Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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  1. rckblzr12

    rckblzr12Pred 2 minutami

    Is there a legit reason why the plants put out so much food? Seems like a lot of it goes to waste in supermarkets.

  2. Ak

    AkPred 55 minutami

    6:24 lmao ironic

  3. Liana H

    Liana HPred uro

    He did an upton sinclair's the jungle 100 years later

  4. John Alexander Singleton

    John Alexander SingletonPred uro

    yeah well you've never been to a casino then, prudes. Cancel the chicken nugget order, stat

  5. SpaceViking

    SpaceVikingPred 3 urami

    America slipping down the slope. Sad.

  6. Jake Skelington

    Jake SkelingtonPred 4 urami

    I used to hang off every word this dude said. He's just like every other media outlet. Half the truth, half misleading information. Not necessarily a lie, just misleading. On that note, this is all unfortunately very true, but doesn't describe the half of it...

  7. n3rdm4n

    n3rdm4nPred 5 urami

    > a product that is wildly popular in this country Watching woke people trying to sound smart?

  8. mydoggotshavedtoday

    mydoggotshavedtodayPred 5 urami

    There is no way around what we have to do: 1) Pay more for meat 2) EAT LESS MEAT I have been vegan for 4 years. You all don't need to go vegan, but we absolutely have to decentralize this industry. This is not new information, come on..Eat less meat, shop locally at farmers markets (if possible), vote/ communicate on/ with local politicians, and have the difficult conversations. Change happens slowly

  9. Ant Circus

    Ant CircusPred 6 urami

    This is what happens when you have an almost completely ununionized workforce and if they have a union it's too weak to do anything.

  10. Numinous Nihil

    Numinous NihilPred 6 urami

    Waiting for libertarians to wax about how free markets will set us free

  11. Michael Johanson

    Michael JohansonPred 7 urami

    11:10 bathroom looking like the weeknd halftime show

  12. Wedding DJ Rob Soundz

    Wedding DJ Rob SoundzPred 7 urami

    Or we could fix our broken food system altogether and move towards more plant-based, which is not only healthier, more just and better for our struggling planet but which would solve the problems explained in this video as a mere side-effect.

  13. Manvir Singh

    Manvir SinghPred 7 urami

    I've been following you for years!!!!! When would you make a video about farmer protests in India? Ignore if you already have :)

  14. Johnny_Island

    Johnny_IslandPred 8 urami

    Automated machines can build cars but can't pack meat?

  15. Some Guy From The Internet

    Some Guy From The InternetPred 9 urami

    The show has always been preachy and extremely biased, but since the doing it in the void has been worse, to a point I can't even watch anymore. Maybe this clip talking about something that isn't Trump and republicans is a sign the show is going back to being more informative instead of just another show of people's angry opinions.

  16. Vergin Meats

    Vergin MeatsPred 2 urami

    The don’t

  17. jonescity

    jonescityPred 10 urami

    Even though this was a somber subject there was soooo many opportunities for Adam Driver jokes here...I was half expecting it.

  18. Zakkuya

    ZakkuyaPred 10 urami

    The industry that treats lives as a product doesn't care about its workers?? Whaaat??? I'm all for John's suggestions of strongly regulating these factories, but realistically, this industry needs to lose its subsidies and fade out.

  19. Joan Harrison

    Joan HarrisonPred 12 urami

    Thank you, John Oliver, for bringing the evils of meatpacking to light. For more information on meatpacking, including what the animals suffer leading up to it, read Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry, by Karen Davis, and Slaughterhouse, by Gail A. Eisnitz.

  20. Richard Kuklinski

    Richard KuklinskiPred 12 urami

    “Meatpacking” is what John Oliver does with other men every night.

  21. Moon Memento

    Moon MementoPred 12 urami

    it's totally our country.

  22. Nob ody

    Nob odyPred 12 urami

    Batheooms: u go before u start work and on ur break even if u dont have to go. That's how u train ur body when it's time to go. Hands hurt: take some tylenol. Construction works always hurt. That's what we do.

