Mercedes Reveal Their 2021 Car: The W12

The covers are set to come off Mercedes' 2021 challenger, the W12 in a special LIVE event.
Join us for coverage of the big reveal with Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and team boss Toto Wolff.
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  1. Geilsonduarte Rodrigues

    Geilsonduarte RodriguesPred 8 dnevi

    Tomara que quebre o motor da Mercedes em imola e em todas as pistas da temporada

  2. jeffery wade

    jeffery wadePred 20 dnevi

    That's the car to beat in 2021

  3. Martin Pooler

    Martin PoolerPred 25 dnevi

    Nice to see our race bays installed and finneshed looking nice 👌🏼

  4. Marko Gelic

    Marko GelicPred 26 dnevi

    Fantastic W12

  5. William Adu

    William AduPred 27 dnevi

    LH is a competitor heart and soul. Battas is a great team mate

  6. The Blue Car

    The Blue CarPred mesecem

    Imagine actually using the neon under the car for this year

  7. S Wojtenek

    S WojtenekPred mesecem


  8. Panu Rueangsri

    Panu RueangsriPred mesecem

    You want cleaning boy ? AND DESIGN EANYTHINK FOR F1? NOW I DON'T HAVE JOB

  9. FH 78951

    FH 78951Pred mesecem

    Lewis - the environmentalist - promoting and taking money from the very non-environmental > INEOS

  10. Holly Jenkins

    Holly JenkinsPred mesecem

    Toto aka Bond villain

  11. Alaz Demirkanlı

    Alaz DemirkanlıPred mesecem

    Ok so I understand that LH will retire when he breaks all records in F1 history hich is possible this year. I'd like to see Russel racing in Merc. We are really bored of this duo dominating every race and LH winning both WDC and WMC titles by himself

  12. DW

    DWPred mesecem

    Another Mercedes season. Another snooze fest.

  13. yasio bolo

    yasio boloPred mesecem

    This car looks like Darth Vader himself would drive and destroy all other teams..Welcome to the Dark Side!

  14. KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD

    KoSXxPotatisbarnetXDPred mesecem

    Imagine a night race with those floor lights on, would be cool asf

  15. kolim jone

    kolim jonePred mesecem

    This car looks like Darth Vader himself would drive and destroy all other teams..Welcome to the Dark Side!

  16. Martin Pattison

    Martin PattisonPred mesecem

    I wish the whole team the best of luck in this coming season. I feel that this year it is going to be a lot closer, but only time will tell. Martin. (Thailand)

  17. yasio bolo

    yasio boloPred mesecem

    Is it just me or does the Mercedes just look like a better package then all the other cars. It just looks so much more refined than it's competitors

  18. James Middleton

    James MiddletonPred mesecem

    Ive never understood this thing from lewis about focusing on the diversity of motorsport, the only thing he can really do is inspire young rich ethnic minority kids, but if youre foing to do that why wouldnt you just inspire all young rich kids? A young kid is a young kid, whether they are white or black they deserve your inspiration the same. I started watching formula 1 wih my dad in 2008, so lewis has massively inspired me to one day take up motorsport. Lewis should focus on inspiring all, not picking and choosing who to focus on based on the colour of their skin. Keep it fair lewis.

  19. Manju Bargavi

    Manju BargaviPred mesecem

    Vallteri Do not give chance to lewis 7 time champion

  20. kolim jone

    kolim jonePred mesecem

    Why only one year? Because 1) Lewis wants the record-breaking eighth WDC title and 2) on his way to that title, he wants to be the first ever to hit 100 wins. If he does both th

  21. Relentlezz

    RelentlezzPred mesecem

    Hamilton says: BBC Me : Iam not wondering me at all. if you know u know xD

  22. Алексей Иванков

    Алексей ИванковPred mesecem

    Respect Lewis what you achieved! But now who are your concurrent? What are your motivation? Who to beet?

  23. john doe

    john doePred mesecem

    Why didnt they all take a knee for lord Hamilton?

  24. Richard WILSON

    Richard WILSONPred mesecem

    2021 will not be Mercedes year.... Game Over.!

