Highlights FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés (5-1)

Big win of FC Barcelona against Deportivo Alavés with a double from Trincão and Leo Messi and a goal from Junior Firpo. Luis Rioja scored the goal of the away team #BarçaAlavés Matchday 23 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021
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    00:00 Uy Riqui, don't do those little dances xd😂

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    Finally Trincao's form is going up

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    Well, this is the most strange offside I have ever seen.

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    It’s just laughable that people actually don’t think Messi is the greatest of all time. His play making, goal scoring and dribbling skills are absolutely incredible. GOAT ❤️💙🐐

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    Barcelona IT'S A JOKE

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    Así juegan con los chicos ustedes,y después quieren ganar a los grandes,ahí te das cuenta que el barca es el más fuerte entre los débiles, y el más débil entre los fuertes

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    this game feels like old barca,love it.

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    Barcelona IT'S A JOKE

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    Barcelona deserves it!!!

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    Team #TiManene.

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    I miss the old Messi, and Slim Shady 😔

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    Messi OMG!!

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    Visca Catalunya!

  67. Rowan dos Santos

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    Messi scores 2 goals in a game finally in like 20 games he’s the best player in the game Ronaldo scores 2 goals often way more often meh Messi’s still the best not to mention the fact that Ronaldo has way more goals then Messi this season and a lot of them are from pens but when they are not they are beautiful Messi fans

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    Its deportivo alaves not bayern munich yall need to stfu

  71. Nabil badri

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    im support PSG we are ready to win tonight, we are not afraid , allez PSG!

  72. Luke Andris

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    ahahahhahahh 0:00

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    Super goal Messi Athletic

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    My grandad that does not really love Barca he started supporting him for G.O.A.T

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    مرحبا بيكم كاملين القنوات الصغيرة في المسابقة لتكبر قناتك باسهل الطرق 🏆🖕⚽🏅👍🔔

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    Vive barcelona

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    slthrow.info/solution/qsLbgsyWZ5zEvLI/video.html ן

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    Messi is the GOAT, this is the proof.


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    За лайкайте пусть думают что здесь написано что то умное.

  84. Naoufal El k

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    انا مغربي عمري 19 سنة كانعمل فلوكات واعرين و التفاعل نازل ،كانتمنى في سنة 2021 نرجع يوتبورز مشهوور 😍😇

  85. Sufyaan Sadikh

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    What is rique puig doing0:00

  86. هديل ايي والله ظالم العزاوي

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  87. Yuusuf Akooza

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  88. Magical Football

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    Barça ♥️💙

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    Hello 👋 to anyone reading this. I just want to share the good news of Jesus Christ with you. All people in the world have sinned and deserve to die for their sins but God loved us so much he sent His son Jesus to die in our place so we won’t have to. Jesus is our ticket to heaven. Jesus paid the price for us so that those who believe in Him won’t die but will be guaranteed a place in heaven. He is coming back soon to take his believers there I pray you’ll be one of them. Amen.

  90. Lindiwe Gwala

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  91. Lili Berkova

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    Messi mmm...;)

  92. MMS Nafida Show

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    anagara messi angaraaa messi

  100. Juan Wertu

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    Messi vs Deportivo

  101. Ak47

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    The end game was tikataka shit

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    ¥¥¥ 点 138.xxx 点《 138.xxx 》>>>

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    Messi Goat 🐐🇦🇷👑

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  106. Mário O Génio Bué Fixe

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    Appreciate Messi because there will never be a player like him ever again cherish every minute. 🐐

  108. Patrick

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    Let's see what Lionel Messi can do against PSG. Don't cry to me later. ALLEZ PARIS! ❤️ 💙