  23. Harmony Mitcham

    Harmony MitchamPred 13 urami

    I would never work a job that didnt allow you time to go to the bathroom, its ridiculous that people allow this, I understand the need for money but honestly its not worth it, your safety and health is more important.

  24. thecraftycreeper

    thecraftycreeperPred 13 urami

    I'm in Iowa and I'm disgusted at Tysons for this and also I'm surprised i did not hear about this sooner and the reason i am so disgusted is not only the behavior but also since pork incredibly important to Iowa since it is the corn and pork state and this behavior in a pork packing factory is unacceptable especially in Iowa

  25. Steven Evans

    Steven EvansPred 14 urami


  26. George State

    George StatePred 15 urami

    16:21.. now fore real.. how the fuck can a funeral cost more than 15k USD or whatereve the fk currency you want to convert to ?!?!?!

  27. BanXxX69

    BanXxX69Pred 15 urami

    05:39 I think I just lost my faith in humanity knowing these things are already happening in a 2nd world country...

  28. Luis Tarantini

    Luis TarantiniPred 15 urami

    I dont know who unironically would watch this clown.

  29. Drops2cents

    Drops2centsPred 16 urami

    Gee, that guinea pig acts quite like my two toms when they're playfully fighting and chasing each other on the lawn around our house! :-)

  30. BanefulLeaf x

    BanefulLeaf xPred 18 urami

    Thank God I'm not from the States😖

  31. BanefulLeaf x

    BanefulLeaf xPred 18 urami

    When a company says we're family, RUN!

  32. Tharun Sonti

    Tharun SontiPred 18 urami

    No surprise that an industry that commodifies animal life for profit cares little for the lives of its human employees. Treating them as disposable inputs. While pretending they're "family".. An abusive family. This is why I switched to eating plants . Preserve your humanity and conscience.

  33. Emma Sayers

    Emma SayersPred 19 urami

    Disclaimer: I'm a vegetarian with vegan leanings. I am not against people eating meat, per se, but I am definitely against animal death camps and related processes. Clearly, it is bad for the animals, that's a no-brainer, but rather than wanting to point my finger at meat eaters, I would invite them to get their meat produce from more ethical sources. Sure, it will be more expensive, but less meat in your diet is healthier for you and better for the environment and ultimately better for the demographics that end up in the squalid jobs (faux slavery) shown here.

  34. Kyle Knight

    Kyle KnightPred 20 urami

    John Oliver is garbage.

  35. Cdsnz 23

    Cdsnz 23Pred 16 urami

    Ok? why did you feel the need to leave this comment instead of just not watching his videos

  36. Kyle Knight

    Kyle KnightPred 17 urami

    @Anurag Chakraborty i used to like his segments but his comedy just dont do it anymore unfortunately. Idk just my opinion

  37. Anurag Chakraborty

    Anurag ChakrabortyPred 17 urami

    Why? This video doesn't have much of a political side to it.

  38. Fakn Lars

    Fakn LarsPred 20 urami

    The US = 3rd world

  39. Meban Kharkongor

    Meban KharkongorPred 21 uro

    You can replace the owl with John Oliver's picture and no one would even know the difference 😂

  40. Laine La Cava

    Laine La CavaPred 21 uro

    The comedy writing on this show has really gone to shit, but the content is still interesting....even if nothing will ever change.

  41. Ethan Bondick

    Ethan BondickPred 21 uro

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  42. Frank Zhu

    Frank ZhuPred 21 uro

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  43. Linda John

    Linda JohnPred 22 urami

    Shit just left me speechless. Just.. wtf.

  44. Velvet Thunder

    Velvet ThunderPred 22 urami

    I won't stay in a company if my boss starts the speech with ' we are a family'. No I am not, I am here for money. 🤷🏻

  45. Bee V

    Bee VPred 22 urami

    I just wanted to say it was a sad move to feature the old man dying of covid just to push your point. Really low. The man must have been close to 80 already, just to feature him to push your cause. So low. Not funny at all.

  46. Bee V

    Bee VPred 22 urami

    Is this still a comedy show?

