Stars of ‘WandaVision,’ ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ and ‘Loki’ Chat About All Things Marvel

Being a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe equips its stars with unique powers both on-screen and off. Variety gathered the stars of ‘WandaVision,’ ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ and ‘Loki' to chat about missing Tom Hiddleston’s lectures and which member of the extensive cast texts Kevin Feige the most.


  1. Charis Li

    Charis LiPred 21 uro

    how do mackie and sebastian laugh so in sync?

  2. Winter Salas

    Winter SalasPred 23 urami

    It's both lovely and a tiny bit sad that Tom is SO polite that he lets Sebastian and Anthony jump in and let the others finish their conversations before giving his input and even shouting out to his co-stars... Ugh, he's too much for us...😭😍

  3. Winter Salas

    Winter SalasPred dnevom

    I'm loving this family-like dynamic they have... Paul and Lizzie are still the parents they are as Wanda and Vision, Mackie is the chaotic older sibling Tommy and Seb is the quieter younger sibling Billy, and Tom is essentially the lovable Uncle Pietro, but British and more polite...😍🤗

  4. -m00n city

    -m00n cityPred dnevom

    Toms wifi💀💀💀

  5. Laura

    LauraPred dnevom

    A internet de padaria do Tom pqpKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  6. Usiirndk

    UsiirndkPred dnevom

    My Wifi works perfectly . . .You know Tom, just saying 😳

  7. mwyz

    mwyzPred dnevom

    I love that Stan only really got involved near the end of the call to make a subtle dig at Mackie, and it went totally over Tom Hiddleston's head, who is just so sincere that he had such an elaborate, thoughtful answer. XD

  8. Kamaan Morgan

    Kamaan MorganPred dnevom



    RANDOMNESS FAVEPred 2 dnevi

    28:15 the interviewer asked what's your favorite fan interactions then here goes Tom 28:35 says "mind if is say a quick thing" then forgots the question minutes passed of the interviewer .And is proceeded by Paul changing the subject LMAO the interviewers face.

  10. Maroza Sulaiman

    Maroza SulaimanPred 2 dnevi

    02:26 Tom subtly spoiled what happened at the end of Loki

  11. aly

    alyPred 2 dnevi

    Elizabeth is such a mom I love her

  12. Katherine Broadway

    Katherine BroadwayPred 2 dnevi

    I VERY much need these notes Tom could put together, as well as pictures of that whiteboard and any doodles of Alligator Loki that were done.

  13. Miles Spearman

    Miles SpearmanPred 3 dnevi

    elizabeth olsen is definitely the mom figure of the friend group and Mackie is such an energetic human being its contagious

  14. Paula Schier

    Paula SchierPred 3 dnevi

    Can we just talk about how Sebastian moved that piece of paper from left to right? 🙂

  15. Hailee Jones

    Hailee JonesPred 4 dnevi

    15:48 it looks like seb Is using a filter

  16. Juice Box

    Juice BoxPred 4 dnevi

    6:40 Well Sebastians gone..

  17. pejkebi cakitji

    pejkebi cakitjiPred 4 dnevi

    The crabby sycamore regularly move because scarf perinatally stuff with a changeable forehead. salty, aboard pint

  18. TexasToni11

    TexasToni11Pred 4 dnevi

    Would love to see one of these long interviews with the whole Loki cast, this was great

  19. Nguyễn Thuỳ An

    Nguyễn Thuỳ AnPred 4 dnevi

    Anthony: *speaking about his character flopping* Sebastian: *shake his head benignly* Omg i love them 🙆🏻‍♀️

  20. Christitan Tutuc

    Christitan TutucPred 5 dnevi

    Why does Sebastian look like he is checking in from prison XD

  21. Áine Ella

    Áine EllaPred 5 dnevi

    Why’s no one talking about the fact that Sebastian just disappeared

  22. Leo Bladini

    Leo BladiniPred 5 dnevi

    gosh, i truly hate these Zoom interviews.

  23. dill m

    dill mPred 6 dnevi

    why where lizzie and seb so hostile towards each other?? seemed like it

  24. Fray K

    Fray KPred 6 dnevi

    Stan’s smile is so adorable🥰

  25. Littlelights Workshop

    Littlelights WorkshopPred 6 dnevi

    I can’t help but think Tom has a form of an Anxiety disorder because of how much his eyes dart and he talks with his hands and rocks back and forth..but rocking can be a self soothing thing. I just hope he is okay 😌 but everyone is so polite

  26. Jordan Gerstein

    Jordan GersteinPred 6 dnevi


  27. Jordan Gerstein

    Jordan GersteinPred 6 dnevi

    20:47 Wow Sebastian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. I am Groot

    I am GrootPred 6 dnevi

    I love how tom was always so serious and everyone else was so not serious at some points

  29. Hailey King

    Hailey KingPred 7 dnevi

    Poor anxiety ridden seb. We love our winter soldier.

