Selena Gomez Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2007 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

Selena Gomez gets candid about her best (and worst) fashion moments. Selena talks about her looks from 'Love You Like a Love Song' to 'Spring Breakers' and much more. Did you know she helped design some of her red carpet looks?

Director: Rom Bokobza
DP: Nate Gold
Editor: Marcus Niehaus
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Cam Op: Paolo Arriola
Gaffer: Matt Tuppen
Sound: Gray Thomas-Sowers
Set Design: Sage Griffin
Color: Carlos Flores, Forager
Production Assistant: Kristen Rakes, Josh Crowe and Kamil Zeglen
Filmed on Location: The Peninsula Beverly Hills

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Selena Gomez Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2007 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue


  1. clara remy

    clara remyPred 5 urami

    Ughhh ! I love Selena so much, she's so adorable !!! I really don't get why people are so mean to her she's an angel

  2. Vitória Almeida

    Vitória AlmeidaPred 5 urami

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    You are an amazing girl that I know, you strong selena

  5. The One

    The OnePred 6 urami

    really deep voice lol. sounds like a man

  6. sima hussein

    sima husseinPred 6 urami

    i love all these looks omg i just want her to be happy honestly🥺

  7. Nurbaiti Rahmah

    Nurbaiti RahmahPred 6 urami

    selena cans banget huhu

  8. doire aintu

    doire aintuPred 7 urami

    Does she know how iconic she is??? I Stan her

  9. parmida.

    parmida.Pred 8 urami

    Always the best ,and beautiful.

  10. can Crew

    can CrewPred 8 urami

    should've never got surgery

  11. Eri V

    Eri VPred 8 urami

    That Versace dress oofff 😍

  12. Champlin Alejandro

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  13. doire aintu

    doire aintuPred 7 urami

    I love her so much

  14. lara selters

    lara seltersPred 8 urami

    Sel's voice is so soothing and her style evolution is both interesting and awesome. I could listen to this foever 😍😘🥰

  15. Ak 🍁

    Ak 🍁Pred 9 urami

    I absolutely love the way she describes everything in such a calm way its so therapeutic unlike other celebs who will scream like maniacs trying to defend themselves and be the moment of fame and what not.

  16. reni anggraeni

    reni anggraeniPred 9 urami

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE FUCKAEF.UNO SLthrow: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков ..12

  17. EyiloShits Shits

    EyiloShits ShitsPred 10 urami

    I love you selena gomez ❤️❤️

  18. Nikita Shilov

    Nikita ShilovPred 10 urami

    She's gorgeous!!!

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  23. Hibu Odi

    Hibu OdiPred 12 urami


  24. 津惠 孙

    津惠 孙Pred 12 urami

    I love her so much

  25. Khushi Gupta

    Khushi GuptaPred 12 urami

    She looks so old now!

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    Love storyPred 13 urami

    My beautiful gorgeous blonde Selena ❤️

  29. Alexis Farrington

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  30. Azmeree

    AzmereePred 14 urami

    Selena Gomez has grown up in this Hollywood world of glam and glitz since childhood and yet she maintains to be so poise and beautiful. She has such a calm and lovely demeanour. Simply adore her

  31. Maayra

    MaayraPred 14 urami

    The outfit where Selena did her ‘We don’t talk anymore’ performance with Charlie should’ve been here! 😭

  32. Caro A

    Caro APred 14 urami

    Man… I could hear her talk ALL day, such a comfy voice

  33. dudao fegoo

    dudao fegooPred 14 urami

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  36. A E

    A EPred 15 urami

    Vogue always with selena😆😆😆 so when taylor swift? I really want see her do her make up

  37. Sh.

    Sh.Pred 15 urami

    Love her but i feel like shes a difficult person tbh

  38. maisey b

    maisey bPred 16 urami

    LOVE these looks. Favorite of all the vogue "looks" vlogs

  39. America Revere, MD

    America Revere, MDPred 16 urami

    how did they leave out the 2018 met gala look!

  40. Nathalie Lazo

    Nathalie LazoPred 16 urami

    Selena Gomez will always be real, authentic, genuine, RARE, and the best in the world. If you agree, give it a like so Selena can see how much we appreciate and love her! ❤️❤️❤️

  41. winky doo

    winky dooPred 17 urami

    shes smart

  42. Shrug life

    Shrug lifePred 17 urami

    Because you really are cool and beautiful.. love you Sel!

