Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. Andreas Leistner

    Andreas LeistnerPred mesecem

    Another boring 3-Point-Contest. I'll switch to some real Basketball some decades before.

  2. Minimal Lifestyle

    Minimal LifestylePred mesecem

    0:32 five steps?

  3. Adrian Lazaro

    Adrian LazaroPred 2 meseci

    Hello 👋

  4. MG Reports

    MG ReportsPred 2 meseci


  5. STAY

    STAYPred 3 meseci


  6. Boris KOUKA

    Boris KOUKAPred 3 meseci

    Luka need to go to portland to take a ring lol

  7. antonio sau

    antonio sauPred 3 meseci

    7:28 - 👀🤣 Nice inbound

  8. airkuna

    airkunaPred 3 meseci

    great win from dallas, they deserved it!

  9. Thabani Dube

    Thabani DubePred 3 meseci

    That dunk by Draymond was 🔥

  10. chase kora

    chase koraPred 3 meseci

    i used to be a luka fan but i cant fucking watch him anymore. all he does is flop, complain, trick the refs with harden type fouls, then gain the momentum from all the cheating he does

  11. Jay'sWorld!

    Jay'sWorld!Pred 3 meseci

    11:21 Boban aughta be ashamed of himself for allowing that to happen!🤣

  12. Robert Mugaba

    Robert MugabaPred 3 meseci

    GO Gold State Warriors

  13. Vince Sison

    Vince SisonPred 3 meseci

    Anyone appreciate d. Green vision on the court ? Its so smooth

  14. Ilir United

    Ilir UnitedPred 3 meseci


  15. Joseph Velasco

    Joseph VelascoPred 3 meseci

    Move on guys, put in the latest game.

  16. Garrett J. Frick

    Garrett J. FrickPred 3 meseci

    9:16 Look at the way Doncic responds like a victim :)

  17. Ijate Salate

    Ijate SalatePred 3 meseci

    Draymond Green has a 360° view

  18. Ijate Salate

    Ijate SalatePred 3 meseci

    Kelly Oubre plays like a all-star

  19. Luderick Fardini

    Luderick FardiniPred 3 meseci

    Aller jo

  20. Trey-Heru

    Trey-HeruPred 3 meseci

    Mvp my ass dude can’t even stop Damion Lee 🤣

  21. Icha Icha Paradise AMV

    Icha Icha Paradise AMVPred 3 meseci

    How many threes get hit on a recovering KP There whole team needs to recover better on the three point line

  22. Icha Icha Paradise AMV

    Icha Icha Paradise AMVPred 3 meseci

    I read in the comments Wiggins was scoreless in the first half Then I watched a clip of him getting blocked and not liking it then scoring on the next play Dude is so comfortable and content He is the type of guy you need to upset to make him less nice He is literally that drake skit from SNL Where he gets mad over petty things but is normally nice lol

  23. 最終兵器彼氏

    最終兵器彼氏Pred 3 meseci

    Oubre on fire !!!

  24. Hnamte Pictures

    Hnamte PicturesPred 3 meseci

    Draymond is a point guard

  25. Lee Martin

    Lee MartinPred 3 meseci

    Hahah parang si andre Aguadala si toscano andreson

  26. Letandrine Clint

    Letandrine ClintPred 3 meseci

    Splash brothers has adopted oubrey

  27. i an

    i anPred 3 meseci

    Dallas finding out that bad defense is a problem, and that you can't cover well coached teams with just zone.

