So I tried to control Minecraft with my Voice...

I recently made "So I made my microphone control Minecraft..." on my main channel, and decided to try it again live on Twitch... So much went wrong...

Editor: TalentLacking
Thanks Larry :)))))))

Even though this was really impossible, it was still a lot of fun to do. I had a great time and making the video was great. I wonder if it's possible to do a 'Minecraft, but' style video / challenge / competition / difficulty with this. Dream, get in on this bud.


  1. Rawr

    RawrPred 5 urami

    Something goes wrong: Litterly every person ever: Hey phil

  2. R o s a r y uwu

    R o s a r y uwuPred 13 urami

    Fundy saying 'e' like a million times is just hilarious

  3. Juan Pablo Verdecchia

    Juan Pablo VerdecchiaPred 18 urami


  4. RogueNogue

    RogueNoguePred 20 urami

    5:38 5:39 5:40 5:41 5:43- loud E 5:44- E,E 5:45-5:47 fast E 5:48 loud E 5:51 E E E 6:40 9:13 9:22 9:27 9:51 10:22 10:42 10:49 11:12 11:22 11:26 11:54 12:08

  5. RogueNogue

    RogueNoguePred 20 urami


  6. RogueNogue

    RogueNoguePred 20 urami

    What am i doing with my life?

  7. kaigo hawks

    kaigo hawksPred dnevom

    I have eaten pineapple in pizza and I do not like it😂

  8. シスター

    シスターPred dnevom

    The taste is gross -_-

  9. Mooshroomy

    MooshroomyPred dnevom

    No one: Fundy: EEE EE EEEEEE EEEE

  10. Kimono They them

    Kimono They themPred dnevom

    Did anyone else notice he had the bi pride flag colours on his computer background, and then the pan colours on his skin (plus purple/blue)

  11. Vinegar Doppio

    Vinegar DoppioPred 2 dnevi

    i liked it when he said e

  12. mads bechmann gaming

    mads bechmann gamingPred 3 dnevi

    This was incretebol

  13. wilbur franks

    wilbur franksPred 3 dnevi

    his names philza minecraft

  14. flippy

    flippyPred 3 dnevi


  15. Victor Ray Robles

    Victor Ray RoblesPred 4 dnevi

    he be rappin when speedrunning

  16. Lemonz_1234

    Lemonz_1234Pred 4 dnevi

    Bruh I like how when you kept saying sorry or worked 😂

  17. Orange Guy

    Orange GuyPred 4 dnevi

    Doug Doug, But Furry.

  18. Pointless gaming

    Pointless gamingPred 4 dnevi

    Almost half of da video is him fixing his camera.

  19. °Atsumu Miya°

    °Atsumu Miya°Pred 5 dnevi

    I didn't think a inventory could get offended 😂

  20. Noreen Mehfooz

    Noreen MehfoozPred 6 dnevi

    Oh god why

  21. DanCz

    DanCzPred 7 dnevi

    "Walk! WALK! SMASH! WALK! FUCK THE FUCK!" Still gets me laughing even after 10 months

  22. Dantetsuken

    DantetsukenPred 7 dnevi

    Dadza always helps out

  23. Itz Cindy Gacha

    Itz Cindy GachaPred 8 dnevi

    I tried pineapple on pizza and I dont like it

  24. Definitly Not L🅰️ncer

    Definitly Not L🅰️ncerPred 8 dnevi

    what did he say at 0:38 ?

  25. Catboo

    CatbooPred 8 dnevi

    Pineapple on pizza is bussin

  26. Nelson Tavarez rojas

    Nelson Tavarez rojasPred 8 dnevi

    *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* I guess E is the only letter

  27. Shriyans Shah

    Shriyans ShahPred 8 dnevi

    Hey fungy next time just turn on autojump.

