Minecraft, but Crouching is OP!


  1. Repaint park

    Repaint parkPred 55 minutami


  2. Extreme4Life_

    Extreme4Life_Pred 6 urami

    Dan: *spawns skeleton horse* Me:Grim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adrianplayz

    AdrianplayzPred 7 urami

    11:05 Yes Dan yes put the portal frames wrong

  4. Kate Chapman

    Kate ChapmanPred 15 urami

    Soon as he said what is going on my head went to the song “what is going on in his words by indigo does anyone under stand me?🥲

  5. TacticalFlame _

    TacticalFlame _Pred 17 urami

    Is this what youtubers do when they "mine off camera"

  6. Ruby Grace

    Ruby GracePred 22 urami

    10 seconds in and he’s already pooping out nemo lol I’m dead I’m laughing so hard

  7. Marie Bullimore

    Marie BullimorePred dnevom

    Dan how did you download that mod ?

  8. Lake Mai

    Lake MaiPred dnevom

    You placed some of the end portal frames the wrong way

  9. Lake Mai

    Lake MaiPred dnevom

    You know you messed up the ender Portal

  10. A duck

    A duckPred dnevom

    14:17 he’s mining..

  11. Christine Rodriguez

    Christine RodriguezPred dnevom

    The second I saw that end portal frame get placed wrong I whated to die

  12. Joris Sudeikis

    Joris SudeikisPred dnevom

    i saw an ender pearl in the crouching timelapse

  13. Shrimplord

    ShrimplordPred dnevom

    That thumbnail --___--

  14. DumNotFound

    DumNotFoundPred dnevom

    Use netherite sword, it's better

  15. Taylor Lukens

    Taylor LukensPred dnevom

    Commenting on every Dantdm video so he will notice me.

  16. Nicole Blasquez

    Nicole BlasquezPred dnevom

    Dan went insane lol

  17. Sweetie Strawberry

    Sweetie StrawberryPred dnevom

    The way he said peony... My mum heard and ran into the living room where I was sitting and screamed ITS PEE-OWN-NEE

  18. Ian G

    Ian GPred 2 dnevi


  19. Nicole May

    Nicole MayPred 2 dnevi

    dan the end portal didnt work bc u place the blocks wrong all the bc the eyes of ender were not faceing the wright way

  20. Ruth Cosgro

    Ruth CosgroPred 2 dnevi

    Am I the ONLY one here that notice that he got

  21. Ruth Cosgro

    Ruth CosgroPred 2 dnevi

    Spawn eggs.

  22. Melanie James

    Melanie JamesPred 2 dnevi

    Dan:here comes the Me:here comes the sun

  23. Toywerty

    ToywertyPred 2 dnevi

    The end portal frames need to be facing the center in order to be lit.

  24. Lucas Rodriquez

    Lucas RodriquezPred 2 dnevi


  25. Lucas Rodriquez

    Lucas RodriquezPred 2 dnevi

    Um ok

  26. Rodriguez

    RodriguezPred 2 dnevi


  27. Cheche Intalan

    Cheche IntalanPred 3 dnevi

    The new speed runner in minecraft

  28. Starkyoshi S

    Starkyoshi SPred 3 dnevi

    You placed the ender eyes the wrong way Dan!

  29. Cookie🍪Gaming

    Cookie🍪GamingPred 3 dnevi

    Alternate title:Dan making a house

  30. Irene Santos

    Irene SantosPred 3 dnevi

    Have y’all noticed that he never got fireworks for is elytra lol

  31. Liam Wilcox

    Liam WilcoxPred 3 dnevi

    dan with his 18 enchanted apples,me with my 30 flintstone gummies:finally a worthy opponent. our battle will be legendary

  32. Angelina Gandell

    Angelina GandellPred 3 dnevi

    The end portal didn’t work because you have to stand in the middle and place the frames around you.

