Obnoxious Closets of the Super Rich | Internet Analysis

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0:00 - intro
1:06 - the environmental impact
3:01 - shout out to thredUP!
5:33 - why do people watch these massive closet tours?
6:52 - obnoxious amounts of clothing
7:39 - fashion sense, brand loyalty, and taste?
8:46 - excessive accessories
9:12 - the collection element
10:25 - shoe collections
11:40 - bag collections
13:45 - limited space
15:21 - display your fancy possessions
16:11 - massive, custom built closets
17:30 - bonus rooms / elements within the closets
18:27 - running out of room
18:57 - rich people always getting free stuff
21:06 - do "new money" people like to brag?
23:51 - "I'm not bragging" disclaimers?
25:12 - possible hoarding tendencies? compulsive shopping?
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  1. tiffanyferg

    tiffanyfergPred 2 meseci

    woo woo, new internet analysis! I've recently been overwhelmed by ridiculously big closet tours, so now you have to experience it with me. (CAPTIONS SHOULD BE UP SOON!) TIME STAMPS BELOW: 0:00 - intro 1:06 - the environmental impact 3:01 - shout out to thredUP! 5:33 - why do people watch these massive closet tours? 6:52 - obnoxious amounts of clothing 7:39 - fashion sense, brand loyalty, and taste? 8:46 - excessive accessories 9:12 - the collection element 10:25 - shoe collections 11:40 - bag collections 13:45 - limited space 15:21 - display your fancy possessions 16:11 - massive, custom built closets 17:30 - bonus rooms / elements within the closets 18:27 - running out of room 18:57 - rich people always getting free stuff 21:06 - do "new money" people like to brag? 23:51 - "I'm not bragging" disclaimers? 25:12 - possible hoarding tendencies? compulsive shopping?

  2. Cullen Leah

    Cullen LeahPred 21 dnevom

    I will never understand why you'd do such stuff when lvgus.com exists... You could've gotten products that are just purely better.💖💋

  3. Fried Eggs

    Fried EggsPred mesecem

    It saddens me that heart made it into this video; like heart is from the Philippines where the poor are super poor and struggling to get by and she is very sweet but the stark contrast just really hits weird

  4. Christina B

    Christina BPred mesecem

    please do an internet analysis on “casual” instagram feeds that try to manufacture authenticity !!

  5. Mia Kurzer

    Mia KurzerPred 2 meseci

    Love you girl, but it’s been two weeks and no captions. I’m not deaf or hoh, but if you say you’re gonna do something you should.

  6. Jake Montoya

    Jake MontoyaPred 2 meseci

    Hey... 😆👀 ...... Check your Insta Inbox

  7. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwertyPred 7 urami

    God that is disgusting Watching this for like a third time after watching second thoughts water wars are coming video and my disgust is even bigger

  8. Gilly Puente

    Gilly PuentePred 7 urami

    Summary of the video: I'm jealous of rich people. They made better decisions than I did in life and as a result, I'm spiteful of their success.

  9. zay

    zayPred 23 urami

    It’s really funny how the Kardashians and Jeffree Star have a lot of money and can buy everything they want and still they dress so tacky

  10. Sako

    SakoPred dnevom

    I weep for that corocdile.

  11. YurioNice -

    YurioNice -Pred dnevom

    I'll never understand people who flex with how expensive their clothes/shoes/bags/etc are... "Look, I wasted $1 000 000 on this ugly bag!" Wow, congrats, you want a cookie? Buying something just because it's expensive af and you can flex with it doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look stupid.

  12. Mu

    MuPred dnevom

    Man I'm looking into studio apartments in Tokyo, and no joke, some of the closets in here are like way bigger than them... How do you not get stressed with this much stuff. Do people hire other people to take care of all their possessions?

  13. 明珠李

    明珠李Pred dnevom

    meanwhile i'm hiding, broke, behind a mountain of anime merchandise and the newest eren figure

  14. PugandOwn

    PugandOwnPred dnevom

    so many points in this video where I had deja vu flashbacks to searching for stuff in backstage costume departments, back when I did more drama stuff. why would you want that to be your closet? it's always so dingy and claustrophobic in there!

