The History Of Castlevania

2018 is proof there's still a lot of love for the Castlevania series, so we explore its entire history, from the NES to the PS4, in our latest video.


  1. Mat Paget

    Mat PagetPred 2 leti

    I hope you enjoyed watching this History Of as much as me and Jean-Luc enjoyed making it. Castlevania is one of my favourite series, with Rondo of Blood being my favourite. What's yours? :)

  2. Nightbringer14

    Nightbringer14Pred 21 dnevom

    Symphony of night

  3. Ivan Čeh

    Ivan ČehPred 29 dnevi

    Dungeon Master , Chaos strikes back then Eye of Beholder I & II (not 3 it came on pc and it was crap playable for fans but crap) always was jealous for FF series not being on cpu-s didnt play it till ps1 then they came to me :)

  4. Pablo Gracia

    Pablo GraciaPred mesecem

    Aria of Sorrow is amazing for me!!!

  5. Gaming With Gleez

    Gaming With GleezPred mesecem

    This was awesome man. I really enjoyed this video. Castlevania is my favorite series. CV2 is probably my favorite. I used to speedrun it back in the day. Great job on this!

  6. Omar T

    Omar TPred 2 meseci

    @Ska ! ok that’s understandable, Castlevania was always better as a 2D game to be honest. Lords of Shadow was very good though

  7. T H

    T HPred 11 urami

    I loved, LOVED playing Castlevania Harmony of Despair with my friends. The grind for gear and spell/sub exp was a little gross, even cheesing it was a chore, today you'd just see microtransactionactions boost your exp. But 2d small map Castlevania speed runs with 6 playable charachters? That's cool, that's fun. Extra levels and characters, easy sell on the DOC for fans

  8. erstrizaldi

    erstrizaldiPred 3 dnevi

    Ecclesia was beautiful. Hope they release that somewhere along the line.

  9. David’s Inferno

    David’s InfernoPred 5 dnevi


  10. StuUngar

    StuUngarPred 7 dnevi

    15:45 Did we see the Wolfman’s nards?

  11. Raditya Arga Putra

    Raditya Arga PutraPred 11 dnevi

    please, konami, give me demon castle war and after that you can go back to making gambling machine.


    KUDO KOSHIPred 12 dnevi

    you know whats lit? Castlevania with a build your own castle incorporated on its gameplay. like how shadow of mordor create your own army but this time its create your own army with positions hierarchy on/in the castle of dracula. like find someone who can be a guard of the wall and a head guard a general a duke and etc

  13. lughman watandust

    lughman watandustPred 12 dnevi

    It didn't went westward It went eastward America is on east of Japan

  14. jak lynch

    jak lynchPred 16 dnevi

    Basically Fromsoft decided they liked the direction of Metroidvania games and the 3D platform and perfected it. If you haven't played Bloodborne or Dark Souls... its a great way to dip your toes into the 3d style. I miss 2d games.

  15. jak lynch

    jak lynchPred 16 dnevi

    Ok so I never played Portrait of Ruin or Order of Ecclesia. Thanks for this video. I am gonna go find them now.

  16. jak lynch

    jak lynchPred 16 dnevi

    The 64 released Castlevania games? No they didn't.

  17. jak lynch

    jak lynchPred 16 dnevi

    Simeon's Quest was the best up until SotN. I'm still waiting for a co-op game open world...

  18. Heitor Cruz

    Heitor CruzPred 18 dnevi

    29:54 holy shit

  19. kevin shaw

    kevin shawPred 23 dnevi

    I have no idea what this man is saying because castlevania music is playing in the background lol

  20. Chris Bridston

    Chris BridstonPred 24 dnevi


  21. Jordan Featherson

    Jordan FeathersonPred 25 dnevi

    “The Legend of Zelda: Oak-Arena of Time”

  22. MetroidxMe

    MetroidxMePred 25 dnevi

    It's a sin that you didn't mention Michiru Yamane's amazing music from Bloodlines and SOTN.


    YUNATHUN ZIONPred 29 dnevi

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  24. danielvettore

    danielvettorePred mesecem

    It was nice to watch

  25. Sam Mitman

    Sam MitmanPred mesecem

    Bloodlines features more blood and gore? I couldnt disagree more. There is roughly NO blood or gore in CV:B.