  47. Mamanicole I

    Mamanicole IPred 23 urami

    I thought slavery was abolished in America 155 years ago? Some world leader😧😧😧😧😧😧

  48. Pearl The Spinster

    Pearl The SpinsterPred 23 urami

    I stopped eating tyson back in 2009. It always made my stomach upset and i just think that chicken should not be that big. One chicken breast can be cut into 4, or if you are really hungry 2. No matter how much you season it tasted like rubbery crap.

  49. Wayne Tan

    Wayne TanPred dnevom

    Do a segment on teacher’s union!

  50. Sekai

    SekaiPred dnevom

    i watch this what can we do? instead of bozos storming the capital for stupid reasons storm the capital for reasons like this!

  51. SemiEinstein

    SemiEinsteinPred dnevom

    John! Please cover the Myanmar situation, we all need to hear about it

  52. Agnes Burton

    Agnes BurtonPred dnevom

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  53. DeepFried OhioGravy

    DeepFried OhioGravyPred dnevom

    I'm glad to see that our gov't changed so much ever since Upton Sinclair wrote about the horrors of the meat-packing industry in 1904... What...? Oh... Nevermind...

  54. Sandy Diller

    Sandy DillerPred dnevom

    Grateful that a horrendous colonoscopy 14 years ago made me go plant-based. I got to thinking about fast food. What if meat cost, say $50 for 1/4 lb of whatever? Then the very people who can’t afford to have Type ll Diabetes, heart disease, etc. would find that eating whole-food-plant-based 99% of the time would eliminate those diseases. Three films (no judgement!!!) I’d recommend include “What the Health,” “The Game Changers,” and “Forks Over Knives.”

  55. 1844junkercars

    1844junkercarsPred dnevom


  56. sasquatchize

    sasquatchizePred dnevom

    Sounds too much like my current factory job making FUCKING hot tubs/spas

  57. Trinity Hope

    Trinity HopePred dnevom

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  58. HohHoch

    HohHochPred dnevom

    I feel like there's a whole book about this...

  59. Bass Little

    Bass LittlePred dnevom

    There has to be a Democrat in office for this guy to talk about the things that matter. Glad he is back I can finally watch this show again

  60. GreenDanGerman

    GreenDanGermanPred dnevom

    That's why my hard earned money isn't going to the meat industry anymore. I want plant-based companies to thrive and create alternative no-risk jobs for those people.

  61. BigPiece Gaming

    BigPiece GamingPred dnevom

    Nothing will happen

  62. Gerhard Adler

    Gerhard AdlerPred dnevom

    Anything that has to do with meat is disgusting. Be it breeding, slaughter, packaging or whatever. All good reasons to stop eating meat.

  63. Johan Kramer

    Johan KramerPred dnevom

    10:40 that guy looks like the whitest whitey mcWhitey Racist ever born on this Planet. and his Company is called "PILGRIMS PRIDE"??? wooooooowwww

  64. TheEngineered

    TheEngineeredPred dnevom

    Incoming dick joke

  65. ExtremeTurtle

    ExtremeTurtlePred dnevom

    That’s strange I do commercial roofing and any safety rule broken is 130k fine. We just had a guy fall of a roof. 40 feet. He broke both his arms and a few ribs. We got fined 150k

  66. Phoenix

    PhoenixPred dnevom

    I've said it before and will say it again: if your place of work uses the exact same indoctrination language as a murder-suicide cult, ala "family", GET OUT. They will work you to death with no regard for anything except their own company's appearance.

  67. MrBogus213

    MrBogus213Pred dnevom

    I live in the county in which the JBS plant is located. The vast majority of citizens here are absolutely brainwashed by the republican lie machine and their corporate overlords. It's genuinely sad and terrifying.

  68. sead facic

    sead facicPred dnevom

    Oh crap Jaime! Not you too?!??! Stop acting like you have live audience and start beiing your self. Just stop. Please.

  69. Jon Public

    Jon PublicPred dnevom

    Only the oligarchs will be able to eat real meat. The rest of us will eat processed soldier fly protein (maggots) or estrogen-saturated "Impossible Burgers" to neuter us. Welcome to the Reset.

  70. B b

    B bPred dnevom

    All because of illegals

  71. Has the High Ground

    Has the High GroundPred dnevom

    If I may ask how?

