If Everything Was Like Among Us 7

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 7 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
Thank you to the Portland Spirit for letting us film on their boat! www.portlandspirit.com
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  1. Ninja

    NinjaPred 4 minutami


  2. Ninja

    NinjaPred 4 minutami

    oh wait

  3. Ninja

    NinjaPred 5 minutami

    but dint they say 2 impostor now there is three?

  4. Ninja

    NinjaPred 5 minutami

    I'm the only one that notice this

  5. Ninja

    NinjaPred 6 minutami

    wait a minute

  6. Freddy fazbear

    Freddy fazbearPred uro

    This is not like among us

  7. Mohamed Isam

    Mohamed IsamPred uro

    I know who is imposter

  8. Scott Daniels

    Scott DanielsPred uro

    It is adorable when Imposters have Mini imposters In real life

  9. Mohamed Isam

    Mohamed IsamPred uro

    I am imposter

  10. Joseph Vlogs

    Joseph VlogsPred uro

    Peekaboo 5:05

  11. Shelley Luvara

    Shelley LuvaraPred 2 urami

    Love love this one it’s the best I’ve watched it like 20 times

  12. Jasmie_2

    Jasmie_2Pred 3 urami

    Dark green's kid is cute tho

  13. Lindsay Noaman

    Lindsay NoamanPred 4 urami

    Do impostor wining

  14. Sophie Perry

    Sophie PerryPred 4 urami

    Mira HQ is definitely my favourite map to watch them do. 😂

  15. Ante Rosandić

    Ante RosandićPred 5 urami

    Put in nummber 9 the song ypu are yousing

  16. Chonny Griffen

    Chonny GriffenPred 5 urami

    Oh should make a song “ I’m just a mini crewmate “ it will be so cute !!!

  17. Gigi Goltsios

    Gigi GoltsiosPred 5 urami

    When Judah took the cupcake I laughed so hard

  18. Mahu !

    Mahu !Pred 6 urami

    yall always fight wall the others are dancing

  19. Sabina Kahhorova

    Sabina KahhorovaPred 6 urami

    the baby is fake crying

  20. Melanie Herewini

    Melanie HerewiniPred 6 urami

    Sence you made a song called imposters you should make a song called crewmates

  21. Amr Kataya

    Amr KatayaPred 7 urami

    when imposters lose they fight when crew mates lose they fight its funny

  22. Diocelina Lopez

    Diocelina LopezPred 8 urami


  23. Lea tesakova

    Lea tesakovaPred 8 urami

    Mira hq ship flood vooder Map?

  24. Lea tesakova

    Lea tesakovaPred 8 urami

    Not new Map coming soon 2021 is a Map mira hq coming soon 2020

  25. Gayane Hovhannisyan

    Gayane HovhannisyanPred 8 urami

    I know why they say red sus it’s because I’m almost every game even if we play it red is imposter maybe 80%?

  26. Gayane Hovhannisyan

    Gayane HovhannisyanPred 8 urami

    0:34 RED SUS Me:*says RED SUS in the same time they said it* lol

  27. mu

    muPred 10 urami


  28. Brantley The cool guy

    Brantley The cool guyPred 11 urami

    Make a song greatest imposters

  29. Amaurie Mullins

    Amaurie MullinsPred 11 urami

    What sup

  30. Ammar Shaikh

    Ammar ShaikhPred 11 urami

    Shiloh speak English very well

  31. Dana Smith

    Dana SmithPred 11 urami

    8:37. Me irl

  32. Jacob Lanz Puno

    Jacob Lanz PunoPred 11 urami

    I'm not saying it again I Hate when creamate win

  33. Amya Clark

    Amya ClarkPred 12 urami

    Make a song we are the greatest imposter.

  34. Cataboo

    CatabooPred 12 urami

    That baby is savige

  35. Kacper

    KacperPred 12 urami

    red al SUS AMONG US 7

  36. Oscar Hog

    Oscar HogPred 12 urami

    That light thing is my atactik

  37. Jasmine fidget toys!

    Jasmine fidget toys!Pred 12 urami

    Can we get him smiley? ok!

  38. Qasim Gondal

    Qasim GondalPred 13 urami

    Elijah Ep1 Crewmate Ep2 Crewmate Ep3 Imposter Ep4 Crewmate Ep5 Crewmate Ep6 Crewmate Ep7 Imposter Ep8 Imposter

  39. m o o n c a k e

    m o o n c a k ePred 13 urami


  40. Dab RUSSIAN

    Dab RUSSIANPred 13 urami

    ngl when i saw the paper come out at first I knew it was him LOL

  41. minemoments

    minemomentsPred 13 urami

    0:36 AGAIN LOL

  42. minemoments

    minemomentsPred 13 urami

    0:35 i mean

  43. Kylie Malzard

    Kylie MalzardPred 13 urami

    🥺Please do more🥺 please🥺

  44. Time Pass !

    Time Pass !Pred 13 urami

    2:29 , 4:12 SO CUTE!!

  45. Reagan Linn

    Reagan LinnPred 14 urami

    Oh wow I saw the bloopers to, “I know it is Jocelyn and Micah” “yeah they were acting sus this whole time”

  46. Jethro leung

    Jethro leungPred 15 urami


  47. jared ken Canania

    jared ken CananiaPred 15 urami

    Yea cute mini crewmate OMG CUTE!!!!

