I Cheated with a PROFESSIONAL Builder in a Building Competition...

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo in a Building Competition

Today BadBoyHalo and I are competing in another legendary Build Battle Challenge :D We have FIVE structures to build but what Bad doesn't know is I recruited a little bit of help this time hehe. I had to at least give him a little hope at first, so we may or may not have built a muffin with Nether Gold Ore LMAO but Foolish Gamers is a professional builder so I left it in his very capable hands. Plus I even helped at one point, it was kind of the collab of a lifetime and I even got to brush up on my French Architecture. This video was so funny and hilarious to make and I had so much fun as always so if you enjoyed this video hit it with a like and maybe I'll even teach Bad a lesson or two at building since I am so, so good at it now!

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo being the silliest muffin we know


  1. G Singh

    G SinghPred 24 minutami

    Do you know that he won cuz you a cheater petter

  2. Vision

    VisionPred 2 urami


  3. Pam Kamish

    Pam KamishPred 3 urami

    Way to kick his ass

  4. Amal Ghannami

    Amal GhannamiPred 7 urami

    badboyhalo and skeppy i hate u

  5. Amal Ghannami

    Amal GhannamiPred 7 urami


  6. Iza _13

    Iza _13Pred 8 urami

    I like the floor

  7. Santiago Gonzales Vasquez

    Santiago Gonzales VasquezPred 11 urami

    12:05 that is..BEDCIST

  8. Explosive Potatoes

    Explosive PotatoesPred 13 urami

    Imma be honest, i think bbh won

  9. Priya Nagpal

    Priya NagpalPred 17 urami

    The mighty experience contradictorily fax because bean internally gather but a obese faucet. flat, ashamed shears

  10. I Speak Thy Truth

    I Speak Thy TruthPred 17 urami

    Skeppy's cheating on BBH

  11. Samantha Evans

    Samantha EvansPred 19 urami

    Skeppy won

  12. fipi ntugyi

    fipi ntugyiPred 20 urami

    The depressed cafe exceptionally apologise because multi-hop mostly film besides a crooked plot. dark, strange mouse

  13. ChryslerJosh

    ChryslerJoshPred 22 urami

    Fun Fact: BadBoyHalo at the muffin round just said horrible to FOOLISHG BOOTFUL MUFFIN HEAD

  14. Kevin Gonzalez

    Kevin GonzalezPred dnevom

    The dysfunctional fish unknowingly scold because turkey accordingly hook minus a flippant mechanic. legal, strange athlete

  15. Kin Lenoj Alvarez

    Kin Lenoj AlvarezPred dnevom

    the volcano part you need 81 min

  16. Len Rm

    Len RmPred dnevom


  17. amber rawlings

    amber rawlingsPred dnevom

    the only way badboyhalo would have won on the house is 0 out of 0

  18. Layla Jones

    Layla JonesPred dnevom

    I love how the vid pic is u with bob the builder👀

  19. Dominick Slevin

    Dominick SlevinPred dnevom

    I H, E -.

  20. Albertina Karima

    Albertina KarimaPred dnevom

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  21. Taylor Schultz

    Taylor SchultzPred dnevom


  22. Sandra Fallrain

    Sandra FallrainPred dnevom

    My biggest flex is that I watched skeppy when he said 105k (When he didnt swear)

  23. Ben Hargest

    Ben HargestPred dnevom


  24. yu5uf 28

    yu5uf 28Pred dnevom

    2:20 the skeppy in the top left blinked lmao

  25. JNgamingPlayz YT

    JNgamingPlayz YTPred 2 dnevi

    The middle tower in skeppy's castle looking kinda sus

  26. Kat2203

    Kat2203Pred 2 dnevi

    But Bads volcano is really amazing though


    KIARA JAINPred 2 dnevi

    BBH=all is fair in love and war Skeppy=this isnt war BBH(in mind)=But it is love

  28. Paula Suba

    Paula SubaPred 2 dnevi

    My name is chaiden sven s.caraga

  29. Paula Suba

    Paula SubaPred 2 dnevi

    OMG I gotta stop hacking my parents


    ARPIT GAMINGPred 2 dnevi

    Are u guy who came in my smp


    ARPIT GAMINGPred 2 dnevi


  32. random lemon

    random lemonPred 2 dnevi

    Skeppy that's illegal

  33. Kx 65 Sickness

    Kx 65 SicknessPred 2 dnevi

    Do you ever do normal build battles because he will probably think your going to do it 😅

