Novak Djokovic v Rafael Nadal Highlights | Semi-Final | Roland Garros 2021


  1. Maxi Pazz

    Maxi PazzPred mesecem

    I’m a huge Nadal fan but many congratulations Novak

  2. John O'Neill

    John O'NeillPred mesecem

    This is a big loss for Nadal. Suddenly all those French titles are worthless because at his best on Clay he still got beaten by Novak!

  3. Clayton Barnes

    Clayton BarnesPred mesecem

    Clearly Djokovic is the best at the moment but it’s not straightforward picking the GOAT. They are at different stages of their careers. It’s a question of who would be the best at their prime. Who knows about that? Djokovic will go on to get the most grand slams with the other two approaching the end of their careers so timing favours him but if only one of them existed on their own, that guy would have around 50 slams and their would be no question as to who is the GOAT.

  4. Mila Mali

    Mila MaliPred mesecem

    Bravo NOvak. You are simply the best.

  5. 田野卖B卖死了

    田野卖B卖死了Pred mesecem


  6. Joseph Vaes

    Joseph VaesPred mesecem

    What a rallys from both players😃😃

  7. Rs Suarez

    Rs SuarezPred mesecem

    Novak is a amazing he can become the GOAT but not yet once he achieves more slams then definitely he will be the GOAT now not yet

  8. Johnny Grand

    Johnny GrandPred mesecem

    Молодчина Новак уделал рафу

  9. Stormshadow Snakeeye

    Stormshadow SnakeeyePred mesecem

    King Djokovic The G.O.A.T show everyone again that why he is The GREATEST OF ALL TIMES!!! King Of Clay < King Of Tennis!!

  10. Chandan Bora

    Chandan BoraPred mesecem

    The best there is...the best there was and the best there will be.... one and only goatovic

  11. Hashmat Ali

    Hashmat AliPred mesecem

    Novak will be king of tennis

  12. brave almighty

    brave almightyPred mesecem

    Djokovic is in meditation mode and calm he did it. Nadal is in hurry mode he lost it.


    USHA BIKAPred mesecem

    Federer : loin Nadal : tiger Djoker : dinosaur

  14. Aman Bisht

    Aman BishtPred mesecem

    Does someone know, where I can watch full highlights of this match

  15. Shikhar Mathur

    Shikhar MathurPred mesecem

    a Fed fan here .... but i got to say ... Bravo Nole .... what incredible tennis...Amazing

  16. Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner

    Carlos Emilio Rivera WarnerPred mesecem

    That shot at 00:17 that the commentators couldn't find a name for . . . it's called a "skyhook." Connors used to hit it all the time . . . like 40 years ago.

  17. cedric Bossman

    cedric BossmanPred mesecem

    Tsitsipas i think he will win it .I think Greece has this one

  18. Bhupal Bisht

    Bhupal BishtPred mesecem

    Rafa how can you lost in clay.. waiting for your stronger come back for next year french open..

  19. Modugu Koteswararao

    Modugu KoteswararaoPred mesecem

    I thought raja Nadal' is such a legend ... you know he is a God at french open look at his numbers .. because of his injuries he couldn't be like prime nadal.. let's think what happens if he is prime rafa🤣🤣.. I rate nadal>>>>>>>> joker

  20. Aniket Kumar

    Aniket KumarPred mesecem

    DJOKOVIC = G. O. A. T.!!! 🐐🐐🐐

  21. Valeria Rosa

    Valeria RosaPred mesecem

    Bravo Nole. Idemo...vamos!

  22. Jenis Archibald

    Jenis ArchibaldPred mesecem

    Congratulations Sir Novak. I gave up too early. I said at 2 down in the last set was time for me to head home. I have had great entertainment for today. I sincerely felt the Raffa was going to bring out his bag of tricks but Novak you’ve burned every one of them. Hats off to you, Sir. Legend just work a lot harder.