  43. Nikita Terekhin

    Nikita TerekhinPred 18 urami

    О как изменилась она

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  46. oxs sandoval

    oxs sandovalPred 18 urami

    Aburrida, necesitamos entrenamiento y arte

  47. Devin Georgia

    Devin GeorgiaPred 18 urami

    I just love her so much ✨

  48. Maylenys Silvestres

    Maylenys SilvestresPred 19 urami

    Selena is such a gem 🥺🥺💖💖. I love how kind, calm and gentle she is just like the queen she is 👸🏻💖.

  49. Aleyna k

    Aleyna kPred 19 urami

    i love selena so much

  50. Gabriela Yo

    Gabriela YoPred 19 urami

    I love much !!!😍

  51. 💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥

    💥VALUE IN LIFE 💥Pred 20 urami

    Oh my goodness!! It's just awesome to watch it !! She is so honest n adorable!!

  52. isabella

    isabellaPred 20 urami

    Jesus loves y’all ✝️💕

  53. melissa4169

    melissa4169Pred 20 urami

    Is her mouth or lip ok? Not trying to be mean, hope she is ok

  54. Evelyn

    EvelynPred 21 uro

    Alex Russo has grown :,))

  55. Bilinci Yakala - Genç Yetenekler

    Bilinci Yakala - Genç YeteneklerPred 21 uro

    I'm obsessed with her!

  56. Meghane Lex

    Meghane LexPred 22 urami

    her signature is so pretty

  57. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hidePred 22 urami

    She nearly made me cry at the end when she talked abt “De Una Vez”

  58. Demitrival

    DemitrivalPred 23 urami

    What’s up w/ her lower lip?

  59. Ali Kaatar

    Ali KaatarPred 18 urami


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  61. TheCostaRio

    TheCostaRioPred 23 urami

    11:30 - I literally got chills because of the sound she made while signing that photo album at the end…

  62. Lucas Paris

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  63. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hidePred 22 urami


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  67. Ketchcuxix Akakaia

    Ketchcuxix AkakaiaPred 23 urami

    Beautifully said

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  69. isdraken Productions

    isdraken ProductionsPred dnevom

    A more down to earth artist and beautiful woman is few and far between, and that is exactly Selena. Thanx for being you. I admire you greatly!

  70. Chelsea Donoghue

    Chelsea DonoghuePred dnevom

    I could listen to her ALL DAY 👏

  71. kjs Sims

    kjs SimsPred dnevom

    Sparkles✨ and champaign 🍾

  72. Ayahnya Arra

    Ayahnya ArraPred dnevom

    She look cubi 😅 do you happy now ..

  73. Fiorella Cs

    Fiorella CsPred dnevom

    I looooove her!!! But dark hair is def her colour

  74. hp ala-hett

    hp ala-hettPred dnevom

    I like her but that hair colour does not suit her at all. Just my opinion! She is looking more like her mom now. Wish her well.

  75. RebelBelle

    RebelBellePred dnevom

    People use to tell me when I was younger I looked like her but I actually knew a girl in middle school who looked more like her. This was awesome. I loved her hair she's so beautiful

  76. Micaela Larrea

    Micaela LarreaPred dnevom

    ´´Cute date that night´´ my abelena feelings they resurrected

  77. Nathalie Lazo

    Nathalie LazoPred 16 urami

    Isn't Selena the best?? 😍

  78. Belle Munir

    Belle MunirPred dnevom

    You are beautiful 😍 luv you like a baby sister 😘 💗 doll

  79. Rachel Gill

    Rachel GillPred dnevom

    BLONDE !! Selenas so perfect 😭💕😍

  80. SynthSurfer

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    noooooooooo... no blonde.. por favor

  81. Shahera Boutrig

    Shahera BoutrigPred dnevom

    God I love her!!!

  82. Miranda Cutenna

    Miranda CutennaPred dnevom

    She’s perfect

  83. Nisanur Kızılay

    Nisanur KızılayPred dnevom

    I'm in love with selena gomez I love you

  84. Moonchild

    MoonchildPred dnevom

    Everytime she says things like "please don't look like 15" I feel it, because I also look much younger than I actually am

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    Would be insane with the iconic Hayley Williams

  89. Sassy G.

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  98. i don't

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  99. hilary xoiu

    hilary xoiuPred dnevom

    why does she talk like that? theres no tone in her voice. its so annoying

  100. Nirmal Upadhyay

    Nirmal UpadhyayPred dnevom

    Wonder not a single outfit of 2011 and 2012 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  101. Salam Macadato

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  102. i don't

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