Game Recap: Nets 124, Spurs 113

James Harden recorded 30 points (20 in the 4th quarter + overtime), 14 rebounds and 15 assists for the Nets as they defeated the Spurs in overtime, 124-113. This is Hardens seventh triple-double of the season and the 53rd of his career. Kyrie Irving added 27 points, six rebounds and seven assists for the Nets in the victory, while DeMar DeRozan tallied 22 points, six rebounds and 11 assists for the Spurs in the losing effort. The Nets improve to 23-13 on the season, while the Spurs fall to 17-13.


  1. Ted Joseph

    Ted JosephPred 2 meseci

    James 🥰🥰

  2. Luke Moore

    Luke MoorePred 2 meseci

    Why is this video only a minute long

  3. Oliver Atienza

    Oliver AtienzaPred 2 meseci

    Really kyrie? DeAndre is wide open 🤦

  4. Sandi Eržen

    Sandi ErženPred 2 meseci

    Bravo LŠ19 -Spurs 8pts.keep going...ajmo Vatreni !

  5. Niki Antonicelli

    Niki AntonicelliPred 2 meseci

    Harden make the triple double!!!

  6. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliPred 2 meseci

    0:35 i thought what?😃 haven't they played yesterday with Luka 😂

  7. Anton Nyns

    Anton NynsPred 2 meseci

    Refs ball

  8. Manuel Caldicot

    Manuel CaldicotPred 2 meseci

    Mágico Harden, Big Jordán, Big Brown , Big Irwing , Star Kevin , Nets Champion. Vamos Nets !!!

  9. Manuel Caldicot

    Manuel CaldicotPred 2 meseci


  10. Irwn Ayb

    Irwn AybPred 2 meseci

    Harden finna put a ring on it.

  11. Mehmet Cicek

    Mehmet CicekPred 2 meseci

    James Harden became the first in NBA history to record 30 points, 15 assists, 10 rebounds and 0 turnovers since 1977. Very rare for any ball dominant player to have zero turnovers.

  12. Manuel Caldicot

    Manuel CaldicotPred 2 meseci

    New Mágic Johnson

  13. T M

    T MPred 2 meseci


  14. Kingleo Oshio

    Kingleo OshioPred 2 meseci

    That's my Team! And the New....

  15. ÆH 88

    ÆH 88Pred 2 meseci

    That's what we do!

  16. Aj Africa

    Aj AfricaPred 2 meseci

    spurs so goodd. remember their prime with duncan. always destroying top teams

  17. Eldar Hasanbegovic

    Eldar HasanbegovicPred 2 meseci

    Go Nets go to next win i love James Harden is real MVP

  18. i.S Productions

    i.S ProductionsPred 2 meseci

    This was a good game!.. James Harden's left hand is dangerous! 🏀

  19. Joshua Cuarteros

    Joshua CuarterosPred 2 meseci


  20. joeman

    joemanPred 2 meseci

    Bruh that step back dagger...

  21. Martin Brankov

    Martin BrankovPred 2 meseci

    James Harden MvP!!

  22. U. Shin

    U. ShinPred 2 meseci

    Go Go Nets!!

  23. Equinox79

    Equinox79Pred 2 meseci

    Nice One Again To The Nets 👊

  24. ZE RO

    ZE ROPred 2 meseci

    "There's only one ball. It won't work"

  25. the FLIP

    the FLIPPred 2 meseci

    @ryohei we’ll see. I remember people saying kyrie and harden wont work. But we’ll see. You maybe right, you maybe wrong. I guess it will depend on Nash

  26. ryohei

    ryoheiPred 2 meseci

    it's kinda working rn because there's no KD and the other teams didn't figure how to properly defend on kyrie FOR NOW. when KD will be back, if he still wants to shoot 15 times per game, then you'll see the nets fall apart. and in PO there's a huge chance that any team could beat them if they force a slow pace and bully them inside ...

  27. jonaswhacked

    jonaswhackedPred 2 meseci

    Harden for MVP🚀🤘🔥

  28. Koketso Modise

    Koketso ModisePred 2 meseci

    0:27 that pass similar to the one of Westbrook during his Thunder days.

  29. Sedrik Pocuch

    Sedrik PocuchPred 2 meseci

    how are the Spurs this good? They don't even have a great team but still are fifth in the west

  30. Hosh

    HoshPred 2 meseci

    @Carlos A I could even consider that as a good thing. It just means that no one stands out stats-wise and they're playing wholistically as a team and it just shows it on the standings. It's better than having an all-star but your team is sitting at the bottom. Not a Spurs fan but a Pop fan here :) i like his system.

  31. Carlos A

    Carlos APred 2 meseci

    Sad is that my team is the only above 500 team without an All-Star player. Smh

  32. Carlos A

    Carlos APred 2 meseci

    @Hosh Yup. Coach Pop creates star team players.😄

  33. Sonic Lee

    Sonic LeePred 2 meseci

    Pop always gets his team to overachieve

  34. Guestcb4c54c2000

    Guestcb4c54c2000Pred 2 meseci

    It’s a team sport

  35. Ahmad Halloum

    Ahmad HalloumPred 2 meseci

    Like because I’m second

  36. International Player

    International PlayerPred 2 meseci

    Nets defence on buzzer just impressive. Like nba g league defence. No try to block him lol. Lord Harden impressive at scoring but just see him let Murray scored lol. Plot twist: Lord Harden let Murray make the buzzer beater so he can improve his stats in OT.

  37. ronny lee

    ronny leePred 2 meseci

    jordan is underrated

  38. Josh Zerna

    Josh ZernaPred 2 meseci

    Oh shit 😂

  39. nouvaleo akbar

    nouvaleo akbarPred 2 meseci