  26. Harvey Andal

    Harvey AndalPred mesecem

    You know what? If there was gonna be a new "Castlevania" game I would want a hand-drawn art style similar to "Cuphead" or "Hollow Knight" or a Remake of previous titles like "Symphony of the Night"

  27. Jordan Ziolkowski

    Jordan ZiolkowskiPred mesecem

    Whoever played the game for the b-roll is really bad.

  28. Marc Poirier

    Marc PoirierPred mesecem

    wall meat haha so true but dont sound appetising

  29. Lost Folklorist

    Lost FolkloristPred mesecem

    I loved the castlevania fighting game 🤷


    MHSMOKEEATERPred mesecem

    Harmony of Despair should have a Nintendo Switch Port.

  31. Nerd or Die

    Nerd or DiePred mesecem

    Am I crazy or does this dude sometimes sound like will Ferrell?

  32. Michae Thompson

    Michae ThompsonPred mesecem

    Do have CRT filter for caps?

  33. Olatunde Fajimi

    Olatunde FajimiPred mesecem

    Very enjoyable!

  34. Subprime Porcupine

    Subprime PorcupinePred mesecem

    I've been hooked on the music since the first released on nintendo. Many a night traveling did I stare out in the woods with this music going in my head imagining Simon out there having it out with the children of the night. Was magical to me. Bloody Tears still gives me goose bumps.

  35. Horrific Richter

    Horrific RichterPred mesecem

    I'd enjoy a Castlevania themed open world rpg with a slow and tactical combat style... just a thought.

  36. Federico Jimbo Smithson

    Federico Jimbo SmithsonPred mesecem

    Konami should sell their games

  37. Ivan Espinoza

    Ivan EspinozaPred mesecem

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  38. Stormrider

    StormriderPred mesecem

    I love castlevania

  39. Rowan W

    Rowan WPred mesecem

    Am I the only one who thinks this guys sounds like Andy Samberg

  40. Chaoss Creations

    Chaoss CreationsPred mesecem

    That's not true about the NES not being able to have the extra sound chip as Batman: Revenge of the Joker did. Still, great video.

  41. skut9

    skut9Pred mesecem

    Day......fuck it, I lost count. KONAMI GIVE US ANOTHER FUCKIN GAME DAMMIT......please don't make me beg....

  42. Samsquamsh

    SamsquamshPred mesecem

    Damn I wish AVGN would get this deep on his shitty games.

  43. Sparky Minor

    Sparky MinorPred mesecem

    Engagement engagement engagement

  44. david do

    david doPred mesecem

    The helpful trowel supposedly plan because caption intrestingly ruin like a terrific blouse. ludicrous, educated hubcap

  45. Vincent Horror

    Vincent HorrorPred mesecem

    Dracula X Chronicles is my favorite Castlevania game and always will be, I'll never forget trying to figure it out as a kid and dying relentlessly. Beating it with the true is a fond memory for me. Symphony of the night is close 2nd, and we all know why.

  46. Brandon Roman

    Brandon RomanPred mesecem

    Half these games were just remakes of itself 😂

  47. InternetSurferXXX

    InternetSurferXXXPred mesecem

    Bloodstained Ritual for the win.

  48. Knave the Dave

    Knave the DavePred mesecem

    Nitpicky, but the pronunciation is separated into akuma and then jyou (jyō). It is difficult to do say it properly without understanding that it is two seperate words.

  49. Francesco Smith

    Francesco SmithPred mesecem

    Rondo and Symphony of the Night. It’s just a matter of which I played last.

  50. MVegetto1

    MVegetto1Pred mesecem

    my personal favorite is aria of sorrow

  51. BessieRiggs

    BessieRiggsPred mesecem

    Draculas’s Curse is my favorite overall, but man I do love LoS.