  23. Marcos Freire

    Marcos FreirePred mesecem

    Depois das semi finais masculinas, existe uma diferença tão grande com as semis femininas que foram 2 jogos ridículos. Já js 2 jogos masculinos foram espetaculares, dignos de um Grand Slam.

  24. Neem Carry

    Neem CarryPred mesecem

    King of clay beaten in clay. Djokovic GOAT

  25. I B Reddy

    I B ReddyPred mesecem

    U can hate him but u can't ignore him -Audience-😂😂😂Jovi real hero beating legends so he legend of legends.

  26. Adithya Vasudevan

    Adithya VasudevanPred mesecem

    Is there any chance Nole can win all 4 slams this year? This is best chance really, given age will eventually catch up with him. Nole has beaten Tsitsipas at RG before, I believe he will do it again, and become the first player in the open era to win all slams twice.

  27. 27_k1_Ashutosh Tiwary

    27_k1_Ashutosh TiwaryPred mesecem

    Djokovic "if you are bad then I am your dad 😎😎😎"

  28. Karthikeyan S

    Karthikeyan SPred mesecem

    Win or loss, Novak is always an all rounder ❤️. Plays with such an incredible mental strength in all type of courts. It takes something extraordinary to beat the beast at RG, to me it looked like a rematch to RG semi finals 2013 where Nole lost in a close contest.

  29. Celestial Spartan

    Celestial SpartanPred mesecem

    Rafa became more and more tentative as the match progressed leading to one UE after another. Does Djokovic have enough gas in the tank to start all over again on Sunday....he will be contending with far younger legs there... better finish the match in 3..

  30. Siddharth Dixit

    Siddharth DixitPred mesecem

    I closed my Tv set after first set ... thought it is clay court and Nadal is playing like game would be a one side affair...surprised after watching highlights...Novak beaten Nadal in clay ...what is player what a game ... superb

  31. Mahesh Chandran

    Mahesh ChandranPred mesecem

    Well done Novak

  32. T 14

    T 14Pred mesecem

    Awwww what f....darn!

  33. cricket games with Rajdeep

    cricket games with RajdeepPred mesecem

    Yes, l am world No 1

  34. Jan Macey

    Jan MaceyPred mesecem

    Great game both of you xx

  35. Oliver Martinez

    Oliver MartinezPred mesecem

    Well he said in the pre match press conference that he can beat Nadal at RG. Here he does it. Incredible Novak! Super play Rafa!

  36. kenneth law

    kenneth lawPred mesecem

    This is the most epic match in tennis history!! I am a fan of both, really can’t tell which of them is better.

  37. Che Hank

    Che HankPred mesecem

    Djoko is truly the No1 of the world

  38. Rajesh Nayaka

    Rajesh NayakaPred mesecem

    Iron man

  39. Aditya Nehra

    Aditya NehraPred mesecem

    Djokovic does unthinkable....djoker fans 🤔

  40. AN Max Gaming

    AN Max GamingPred mesecem

    Nadal 😭😭 How ?

  41. 40 Love

    40 LovePred mesecem

    French jinxed him by immortalizing him with a silver statue thereby unseating his reign.

  42. Konark Aggarwal

    Konark AggarwalPred mesecem

    I don't know whether Rafa was not feeling physically fine but he dropped his game speed and transited it from the 3rd set

  43. N D

    N DPred mesecem

    I will quit to watch tennis after Roger Rafa and Djokovic retirement.

  44. Charles Snachez

    Charles SnachezPred mesecem

    Roger: Elegant attacking tennis, best forhand and best volley. Rafa: ruthless defensive baseline, unbelievable Fighting spirit, the king of clay. Nole: king of Mental toughness, best backhand, and best returner. Who do you think is the GOAT?

  45. Pertuy Daniel

    Pertuy DanielPred mesecem

    Djokovic a gagné la bataille du physique, les deux joueurs jouant à leur meilleur niveau. Cette année, Nadal est moins fort physiquement que Djokovic. Sinon, oui, ce fut un des meilleurs matchs sur terre battue de ces dix dernières années.