  15. marszenka

    marszenkaPred dnevom

    Definite yes to one of your questions. I grew up poor-ish. Rich enough to have food and clothes and toys so not badly off, but poor enough that allowance didnt really exist. I rarely, if ever, bought anything for myself more exciting than candy. When I grew up and started working and quit having parents monitor my spending, I started trying to catch up on stuff I never got as a kid. We were always a "necessities only" family and I basically went "screw necessities; I like toys and jewelry and art and no one ELSE is getting me fun things." I am a collector. Not a hoarder because I can and do declutter, but there's enough of a FOMO aspect to my spending that I put myself in counseling to try to reshape my shopping into something that will actually make me happy instead of just causing guilt and stress. Can 100% believe that these celebs have the same problem. But with no reason to worry about food and shelter, their spending doesn't cause guilt or worry so they have no incentive to change their habits. And if they are given things of course they'll keep them because you can't feel guilty about presents. It's not your fault you got them, right?

  16. Everything Of Indian Cinema

    Everything Of Indian CinemaPred dnevom

    The stress of having a bag worth $25K would make me lose sleep & give me health problems. The leather must be kept prim & proper. Oh, not to forget, if you get one micromini scratch on the Birkin Bag your bag's value goes down by 99.9% & it becomes useless & unsellable. Nice, real nice just to know that all. Ugh!!!

  17. Vote for the Conservatives

    Vote for the ConservativesPred dnevom

    Most billionaires don't do this, but millionaires do

  18. Anjalika De Moraes

    Anjalika De MoraesPred dnevom

    that himalayan birkin is so ugly lmaooo

  19. J H

    J HPred 2 dnevi

    yeah there is such a thing as having too much money

  20. RJ ArtPunk

    RJ ArtPunkPred 2 dnevi

    I have one pair of sunglasses, white rimmed ones that look like Kurt Cobain's, and I honestly wouldn't want to wear another pair, these are perfect. I might have a little bit of a problem with vinyl records, but hey at least I'm supporting small indie bands I guess XD

  21. Summer Helene

    Summer HelenePred 2 dnevi

    A lot of the clothes in the celebrities closet have been given to them for free by the brands so these are not things people are going out in purchasing at least for the most part.

  22. The Matadore

    The MatadorePred 2 dnevi

    As someone who was always careful of spending when I was making better money, all this just feels insanely wasteful. Like, is killing a Tibetan alligator (or whatever it was) to make some bag out of it really part of our moral compass? I don’t see it as ethical at all.

  23. marle

    marlePred 2 dnevi

    i have unnerving dreams where im living in these unnaturally large houses;; i can't imagine ACTUALLY living in one that sounds awful

  24. DoThatCrazyShiz

    DoThatCrazyShizPred 3 dnevi

    Hatin on rich people for 30 min, I'm in love with you

  25. Keni Oye

    Keni OyePred 3 dnevi

    I feel like everybody says if they had money they would do such and such but I feel a lot of people would probably be just like Kylie

  26. Paula Suarez

    Paula SuarezPred 3 dnevi

    How can someone spending hundred thousands on a tiny bag can look anything different to stupid? honestly... it's like those brands are laughing at your back of how they sold you a piece of dead animal for the price of an entire house. if I was to burn all that money I'd just rather give it to charities, to illness research or just to the people that I love and haven't been as lucky as me... breaking news! you can be rich AND humble.

  27. The Vintage Guidebook

    The Vintage GuidebookPred 3 dnevi

    The Kardashians/Jenners are NOT old money. Old money doesn't mean people who are born into wealth- it means people whose families have been wealthy going back more generations than they can even count (and preferably through something that isn't physical labor or performing). They would shudder to be associated with influencers, athletes, or the K & J clan lol.

  28. Adriana Ivanova

    Adriana IvanovaPred 4 dnevi

    Cool Abed moment

  29. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    Omg nappyheadedjojoba is in ur description. Love when the girls interact

  30. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    Wow u always give such interesting insight. These people are crazy.

  31. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    The Himalayan is rare. Not many exist. That’s why the lady has 3. She really tryna assert her dominance in the collector world 🤣. She the alpha lol

  32. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    Half a billion on shoes alone 😩🥴

  33. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    I used to collect books and vintage cameras. I had a sobbing and traumatic parting with them because when I moved away for schooling I had 0 storage.