  52. Luis Carlos Velásquez Vélez

    Luis Carlos Velásquez VélezPred mesecem

    Desde Legacy of Darkness(N64) hasta Lords of Shadow . Fueron casi 10 años en dónde dañaron la franquicia con muchas incongruencias demasiado japonescas para mí gustó . Perdieron ése aire Europeo pensé qué la franquicia ya no tenía más que dar, como todas las franquicias de Konami qué no han sabido sostener y se han perdido en él tiempo. Hasta qué salió Lords of Shadow La franquicia volvió con una visión diferente, pero aceptable y mejor de lo qué venía haciendo antes de éste título . La verdad lo he jugado y disfrutado mucho tanto cómo Lords of Shadow 1 cómo la 2 y hoy en día los sigo disfrutando . Nada que ver con los de PS2 y los que salieron después hasta los mensionados

  53. elyrienvalkyr

    elyrienvalkyrPred mesecem

    "But lords of shadow was critically acclaimed by reviewers" Yeah... thats not surprising. A prostitute would always praise a crap partner if you pay for it.

  54. Joshua Bell

    Joshua BellPred mesecem

    The History of Games playlist doesn't seem to exist - I'd love to see the rest of this series!

  55. jimmy dean

    jimmy deanPred mesecem

    Turned off at 2 54 due to useless information,as if anyone who hasn't played castlevania is gonna watch 30 or so years of history

  56. Cooking Parker

    Cooking ParkerPred mesecem

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  57. Arica Liptak

    Arica LiptakPred mesecem

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  58. john N

    john NPred mesecem

    I would love a remake of the classics! Keep them 2d like SOTN!

  59. ハンターアレキサ

    ハンターアレキサPred 2 meseci

    Amazing video, keep it up

  60. Malik \muh• •Leek

    Malik \muh• •LeekPred 2 meseci

    To everyone watching this after leaving the Netflix original series....⚖️

  61. Scizz Ayo

    Scizz AyoPred 2 meseci

    SotN is arguably my favourite video game of all time.

  62. Scizz Ayo

    Scizz AyoPred 2 meseci

    I still remember feeling stupid not realizing Alucard was Dracula spelled backwards for months after playing the game, lol.

  63. césar vicente

    césar vicentePred 2 meseci

    The GBA and DS games are the best castlevania games ever made especially aria, it would be great if they ported and expanded them to PC with 2021 technology. The new games after lords of shadow are idiotic.

  64. Martin Love

    Martin LovePred 2 meseci

    Leon #1!!!

  65. Wattson

    WattsonPred 2 meseci

    I remember walking into Gamestop (or was it still Babbage's) and seeing a new Castlevania game on the shelf. I ended up buying the original Symphony oh the Night for the PS1.

  66. Gaming ULTiVi

    Gaming ULTiViPred 2 meseci

    51:17 I see what you did there Konami.. But that's not enough..

  67. Fist Bump Sauce

    Fist Bump SaucePred 2 meseci

    I love me some Castlevania.

  68. John Summers

    John SummersPred 2 meseci

    Alleged killer? I'm pretty sure they had proof, and that's why they locked her up. Definite Killer.

  69. Patrick Arraes

    Patrick ArraesPred 2 meseci

    Wow Konami being toxic with their employees since the 80s, couldn’t even place you real name in the credits on the game you help make.

  70. Jorge Gutiérrez

    Jorge GutiérrezPred 2 meseci

    Just in case: to add subtitles would be a nice idea. Not only for the deaf people but also to help the non native English speakers to follow the content.

  71. Joshua Ratcliffe

    Joshua RatcliffePred 2 meseci

    That ps3 castlevania with Alucard still haunts me........

  72. Rik Dangerous

    Rik DangerousPred 2 meseci

    Behold! Bloodstained! Still, shame it wasn't Castlevania, damn you Konami.


    KAREN TIGERPred 2 meseci

    So is this like dark souls

  74. Brian Fantana

    Brian FantanaPred 2 meseci

    Make it 7 years and ongoing. The only Castlevania title that existed right now is the excellent Netflix series.

  75. JP Ames

    JP AmesPred 2 meseci

    name of the music on the opening?

  76. J'Hue Casey

    J'Hue CaseyPred 2 meseci

    I love the SotN style games, but Harmony of Dissonance was a tough play through. Felt like a throwaway game the developers made just because they were still under contract for another game.

  77. johnnyscifi

    johnnyscifiPred 2 meseci

    I like curse of darkness as a castle 3 sequel

  78. johnnyscifi

    johnnyscifiPred 2 meseci

    Pretty sure that SotN got a Sega Saturn release first...

  79. Luis Pardo

    Luis PardoPred 2 meseci

    This was really, really good. I ended of watching this 4 times,...