  46. Lalal Khomdram

    Lalal KhomdramPred mesecem

    Not those supporters who shift allegiance with each passing shot. I am simple rafa fan no matter win or lose. Whenever Rafa plays my anxiety level is over the roof. Unfortunately He couldn't move into his 14th RG final. He will be back.

  47. nahas muham'd

    nahas muham'dPred mesecem

    Hats off djokovic from a federer fan👏👏👏👏👏

  48. Ashu Singh

    Ashu SinghPred mesecem

    djokovic will win french open final

  49. Jalal Haider

    Jalal HaiderPred mesecem

    Djokovic No 1 for a reason...another grandslam loading

  50. Satish Anikhindi

    Satish AnikhindiPred mesecem

    Djokovic - the only man to conquer Nadal! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  51. flyvon fernandes

    flyvon fernandesPred mesecem

    Novak will win 25 grand slams

  52. Wild-Olive Prick

    Wild-Olive PrickPred mesecem

    Despised the poor and weak... that's why...

  53. Rajeesh Punathil

    Rajeesh PunathilPred mesecem

    The one match I wanted Rafa to win in French open, and damn! Tired of this sport

  54. Péter Zilahi

    Péter ZilahiPred mesecem

    This match was not human

  55. Brett S

    Brett SPred mesecem

    The 3rd set tiebreak made a huge difference

  56. Josh Hodkinson

    Josh HodkinsonPred mesecem

    If Novak wins on Sunday, you have to fancy him completing the calendar slam this year.

  57. Pierrot M

    Pierrot MPred mesecem

    One of best game ever in Roland Garros !!! What a Level !!! FANTASTIC GAME AND GREAT ATMOSPHERE. Thanks to Emmanuel Macron allowing the fans to stay until the end.

  58. 33leroi

    33leroiPred mesecem

    Уже неинтересно кто из бигов выиграет. Так много у них побед и полная гегемония последние полтора десятка лет. Гораздо интереснее победа Циципаса в финале, за него и буду болеть.

  59. Armando Rabassa

    Armando RabassaPred mesecem

    Por algo es el numero uno, y eso que mi jugador favorito es Nadal, muy pero muy buena batalla

  60. Stephen Humble

    Stephen HumblePred mesecem

    watched it live on TV - great match some amazing rallys and some terrible mistakes too - both of them felt the pressure and showed fatigue as the match got into the 3rd set due to the huge effort both has expended but somehow Novack even seems to play some points better when he is fatigued VS Nadal's error count was clearly increasing - it's like he puts all his effort to Finnish in 3 and Novack was able to extend the first set even from 0:5 when it seems the set was done novack won 3 games in row which certainly forced Nadal to work much harder to get that first set and paid dividends later when nadal became fatigued. I figured Novack would have a good chance this time as the previous few times they played Novack had played some gruelling matches in the last round VS Nadal usually manages to get his matches done fast - but this time both had similar previous rounds. . Very entertaining the level was outstanding - anyone not playing their A+ game against either of them would have no chance. The french government officials even changed the lockdown rules so that the audience did not have to leave - probably would have had to have had to drag them out one by one cause they were not going to leave willingly while these 2 were playing. The previous quarterfinal the audience had to leave the stadium part way thru the match due to the stupid lockdown rules they have - what difference does it make if people stay to the end of the match they paid to watch. ! Thankfully the officials applied some sense for this epic semifinal and the audience stayed to the end. With the way Novack played this semifinal - Tsitsipas is going to have to play the match of his life to have a chance. The other semifinal was clearly a lower quality of play. In 2015 when Warwinka beat Novack in the final Novack had played Nadal in the quarterfinal and won in 3 sets but then had an epic match with Andy Murray in the semifinal and Warwinka at that time was playing at an extraordinary level having overcome Federer in his earlier quarterfinal in 3 sets.

