M

    Nathan T-MPred mesecem

    yea well i think they wanna gather a lot of new comers for the next installment that will probably be very promising for the old and new fans:)

  69. Bruh mode

    Bruh modePred mesecem

    2016 was more remenisint to the older games Rift apart is more modernised

  70. Adtrl the gamer

    Adtrl the gamerPred mesecem

    Now to see the rest of the weapons from previous R&C games to come back.

  71. Keitek

    KeitekPred mesecem

    The audio comparison is kind of difficult to compare because the dual sense controller adds so much to it that its hard to recreate it for a youtube video. I personally was surprised at how much the ps5 controller adds to the game and Insomniac did a great job with it. Most games the "rumble" feels like an annoyance but Insomniac some how made it feel like a natural part of the game. Insomniac really knows how to take advantage of a system's strengths and I can't wait to play their future titles, especially the next Spider-man game.

  72. SwissBro1400

    SwissBro1400Pred mesecem

    I was in owe while playing this game. Finished it yesterday, now I need to get the plat trophey

  73. Leono Trujillo

    Leono TrujilloPred mesecem

    Looks amazing, I can't wait to get it for free in 5 years.

  74. Melvin Salvador

    Melvin SalvadorPred mesecem

    I found out that in Zurkies there’s a slight amount of ray tracing inside the main hub in performance mode. Which I found interesting.

  75. MAD DUDE

    MAD DUDEPred mesecem

    Fh5 is coming.....!!!Can you make comparison when it's out ??? Pls

  76. キティニャー

    キティニャーPred mesecem

    the graphics on the new game are insane, some of best ever seen.

  77. Just Playz 1.0

    Just Playz 1.0Pred mesecem

    Imagine PS6, mm, perfection probably

  78. Michael Price

    Michael PricePred mesecem

    To see this animation style look so amazing has me crying for a new Jak n Daxter game. the devs know what made the last games fail so no reason they couldnt produce an amazing game without repeating the same sort of misdirection. they have the fan base still and whilst theres still hardly any games on ps5 it would stand out but i ggess ill just have to keep dreaming

  79. Michael Price

    Michael PricePred mesecem

    @User1 It may be good to have a stand alone game but as much as id like a continuation of the trilogy it may be hard for them to stitch up all the plot holes in the 3rd game.

  80. User1

    User1Pred mesecem

    Just platinumed jak 2, yeah wish they make a reboot or a stand-alone game.

  81. Isaiah

    IsaiahPred mesecem

    Rift Apart makes the remake look like a PS3 game. I thought it would have been a whole lot closer

  82. Banjo Potato

    Banjo PotatoPred mesecem

    wasnt the ps4 pro version recetly updated to 60fps?

  83. Rudy Fisher

    Rudy FisherPred mesecem

    the sound difference makes the remake sound way more chunkier and more satisfying for a shootemup game, but the RA sounds more like how I would expect the guns to sound and are more subtle, there's more finesse to their sound. interesting break down. they are both gorgeous games and RA really takes a big step further

  84. John Tziannis

    John TziannisPred mesecem

    Does anyone else wish for another Clank game?

  85. MoneyManAnto

    MoneyManAntoPred mesecem

    Once we get the pro or new ever next gen consoles that can run True 4K 60fps wit rtx, man that’s when shit will get crazy . They said this game is only the tip of the iceberg , when Spider-Man 2 drops( so sad we got a half asses avenger and dog shit guardians of the galaxy from square Enix( that hopefully nobody will buy ) it’ll use the ps5s true power.

  86. WildSky

    WildSkyPred mesecem

    Is it worth laying out $500 for the console? No

  87. Foofy

    FoofyPred mesecem

    Game would be much much better if it wasn't $70 or 5-8 hours long.

  88. Acropolis 44

    Acropolis 44Pred mesecem

    I was personally offended when he called the story cheesy. Rift Apart has the best thematic elements this series has seen thus far.

  89. Andrew Yachovitz

    Andrew YachovitzPred mesecem

    Rachet and clank is my all time favorite childhood game, this is my childhood(and crash bandicoot). Man am I jealous that I don’t have a PS5 💯😂🤙

  90. starrky

    starrkyPred mesecem

    yea game is absolutely amazing and it feels like super step up in gamin overall with adaptive triggers and all the rumble of surfaces, it's like first thing that changed how I enjoyed games since like dualshock, it's crazy. BTW I did make 200 screenshots in platinum ratchet journey game was that stunning

  91. Ed U

    Ed UPred mesecem

    I heard in photo mode on rift apart the resolution is actually increased. Is this true? If so the photos you are showing aren't representative of gameplay stills.

  92. syed atif

    syed atifPred mesecem

    judging by the banner i think you own a sun conure am i right?