  28. Dan Fernandes

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  29. John Dave

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  30. John Dave

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  31. John Dave

    John DavePred 3 meseci

    Case hat headlight

  32. John Dave

    John DavePred 3 meseci

    Year month

  33. John Dave

    John DavePred 3 meseci


  34. John Dave

    John DavePred 3 meseci

    3d buttond

  35. Jason Curay

    Jason CurayPred 3 meseci

    0 defense in both teams. This is West Semi-finals

  36. Lt.Col. Frank Slade

    Lt.Col. Frank SladePred 3 meseci

    #Don't trade Orbre

  37. Mateo Clivio

    Mateo ClivioPred 3 meseci

    Man if you have a guy like Kelly Oubre Jr looking like a superstar you know the defense is baaad, like the man is good but not that good

  38. Khurt Mendoza

    Khurt MendozaPred 3 meseci

    6:30 look at that, wiggins being selfish

  39. Aidan Peake

    Aidan PeakePred 3 meseci

    Anyone know Oubres shoes though?

  40. BYT8

    BYT8Pred 3 meseci

    Doncic is the European counterpart of harden. A very good player but will never win a championship unless he will change his role and attitude. Ball hugging and selfishness will gave you nothing. Make your team a good team rather than yourself.

  41. mike ill gaming

    mike ill gamingPred 3 meseci

    We traded curry to improve our defense ,

  42. Jong Pi

    Jong PiPred 3 meseci

    Warriors might have won this game but man they sure had a problem with the small line up.Hope the big men can immediately recover.

  43. Lisa Mandoato

    Lisa MandoatoPred 3 meseci

    All their centers are injured! Looney, wiseman and even pascal! Hope they recover soon. Announcer keep saying gsw are small coz their tallest is 6'7" 😂😂. Warriors be like: small ball guys, small ball 🏀😉😉

  44. Stephen Curry

    Stephen CurryPred 3 meseci

    Warriors 🎶

  45. Saint Wretched

    Saint WretchedPred 3 meseci

    How do you have a 7"3 Porzy and a 7"4 Boban on your roster and not let them dominate the block against a 6"7 center on the other team? Bad coaching on Dallas. If you can't defend the small ball, at least go and attack the paint instead of trying to outshoot with 3s. If Dallas played twin towers down the stretch instead of jacking up and missing 3s, they would have had easy 2 points every trip, and Boban would probably be the one scoring 40 instead of Oubre.

  46. Kelly Oubre Jr.

    Kelly Oubre Jr.Pred 3 meseci

    I am back lol

  47. RnL BrMs

    RnL BrMsPred 3 meseci

    @ 8:10 commentator said "no D just everyman for himself just score"

  48. Dressed To Kill

    Dressed To KillPred 3 meseci

    warriors will not make it to the playoffs.

  49. Royalzion

    RoyalzionPred 3 meseci

    What a thumping! Big numbers Warriors baby!

  50. Sir Kay

    Sir KayPred 3 meseci

    Very satisfying to watch, I like watching the Nuggets and the Mavs getting annihilated, somebody ask me why?

  51. Sir Kay

    Sir KayPred 3 meseci

    @Ania T. Thanks for the words of encouragement Ania, I try my best.

  52. Ania T.

    Ania T.Pred 3 meseci

    i know why, Keep the great work up on your channel bro and you’ll go places. Your channel is a diamond in the dirt, lord

  53. sebastiaan vos

    sebastiaan vosPred 3 meseci

    f***ing love that song at the end!! very soothing

  54. Sir Kay

    Sir KayPred 3 meseci

    How do you know the Mavs got destroyed again? when you wake up and your entire server is not broken and your SLthrow recommendation page isn't flooded with Luka"The Great Caucasian Hope" Doncic's thumbnail being shoved down your throat everywhere you turn, and you check Twitter and he's not trending there? then you already know they got their "Behind" handed to them, smh. It's gotten to that point seriously! I live in East Europe, Poland to be exact, the level of joy caucasians get when they win a game against me is on another level, you would think he just won 7 rings in one night for his race, not to talk of the jealousy and envy they have for us through the jabs, sarcasm & sneak-disses for the fact that we run the entire league and they are the majority, it's just sickening shm. All I'm try to say is there is this closet insecurity among caucasian males especially since they made that movie "caucasians can't jump", you know which movie I'm talking about 'cos I can't use the W word without getting deleted. They hate the fact that they can't outshine us in this sport even though we are the minority, many of us don't even have the proper training or money to learn the fundamentals. I'm an African and the first time I touched a proper basketball was just a couple of years ago. When you win a game against me, you shouldn't be happy, why not try an American who has played the game all his life? ohh then you get your behind handed to you like they've been doing Doncic the whole time. lol!