  72. Cyrus Wu

    Cyrus WuPred dnevom

    costco should kick tyson products

  73. pevitzachast

    pevitzachastPred dnevom

    Thank you God this episode was not more social justice bullshit.

  74. Has the High Ground

    Has the High GroundPred 15 urami

    @PB & J a lot of people don’t understand what social justice mean and believe it to just be “those crazy leftist Karen’s” social justice is just treating people humanely and abiding by societal standards.

  75. PB & J

    PB & JPred 16 urami

    As if calling out meat packing plants, for treating people inhumanely, isn't social justice

  76. Has the High Ground

    Has the High GroundPred dnevom

    Well that’s his thing this what you’re watching now is social justice.

  77. davidveale24

    davidveale24Pred dnevom

    wow what a third world country

  78. Zachary Andrew

    Zachary AndrewPred dnevom

    I aimed for public's heart and hit it in the stomach. Upton Sinclair

  79. Jacky Kong

    Jacky KongPred dnevom

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  80. Marina and The Devil

    Marina and The DevilPred dnevom

    Stop eating animals, eat the rich 🍽

  81. texxx outlaw

    texxx outlawPred dnevom

    if anyone really cared they would just stop buying chicken. oh yeah you cant your eating that same chicken right no as you read this comment all greasy handed and shit.

  82. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPred dnevom

    The situation is similiar here in Germany and Austria. To circumvent the work safety rules, the factory workers are sub sub contractors mostly from Eastern Europe.

  83. tbailey264

    tbailey264Pred dnevom

    Horrific tales from meat packing plants? What is this, 1920? Oh wait, no, we just live in a third world country

  84. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPred dnevom


  85. Lauren Pau

    Lauren PauPred dnevom

    The meat industry is just disgusting all around, it has no regard for life either animal or human!!

  86. yo mama

    yo mamaPred dnevom

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  87. Cory Levy

    Cory LevyPred dnevom

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  88. Merlin Jaeger

    Merlin JaegerPred dnevom


  89. Matt M

    Matt MPred dnevom

    Another day John Oliver attacks low hanging fruit video

  90. Naphtali Musnyama

    Naphtali MusnyamaPred dnevom

    ...and some Americans are more inclined to bleat about sweatshops in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh whilst their very neighbours are technically indentured. 🙄

  91. Hellion Shark

    Hellion SharkPred dnevom

    The freer the market, the freer the people, eh...

  92. Maloy7800

    Maloy7800Pred dnevom

    Dear Mr.Oliver. I have a favor to ask. I understand that in order to be popular in the "great" Britain and "the colonies" you need to dilute serious conversation by adding unfunny jokes every 30 seconds (yes, go ahead, viewers, CHECK). Unfortunately, I have come to like your videos, but, fortunately, I'm neither a brit nor a yank (neither are you, they WILL hang you by the neck one day). Is there any chance you could add a special montage of your videos WITHOUT those every-30-seconds stupid jokes, for people from countries where intellect is not considered a symptom of communist satanism? Thank you.

  93. Legit Pairv2

    Legit Pairv2Pred dnevom

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  94. Frazier Milak

    Frazier MilakPred dnevom

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  95. Alium Cepa

    Alium CepaPred dnevom

    just like, close the usa down at this point

  96. Dave lon

    Dave lonPred dnevom

    I'm sorry, did he say that the weapon that killed an unarmed underaged was up for auction? Flag that auction for fktards will apply.

  97. Ryan Karl

    Ryan KarlPred dnevom

    Way to look out for your 1% Tyson/OSHA..America? Mr Oliver, thank you.

  98. J Lafo

    J LafoPred dnevom

    Sad that this is everywhere. Got a serious neck injury from a machine at a warehouse and was forced to sign a release to get back to work. At barely a living wage... I couldn't afford the time off so signed away my rights to keep a roof over my head. At another warehouse different company, while assembling cheap bbq grills the drill slipped (cheap alloy screw bent/broke) and went right through my hand. Scrubbed out the debris, band aids on both sides since it went straight through, took a day off to keep injury minimally clean but if I went to a doc seeking relief I would be released. For this one I took the loss and saw the doc. Both injuries have come back in bad ways but what am I to do? Keep your head down and keep working if you want a paycheck. I can't afford more medical bills that I can't pay off in this lifetime. This is everywhere. Corporations have taken too much.