  33. Utterly Despicable

    Utterly DespicablePred 3 dnevi

    Dan getting promoted to big brain: Making an end portal from crouching Also dan getting demoted to small brain: Placing them incorrectly

  34. Mr.waffle

    Mr.wafflePred 3 dnevi

    U PUT THE ENDER FRAMES WRONG >:((((((((((((((((((((

  35. a person

    a personPred 3 dnevi

    havent watched your videos in years and here i am theyre still as good as i remember

  36. •Gacha._.Sam•

    •Gacha._.Sam•Pred 3 dnevi

    "Not as beautiful as you he doesnt have skin.." OGs: But- you had a no skinned dog before all this



    who needs to go to the nether? Dan: pfffffffft not me

  38. aH

    aHPred 4 dnevi

    can you poop food?

  39. Georgie Smith

    Georgie SmithPred 4 dnevi

    He used an axe to kill enemies...he had an unused sword...this was before he left for the End, not that far yrt

  40. Spade Loser

    Spade LoserPred 4 dnevi

    Day 1 of trying to get Dan to play Omori

  41. Ines Abdurahmanovic

    Ines AbdurahmanovicPred 4 dnevi

    Is this some sort of mod?

  42. Danger GD

    Danger GDPred 4 dnevi

    Yes 🤪

  43. Marcelo Torres

    Marcelo TorresPred 4 dnevi

    Not the house the diamond minecart

  44. cindy playz

    cindy playzPred 4 dnevi

    11:22 dan you know you just have to make them looking the right side 😑

  45. Luqmaan Khan

    Luqmaan KhanPred 4 dnevi

    No one Dan : I'm fighting while flying

  46. Y-BAR

    Y-BARPred 5 dnevi

    DanTDM Laying an egg is perfect content

  47. HyperWasTaken

    HyperWasTakenPred 5 dnevi

    Just Eating Food *And Watching Dan Poop Items......GREAT*

  48. Jack Collins

    Jack CollinsPred 5 dnevi

    Dan u built ur end portal wrong Its hard to type because I'm in a car on a bumpy roaddd

  49. JEB1923

    JEB1923Pred 5 dnevi

    Dude, Dan the reason the end portal you made didn’t work is because the eyes of ender were placed wrong, and is anyone else not confused with the fact that he still didn’t realize that there were places wrong even at the very end of the video

  50. JEB1923

    JEB1923Pred 5 dnevi

    “PLACED” sorry typo

  51. Rich Smith

    Rich SmithPred 5 dnevi

    it didnt work because the ender eyes have to be pointing forwads

  52. AnimalCrossingGuru 101

    AnimalCrossingGuru 101Pred 5 dnevi

    18:36 yes Daniel, you are OP

  53. ThinkingBacon

    ThinkingBaconPred 5 dnevi

    da(ns) house

  54. Nina Pilipovic

    Nina PilipovicPred 5 dnevi

    Omg 😳 that is so weird I wonder what he ate

  55. MrGreenManWithShades

    MrGreenManWithShadesPred 5 dnevi

    How to fix your ender portal: use debug stick

  56. Himiko Toga

    Himiko TogaPred 5 dnevi


  57. Hammy Of Doom

    Hammy Of DoomPred 5 dnevi

    Dan: Has the best sword in the game Also Dan: *A X E*

  58. Butler518

    Butler518Pred 5 dnevi

    No one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: DANTDM’S THUMBNAIL: A Minecraft player with a diamond up his crack

  59. kittyscar17 minecraft

    kittyscar17 minecraftPred 5 dnevi

    You'd think DanTDM Who's played Minecraft A LOT Would remember that the eyes of ender need to face a certain way to make the portal...

  60. Razerwork

    RazerworkPred 6 dnevi

    You put the eyes wrong for the portal

  61. Zp Bubbyy

    Zp BubbyyPred 6 dnevi

    12:35 Dan "I don't want to die" Us YOU GOT NETHERITE ARMOR

  62. Zp Bubbyy

    Zp BubbyyPred 6 dnevi

    Dan you need to place the endportal from the middle they are faceing the wrong way