  61. peter wong

    peter wongPred mesecem

    Telling signs for Nadal he is getting old and tired from when he lost at the Australian Open being 2 up. Do wish this old champ can win may be one more slam!

  62. Goran Jakšić

    Goran JakšićPred mesecem

    Novak is the best player forever yeaaa 👌👌👌👌👌💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏

  63. Made for Spexit

    Made for SpexitPred mesecem

    El serbio ha tenido una coña como una catedral de coger en un día malo a Nadal, porque aún así le ha metido puntos legendarios. Es de resaltar el comportamiento de caballero del español y en cambio la cabra balcánica se comporta como esos nuevos ricos apestosos que le aplauden desde la grada.. En fin, nada nuevo. Rafa, you rule forever and ever. Your reing will never end.

  64. S P

    S PPred mesecem

    El neandertal español está acabado. Ya no tenemos que lidiar con sus gruñidos y su comportamiento ocd.

  65. Sam Jackson

    Sam JacksonPred mesecem

    I would be shocked if 3 new players who play to the standard of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal at the same time, same era appear again by the end of this century.

  66. siddharth gadugu

    siddharth gaduguPred mesecem


  67. rainy D

    rainy DPred mesecem

    Hahahaha! Nadal lost 🤣🤣

  68. safna r m

    safna r mPred mesecem

    I wish this could be the final . Bravo nole ,the greatest ever.

  69. Weihan Xingqi

    Weihan XingqiPred mesecem

    This was the WORST I've ever seen Nadal play on clay. He was slow, unfocused (hence the double faults on key points), and honestly he simply looked very unfit for the match. Very sad! I was hoping that on Sunday he would be able to break the record he holds with Federer.

  70. William HOUSHMAND

    William HOUSHMANDPred mesecem

    How dare you put a 3 min video highlight with a match like that. There are so many highlight plays to choose from and you’re only doing 3 min shame on you!

  71. Anju Ranjan

    Anju RanjanPred mesecem

    My mom predicted nadal's defeat through astrology even before the tournament started.. Somehow it came out to be true today.. Marvellous performance from nole..

  72. Felixlerouxmusic

    FelixlerouxmusicPred mesecem

    The only thing I disliked is how cold Rafa and Federer are to Nole at the handshake when losing to him, when Djokovic is the first one to be super generous to them even in defeat. Novak is the best loser of the Big 3, and the one I'll always root for when facing Fedal, today he proved everyone how amazingly strong he is on every plan. Nole is eating only plant-based by the way, in case someone wants super powers as well.

  73. akshat sharma

    akshat sharmaPred mesecem

    I want stef to play match of his life and beat novak as stan did.

  74. Tracy727

    Tracy727Pred mesecem

    This is Novak’s 3rd best surface after hard and grass and this is by far Rafas best surface . So for Novak to beat Rafa after spotting him a set easily winning the last 6 games says a lot.

  75. Yin Chan

    Yin ChanPred mesecem

    Rafa has so much class. The djerk is still a djerk. No one talks about him going off court with his bag. They should have checked his bag b4 he left the court. He comes back refreshed after taking his magic potion it seems.

  76. Shah Idrees

    Shah IdreesPred mesecem

    Novak does the unthinkable surely. No 19 for Novak for sure now.

  77. Tata Mata

    Tata MataPred mesecem

    Ok,I want to hear all of those, there were thousands of them, commenting about king Rafa,unbeatable Rafa,2 sets win for Rafa with bagels, Rafa will destroy Djokovic ....all those who are now hiding and crying...come out, and admit to yourself in sports no one is unbeatable. No one.

  78. Yestee Khawlhring

    Yestee KhawlhringPred mesecem

    Djokovic is real GOAT he keeps getting better n better... I really admired his skill n mentality...

  79. veekee75

    veekee75Pred mesecem

    It's a shame this is not the final! Sweet revenge for Djokovic though, his winning mentality is unmatchable by anyone in the current tennis scene.