  34. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    I tried to store my expensive and collector items in my grandmothers storage and she gave them away 😞. I still get on her for that.

  35. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    My mom is deff the collector. She has clothes from before I was born 😳

  36. Sabrina Barreau

    Sabrina BarreauPred 4 dnevi

    I seen a clip of the Hermès birkin bag collector I haven’t watched the vid yet but hers isn’t wasteful it’s a really good investment. Gucci and most Chanel bags lose worth the minute u buy them. Birkenstock all hold value and only goes up

  37. Yeezus Season

    Yeezus SeasonPred 4 dnevi

    pick me behaviour

  38. Kath Borup

    Kath BorupPred 4 dnevi

    Sad how they don't even enjoy or use most of the stuff they have. Life is too short to horde stuff and not use it!

  39. Narrastalgia

    NarrastalgiaPred 4 dnevi

    I just like the idea that these billionaires are apperantly buying 300k bags as an investment, as if that amount even matters to them. Even if it doubles in price it's still less than Kylie would make with a handful of sponsored insta posts lol. I know that's not the most insane thing about all of this, but like, let's be real here. If you're going to parrot what the sales associate told you to justify greed, at least make it realistic lol.

  40. Des Des

    Des DesPred 5 dnevi

    I think celebrities should all get together and pull whatever the jenners do (they resell their old clothes) and make a big website and do a celebrity yard sale (online) and give all the proceeds to charity. That might give them an "out" if they're holding onto stuff because they feel obligated or motivate them if they are just holding into everything. Seriously they could do a rediculous amount of good by doing that. And it kinda sounds fun? I'm assuming they have stuff they don't want to keep.

  41. Des Des

    Des DesPred 5 dnevi

    So I can honestly see how if I was given like tons of free stuff I'd feel obligated to hold onto it for a bit. Then it'd pile up and it'd be work to sort and get rid of stuff. Idk if thats what's going on but tbh that would totally happen to me so... Yeah. Not saying the result is positive (having tons of stuff you never use isn't great), but I get it?

  42. Des Des

    Des DesPred 5 dnevi

    I also think we need to acknowledge how much shaming specifically celebrity women have gotten for wearing the same fancy dress multiple times right? I think there's a lot of wardrobe shaming just in general too. We can do good by praising celebrities for rewearing things and not buying into the constant buy culture. I believe lots of celebs rent (?) many gowns? Which is kinda good I guess. Buuuut also I think lots of brands send celebrities their stuff as marketing right? So it kinda makes this cycle with that too... Idk I guess I'm saying that I feel like there's a bunch of weird societal and monetary stuff going on that's kinda encouraged celebrity stuff hoarding (besides the straight up fact that they have the money to buy whatever they want lol). I'm just thinking this out so if I'm off or don't know something please enlighten me.

  43. Yusra Kazi

    Yusra KaziPred 5 dnevi

    Girl their closets gave me anxiety. I wanna declutter so baddd

  44. Kathy De La Rosa

    Kathy De La RosaPred 6 dnevi

    JLo forgot about the reality of things when she got big . She literally grew up in the Bronx . When ppl get wealthy especially coming from that kind of background, they definitely get out of touch and forget that

  45. Dribblio

    DribblioPred 6 dnevi

    Am I the only one who would have an actual anxiety attack at the amount of stuff to choose from?

  46. Anita and Needle

    Anita and NeedlePred 6 dnevi

    Heart Does not deserve to be here seriously! she have bags that were given to her as gifts when she was like 8yrs old and buys cheap things too. She covers/paints her damaged bags with art, out of all the people/ celebrity who who have showed their closets I feel like her tour was a bit genuine and she also sold half of her clothes and bought tablets for underprivileged kids in schools.

  47. Unknown

    UnknownPred 6 dnevi

    Listen if I had that kinda money, I'd build a mideval castle with trapdoors

  48. Thaís Nadai

    Thaís NadaiPred 6 dnevi

    How do you even find the clothes to get dressed in the morning in a 3000sqft closet? Sounds like it would take forever lmao

  49. Antonia Turco

    Antonia TurcoPred 6 dnevi

    I just think collectors haver this deep Sense of self value connected to material goods, it's inherent to capitalism to owning stuff as the ultimate goal of one's life

  50. Emily Brontë

    Emily BrontëPred 7 dnevi

    These closets are worst nightmare of a minimalist.