  25. Nidhish Mann

    Nidhish MannPred mesecem

    Man this video quality is definitely not 1080HD. Looks like 480 ramped to 1080. Highly disappointed. Could have an amazing view seeing W12 in 4k video quality. But you people ruined it. :(

  26. TheBuildingMan

    TheBuildingManPred mesecem

    there were no aunches just something like an ad of Mercedes amg :(

  27. santiagobenites

    santiagobenitesPred mesecem

    Will they race with the neon lights underneath, or is that just for picking up women?

  28. Carla A.

    Carla A.Pred mesecem

    17:01 Mr. interviewer you left our PEREZ in Red Bull...... under what rock you spend the winter? He is THE difference and factor that potentially change the constructor’s championship. Nice going CLOWN!!!! 🤡

  29. Nico Montinola

    Nico MontinolaPred mesecem

    That front cape is huge!

  30. Nico Montinola

    Nico MontinolaPred mesecem

    Lewis needs to be going down. Don't think Bottas is the one to do it. Hahaha. I'm rooting for Max and my dark horses Vettel and Alonso!

  31. Peter Fowke

    Peter FowkePred mesecem

    I have enjoyed this video for Mercedes F1 w12 thank for showing fan.

  32. controlgames

    controlgamesPred mesecem

    Is it just me or does the Mercedes just look like a better package then all the other cars. It just looks so much more refined than it's competitors

  33. Matthew Gagliano

    Matthew GaglianoPred mesecem

    Toto don't kid yourself, you'll be getting an 8th championship because these mercs are dominant. 2022 is more of an question.

  34. Massive Diarrhea

    Massive DiarrheaPred mesecem

    Maybe it's just me but cars this year look more like toys compared to last year. Last year they looked amazing.

  35. Nixer Doyle

    Nixer DoylePred mesecem

    Why only one year? Because 1) Lewis wants the record-breaking eighth WDC title and 2) on his way to that title, he wants to be the first ever to hit 100 wins. If he does both those things, Lewis may feel as if there's nothing left to win and bow out on top. But he can't have that feeling until it's a real decision, something he can act on. Of course, while it seems unlikely that Lewis will miss those targets, it's not impossible. So a one year contract suits his purposes in that way, too.

  36. Nixer Doyle

    Nixer DoylePred mesecem

    It _is_ Sir Lewis, yes. But not in the workplace. I'm quite sure that 'no titles in the workplace' is an unwritten rule, especially in sport and entertainment. I see people being corrected with, "It's _Sir_ Paul McCartney actually", for example, but that's a load of uninformed wankery. If Lewis insisted on being called 'Sir' at work, I'm sure the adjustment would be made. But the reason knights & dames don't demand it is because it automatically makes them sound like douches, especially to their colleagues.

  37. Dan Amante

    Dan AmantePred mesecem

    Russel: Wanna taste that soon!

  38. Paul Mertens

    Paul MertensPred mesecem

    I like to think they went out of their way to find an interviewer who was about the same height as Toto :)

  39. Floss Chairleg

    Floss ChairlegPred mesecem

    This car looks the goods. Mercs 1 and 2, then the rest.

  40. dumaramutsi

    dumaramutsiPred mesecem

    They should have presented it with the 2021 Constructor and Driver's Championship already. We know how this season is going to end.

  41. juan pablo Ucatolica

    juan pablo UcatolicaPred mesecem

    Bottas , esta ocupando un lugar que perfectamente pudiera ocupar un piloto Apasionado Sudamericano !!

  42. Alex Raxach

    Alex RaxachPred mesecem

    broom broom

  43. Rolando Tillit

    Rolando TillitPred mesecem

    I'll pay to watch the uncensored version!

  44. Paul Robinson

    Paul RobinsonPred mesecem

    So much easier to watch than the cringeworthy Aston Martin launch!!

