NASA's Mars Rover Perseverance Lands On Red Planet | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the NASA rover Perseverance lands on Mars after a journey of 300 million miles that took nearly 7 months.
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NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Lands on Red Planet


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    Preston WilllifordPred 10 dnevi

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  22. tyquan fleming

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  23. Ingolf Schrade

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    APOLLOREALITYPred mesecem

    Why no short film clips, or still photographs, showing the craft approaching Mars? Answer: Because this is yet another load of lies and BS. You would have thought that after 50 years they would have ceased conning the public. Anyway only the extremely gullible accept it as being genuine, and they trust NASA 100%. Boy do those people need to get a life..

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  44. Chris Conway

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  45. Hello There

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  65. Blue Mustang

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  88. Johnnie Paul Whetstone

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