  51. Anna V

    Anna VPred 7 dnevi

    How would you decide what to wear with that many clothes

  52. -just passing by

    -just passing byPred 7 dnevi

    During the whole video I was just thinking of an episode of Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse, where Barbie and her friends end up getting lost in her giant closet looking for a necklace.

  53. That Giant Fabric Parrot Perched on the window

    That Giant Fabric Parrot Perched on the windowPred 8 dnevi

    eat the rich.

  54. Malikah’Briah

    Malikah’BriahPred 8 dnevi

    I’m 16:09, and love all the observations you’ve compiled. However one thing I can’t overlook (and forgive me if you mention it later or earlier and I missed it) is that it’s mostly women featured. I would love to see this alongside how wealthy men spend their money on clothes (because from what I’ve seen it’s much of the same). Great video!

  55. Alastryona

    AlastryonaPred 8 dnevi

    Watching rich people flaunt their useless shit makes me hungry

  56. Xarre S.

    Xarre S.Pred 8 dnevi

    Honestly though, rich people are beneficial to the society. With them constantly buying stuff, money also keeps on circulating. As when they buy, somebody receives. If all of the people have a frugal mentality, it would cause a lot of problems on the economy since nobody would purchase the "unnecessary". Rich people buy limited edition stuff that was created by designers. The designers use their profit to purchase materials and hire laborers to work for them. The laborers use their earnings to feed themselves and the family. Basically, as much as we hate to admit, some opportunities were only made possible because rich people are there to spend.

  57. Aeryn

    AerynPred 8 dnevi

    2:43 PLEASE I'm dying laughing ssadaaf this is the funniest thing I've ever seen

  58. Carmen Penelope

    Carmen PenelopePred 8 dnevi

    I’m about to watch this video for the third time, and I have no regrets about it

  59. Blue

    BluePred 9 dnevi

    “62 years of collecting” so Kris Jenner has been buying her own expensive clothes since she was born. actually it’d be cool of you get to keep every single piece of clothing since birth and treat it as a collection. “Like here is a section of my cloth diapers used as a baby”

  60. giraffe1219

    giraffe1219Pred 9 dnevi

    I’m new here and it’s great to see someone drag this sort of stuff unabashedly. Like I know SLthrowrs who are clearly anti-cap but idk I appreciate your focus on it and how you call it out. “Shmeat the shmich” got me

  61. Samar Morsi

    Samar MorsiPred 9 dnevi

    Honestly very honestly, as an actress (and I’m not speaking for everyone) I get gifted so many things most of it are expensive to throw away. Add to that, each time I’m shooting a new character, I get to keep all of the characters’ outfits. At one point a year ago, going through my closet was depressing that I decided to donate about 60% of it (half of items still had tags on them). As for the getting ready area, yes it’s a necessity when you’re a celebrity .. not because you’re bougie but because you don’t want a “glam team” of hairdresser, makeup artists, a stylists & their assistants into your own private bedroom to get you ready. Great video btw, nobody should feel pressured to own certain things because famous ppl do.

  62. Clem Andrieu

    Clem AndrieuPred 9 dnevi

    I dont know if it's relevent since it's not linked to money, but i come from a big family and i tend to hord things /buying things / having things because *those* things are mine; they're not in common with my siblings, i dont have to share them, i dont have to keep them in good conditions for the next user or ration their use, because they are *mine* ! It makes me feel secure and reassured to have posessions to my name, even if it's just "This pencil is mine and i decide who gets to use it or not !"

  63. Global Family

    Global FamilyPred 9 dnevi

    Upper middle class get the squeeze. I have a few nice things, and I keep it quiet so people don't get jealous.

  64. Jen

    JenPred 9 dnevi

    very eye opening. I am indeed guilty of wanting that one thing (a Hermès Birkin)

  65. Dia

    DiaPred 9 dnevi

    They all have nothing on Barbie's dreamhouse closet 😤😤

  66. Kashiomi

    KashiomiPred 9 dnevi

    "I don't have enough room" - yeah you bought the same bag in ten color swatches, of course the room is gonna run out quickly

  67. Morgan Carter

    Morgan CarterPred 10 dnevi

    I'm not against collecting things, I have a few things I collect, but it gets to the point where it's too much. If you can't enjoy all that you are collecting, especially if it's a usable item like clothing/shoes/bags, then you've gone too far.