  80. Nintendo Cartooner 2

    Nintendo Cartooner 2Pred 2 meseci

    After all these years it hit me... the opening CV song sounds like it has elements of MJ's Thriller.. LMAO. Truth tho.

  81. skeaneable

    skeaneablePred 2 meseci

    2:52 you mention the monster as Frankenstein which is kinda incorrect it's the Frankenstein's Monster; Frankenstein is the creator of the monster

  82. Alexander McKay

    Alexander McKayPred 2 meseci

    You forgot to mention that they made Eric’s face less effeminate in the US version of Bloodlines.

  83. Farhad Kader

    Farhad KaderPred 2 meseci

    I’m still hoping for a whole new game in the Castlevania series.

  84. Bap

    BapPred mesecem

    Me to! Seeing as how they brought back GetsuFumaDen and another title maybe we might see remasters of castlevania games or even a new game!

  85. Cesarion 3003

    Cesarion 3003Pred 2 meseci


  86. Zaselim Gaming Videos

    Zaselim Gaming VideosPred 2 meseci

    LOS 1 & 2 are my most favorite castlevania games. I also loved the LOS2 but LOS 1 is above it making it my top castlevania game. I liked the idea of making dracula tha main protagonist of the game.

  87. Richie Cuna

    Richie CunaPred 2 meseci

    well someone knows how to read

  88. TOxicX

    TOxicXPred 2 meseci

    Ik for a fact that castlevania los 2 is my fav one of all the games it to perfect tbh

  89. TOxicX

    TOxicXPred 2 meseci

    @Billybobthekid yeah stealth missions were pain in the asss do to tbh but overall it has clean gameplay with smooth cutscenes and the story was good

  90. Billybobthekid

    BillybobthekidPred 2 meseci

    I haven't much of the other castlevania games but I was hooked on Lord's of shadow 2. I don't understand why is rated so low by critics and castlevania fans. The only draw back in that game imo was the stealth missions

  91. Nani

    NaniPred 2 meseci

    Symphony of the night 🌙is the best and still waiting for part 2

  92. werealldead_ _

    werealldead_ _Pred 2 meseci

    Bloodlines is still my favorite

  93. Роман Жолобов

    Роман ЖолобовPred 2 meseci

    This is amazing video, thamk you so much!!

  94. JerodakaBloodcraft

    JerodakaBloodcraftPred 2 meseci

    I loved "Curse Of Darkness" as a teenager.

  95. Rag Narok

    Rag NarokPred 2 meseci

    Who’s the one who break my sleep?

  96. James B

    James BPred 2 meseci

    I thought I was the only one to jump in the end of each level in castlevania games lol

  97. Anderson Rodrigo

    Anderson RodrigoPred 2 meseci

    Hard to enjoy this video with sooooo many announcements

  98. killjoy734

    killjoy734Pred 2 meseci

    Dawn of sorrow is my favorite, wish they remastered it for ps4 like symphony of the night

  99. William Wong

    William WongPred 2 meseci

    The guy demo-ing was so bad at the games... He's probably blind lol

  100. Six The Martian

    Six The MartianPred 2 meseci

    I feel like castlevania could make it as a souls type game in a entry

  101. GunstarGizmo

    GunstarGizmoPred 2 meseci

    I lost interest in the franchise when it turned anime. The characters just seemed too pansified.

  102. Von

    VonPred 2 meseci

    I actually liked the series as a standalone

  103. andyc903

    andyc903Pred 2 meseci

    Mana? As in decentraland

  104. Yorge Vega

    Yorge VegaPred 2 meseci

    Castlevania lords of shadows is the best in my opinion

  105. bbuildingfan01

    bbuildingfan01Pred 3 meseci

    Nice timeline great work 👍

  106. Rin Izunia IV

    Rin Izunia IVPred 3 meseci

    i honestly feel like im the only one who actually enjoyed Judgement lol

  107. Solomon Grundy

    Solomon GrundyPred 3 meseci

    43:28 bummer

  108. Solomon Grundy

    Solomon GrundyPred 3 meseci


  109. Javier Oliva

    Javier OlivaPred 4 meseci

    Awesome video!

  110. EMPG Krazer_512 And PrettyGurlChavez

    EMPG Krazer_512 And PrettyGurlChavezPred 5 meseci

    What is a man but a miserable pile of secrets