  63. Mikey Conover

    Mikey ConoverPred 6 dnevi

    he had a barrier for a few seconds


    SONIC_RBLXPred 6 dnevi

    If u look at the cart u can see a command block the f At 10:11

  65. The NK Crazy Factory

    The NK Crazy FactoryPred 6 dnevi

    0:10 best part

  66. GOD'S Little one

    GOD'S Little onePred 6 dnevi

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  67. VittoPlayzzz Lojera

    VittoPlayzzz LojeraPred 6 dnevi


  68. ThinkingBacon

    ThinkingBaconPred 5 dnevi


  69. Nathan Armitage

    Nathan ArmitagePred 6 dnevi

    Watching dan make the end portal made me lose so many brain cells, some are not facing the right way

  70. Paula Hahn

    Paula HahnPred 6 dnevi

    Im i the only one that thought that dan straight up pooping blocks

  71. Drew Pannell

    Drew PannellPred 6 dnevi

    The only reason why it didn’t work”end portal” cause they weren’t facing the same way

  72. ah 219ee

    ah 219eePred 6 dnevi

    11:11 Oh Dan buddy yo messed up one of the eyes of ender

  73. ah 219ee

    ah 219eePred 6 dnevi

    7:15 What is that blue Barrier block looking thing

  74. rileybobs14

    rileybobs14Pred 6 dnevi

    he made the portal wrong you do in the center no where esle😂

  75. DemxnXrtz

    DemxnXrtzPred 6 dnevi


  76. Trish Young

    Trish YoungPred 7 dnevi

    How to beat inside the portal to make the portal

  77. Carley Duffey

    Carley DuffeyPred 7 dnevi


  78. Dragon Fighter

    Dragon FighterPred 7 dnevi

    end portal frames have a direction

  79. Ioan Alexe

    Ioan AlexePred 7 dnevi

    so if you want the end stronghold to work u need to stand in the middle and then it will work

  80. Conner TOAST

    Conner TOASTPred 7 dnevi

    The reason why it didn’t work because you placed the eyes of Enders wrong not trying to be rude

  81. Jorge Mendoza

    Jorge MendozaPred 7 dnevi

    that is not how you spelll my

  82. Jan Jones

    Jan JonesPred 7 dnevi

    I love Minecraft I play it all the time

  83. Jan Jones

    Jan JonesPred 7 dnevi

    Replaced all the ends of pearls backwards

  84. SleepyGracey

    SleepyGraceyPred 7 dnevi


  85. Jayden Chan

    Jayden ChanPred 7 dnevi

    err why u dont add water, cause enderman scard water :)

  86. tanner mcpherson

    tanner mcphersonPred 7 dnevi

    dan: ALL FROM SQATTIN' SUMMONED FROM MY REAR END *weird cough laugh sneeze noise* {8:54}

  87. Chef Jaden

    Chef JadenPred 7 dnevi

    Sir it didnt work cause you have ti put all the end frames facing the middle



    I cr8nged the moment I saw his "in progress end portal"

  89. frock

    frockPred 7 dnevi

    I love how dumb dan is because he thinks he’s failed when only one of the eyes of enders have been misplaced

  90. Cheetosbag

    CheetosbagPred 7 dnevi

    I don't think Dan noticed when he had a netherite sword when he was fighting the ED

  91. Cheetosbag

    CheetosbagPred 7 dnevi

    Again super bell hill music

  92. Tian Zhang

    Tian ZhangPred 7 dnevi

    You got it wrong

  93. Tian Zhang

    Tian ZhangPred 7 dnevi

    The end portal

  94. Coby Da big man

    Coby Da big manPred 7 dnevi


  95. Tian Zhang

    Tian ZhangPred 7 dnevi

    Why dan

  96. Tian Zhang

    Tian ZhangPred 7 dnevi


  97. roblox gaming

    roblox gamingPred 8 dnevi

    11:05 it didn't work BC u put them sideways

  98. Stephen Lobite

    Stephen LobitePred 8 dnevi

    How sad you left the donkey and the house

  99. Mick Plays

    Mick PlaysPred 8 dnevi

    2:43 was that achievement real or edited in

  100. LolGamer264

    LolGamer264Pred 8 dnevi

    Dan: I thought i forgot a bow for a second. Also Dan: *has 6 bows in his inventory*

  101. Rust Ghost

    Rust GhostPred 8 dnevi

    bruh u nub u dint place them in the correct order :/

  102. Jacob G6

    Jacob G6Pred 8 dnevi