  48. jared ken Canania

    jared ken CananiaPred 15 urami

    Wow its william imposter and brittney

  49. Chest 0207_

    Chest 0207_Pred 16 urami

    I wish I can play in real life too,but i tried and my mum angry because I broke the cup because I’m imposter

  50. Purply blue

    Purply bluePred 16 urami

    Create There are 3 IMPOSITER among US

  51. I am Marckuss

    I am MarckussPred 16 urami

    It's elijah

  52. Green_ _Bros

    Green_ _BrosPred 17 urami


  53. spell teacher

    spell teacherPred 17 urami


  54. Luīze Bergmane

    Luīze BergmanePred 17 urami

    I admit RED IS SUS

  55. Luīze Bergmane

    Luīze BergmanePred 17 urami

    I love this series

  56. Baba Ahalim

    Baba AhalimPred 17 urami

    You guys are being ridiculous like ate all marshmallows out of the lucky charms box.

  57. Baba Ahalim

    Baba AhalimPred 17 urami

    Or like someone drink all the water and then put in the fridge

  58. MrChatrat

    MrChatratPred 17 urami

    I really like your videos Shiloh!

  59. Masa Jaghabir

    Masa JaghabirPred 18 urami

    I just love the baby


    KASHVI MAHESHPred 18 urami


  61. oscar sauras

    oscar saurasPred 18 urami

    “They said I had to come out here”🥰

  62. Vijaya Rajgor

    Vijaya RajgorPred 18 urami

    Make a song on:We are the greatest imposters

  63. 주정규

    주정규Pred 19 urami

    Red was the Imposter 2 Imposter released

  64. 주정규

    주정규Pred 19 urami

    Orange:Red Sus Red:No Orange Pink:red

  65. José Patricio

    José PatricioPred 20 urami

    They should make we are the greatest impostore songs

  66. des Sovia

    des SoviaPred 21 uro

    Red sus was imposert gerin Bule

  67. Manya Shah

    Manya ShahPred 21 uro


  68. Ghosh Dipali

    Ghosh DipaliPred 22 urami

    she so cute

  69. Tin Tin

    Tin TinPred 23 urami

    no more shiloh don't pick my favourite color

  70. buterrfly lemon

    buterrfly lemonPred dnevom

    Ots so funny XD

  71. Fancy Halle

    Fancy HallePred dnevom

    And green

  72. Fancy Halle

    Fancy HallePred dnevom

    I ment red was the imposter

  73. Fancy Halle

    Fancy HallePred dnevom

    It is not red

  74. Joshua D

    Joshua DPred dnevom


  75. AVA SEPE

    AVA SEPEPred dnevom

    I love the mini crewmates!

  76. Sofia B

    Sofia BPred dnevom

    C we we to use tree for if f add yo

  77. ernesto ramirez

    ernesto ramirezPred dnevom

    the baby is so cute ❤️😍

  78. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    How To be a better Impostor

  79. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    Mr. Hudson picture of you Official Music Video

  80. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    Justin Timberlake Suit And Tie Official ft. JAY Z

  81. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    Holy Grail ft. Justin Timberlake JAY-Z

  82. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    Young Forever Halo On The Run3BO JAY-Z

  83. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    Bruno Mars. Anderson .Paak. Silk Sonic Leave The Door Open Official Music Video

  84. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    Shiloh and Bros

  85. j stee. b.

    j stee. b.Pred dnevom

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

  86. Annette Laity

    Annette LaityPred dnevom

    I did baby because she is so good

  87. Joey Campbell

    Joey CampbellPred dnevom

    tomarrow is my bday party!

  88. Joey Campbell

    Joey CampbellPred dnevom

    @Shiloh & Bros Thx

  89. Shiloh & Bros

    Shiloh & BrosPred dnevom

    Happy Birthday Joey 😀 Wishing you a great time and year 🎈🎁🍕🎈

  90. Ruby Williams

    Ruby WilliamsPred dnevom


  91. •Mya Singleton xx

    •Mya Singleton xxPred dnevom

    This is not live

  92. Reka Turzo

    Reka TurzoPred dnevom

    It green

  93. Mercedes Osuna

    Mercedes OsunaPred dnevom

    Joclelen is so cute

  94. Musiced

    MusicedPred dnevom

    The little kid is named Jocelyn that can be Jocelyn Flores reborn again

  95. Chelcy Loureyn Scarlette Aleo

    Chelcy Loureyn Scarlette AleoPred dnevom

    Oh by the way my name is chelsea and i'm 6 years old

  96. Chelcy Loureyn Scarlette Aleo

    Chelcy Loureyn Scarlette AleoPred dnevom

    Oh by the way my name is chelsea and i'm 6 years old

  97. Chelcy Loureyn Scarlette Aleo

    Chelcy Loureyn Scarlette AleoPred dnevom

    I like your channel i'm a fan of your channel sometimes i cannot find your channel and i always like and subscribe bell button on i love you so much guys you're the best by

  98. justsodumb

    justsodumbPred dnevom

    Elijah is Even/Lucious from thundermans.


    KAITO OSIEGBUPred dnevom

    the start

  100. Hana Mustafa

    Hana MustafaPred dnevom

    so cute

  101. YidkY

    YidkYPred dnevom


  102. Wings of Undertale

    Wings of UndertalePred dnevom

    Me who likes muffins: MUFFINS ARE AWESOME DUDE! I MEAN YOU CAN PUT CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN THEM. CAN YOU DO THAT WITH A CUPCAKE? HUH? *HUH?* *everyone votes Meh/yellow * (Insert name here) was not an imposter. Three imposters remain. Everyone else: whelp time to do our tasks.

  103. Luna Van ham

    Luna Van hamPred dnevom

    Why did he say 2 imposters wen thare ware 3

  104. Gracelin Smith

    Gracelin SmithPred dnevom

    🎶I'm the greatest imposter, I'm the greatest imposter🎶