Michael Jordan 1991 NBA Finals Great Performance


  1. weiwen shi

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  4. M Frusciante

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    27:01 look at the fire he had. He attacked the rim like it was life or death.

  5. M Frusciante

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    It's amazing how Jordan had quite different phases of his career and dominated in each one. Just in a different way. Early on he was relentlessly aggressive, then here he was just an all around master of the game, then the second 3 peat he toned the physical aggressiveness down and was more of a cerebral force, It's like he adapted and evolved in ways that enabled him to stay at the apex of basketball for so long. His career was just an incredible display of greatness.

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  8. GoldenEra 4ever

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    I was 18 going on 19. I had just finished my first year of college. I didn't need parties, drugs, a woman or alcohol (still the same except for the woman part😁). Just a good Bulls or Atlanta Hawks game and a rim. Oh how I miss 90's NBA and my youth.

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    Jordan was way more unstoppable and unguardable than kobe from outside to inside.

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    They cant guard Jordan because they are confused by so many great movements on the floor. Defense is good but looks weak when Jordan attacks the rim or shoots from a far

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    John broccoli and Albert cale

  16. ego gtz

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    I really miss this NBA.. so excited, so enjoyable.. today I can't stand this boring nowadays games

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    MJ the best in the world.

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  24. Ty E

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    Dunked on sam perkins with a bad toe damn

  25. Ty E

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    MJ is an elite passer I dnt wanna hear this lebron talk no more

  26. Ty E

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    Some people cant evn walk and chew gum but this guy does it while he slays

  27. Ty E

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    What nba player u kno that can still chew gum during the finals like it's still a casual game

  28. Sugar Kane

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    Jordan is the Picasso of the basketball

  29. Raging Handicap

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    I must be crazy but this is really really bad defense.

  30. nugraha prihutama

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    still watching this on 2021

  31. ian Germino

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    When LBJ plays in 90s his nothing

  32. ian Germino

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    90s NBA is d best compare now

  33. Christopher Harrison

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    Is that all you eat is goddamn chocolate too much chocolate give me steady schitt's man

  34. Princess Cal

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    Jordan the legend

  35. bozkurt öztürk

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    we miss 90's nba

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  37. V TAE

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    The goat🔥

  38. Louie Fernandez

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    Amazing performance:;; Michael Jordan!!!!

  39. rj cabrera

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    jordan made oneal decide to play in the west and quit in the east

  40. Rocky Alls

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    There was the NBA and then there was Jordan :)

  41. taelabaho

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    No superteams before, you have to fail multiple times and wait for your turn. Patience is a virtue.

  42. Ramil Maglacion Channel

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    a lot of spectacular moves from MJ and that is his legacy. hit like if you guys from the 90s kids able to watch live on that switch to left hand move at 13:40 oh My oh My too beautiful. MJ is the GOAT!

  43. Tom Marlin

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    Dear social media. MJ, is the only player that checked all the boxes. Free-throws, Speed, jumping, quickness, scoring from anywhere on the floor. He even became a good three pointer shooter because he was challenged by the media. The man made 14 straight shots in the playoffs. My goodness!

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  45. Juan carlos Zamudio

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    LeBron es un payaso al lado de Jordan.

  46. kfjvo

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    Nba was so good in late 80, 90 and early 2000

  47. Joshua Call

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    Undisputed 🐐

  48. Pl Lo

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    TOP10 Any time..

  49. Ozan Yemez

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    God of basketball...If he was not around,we would never know what impossible moves could be done on the court...thanks for imaginations come true...

  50. 90s Bulls

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    90-91 peak MJ?

  51. Hashimar Hayre

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    Damn !!! You can see the diff between Prime MJ and prime LBJ, MJ will eat alive prime LBJ, no hate for LBJ guys just telling D Trueth from this vid, only kobe in he's prime will match MJ

  52. Rubin Palmer

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    I have seen more of a killer like jordon and tiger never goats and mm mathers

  53. Rubin Palmer

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    Never see nobody do that hellow are blind

  54. Plaguez21

    Plaguez21Pred mesecem

    Imagine being in the locker room before the game and your coach says you get to guard Jordan

  55. Jaber Jaber

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    I haven't watched basketball since Michael Jordan left the bulls . Tried to watch Kobe (RIP) a little bit , but nothing was as exciting as those games , especially the playoffs !

  56. Michael Villanueva

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    He'll eat anybody in the nba today one in one.

  57. Dave Ridlespriger

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    I can see says the blind man , I can see

  58. Alanis Salvador

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    I love jordan,

  59. rafikz77

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    Those 90s defenses were utter shit tbh

  60. saulius savickas

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    Mike, take power of the Basketball ,for the hard and fany Liiive!!!

  61. rj cabrera

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    there were athletic and quick players in this lakers team which were the same height as lebron in worthy and magic...but they cant stop jordan...mj is the goat

  62. L Bradshaw

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    Todays NBA is a joke compared to these guys!

  63. airjordan4ever

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    Man, That switch hand layup in GM2 always gives me the chills. Who other but the GOAT could risk such a shot in a crucial Finals match.