  93. Nick930

    Nick930Pred mesecem

    Indeed. He's shown in my studio tour video as well

  94. Saint Kenny

    Saint KennyPred mesecem

    When the hackers don’t have the PS5 and Sony did their fixes inside the newer units. This will definitely be one of my future games! Absolutely Brilliant!


    KURVLEXPred mesecem

    I still miss Clank's thurster pack with wings.....Idky Insomniac removed those preferences...

  96. Andrue Finley

    Andrue FinleyPred mesecem

    the term "if you are lucky enough to get a ps5" is daunting and hurtful at this point

  97. Flibbertigibbet

    FlibbertigibbetPred mesecem

    Just started playing this and wow! The game play is so full on and action packed, The graphics and sound track emersion are really immersive and all combined with the controllers Haptic feedback where you can even feel him walking is just fantastic, Especially the bass in the Nightclub. So far this is the best game I have played.

  98. Man Black

    Man BlackPred mesecem

    Wow a new game is better then a 4 year old game

  99. [based audio]

    [based audio]Pred mesecem

    Welp can't get my hands on a ps5 thx to fucking scalpers. At least the previous game is still a decent experience in my opinion.

  100. Green

    GreenPred mesecem

    Incredible how Ratchet 2016, which is such a phenomenal looking game for the time now looks dated compared to Rift Apart.

  101. Sofaris

    SofarisPred mesecem

    This goes pretty of topic but my favorite Anime/Cartoon ever gets a video game adaptation. My expectations are super low becuse Anime Adaptations ate usually not that good. The screen shoots from the anouncement showed how outdatet thr graphics are and one thing the show did really well is beeing beautiful to look at. When I look at "a Rift apart" I wish Insomniac would make the Videogame adaptation. They seem to knoe how to make beautiful cartoony games. I know the artstyle from Made in Abyss is different but still. And from what I heard there games are fun to play as well.

  102. TheDragonLegacy

    TheDragonLegacyPred mesecem

    I like the gunplay in both but that's kinda just the style of ratchet and clank. I definitely liked rift apart better on ever aspect. From guns to story.

  103. GLegend360

    GLegend360Pred mesecem

    Jut got a PS5 this week and got this game with it. Can't wait to play it this weekend!

  104. Simple Youth

    Simple YouthPred mesecem

    Rift Apart looks 2 generations ahead of the remake

  105. SORE! MUSS

    SORE! MUSSPred mesecem

    The 2016 game is hardly a great example of what the PS4 is capable of, I've seen tones of games that do a better job. It actually looks pretty bad to me, the amount of polygons on Ratchet is pretty low. Look at how good KH3 looked for example, or even RD2 oooohhh and HZD was increadible too.

  106. [based audio]

    [based audio]Pred mesecem

    Still some good looking sections in the remake

  107. Nabby933

    Nabby933Pred mesecem

    I think I will try to Plat R&C 2016 before playing anymore Rift Apart

  108. Totally Average Gaming

    Totally Average GamingPred mesecem

    I knew it had to look better but I didn’t expect it to look THAT much better. That’s just nuts

  109. Memphis Reines

    Memphis ReinesPred mesecem

    It should've been way less.

  110. Brian Charlston

    Brian CharlstonPred mesecem

    Hey Nick could you plz do a comparison of AC Unity vs AC Valhalla.

  111. Stoys

    StoysPred mesecem

    bullshit video cause the older game is washed out like hell on purpose too make the colors look very bad. the ps4 does not look this bad when it comes too colors and contrast!

  112. overcome

    overcomePred mesecem

    Idc they are both terrible

  113. Gyorkland

    GyorklandPred mesecem

    I think SPiderman model for PS4 already had that scaling technology for insane detail I don't think that's a new generation perk but the raytracing and lighting in general is so much better now.

  114. Huj Mamin

    Huj MaminPred mesecem

    I played previous rachet at ps4pro and new one at ps5, and i enjoyed first gsme much more, first of all course its not very interesting to play this game again, even with ray tracing 4k. Animation is really awesome, but i dont notice it very much while playing. Hope psvr2 will bring something really new

  115. Heroman

    HeromanPred mesecem

    my only complaint with Rift Apart is the lack of enemy variation. Cosmetically, there just aren't enough enemies in comparison to past titles! I love the game, but I really got tired of fighting the same nefarious minions throughout most of the game...

  116. TheSnoozeFox

    TheSnoozeFoxPred mesecem

    I remember thinking Tools Of Destruction looked this good.

  117. Singers Unite

    Singers UnitePred mesecem

    I hate it when games are semi -open worlds... either open it up or don’t

  118. Hy wong

    Hy wongPred mesecem

    finally my childhood game rise and became famous

  119. Aleksander Rolseth

    Aleksander RolsethPred mesecem

    I like the 2016 version better honestly