  30. adiT tropika

    adiT tropikaPred 7 dnevi

    i cant believe that loki can be so serious :D

  31. jeanette

    jeanettePred 8 dnevi

    is seb in jail

  32. MsBoonoonoonoos

    MsBoonoonoonoosPred 8 dnevi

    29:37 Mackie zoned out and on his phone

  33. MsBoonoonoonoos

    MsBoonoonoonoosPred 8 dnevi

    14:18 Anthony Mackee is so obnoxious. Oof. 😬😰😵‍💫

  34. MsBoonoonoonoos

    MsBoonoonoonoosPred 8 dnevi

    Why does Tom look like he’s in a prison cell and Sebastian in an interrogation room? Lololol

  35. aimeé de anda

    aimeé de andaPred 9 dnevi

    Anthony Mackie loves Kat Dennings confirmed 💯

  36. Geek E Media

    Geek E MediaPred 9 dnevi

    Sebastion just disappeared

  37. maia polizzi

    maia polizziPred 9 dnevi

    19:58 did you hear someone crying? oh yes that was me

  38. Addison Goff

    Addison GoffPred 9 dnevi

    I love how Sebastian just left out of nowhere and then came back

  39. Emma Huyten

    Emma HuytenPred 9 dnevi

    So nobody’s gonna talk about how Seb disappeared for like a solid 10 minutes while Mackie was talking about fatws???

  40. Johnbernald Kitthhh

    Johnbernald KitthhhPred 9 dnevi

    Tom really lucky he can play loki forever. Can't end the contract cause loki never die.

  41. Red Rectangle

    Red RectanglePred 10 dnevi

    Sebastian looks like the ultimate hippie

  42. Wika

    WikaPred 10 dnevi

    I bloody love how Lizzie is the mum and like makes Mackie shut up or let’s seb speak. That’s just so bloody adorable

  43. J Y

    J YPred 10 dnevi

    "I just picked blueberries this morning" -Scarlet Witch 2021

  44. not_natalie

    not_nataliePred 10 dnevi

    this turned to casts interviewing eachother real quick and i love it

  45. scampoli25

    scampoli25Pred 11 dnevi

    2:56 I love how Elizabeth says “I just picked blueberries this morning” then pulls a blueberry out of nowhere

  46. الياتيفي Ilyateev

    الياتيفي IlyateevPred 11 dnevi


  47. i m robie

    i m robiePred 11 dnevi

    Like MCU fans wouldn't freak out for Tom's Loki analysis!!

  48. Klaudia Weber

    Klaudia WeberPred 11 dnevi

    where can I sign up for a Hiddleston Loki lecture? 4-6h, black/whiteboard, Q&A - fine with me ... I'd even write a "seminar paper" ... possible topics "why does the MCU attribute the color green to non-plants like Hulk & Loki and not to a plant like Groot?" "Does Alligator-Loki automatically imply the existance of Crocodile-, Cavial- and Caiman-Lokis?" "Modern philosophy and the definition of glorious purpose" for hand-written feedback/attendance note/certificate by the lecturer :)

  49. Aeode Nightrider

    Aeode NightriderPred 11 dnevi

    9:40 Mackie and Sebastian getting angry because they weren't invited to the Loki lecture is so hilarious to me :D

  50. Tony Montana

    Tony MontanaPred 12 dnevi

    Sebastian seems mad about somthing or anxious I understand where these people get upset tho at type of question like how’s marvel made yal life different when they been doing movies for years and it’s like oh if u never where in marvel u would be no1 if even Sebastian says that Anthony is being to modest that he’s been in over 15 nominated films I think he said but yea he jus got upset he got da dumb question u can see and feel the cringe

  51. Wand World

    Wand WorldPred 12 dnevi

    love them so much. 13:37 LOVE Loki show, and 2/3 of Loki was made after lockdown? WOW

  52. Anime Genesis

    Anime GenesisPred 12 dnevi

    Muy bueno, pero cortó la reunión justo cuando se ponía mejor.

  53. Panda

    PandaPred 12 dnevi

    19:44 Sebastian just chilling and laughing out in the corner and Lizzie bringing question to him and he is like "What" "Did she say Sebastian" is the best part lol

  54. Narut9

    Narut9Pred 12 dnevi

    17:40 Tom: “we had the best crew… OF ALL TIME” Loki ain’t lying **for all time. always**

  55. Narut9

    Narut9Pred 12 dnevi

    I see Loki I click.