  80. Mickey S

    Mickey SPred mesecem

    It’s not unthinkable, Nole is one of the greatest of all time 😈

  81. shah jaman

    shah jamanPred mesecem

    Navak is the best player.

  82. XdhD Xd

    XdhD XdPred mesecem

    When NOVAK turn to a beast Saiyan he get ultra instinct nobody can defeat him 💁‍♂️💪🤯😎🦸‍♂️

  83. Darius Brock

    Darius BrockPred mesecem

    I thought this would've gone the distance but was great nonetheless. Congratulations Djokovic!!

  84. まちゃまちゃ

    まちゃまちゃPred mesecem


  85. Vamsi Munduru

    Vamsi MunduruPred mesecem

    Idemoooooo nole 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. tom schmitz

    tom schmitzPred mesecem

    if mr. commentator supposedly a tennis expert truly knew his stuff, he would know that that nadal overhead was first hit by jimmy connors, known as the "sky hook" overhead...

  87. shiyam sundar

    shiyam sundarPred mesecem

    Dj... Dj.. Dj... 👏👏🥰🥰🥳🥳💐💐💪💪💪

  88. Vesna Ursa

    Vesna UrsaPred mesecem

    I knew he would win Serbs dont give up

  89. Raghavendra Gabbita

    Raghavendra GabbitaPred mesecem

    Well done Novak, congos to NoleFam...👏 Being a Rafan, it's going to get trickier for Rafa to pick another slam at RG w/o being at his best unlike before...the moment RG scheduled Djodal for the evening, it was easy to sense Nole would have the advantage...and, going with this viewership biz, RG would continue to do this going fwd. But, Rafa has been absolutely bull-dozing(offensively) his way to trophies lately unlike the 1st decade...when he would rack up the titles more based on defense. This is going the same way like it did with Roger...Rafa is not the best defensive player anymore (taking endurance, night factors into a/c...he gassed out tonight)...but still a pretty dominant offensive player on RG, when he turns on style...even if you are Rafa, its tough to win offensively on slow or non-bouncing courts. So, all it takes him to lose is slight inconsistency and it had been evident throughout the tourney...we are going to see this more on RG I'm afraid, I sincerely hope I'm wrong and really wish his offense helps reap a few more slams on faster courts 🙏

  90. Jas Farhaj

    Jas FarhajPred mesecem

    Wow.. what a game!!!

  91. Paul B

    Paul BPred mesecem

    Djokovic gave Nadal his own medicine -high bouncing balls on Nadal BH. The same strategy Nadal uses often to destroy Fededer's BH,

  92. FlixSkate

    FlixSkatePred mesecem

    I will rewatch this match a lot of times

  93. Christine Casey

    Christine CaseyPred mesecem

    I watched the whole match live. I am not a Djokovic fan but clearly his performance was exceptional. One of the best matches ever.

  94. Ben_ 9Haan

    Ben_ 9HaanPred mesecem

    That's why Nole still and still Number 1 in the world 😉

  95. D Dhanush

    D DhanushPred mesecem

    Djoko is not a legend , he is a legend Killer 🔥 and can defeat anyone in anyplace 🔥

  96. Azmi Ganie

    Azmi GaniePred mesecem

    the three titans era is coming to an end, federer already over now nadal seem to be the next only djokovic still on but now he is 34

  97. Vasilis Neorun

    Vasilis NeorunPred mesecem

    Can you please upload the entire 3rd set ?!!

  98. Marcos D.P

    Marcos D.PPred mesecem

    I watched both semi finals Zverev vs tsitsipas was incredible Djoko vs Nadal was legendary

  99. Super Dyuber

    Super DyuberPred mesecem

    Nole will win 24 Grand Slam and will be nr1 4oo Weeks

  100. steve macpherson

    steve macphersonPred mesecem

    thank god nadal lost

  101. Rishikesavan Thavasi Rajan

    Rishikesavan Thavasi RajanPred mesecem

    What a amazing match!!!