  45. TheKingkingg

    TheKingkinggPred mesecem

    Looks awesome

  46. Harvey

    HarveyPred mesecem

    should be all silver

  47. Wade Mcginnis

    Wade McginnisPred mesecem

    please race with the underglow hahah

  48. Игорь Shpuntik

    Игорь ShpuntikPred mesecem

    Ну всё! Держись формула 1! Дожились до того, что парень из третьего десятка гонщиков, на лучшей машине чуть-чуть совершенно случайно не выиграл этап формулы 1! Позор всем гонщикам формулы 1!!! Вы все пешки в руках владельцев конюшен. Это просто пи@дец! Гонщики стали никем в нынешней формуле. Кого лучшая команда купит, тот и победит.

  49. Willy Hwang

    Willy HwangPred mesecem

    uglies car so far

  50. MrCanadiandad

    MrCanadiandadPred mesecem

    The new "silver arrow" is not looking so silver! Lewis, please drop all the "diversity" and "inclusion" garbage. We all just want to watch the SPORT. If you want to sponsor, mentor and apprentice more "diverse" racers up through the ranks so that they can get to where you have been blessed to arrive, then I do not think anyone is standing in your way or prohibiting you from using your race winnings and eyeball-busting salary to fund these activities!! This would be a MUCH more productive and admirable way to achieve your personal "diversity" goals rather than forcing your personal beliefs down everyone else's throats! I used to be one of your most dedicated fans....not so much lately. This year I will be cheering for ABL!! (Hint: ABL = Anyone But Lewis)

  51. Hazza Gaming

    Hazza GamingPred mesecem

    2022 Racing Point looks pretty cool

  52. Tursha sakif

    Tursha sakifPred mesecem

    james allison looks more like a military officer.

  53. Antonio V00 Gaming

    Antonio V00 GamingPred mesecem

    please stop hamilton.

  54. Lawrence Redman

    Lawrence RedmanPred mesecem

    The black knight is beautiful! Can't wait to see it on track.

  55. The Stig

    The StigPred mesecem

    Ve haf ze best engine and aero,on top of that ve haf bono,so our plan is not going to be scheisse

  56. Nancy Tok Juan Lim

    Nancy Tok Juan LimPred mesecem

    *hehe amg logos go brrr*

  57. mazen mansor

    mazen mansorPred mesecem

    The livery is sick !

  58. Semperitus

    SemperitusPred mesecem

    Where are The Silver Arrows???

  59. Tzeff's Main Channel

    Tzeff's Main ChannelPred mesecem

    Here it is... 9:00

  60. Rudolf ten Voorde

    Rudolf ten VoordePred mesecem


  61. Il Capitano Alexandr

    Il Capitano AlexandrPred mesecem

    The smartest kids of the class presenting the project. 22:05

  62. Il Capitano Alexandr

    Il Capitano AlexandrPred mesecem

    I thought this would be boring, but I was wrong.

  63. kuul

    kuulPred mesecem

    It looks cool but red bull is gonna win

  64. khryptonian

    khryptonianPred mesecem

    Damm his German accent

  65. Trains4lyf

    Trains4lyfPred mesecem

    I might be exaggerating but this felt like the first 21 reveal that had slow panning shots over the car while they were talking about it. Every other reveal it felt like I needed to pause it every time they showed the car from a new angle because they were such quick cuts and quick panning shots.

  66. Val Valerio

    Val ValerioPred mesecem

    Lewis already taking stabs at the tyres. 😂🤣 I love it. . . next thing you know, he wins a race with only two functioning.

  67. Alessio Rapino

    Alessio RapinoPred mesecem

    Are there more fans of Mercedes or Red Bull??


    FACE WALLPred mesecem

    Nice livery👍

  69. Marlon Ricketts Tallboss

    Marlon Ricketts TallbossPred mesecem

    Team mercedes all the way 2021 let's go

  70. hello456able

    hello456ablePred mesecem

    bottas looks like he just woke up!!!