  55. Ritsan Egam

    Ritsan EgamPred 3 meseci

    I just wanna say that Tuscano has been so good so far in the starting line ups. Game high +/- Keep it up and help the team get dubs

  56. intimissimi88

    intimissimi88Pred 3 meseci

    the mavs suck big time


    CG ARMADAPred 3 meseci

    I said you Obre better than Wiseman

  58. Ferdie Candellada

    Ferdie CandelladaPred 3 meseci

    Oubre my boy

  59. Chuchón

    ChuchónPred 3 meseci

    147 points? Draymond with 15 assists...

  60. HXMbamwam

    HXMbamwamPred 3 meseci

    Who doubles Draymond....his season high is like 15. Y'all can't even guard him man up?

  61. Chris Pump

    Chris PumpPred 3 meseci

    No center? No problem!

  62. 송현수

    송현수Pred 3 meseci

    Warriors players playing like soldiers lol

  63. Ipang Atmojo

    Ipang AtmojoPred 3 meseci


  64. Chocolate Papi

    Chocolate PapiPred 3 meseci

    14 minute highlights with defense >>>> 9 minutes by NBA

  65. IamNaitsirk 30

    IamNaitsirk 30Pred 3 meseci

    This Tuscano looks like a poor mans Shaun Livingston.

  66. Erwan Tanguy

    Erwan TanguyPred 3 meseci

    Did someone said it was Oubre's worst career in shooting %. He was on fire tonight. If he could be consistent, that is looking not too bad...

  67. Javan Jesse LoganTheGreat1

    Javan Jesse LoganTheGreat1Pred 3 meseci

    Ruthless Aggression By The Warriors

  68. RedOctagon27

    RedOctagon27Pred 3 meseci

    At this point I hope Luka Doncic changes the franchise after his contract runs out. I don't see this team going anywhere in the future. They had Dirk for years, even Nash and only managed to get 1 championship. Average lead franchise.

  69. Erion Gugu

    Erion GuguPred 3 meseci

    Kelly Oubre scored 40 total all season..

  70. Juhan Voolaid

    Juhan VoolaidPred 3 meseci

    DAL defese does not hold. Great to see good offense from the duo.

  71. Adriano Adriano

    Adriano AdrianoPred 3 meseci

    Wiseman? 4:26

  72. MX Hughes

    MX HughesPred 3 meseci

    Ppl overrated the mavs cuz of that clippers series in the bubble they have the weakest big man in KP and doncic is the mentally weakest upcoming star in the league he pouts way too damn much and it kills this team's energy.Carlisle needs to go he's always be a ok ass coach if it wasn't for the 2011 finals he'd be considered the jeff fisher of the nba

  73. Marc Vador

    Marc VadorPred 3 meseci

    The allas Mavericks ... the team with no D loses again

  74. Garry IB

    Garry IBPred 3 meseci

    5:29 no foul ?

  75. Diogo kkj

    Diogo kkjPred 3 meseci


  76. Osibamowo Moyo

    Osibamowo MoyoPred 3 meseci

    Draymond is a better IQ playmaking big than Jokic..but the NBA is not ready for that discussion...he had a hand in every single Warriors play

  77. The Kurk Gaming

    The Kurk GamingPred 3 meseci

    Porzingis and Doncic played amazing just others didnt do anything

  78. tantarell

    tantarellPred 3 meseci

    Fire Rick or free Luka

  79. Erik

    ErikPred 3 meseci

    Well Mavs defense looks shit in this game, but it's pretty easy; Mavs a bad transition team, Warriors are a really good transition team... and they executed that perfectly tonight with their forced small ball-lineup. So much problems with the Mavs at the moment, it's hard to dissect just one thing, but the most obvious is that they have to start making their wide open shots... It's just awful how many player they have that are totally inconsistent with the shooting.