  68. Cullen Leah

    Cullen LeahPred 10 dnevi

    My name is *lvgus com* 😍✨ The bags here are really good quality and affordable😍✨

  69. Void S

    Void SPred 10 dnevi

    man wish i had all this closet space for all my crafts supplies lmao

  70. Nicka Lah

    Nicka LahPred 10 dnevi

    I feel ill. Please don't tell me they don't deserve to pay more in taxes, that is so laughable. No amount of hard work makes them more worthy of hoarding this crap.

  71. Shinsou Hitoshi

    Shinsou HitoshiPred 10 dnevi

    Ah yes beg collection, I swear my mom has like a closet of them but I only saw her wear like only a few of them

  72. mels

    melsPred 10 dnevi

    imagine how many people one could help with that type of money. i mean it's their money, but if i personally had that much, i would use it for something that isn't going to stay in one place forever. i'd use it to help make life easier for endless amounts of people :)

  73. anonygent

    anonygentPred 10 dnevi

    I'm poor, but I have a HUGE collection of books, probably 1,000+, maybe even 1,500+, mostly in boxes, and most of which I have read, some of them more than once, but good on you for wanting to collect books. Thrift stores, second hand bookstores, and garage sales are great sources for cheap books, and the giant book sales held in various places around the country can be gold mines for picking up lots of books for little money. I'm going to take the side of excess here, not in defense of rich people or rich people's taste, which is usually horrible, but in defense of capitalism. Back during the 1990s, Bill Clinton pushed for and got a luxury consumption tax passed, on yachts and I don't know what else. Do you know who suffered? Not the rich! They just stopped buying yachts and other luxury items. Instead, it was the middle class yacht makers who suffered, so the tax was repealed pretty soon after. All that "stuff" you see in those closets went to pay some poor person's salary for making it. If rich people didn't buy all that "stuff", that money would be sitting around in some safe investment not doing the economy much good at all. Gold is probably the worst, as almost no one makes any money when a rich person buys a lot of gold. Treasury bills and treasury bonds are next worse, as that money just goes to pay for government excess and not to driving the economy. Sales of existing stock also doesn't help the economy because the capital generated from the sale of the stock happened when the stock was originally issued. No, all that excess consumption is buying stuff that people actually get paid to create, so they are helping to drive the economy when they buy all that crap. That woman is kidding herself if she thinks handbags are a good investment. They might hold their value for a year or two, but ten years from now? They will be a joke. Rich people also do the world a favor when they buy and preserve art. Most of our great classical stringed instrument players aren't rich enough to own a Stradivarius themselves, but most of them have one, bought and lent to them by some rich person who appreciated musical talent. Much of the contents of museums were given to the museum by rich people, who bought something expensive, got tired of it, and didn't want it to disappear into the great unknown, so they donated it to a museum for everyone to appreciate. Hoarders save crap no one wants, so I don't think that's what's going on there. Hoarders literally can't throw away their own trash. Howard Hughes kept his own waste products in barrels in a warehouse. One final note on consumption... While you can "use up" living things, like the last rhino or the last square foot of rain forest, you can't use up minerals. All of the minerals that go into making all that stuff are still there, ready to be used again when those things become useless and degraded. Cars are made of steel, steel is made of iron, iron becomes rust and rust gets washed away into the ocean, but the iron that made up the car is still present, in the form of iron oxide. It didn't go anywhere. Even wood and charcoal, when they are burned, turn into carbon dioxide and ash, but the carbon that created them still exists. The only minerals we have ever lost are the minerals we have sent out into space in the form of spaceships, and Tesla's car, which, weird, but okay. So don't get too hung up on the idea of "consumption" being a problem.

  74. dmeadville

    dmeadvillePred 10 dnevi

    Paris has always struck me as someone who *might* have some hoarding issues if she didn't have the space or help money affords her. Her collections are so across the board. All cutesy stuff, but still, not just one or two things and she really goes deep and wide on it. She also doesn't seem to bulk sell the way Nick Cage does (probably doesn't need the money that pushes him to sell either).