  28. Gaming With SB

    Gaming With SBPred 8 dnevi

    I love the fact that him saying " e e e e e e e " till it turns dark

  29. Weber Kids

    Weber KidsPred 9 dnevi

    Pinapl pizza is yuk

  30. art

    artPred 9 dnevi


  31. JustPancakes_

    JustPancakes_Pred 9 dnevi


  32. roy tagarda

    roy tagardaPred 9 dnevi

    I feel so sad for this guy because he has so many problems in when he plays minecraft like this

  33. roy tagarda

    roy tagardaPred 9 dnevi

    you kniw thus guy keeps on saying f**k and i don't like it

  34. kashia yets

    kashia yetsPred 10 dnevi

    6:45 E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EEE

  35. Rose Coughlan

    Rose CoughlanPred 10 dnevi

    Take a shot each time he says "e'

  36. Anouk uwu

    Anouk uwuPred 12 dnevi

    I Just don't Like pineapple, okay?!

  37. Dako

    DakoPred 12 dnevi

    I only remember eating pineapple on pizza maybe once and i don't remember what it tested like

  38. EasterBunnyUwU

    EasterBunnyUwUPred 12 dnevi

    8:02 *FUCK THE FUCK!* -Fundy 2021

  39. Emily F

    Emily FPred 12 dnevi

    I learned somthing today, if my computer is acting up, threaten to put it in water, and it will behave for me.

  40. coolkitten686

    coolkitten686Pred 13 dnevi

    He got boots.

  41. Comet

    CometPred 14 dnevi

    When fundy deleted half his desktop I snorted while drinking lemonade and it went up my nose

  42. Lynn Avocado

    Lynn AvocadoPred 15 dnevi


  43. AliPlayzYT

    AliPlayzYTPred 15 dnevi


  44. Christel Bregnhøj

    Christel BregnhøjPred 15 dnevi

    New game: drink every time he say fuck

  45. HyperWoomy

    HyperWoomyPred 16 dnevi

    6:43 Best music ever

  46. ghoztile

    ghoztilePred 16 dnevi


  47. ꧁•Blos̸s̸om_in_Wonderland•꧂

    ꧁•Blos̸s̸om_in_Wonderland•꧂Pred 16 dnevi


  48. Dr. Mew Network

    Dr. Mew NetworkPred 17 dnevi

    12:24 Can I get some #tust in the reply’s?

  49. Arctic Chase

    Arctic ChasePred 17 dnevi

    6:39 my mans sounding like he came outta Friday Night Funkin

  50. thomas guay

    thomas guayPred 18 dnevi

    i love the sensoring anvil

  51. Marta Stypula

    Marta StypulaPred 18 dnevi


  52. Tjtglobal Logistics

    Tjtglobal LogisticsPred 18 dnevi

    You should make but atuo walk make now I will subscribe if you do it

  53. Tjtglobal Logistics

    Tjtglobal LogisticsPred 18 dnevi


  54. Screencheck Fortune

    Screencheck FortunePred 19 dnevi

    I only started hating pinapple on pizza when I learned pinapple eats my tongue

  55. Djenka B-B

    Djenka B-BPred 19 dnevi

    Fundy: E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E Inventory: *crickets*

  56. Pink Unicorn Vlogger

    Pink Unicorn VloggerPred 20 dnevi


  57. Fundy

    FundyPred 21 dnevom

    Can I be your friend?

  58. •Silent Strawberry•

    •Silent Strawberry•Pred 22 dnevi

    I really wonder how many mods Fundy has made…

  59. makayla

    makaylaPred 22 dnevi

    “Check this out!” “F**K”

  60. Pootis pow

    Pootis powPred 22 dnevi

    Sky for up and rim for down 10/10

  61. alone

    alonePred 23 dnevi

    . -.