  80. Gary Channel

    Gary ChannelPred 3 meseci

    What Kelly’s shose

  81. Ricardo Nefasto

    Ricardo NefastoPred 3 meseci

    Green caught a body...

  82. Valentino Samuel Fredrik

    Valentino Samuel FredrikPred 3 meseci

    It was well balanced game until the last 5 mins of 3rd Q. Just a barrage of 3s by GSW

  83. pgeo999

    pgeo999Pred 3 meseci

    That was the worst performance by Mavs in the last 3 years. Non existent defense, uncoordinated team play vs a short handed GSW that looked like the 73-9 KD Warriors. I don't see how they could make the playoffs this year. Especially the second half was painful to watch...

  84. Absurd Things

    Absurd ThingsPred 3 meseci

    It was 1 minute into the game and Mavs already running a full court press. they really don't want Steph to cross the half court 😂😂

  85. Leo Chou

    Leo ChouPred 3 meseci

    Porzingis looks lazy

  86. Georg Schmid

    Georg SchmidPred 3 meseci

    ... not really a better team, just a better coach, right?

  87. a2

    a2Pred 3 meseci

    This is the real "Warriors' game"

  88. MJA Miranda

    MJA MirandaPred 3 meseci

    People need to realize that kelly maybe struggling on offense but the energy and the defense that he gives to the team is huge. Things that don't show up on the stats . Edit: And sometimes his doin both offense and defense like this game.

  89. Arnaud Nirin

    Arnaud NirinPred 3 meseci

    I feel like Porzongis being +7 feet tall is a waste man all he does is shooting catch and shoot 3 s most of the time is game is limited really an upset is postgame is not that great as we thought he s not mobile enough defensively that s not it probably his body is not made to play 82 total games if can't he s probably not made for the PO too I don't think they will win a championship with Porzingis. His body is too fragile too much injuries

  90. Alecs Drago

    Alecs DragoPred 3 meseci

    147 point in one game..

  91. Ezron Lightbody

    Ezron LightbodyPred 3 meseci

    Draymond decision making is jus off the charts.

  92. serpserpserp

    serpserpserpPred 3 meseci

    That game was competitive for the Mavs until a few minutes into the 4th and the Mavs just let it turn into a 30 point blow out. There is something wrong with that team. Just a lot of guys on that time that cannot defend.

  93. Adam R

    Adam RPred 3 meseci

    Damion and Toscano underrated

  94. mikatteba225

    mikatteba225Pred 3 meseci

    Steph "Dell's haircut" Curry is the best Curry

  95. Derin Babalola

    Derin BabalolaPred 3 meseci

    So many lightskins on this team I was wondering why tf curry still in the game with a min left 😂😂😂😂😂

  96. Bartholomew Lyons

    Bartholomew LyonsPred 3 meseci

    3:19 caught Doncic napping. Good play by gsw though

  97. sandybayu007

    sandybayu007Pred 3 meseci

    why boban not play .. if boan there .. things gonna be different

  98. Quincey 34

    Quincey 34Pred 3 meseci

    Yes Kelly it’s about time man

  99. daniel tatum

    daniel tatumPred 3 meseci

    Luka ain’t no good leader

  100. Justin Wong

    Justin WongPred 3 meseci

    Doncic's MVP prediction becomes the biggest joke!

  101. Ena Nebres

    Ena NebresPred 3 meseci

    Go Warriors

  102. Njabulo Dube

    Njabulo DubePred 3 meseci

    draymond is leagues ahead when it comes to being a floor general

  103. Yu-Han Chang

    Yu-Han ChangPred 3 meseci

    Even though Warriors doesn’t have a center this game, they still outperform Mavs in terms of rebound😳...

  104. KingZulu

    KingZuluPred 3 meseci

    Luka taller than the whole warriors team. KP: perfect time to shoot threes