  75. Serendipity_ føx

    Serendipity_ føxPred 10 dnevi

    And I thought I spent too much on 5 perfumes but this....

  76. Smart Husky PhD

    Smart Husky PhDPred 10 dnevi

    I'm having severe anxiety looking at these clothes collections 😂

  77. Humera

    HumeraPred 11 dnevi

    I think this video will be better if you didn't bring constant comparisons to yourself That way you could do an analysis unbiased

  78. Brook Braeken

    Brook BraekenPred 11 dnevi

    I think this also ties into how celebrities are shamed in headlines for re-wearing clothes. I hate to defend them, but sometimes its what the industry demands

  79. Olivia Gallenberger

    Olivia GallenbergerPred 11 dnevi

    i do like the scarves on the walls that's actually a cool idea

  80. creston hardcastle

    creston hardcastlePred 11 dnevi

    As crestons wife I'm the same way I enjoy collecting books and cookbooks that's it as far as collecting and tennis shoes from walmart lol with soft insoles just as good as any expensive tennis shoes I've had in the past and it's not a huge collection. I don't need a 100 or a thousand pairs of shoes or sneakers. I don't collect anything else. I never understood why women collect lots of makeup. It does have an experiation date not a good idea to collect makeup. You will either throw it away or use it and break out with your face if you own too much makeup

  81. creston hardcastle

    creston hardcastlePred 11 dnevi

    As crestons wife I am a minimalist but I am not an extreme minimalist I like having a bed not sleeping on the floor I'm in America not an Asian country. I like having clothes but not tons of clothes. A capsule wardrobe is fine with me.

  82. creston hardcastle

    creston hardcastlePred 11 dnevi

    As crestons wife I don't understand it either unless you are in your 20s and 30s but by the time you are in your 40s and beyond that should make a woman puke and realize how vain it was when you were younger. Think of the people they could help sickening especially with covid-19.

  83. Neha

    NehaPred 12 dnevi

    it's like they all saw mia's closet from princess diaries 2 and are trying to outdo her

  84. G33G33

    G33G33Pred 12 dnevi

    I wish I never had to get rid of anything, I’d have a room full of shoes... also who tf is this Jamie person?

  85. Bien Lovelux

    Bien LoveluxPred 12 dnevi

    Thats what they were billionaire because they are smart on investments...thats why you or me need to work hard to get all these things.

  86. Lucy-Jane Walsh

    Lucy-Jane WalshPred 12 dnevi

    I think the old money vs new money thing is ultimate classism because you cannot become old money. You’re either born into it or you’re not. It means that even those who manage to drag themselves up by their bootstraps (using the common rhetoric here, not my own), they still cannot cross the class divide

  87. Chaz Chillings

    Chaz ChillingsPred 12 dnevi

    Does this justify the culture revolution where teenage youth went throughout breaking the mansions of the wealthy?

  88. Dalana Quintana

    Dalana QuintanaPred 12 dnevi

    The gift that they gave Kris Jenner at the end--that tacky YOLO credit card purse--is a $4,000 Judith Leiber clutch.

  89. Katurnip

    KaturnipPred 12 dnevi

    me sitting here with my teacup collection 👀

  90. holy water uwu

    holy water uwuPred 12 dnevi

    So this is hoarding for people who can support the sheer volume of things a typical hoarder keeps lol

  91. miss Anie Bananie

    miss Anie BananiePred 12 dnevi

    If you want to treat yourself to something indulgent once in a while and you have the money then do it as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. But no one needs 150 pairs of shoes, or 200 hermes bags. We are in the process of downsizing from a 2 bed to a studio and I have managed to get rid of 8 bags of clothes.. I also managed to keep all of my collections (tea sets, watches, and parfume) because all of it fits on 3 individual shelves within one book shelf.

  92. zakosist

    zakosistPred 13 dnevi

    Even if I was the richest person in the world I would have no interest in having these crazy big clothing rooms, unless it was like an actual store. No reason to get as wasteful as possible just because you can, and you can have plenty of clothes in a regular sized closet 13:38 I never thought a purse could be more worth more money than a house, I'm kinda shocked

  93. Nicole Svensson

    Nicole SvenssonPred 13 dnevi

    I have a deep interest in fashion, and a while ago I started to worry if I have too much. I wasn’t sure where to look to find what was normal, so I counted my number of garments, and then googled. I quickly found out, that if you actually can’t count the number of items you own, it’s probably too much.