  56. Thank You

    Thank YouPred 13 dnevi

    9:43 Their reaction is priceless😅

  57. Sorine Breslin

    Sorine BreslinPred 13 dnevi

    Lizzi looks so pretty😩🖐🏻

  58. BlackFyre

    BlackFyrePred 13 dnevi

    Damn, Tom being so innocent as if he doesn't know his show is just leagues better than the other two.

  59. Joanna Charles

    Joanna CharlesPred 9 dnevi


  60. Giovana Porto

    Giovana PortoPred 13 dnevi

    off topic but that color of blue on mackie

  61. omor abedin

    omor abedinPred 13 dnevi

    I'm sorry but there was a 2 hour Loki Lecture and we didn't get to watch it.

  62. xAZN-UAE_Legendx

    xAZN-UAE_LegendxPred 13 dnevi

    @24:19 You can see in everyone's eyes that Sebastian is making this up. Who the heck would put someone in a movie without letting them know?!! Seb is just really unbelievable..

  63. Panda

    PandaPred 10 dnevi

    @ar. Yeah Sebastian said that thing 3 or 4 times but only because people ask him and Paul said that firing story million times

  64. ar.

    ar.Pred 10 dnevi

    You clearly need to watch more interviews of the mcu cast because they all have said similar things 🤡🤡🤡

  65. Panda

    PandaPred 13 dnevi

    Bro just chill, That just a title not started filming also they have contract for multiple movies, So they can announce he is in the movie

  66. Macey Maples

    Macey MaplesPred 13 dnevi

    Sebastian’s social anxiety and relationship to Anthony Mackie is so adorable but I also feel bad for him.

  67. Anindita Palit

    Anindita PalitPred 13 dnevi

    Mackie casually advertising for Jimmy Fallon 😂😂 God I love them all so much!!

  68. Fernando Rocha

    Fernando RochaPred 13 dnevi

    Is it me or is Elizabeth Olsen using that chaotic word too strongly and repeatedly in interview lol

  69. Volkan DÜNDAR

    Volkan DÜNDARPred 13 dnevi

    Come on where is Sylvie I am disappointed so much

  70. Amir Farrier

    Amir FarrierPred 14 dnevi

    5:51 Lizzie: It was a great opportunity Anthony: and you have the opportunity to work with Kat Dennings (Darcy Lewis, Tom's ex-girlfriend) Tom: -nervous smiling- LMAO I can't with this 🤣

  71. Lionheart Mind Explosion

    Lionheart Mind ExplosionPred 14 dnevi

    wow, this actually happened

  72. Vartika

    VartikaPred 14 dnevi

    i love Anthony Mackie's energy so much lmao

  73. Surveyor Productions

    Surveyor ProductionsPred 14 dnevi

    Sebby in that sweatshirt is kind of everything. ~Surveyor Productions

  74. Dragonfly Art

    Dragonfly ArtPred 14 dnevi

    Lizzie being the Mama to the Rescue! 😂 Especially for Stan 💕 She is precious ❤️ and so is paul and Tom...I so heart them ❤️

  75. Spirit Animal

    Spirit AnimalPred 14 dnevi

    Where is Sophia - sylvie she would complete the group

  76. Bill Strozberg

    Bill StrozbergPred 14 dnevi

    They NEED to release the complete footage of the Loki Symposium ....

  77. Andika Rachman

    Andika RachmanPred 14 dnevi

    No wonder Loki felt so deep, there's a simposium about the character... with a Q&A!

  78. Angelica Charles

    Angelica CharlesPred 14 dnevi

    Paul's story about how he thought was gonna get fired, it's like that story your father always tells, but you just love it and keep listening all the time

  79. AyumiSynn

    AyumiSynnPred 15 dnevi

    Paul's background is so moody, he even coordinated his outfit to match the room

  80. AyumiSynn

    AyumiSynnPred 15 dnevi

    Sebastian is so cute the whole time, he's all shy and smiley!

  81. Zackary DeCicco

    Zackary DeCiccoPred 15 dnevi

    It's crazy to think about that Bettany, Hiddelston, and Stan have been in all 4 phases of the MCU.

  82. Kelly

    KellyPred 15 dnevi

    At around 10:21 Tom looks to be throwing something for Bobby, bless them.

  83. Kelly

    KellyPred 11 dnevi

    @noityouiv Bobby is toms dog

  84. noityouiv

    noityouivPred 15 dnevi

    Sorry I was just looking at seb the whole time lol

  85. noityouiv

    noityouivPred 15 dnevi


  86. Kelly

    KellyPred 15 dnevi

    Plus him politely raising his hand to speak lmao such a dork

  87. Cynthia Z

    Cynthia ZPred 15 dnevi

    14:20 Lizzie "mackie!" Mackie "sorry love you sorry " 😂

  88. Cwatherine C

    Cwatherine CPred 15 dnevi

    I would watch the 6 hour symposium by Tom with a whiteboard!