  62. HalfGolden

    HalfGoldenPred 23 dnevi

    "Check this out" *no signal*

  63. BlueBarry

    BlueBarryPred 25 dnevi


  64. Alisha3s

    Alisha3sPred 26 dnevi

    uses google to say "e"

  65. Da Turtel

    Da TurtelPred 26 dnevi

    5:44 Me casually singing in shower with autotune:

  66. 91% cool

    91% coolPred 26 dnevi

    11:11 minecraft

  67. ouiz cz

    ouiz czPred 26 dnevi

    8:00 Smash Wolf xdd

  68. •Nïkkï_wästäkën•

    •Nïkkï_wästäkën•Pred 27 dnevi

    Fundy is swearing alot today lol XD

  69. Lilian Collett

    Lilian CollettPred 27 dnevi

    I hate pinapple pizza its sucks ham pizza is better hate me all you like but pinapple pizza i will die if someone says pinapple pizza is good and yes i have tasted it before

  70. notacringychannel

    notacringychannelPred 27 dnevi

    11:11 yes its the game u r playing

  71. Maricon Mendoza

    Maricon MendozaPred 29 dnevi

    I know your location i dont know if this is right netherland

  72. Alessia Bassi

    Alessia BassiPred 29 dnevi

    my italian heart died when he talked about pineapple on pizza ;-;

  73. Class 1A weirdos

    Class 1A weirdosPred mesecem

    1/4 of the vieeo is fundy sttruggling toturn hid camers on

  74. Kristina Lamarre

    Kristina LamarrePred mesecem

    pineapple on pizza = dominos sued you

  75. Äsh da psycho

    Äsh da psychoPred mesecem

    Me: I like pineapple on pizza My Italian relatives: *Screaming and tearing their hair out* Me: T^T

  76. ❤︎Floppy❤︎

    ❤︎Floppy❤︎Pred mesecem

    Are you wearing bbh merch

  77. It’s Ike

    It’s IkePred mesecem

    I love how he made a crafting table one hour into recording

  78. It’s Ike

    It’s IkePred mesecem

    Pineapple on pizza is actually trash and yes I have tried it

  79. Chris Gosp

    Chris GospPred mesecem

    6:43 a sports it's in the game

  80. Riley Guice

    Riley GuicePred mesecem

    He really went:grandza I need help

  81. MistyShadow

    MistyShadowPred mesecem

    3:40 agreed

  82. Deanjzo

    DeanjzoPred mesecem

    Fundy be Like: E E E EE E E E EE E E

  83. SemGamerNL

    SemGamerNLPred mesecem

    EEEEEEEA sport

  84. B0ring_B0m_

    B0ring_B0m_Pred mesecem


  85. B0ring_B0m_

    B0ring_B0m_Pred mesecem


  86. Student CHUNG Yan Ni Yanni

    Student CHUNG Yan Ni YanniPred mesecem


  87. lyee kelley

    lyee kelleyPred mesecem

    Me actually sobbing: Fundy randomly: E. E. E. E. E.

  88. YaboyHugo

    YaboyHugoPred mesecem


  89. MrCrazy

    MrCrazyPred mesecem

    10:53 my favorite moment He starts to shout rim so loud suddenly

  90. Ihavemyown BG

    Ihavemyown BGPred mesecem

    I swear I will drop subs with different account whenever he swears

  91. Keith

    KeithPred mesecem


  92. strawberry ice cream unicorn the best

    strawberry ice cream unicorn the bestPred mesecem

    Ya my school is doing the vote

  93. Tariqua Tilahun Ighile

    Tariqua Tilahun IghilePred mesecem

    ik ben nederlands broo

  94. zahra farhan

    zahra farhanPred mesecem

    only legends will understand now the anvil breaking sound is stuck in my head ;)

  95. xZXphobia

    xZXphobiaPred mesecem


  96. Frost Blanks

    Frost BlanksPred mesecem

    Alternate title: Middle-aged furry gets angry with computer and microphone

  97. Katherine Tagaca

    Katherine TagacaPred mesecem

    5:43 fundy tries to make a song live

  98. Just me Maryyy

    Just me MaryyyPred mesecem

    Ok but can we talk about the fact how pineapple on pizza is so delicious

  99. Aviral

    AviralPred mesecem


  100. Yoandys Pelaez

    Yoandys PelaezPred mesecem

    u are not alone fundy

  101. LaZy GaChA eDiToR

    LaZy GaChA eDiToRPred mesecem

    I hate pineapple

  102. Laura Owens

    Laura OwensPred mesecem