  94. nicole

    nicolePred 13 dnevi

    the thing is they probably didnt even buy it, brands would gift it for them to advertise it and etc

  95. Marina And The Diabetes

    Marina And The DiabetesPred 13 dnevi

    ok but heart evangelista has the best taste and she knows the culture and history of her pieces

  96. Mk Mason

    Mk MasonPred 14 dnevi

    Her shoes are worth more than my home 😬

  97. Scooby Darwin

    Scooby DarwinPred 14 dnevi

    me, looking at the waste: disGUSTang i feel like a lot of it is just a status symbol (the collection and price tag aspect) and it just tells me that these people haven't at all contemplated their effect on the world or other people who might be less monetarily fortunate then them (i feel like if you don't engage actively with the products of your 'collection' [like does it actually enrich emotionally/mentally your lifestyle] then it's simply wasteful, like what is the purpose? you've wasted all this money for what? you did this for what?)

  98. Humera

    HumeraPred 14 dnevi

    I used to love buying heels but then as I grew up I realised that my heels were so useless I couldn't wear it anywhere, they hurt and are so impractical so I just stopped buying them and instead enjoyed window shopping

  99. Emma Keller

    Emma KellerPred 14 dnevi

    The closest thing to these closets I can compare to is my crystal collection (which I use for meditation and jewelry making), and I dont even have nearly as much as these people have clothes/bags/shoes

  100. trodriguez7493

    trodriguez7493Pred 15 dnevi

    Hey, I love books too! 📚📚📚

  101. Noah

    NoahPred 16 dnevi

    This popped up in my recommended immediately after I closed my "ThredUP order confirmed!" tab

  102. Max Garcia

    Max GarciaPred 16 dnevi

    To put these kinds of riches into perspective I did a little calculation where if I save the absolute most I can afford to right now per month (which honestly means forgoing everything except rent, bills, gas, and bare minimum groceries) I would have 30k in 5 years. That's a 10th of a Himalayan Birkin bag. That's a 10th of a house. That's a 10th of what I could live off of in my current living situation for YEARS, and Kylie Jenner could pay it a million times over. That's not aspirational to me, that's disgusting. I don't ever want to be somebody who could afford to singlehandedly solve LA's homeless problem by just BUYING each homeless person a house and chooses to buy a closet full of useless shit instead. That's genuinely evil.

  103. Max Garcia

    Max GarciaPred 16 dnevi

    And the response is always "it's their money, they earned it, they should be able to do whatever they want with it" or "then you give half your paycheck to charity" and that's so out of proportion? If I gave half my paycheck to a homeless person per month they still wouldn't be able to afford rent in the crappiest apartment. There comes a point when you have so much wealth that holding onto all of it is actually the difference between others living or dying, and if you're okay with that you're genuinely a bad person, no way around it.

  104. The Ranting Witch

    The Ranting WitchPred 16 dnevi

    Now I'm feeling even more frugal than I imagined to be, since I don't even recognize half of those celebrities, their names ring no bells to me at all lol

  105. The Ranting Witch

    The Ranting WitchPred 7 dnevi

    @Ray you're so right!

  106. Ray

    RayPred 7 dnevi

    Don't feel bad about it at all, it's a waste of time. You don't give a crap about every person in your neighbourhood so why should you give a crap about these people

  107. USCHI LOU

    USCHI LOUPred 16 dnevi

    I would love to have a professional organizer come and do my studio apartment. It's the most difficult space I've ever lived in bc there's just no room for anything.

  108. camilleshii

    camilleshiiPred 16 dnevi

    meanwhile, i just want a decent wardrobe :> i only have pants and shirt,,, not kidding,, i'm too poor HAHA and no sense of fashion (i know goodwill and the likes are cheap but $10 is still too expensive for me,,, yes i'm that poor sksks)

  109. Krissy I

    Krissy IPred 17 dnevi

    All i want is an anime room filled with anime merch, cosplay and figures lol