Game Recap: Pelicans 129, Jazz 124

The Pelicans defeated the Jazz, 129-124. Zion Williamson (26 points, 10 rebounds, five assists) and Brandon Ingram (26 points, four rebounds, five assists) combined for 52 points for the Pelicans, while Lonzo Ball added 23 points, seven rebounds and eight assists in the victory. Bojan Bogdanovic tallied a game-high 31 points (7-11 3pt FG) for the Jazz, while Donovan Mitchell added 21 points, four rebounds and eight assists in the losing effort. The Pelicans improve to 15-19 on the season, while the Jazz fall to 27-8.


  1. The Man Who Laugh

    The Man Who LaughPred 2 meseci

    Why Zion is an All-Star? lol

  2. Putin's Lost

    Putin's LostPred 2 meseci


  3. Ricardo Aquino Jr

    Ricardo Aquino JrPred 2 meseci

    Trade conley..

  4. McPerry De Guzman

    McPerry De GuzmanPred 2 meseci

    So we just gonna ignore Zo’s performance here?

  5. Me !

    Me !Pred 2 meseci

    Zion is a smoother Larry Johnson2

  6. Sandi Eržen

    Sandi ErženPred 2 meseci

    Cool ! BB44 -Kralju bravo 31pts.rekord sezone...Th

  7. Martin Brankov

    Martin BrankovPred 2 meseci

    Hope Zion stays healthy a,

  8. Blender Wiki

    Blender WikiPred 2 meseci

    If the Pellicans get a good PG they can be a very nice team.

  9. Gladiadores d’ Miranda

    Gladiadores d’ MirandaPred 2 meseci

    What’s a game for the Pelicans

  10. ÆH 88

    ÆH 88Pred 2 meseci

    The Pelz got life😯

  11. Kay Sheye

    Kay SheyePred 2 meseci

    Up next Embiid vs Utah: let's eat in the paint!

  12. klesk88

    klesk88Pred 2 meseci

    ale zaskok Zion bedzie kiedys MVP

  13. T G

    T GPred 2 meseci

    Bravo Bojane Srbine!!!

  14. T G

    T GPred 2 meseci

    Ivan Galić Pitaj djedove ko si ti??? Boli brate!!!

  15. Ivan Galić

    Ivan GalićPred 2 meseci

    Srbi su sretan narod...Ne treba im droga da bi bili nadrogirani..Samo narod nesiguran u svoje porijeklo ( polutursko) izmišlja drugoj osobi njegovo porijeklo

  16. carlos pez

    carlos pezPred 2 meseci

    @T G Guzis ti sta? Ili puno gledaš zadrugu aaaa papak

  17. T G

    T GPred 2 meseci

    carlos pez Kakva ljubomora? Pročitaj malo o čemu pričamo. Boli istina!!!

  18. carlos pez

    carlos pezPred 2 meseci

    Opasna je stvar ljubomora prema Hrvatskoj! Cuvaj Djokovica da ne pređe na drugu stranu ;) 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

  19. we go

    we goPred 2 meseci

    Bojan like Thompson

  20. Agnon Paterra

    Agnon PaterraPred 2 meseci

    What a game, insane battle of Zion x Gobert

  21. Rahman

    RahmanPred 2 meseci

    Be calm, man. Utah won twice in SLC against that young team. Conley shouldn't shoot three and hope to draw a foul, simply bad decision.

  22. Robbert

    RobbertPred 2 meseci

    This commentator is so much better than the woman commentator... I always get distracted when she's talking, she doesn't make it interesting enough while this guy does

  23. Nathan Millan

    Nathan MillanPred 2 meseci

    Good Utah just on a hot streak time to end that shit

  24. M eyes

    M eyesPred 2 meseci

    when jc00 is in, we always get the lead back.. only to lose it all again when he is out.. or is it jazz me? XD

  25. Hardcore For The Losers

    Hardcore For The LosersPred 2 meseci

    Bo Buckets, Babo Beretta THE ALLSTAR

  26. A A

    A APred 2 meseci

    What a game!

  27. Jessie Gozo

    Jessie GozoPred 2 meseci

    Why? jordan clarkson not play in last minute of 4th quarter this guy it hot in the field conley is not play so well,clarkson is the best player now to jazz hot shooting out inside i advised to coach quinn trust to JC to play.. from PHILIPPINES

  28. last zeit

    last zeitPred 2 meseci

    I would trade him

  29. Ser Duncan the Tall

    Ser Duncan the TallPred 2 meseci

    Musta pre?

  30. Brus ko

    Brus koPred 2 meseci

    Babo Beretta 🔥🔥🔥👌

  31. Eldar Hasanbegovic

    Eldar HasanbegovicPred 2 meseci

    Wow Jazz lose

  32. Mshall S

    Mshall SPred 2 meseci

    Gobert = defensive player of the year. lolz

  33. Giorgio Marinaro

    Giorgio MarinaroPred 2 meseci

    Did not see this coming

  34. Dario Coric

    Dario CoricPred 2 meseci


  35. Dario Coric

    Dario CoricPred 2 meseci

    @Danny Phantom zna li ti mama da ruzne stvari pises, ili i ona voli ovo sto si napisAo ( raditi naravno)

  36. Danny Phantom

    Danny PhantomPred 2 meseci

    Pushimi kuraç

  37. Jefferson Villanueva Tv

    Jefferson Villanueva TvPred 2 meseci

    Pelicans in Utah expose that Rudy Gobert is the only one depender in the paint other are nothing..some team are need to see that specialy the Laker team..

  38. Jackytam 538

    Jackytam 538Pred 2 meseci

    Ingram's mid-range is so🔥🔥