  99. dondoron

    dondoronPred 2 dnevi

    The situation is similiar here in Germany and Austria. To circumvent the work safety rules, the factory workers are sub sub contractors mostly from Eastern Europe.

  100. mizzury54

    mizzury54Pred 2 dnevi

    So I wonder if things would change if "Americans " took these jobs.

  101. PB & J

    PB & JPred dnevom

    No, probably not, born and raised in Wa State, and my son worked, for a beef packing plant. He said that is exactly how it is. I am so glad he doesnt work there anymore.

  102. Alison Loy

    Alison LoyPred 2 dnevi

    There was a great reason why we didn't allow industry monopolies. Our politicians and their pets are factory farming animals, workers and NOW OUR ELDERS!

  103. Bertrand Zerpersande

    Bertrand ZerpersandePred 2 dnevi

    I don’t see anything wrong with betting on a number. The lottery does it. Sports bets involve two numbers. As long as they weren’t doing anything to try to manipulate the number, other than ‘downward as much as possible’, what’s the big deal? Not giving adequate breaks? THERE’S your problem!

  104. Bertrand Zerpersande

    Bertrand ZerpersandePred 7 urami

    @PB & J And keep in mind, that your very first message and attempt to debate this matter was made in the form of an ad hom attack, to wit, that I lack morals. These managers harmed nobody. Their wager did nothing to contribute to additional deaths. Not a bit. And if you’re honest with yourself, you wouldn’t be so ‘offended’ if the wager had been “The safety measures we have implemented should reduce Covid infections to where the number of people who contract the disease will be no greater than that of the general public contracting the disease in conducting ‘necessary only tasks’ in day to day life.” And they didn’t get fired bc the owners thought they were amoral. They got fired to appease sensitive, touchy-feely whiners in the general public so they wouldn’t lose profits.

  105. Bertrand Zerpersande

    Bertrand ZerpersandePred 9 urami

    @PB & J - You need to have your logic module checked. If I have no regard for life, why would I be pro-life? And so you are wrong. I’m actually pro-choice. Strongly so. In fact, not only did a girlfriend of mine have an abortion, but it seems that there was a second case. Not with the same girlfriend though. Just not sure. I honestly do not think abortions are that big of a deal. - Actuarial science involves the use of data in the calculation of the probability of given events happening. Golf tournaments offering cars for hole-in-ones lose no money when a player manages to put that ball in the hole from the tee. The organizers went to an insurance company and paid for an insurance policy. The insurance company that provides such protection KNOWS that hole-in-ones will certainly be made over the course of the season. And they also have data that predicts the likelihood of such an event. Perhaps they even use data about which players are in the tournament and information about each players dispersion patterns from the predicted distance of the hole. And they do the same thing with life and health policies. They look at data and see how likely it is for people to die. I remember when insurance companies offered lower rates for policy holders that didn’t smoke. They didn’t do that as a public service. This would draw customers to whatever company first did this,min the form of non-smokers. And the companies knew that these customers wouldn’t die as often. You can look at it as lowering the prices for those that were going to live, but they were essentially raising the price on those that were going to die. It’s called risk assessment. Would it have made your ‘feelings’ less offended if they had bet on the number of employees that would NOT contract Covid? Probably so, because your logic module is buggy because to get that number an analysis of death rates would have to be performed. And every company that decided to reopen DID THIS FUCKING ANALYSIS. Certainly not with the mathematical rigor that insurance companies, but opening up meant that somewhere, people were going to die. And they opened up anyway because if they didn’t they would go bankrupt. Sure, use masks, social distancing, et, etc, but things things were what they did so their ‘bet’ was a little better. Take this a little bit for it. You know that management had to have a discussion about the dangers of continuing their operation of their meat packing company. And this involved people likely dying. Change the question they asked themselves. Considering that they were talking about how “Well, XX% of our employees will not suffer any negative affects from continuing operations.” Another is saying YY%. Things get heated. One of the managers, the XX% guy, used to work in actuarial science for an insurance company. The YY% manager is a little douche that nobody likes, and is very ‘in touch with his feelings’. But he is also cocky and inherited a lot of money. YY: if we go with your idea and open up my figures indicate we will have YY employees die. XX: That’s bullshit you little douche. I worked in actuarial science for an insurance company for 15 years and the data says that XX% of our employees are going to be just fine and that means that your number of deaths is way too high. YY: you’re wrong. That’s just the way I feel. You need to respect my feelings. Don’t judge me. XX: Look you know we’re going to open back up. If we don’t do companies going bankrupt. Money comes first. And speaking of money, you touchy-feely asshole, put your money where your mouth is. I’ll bet you that that XX% of our employees will be OK and not die. There’s your bet. The touchy-feely douche got in the way of science and reality. He/she was the one that said, ‘Ok, no more than X people will die.’