  89. vokasi mid

    vokasi midPred 15 dnevi


  90. zavier

    zavierPred 15 dnevi

    lizzie is the older siblings and mackie is the youngest

  91. Mr. Rize AG

    Mr. Rize AGPred 15 dnevi

    Why does Sebastian look like he's in an interrogation room after getting arrested in 1996 for cocaine possession?

  92. Katie Gani

    Katie GaniPred 8 dnevi


  93. noityouiv

    noityouivPred 15 dnevi

    He’s in “costume” for the show he’s currently filming in LA

  94. Kimberly Howard

    Kimberly HowardPred 15 dnevi

    The determined double conventionally jail because desert methodically trap forenenst a violent cloth. filthy, reflective locust

  95. C x

    C xPred 15 dnevi

    Tom: "These films mean so much to so many people." *Me:* "Yeah.... NERDS." Also Me circa 1992: "I'll trade you this Air Jordan Flight Club mag for that 1980's X-Men comic you got there" trade I ever made... and I LOOOOVVVED Jordan as a kid! But he's right. When I first saw Raimi's Spidey actually swinging through the air in live-action, I was a kid again! I just sat in the theater taking it all in & sat there until the next showing. The MCU was birthed yrs later & the way it has grown and finally REALLY expanded to TV is a thing of beauty. The movies are big graphic novels, while the shows are the weekly issues I used to read in front of the grocery store every weekend. So cool it feels the same all these years later. I do wanna see Darkhawk eventually, same with Adam Warlock (still got my "Warlock and the Infinity Watch Vol 1" issue #1 that I bought with chore money thinking it would be worth something one day! hahaha)

  96. C x

    C xPred 15 dnevi

    I'm like Mackie, I'm not too sure if I was a Marvel actor if I would tell anyone in my personal life big Marvel scoops! Definitely not as a newbie, but 3+ movies in maybe. I mean look at Tom Holland, he's great but even HE accidentally leaks spoilers.... CONSTANTLY (I think Ruffalo has learned tho). The MCU seems like the mafia with Fiege having your Marvel career/life in his hands! So I'd show up focused and sober to all press events & answer questions like I'm Bill Belichick.

  97. Luke Wallace

    Luke WallacePred 15 dnevi

    Is Sebastian Stan ok?

  98. Liv Stewart

    Liv StewartPred 15 dnevi

    Tom hiddleston spoke for so long yet answerd none of the questions

  99. SomeoneOnlyWeKnow

    SomeoneOnlyWeKnowPred 15 dnevi

    I love all the Disney+ shows so much!

  100. shrishtidoesmakeupsometimes

    shrishtidoesmakeupsometimesPred 15 dnevi

    10:00 we should have all been invited. it should be a movie or the recording should be released pls

  101. Alencia

    AlenciaPred 15 dnevi

    Tom and his bad internet

  102. Alencia

    AlenciaPred 15 dnevi

    2:04 nooo🥺

  103. Anne-Mai Nestor

    Anne-Mai NestorPred 15 dnevi

    Don't cry Sebastian 🥺

  104. Justin Zhao

    Justin ZhaoPred 16 dnevi

    I miss the simple times of a linear story, now it’s so complicated so many characters I love it. But it’s scary how amazing marvel makes everything.

  105. fallenwings25

    fallenwings25Pred 16 dnevi

    Mackie tends to go to overboard with the jokes lol

  106. Meg Wilcox

    Meg WilcoxPred 16 dnevi

    Marvel should produce Tom's Loki Lecture as a special. It would get huge viewership, including me.

  107. Shakeema Gonzalez

    Shakeema GonzalezPred 14 dnevi


  108. Dhrithi Shree

    Dhrithi ShreePred 16 dnevi

    All right I want an interview with the same crew right now. Now that Loki is over I so badly wanna see Mackie and Sebastian's reaction to the show, about how well the two hour symposium has worked out XD. I really wanna know Mackie's response to the series XD!!!

  109. Marisol Fernandez

    Marisol FernandezPred 12 dnevi

    Same here!

  110. Arianna Phoenix

    Arianna PhoenixPred 16 dnevi

    at 21:35 mackie says "mf" so quick i had to repeat it so many times just to know what hes saying 🤣

  111. Arianna Phoenix

    Arianna PhoenixPred 16 dnevi

    ngl lizzie has the best WiFi lol

  112. Hayley Valeri

    Hayley ValeriPred 16 dnevi

    I know I’m watching this a month later but I literally screamed when Sebastian asked Lizzie to get coffee at Aroma Cafe, I’m so mad I didn’t run into him there when I went last time 🥺

  113. Michaela G

    Michaela GPred 16 dnevi

    Does anyone noticed that Elizabeth Olsen voice is similar to Selena Gomez voice?