  71. hello456able

    hello456ablePred mesecem

    edgeing out the black hamilton! haha

  72. Bob Johal

    Bob JohalPred mesecem


  73. Jordan Chang

    Jordan ChangPred mesecem

    Stunning. Simply stunning

  74. Frank Falco

    Frank FalcoPred mesecem

    Has racism ended?! Or just not caring about human rights? Right Saudi Arabia? ;)

  75. lifeschool

    lifeschoolPred mesecem

    Steve Jones is a great interviewer. Car should be called Final W12, e,g, FW-12. ;)

  76. Ahmad Yassin

    Ahmad YassinPred mesecem

    Do we have led lights under the car🤩

  77. Markony

    MarkonyPred mesecem

    New wig for Hamilton

  78. Gaming Since 88

    Gaming Since 88Pred mesecem

    8 time champion coming up

  79. Matteo Nanni

    Matteo NanniPred mesecem

    Mein Gott, musst DAS sein?

  80. Matus Bursa

    Matus BursaPred mesecem


  81. carpoolastronaut

    carpoolastronautPred mesecem

    So happy the black is sticking. nice to see a hint of silver incorporated back into the livery and that Niki's red star is still there.

  82. Jradditto

    JraddittoPred mesecem

    “Let’s bring Valtteri back into this, so Valtteri, what’s it like being this mans SideKick, I mean teammate?”

  83. Victor Gomez

    Victor GomezPred mesecem

    Well Whatever... Forza Ferrari...

  84. Lizard Man

    Lizard ManPred mesecem

    Was really hoping they would go back to Silver but looks like the virtue signalling hasn't finished yet

  85. Jaggy FPV

    Jaggy FPVPred mesecem

    I really want Bottas to have an excellent season! One of my favorite drivers!

  86. Coolio

    CoolioPred mesecem

    Presenter: "Joining me are the 2 men who will drive the W12" Me: "Ya never know could be 3"

  87. KK Playz

    KK PlayzPred mesecem


  88. david marrazzo

    david marrazzoPred mesecem

    Lewis driving a car with a Tommy Hilfiger logo on it just seems odd to me.

  89. khasmir666

    khasmir666Pred mesecem

    It's like Africa from Toto over and over again. Always the same song.

  90. Gatta

    GattaPred mesecem

    They have so much room on the part where the nose is why did they take off the Niki tribute signature

  91. Darth Snarf

    Darth SnarfPred mesecem

    Toto every year for the last 7 years : All our competitors stand a chance.

  92. Lennert Desmet

    Lennert DesmetPred mesecem

    Lewis complaining about the tyres allready haha

  93. ed berney

    ed berneyPred mesecem

    Lewis: The rears are completely gone. Bono: Understood Lewis' but we'll need to conserve them. After all we haven't left the garage yet.

  94. Medicine Media U.K.

    Medicine Media U.K.Pred mesecem

    I’m not gonna lie,if in the unlikely event McLaren got the better of Mercedes I’d be torn

  95. TheLogitech91

    TheLogitech91Pred mesecem

    I'm hoping for another season of Merc dominance.

  96. minusthirtysix

    minusthirtysixPred mesecem

    It's nice to see Seth MacFarlane hosting a F1 car launch

  97. Tomas Baklazanas

    Tomas BaklazanasPred mesecem

    Best black best speed

  98. meme GOD

    meme GODPred mesecem

    that green LED stripe under the car means +20horsepower in race 😂😂

  99. KK Playz

    KK PlayzPred mesecem

    rgb increases fps or hp

  100. Fidy speedy

    Fidy speedyPred mesecem

    Melaka people in Malaysia said is ' merecik hawau'

  101. Athrun Zala

    Athrun ZalaPred mesecem

    They didn’t just do what I think they did! Try to pass off last years car dressed up with new panels for this year.

  102. Mariaaa_Slm

    Mariaaa_SlmPred mesecem

    That’s not a car. That’s a Beast! What a machinery 🥵🔥

  103. David Stearns

    David StearnsPred mesecem

    It looks great of course. High gloss black is cool, especially in Singapore, so I hope that race is run. “Silver Arrows” had meaning and is abandoned. Too bad for those who identified with it.

  104. Arnie builder 16

    Arnie builder 16Pred mesecem

    Love the secret weapon vibe of hiding the wind tunnels

  105. Meatyfilms YT

    Meatyfilms YTPred mesecem