  106. PB & J

    PB & JPred 13 urami

    @Bertrand Zerpersande: The fact you can type a comment, comparing human life, to simply a number. Shows your lack of regard, for any life......let me guess, you are pro-life 🤦

  107. PB & J

    PB & JPred 14 urami

    @Bertrand Zerpersande: Lol.....You should take your own advice, cause I doubt anyone following John Oliver, would agree with anything you said. And if what you say is true, insurance companies are truly placing bets on human life, they are just as bad as the meat packing plants. If you can honestly say you are good, with any of these companies gambling on human life, then, like I have said, you have no moral character.

  108. Bertrand Zerpersande

    Bertrand ZerpersandePred 15 urami

    @PB & J You continue to rant about moral character and yet support it with nothing other that an alternative spelling for a common fruit. Placing a bet on a number that one has no control over and doesn’t even attempted control is no different from betting on a roulette wheel or the guessing a lottery number. Insurance companies make millions of dollars ‘betting’ on your health and/or longevity. Want deplorable behavior? Let them deny your claim after taking your money. Go whine to somebody that gives a shit what you think.

  109. ShadoeLandman

    ShadoeLandmanPred 2 dnevi

    Cluckingham Palace. Now that’s 😄

  110. 2Stonefly

    2StoneflyPred 2 dnevi

    12:54 KAREN'S Karens"s everywhere!!! Run and hide. Karen has overtaken Tyson!!! .

  111. 2Stonefly

    2StoneflyPred 2 dnevi

    My Mom, at 16 year old, worked in a chicken processing factory back in the 1960's. To this day, she still hates eating chicken.

  112. Justin Hopkins

    Justin HopkinsPred 2 dnevi

    We can thank Republicans for the poor treatment of workers.

  113. Jimmy Webb

    Jimmy WebbPred 2 dnevi

    I don't buy Tyson anything because it's low grade. I had no idea they treat their workers like chickens too.

  114. Harpastan Man

    Harpastan ManPred 2 dnevi

    Are the 5 thousand thumbs downs just company owners getting mad at the facts slapping them in the face? Selfish greedy f*cks.

  115. Zuaxn

    ZuaxnPred 22 urami

    @Harpastan Man I mean he isn't wrong about the things he says but I still dislike him.

  116. Harpastan Man

    Harpastan ManPred 22 urami

    @Zuaxn then why do you even watch his videos if you don't like him? He still gets money from your views. And his team does research on all their content.

  117. Zuaxn

    ZuaxnPred 22 urami

    Nah i disliked bc i don't like John Oliver that's why i disliked

  118. Bellesativa

    BellesativaPred 2 dnevi

    Going Keto, you eat more meat fat which is more filling, less lean meat, less processed meat, spend less money on meat so you can afford to buy organic meats from local ranchers you know and trust, and lose weight without going hungry.

  119. Dean Pruitt

    Dean PruittPred 2 dnevi

    No one wants to talk about how there’s only enough beef to supply 60% of what we’re eating there’s not enough beef on this planet to support the United States so 40% of your burger is a protein substance filler what is the filler do you know McDonald’s has their scientists who genetically make their meat taste good and add flavor they admit this what’s the flavor human DNA cow do you neither growing proteins Slery but from who and from what