  64. Azmya Projectt

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    MJ can fly and have a time for waiting in the air before shoot ..Legend

  65. Andrew Eberson

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    Goat Jordan

  66. Sam Pride

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    No comparison to anybody he by himself dictated the game

  67. Hyp man

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    My idol !! 🥰❤️

  68. irmasil3

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    The end of Showtime.....Magic was still pure Magic but MJ was becoming the best in the world....

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    great, great, great footage thank you from 🇮🇹

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  73. Adam Boruc

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  75. Maurice Norfleet

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    🙄 like yesterday. 👍🤔 best time of my life growing up watching 👀MJ

  76. Jope RRN Kikau

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    MJ the GOAT .....period

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  79. Brian Floresta

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    12:49 step back by Jordan

  80. Renee Castle

    Renee CastlePred 3 meseci

    Is any Lebron fans that like to say” jordan cannot pass”looking ? I hope so,cause this performance is against the greatest point guard ever

  81. Von Damn

    Von DamnPred 3 meseci

    Mj: Vs Magic: do assists (while being mj) Vs Clyde: do 3 points (while being mj) Vs Barkley: 41 ppg (while being mj) Got doubts about taking it personal?

  82. Lorenzo Haynes

    Lorenzo HaynesPred 3 meseci

    Well I’m here after Harden said having to score 30 to win is draining. So he teamed up with KD and Kyrie. Makes me look at all the rings in this era different. Best offensive player on his team and best defender on the team. Didn’t cry to play with another superstar and didn’t join the Lakers or Pistons. Yes, champion means something different now than it did then. Not even worth comparing.

  83. Von Damn

    Von DamnPred 3 meseci

    What i like the most is that the rims didn't even feel him on his best plays. This an essential bit to poetry to me

  84. 빛이유

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    GOAT 🐑

  85. storya rah

    storya rahPred 4 meseci

    imagine a 6'6" posting a 7 footer and 6'6" winning a defensive player award..

  86. Laurente Kiesha

    Laurente KieshaPred 4 meseci

    90% of the chicago fans are cheering in lakers homecourt.

  87. 陳阿里郎

    陳阿里郎Pred 4 meseci

    你喬丹每年都做一集,你賺翻天 還有其他熱門球星

  88. Jared Brown

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  89. chima inwere

    chima inwerePred 4 meseci

    I compare their celebrations after baskets with the over exaggerated celebrations after baskets these days ( designed for the Cameras and social media warriors ). Shame.

  90. Gelacio Perenzuela

    Gelacio PerenzuelaPred 4 meseci

    Solo mira los videos y saldrás de dudas MJ mejor que LEBRON.

  91. Xerx C.E.

    Xerx C.E.Pred 4 meseci

    Mj is an excellent passer, its just overshadow by his scoring ability, his main focus is score. Actually he can do it all. He has no flaws. Thats why he is the GOAT.

  92. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

    Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkereverPred 4 meseci

    The amount of dislikes on these Jordan vids is baffling, must be the kids who think "Jordan is so overrated" lol

  93. Roy Rock

    Roy RockPred 5 meseci

    Michael has a spring in his calf and is always ready to take off..

  94. Titan Elder

    Titan ElderPred 5 meseci

    this is real NBA

  95. Brandon Freeman

    Brandon FreemanPred 5 meseci

    I remember when he did that move... what's crazy is this series was hyped up there with the superbowl. no shit. my parents who dont watch any basketball went to a friends house to watch the game with a bunch of others. If we had had twitter and facebook back then... man, jordan would've been a damn god.

  96. Vernoica Bar

    Vernoica BarPred 5 meseci

    Tell these ppl again David G. I hate it when they keep on comparing Michael with Lebron James. It upset me so bad, because there's no way on earth can Lebron walk in Michael Jordan shoes. Never, ever never he even comes close near Jordan. Did u remember how Jordan used to score with the ball going in back ways. Can u teach Lebron some of Jordan move, some of Jordan plays. I think its high time for these ppl to stop this comparing bull shi!!!!! because it does not make any sense.

  97. Vernoica Bar

    Vernoica BarPred 5 meseci

    Not even in Lebron James dream, he still can't play like Jordan never. Never, never, never play like Michael Jordan. I hate Lebron, reason is when they are talking about the goat, and sizing him up with Michael, to let him feel like he's a king as they called him, he's there pushing up his chest like he is great. Michael Jordan is always going to be the best player ever. If its now when the game is much more easier, and he and Michael Jordan is playing against each other team, Jordan would put him to shame. Ppl u all need to stop sizing him up with Jordan, because he will never ever, everrrrrrrrr walk in Jordan shoe never.

  98. FC Guam

    FC GuamPred 5 meseci

    Yep that 91finals game 2 against lakers was one of bulls-air jordan greatest games 👍🏽

  99. 老朱

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  100. doyun kim

    doyun kimPred 6 meseci

    13:30 the greatest move I've ever seen

  101. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

    Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkereverPred 4 meseci

    That was so special cuz it was his thirteenth consecutive FG in a Finals game, however his triple clutch layup vs. the Nets in '91 was much better, the opposing bench tells you all you need to know lol

  102. an li

    an liPred 6 meseci

    James can't surpass Jordan haha

  103. Andy爱谁谁

    Andy爱谁谁Pred 6 meseci