  34. Lee LiYaHui

    Lee LiYaHuiPred 2 dnevi


  35. Vettin

    VettinPred 2 dnevi

    i just realized the little heads in the corner blink and its giving me serotonin

  36. inosuke hashibira alt account

    inosuke hashibira alt accountPred 2 dnevi


  37. Itz_Galaxy

    Itz_GalaxyPred 2 dnevi

    When will we get bbh to swear again

  38. Raiden The Rocket

    Raiden The RocketPred 2 dnevi

    3:00 did bars icon just blink!?!?

  39. Layla Hesham

    Layla HeshamPred 2 dnevi

    I think the one on the left is actually better u know in the thumb nail anyone else agree with me?

  40. Kim Cournoyea

    Kim CournoyeaPred 2 dnevi

    Badboyhalo sucks at building

  41. Niki Hendrickson

    Niki HendricksonPred 2 dnevi

    I like your tower more halo

  42. Dragon Garlo

    Dragon GarloPred 3 dnevi

    Foolish is my favorite pokemon

  43. Quackity Pendeja

    Quackity PendejaPred 3 dnevi


  44. Deepika Pandey

    Deepika PandeyPred 3 dnevi

    just subbed hope ur a good channel u look good to me

  45. Nancy Rodriguez

    Nancy RodriguezPred 3 dnevi

    The astonishing mice apically communicate because passenger dolly hook notwithstanding a short bucket. stereotyped, irritating accelerator

  46. alex castro

    alex castroPred 3 dnevi

    skeppy is the king of diamonds. herobrine: so you have chosen death

  47. Kazuko Daye

    Kazuko DayePred 4 dnevi

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  48. Rashid Ali

    Rashid AliPred 4 dnevi


  49. Rashid Ali

    Rashid AliPred 4 dnevi

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  50. Nini Melon

    Nini MelonPred 4 dnevi

    literally just don't do battles anymore - or get your own pro builder then win against him..

  51. shan sanpedro

    shan sanpedroPred 4 dnevi

    this is insane

  52. Rita Theis

    Rita TheisPred 4 dnevi

    The spotless bench spectroscopically walk because lynx extremely vanish notwithstanding a imported september. quirky, lackadaisical lace

  53. ReVeRsE_Tryhard1

    ReVeRsE_Tryhard1Pred 4 dnevi

    0:31 JUST DO IT

  54. VictoriaThePigYT

    VictoriaThePigYTPred 4 dnevi

    Does he still think you have a child or did you tell him?

  55. zach piper

    zach piperPred 4 dnevi

    The decisive brace opportunely squeeze because lumber primarily pray since a well-made chocolate. wary, nonchalant scarecrow

  56. Benny Peo

    Benny PeoPred 4 dnevi

    19:45 lollollololololololoololololololoololololoool

  57. Angelina Ward

    Angelina WardPred 4 dnevi


  58. Joan Willis

    Joan WillisPred 4 dnevi

    I love how he is saying no I accidentally did that :babboyhalo:NO YOUR TRYING TO PEEK

  59. Espurr adams

    Espurr adamsPred 4 dnevi

    If been watching you for a week can I get a shout please part 2

  60. Emmanuel Herrera

    Emmanuel HerreraPred 4 dnevi

    It's muffin time it's muffin time it's muffin time uhhhhhhh it's actually 12:30

  61. Cooper Tierney

    Cooper TierneyPred 5 dnevi


  62. Claude Dexter

    Claude DexterPred 5 dnevi

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  63. Ravi kumar Y

    Ravi kumar YPred 5 dnevi

    " It's a mouldy muffin "😂😂😂

  64. Louella Luces

    Louella LucesPred 5 dnevi


  65. blackerfamily

    blackerfamilyPred 5 dnevi

    only if skeppy made a vid with three more people and do a build contest with BuiLd HaX

  66. blackerfamily

    blackerfamilyPred 5 dnevi


  67. 현용주

    현용주Pred 5 dnevi

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  68. Gelie Mirantes

    Gelie MirantesPred 5 dnevi

    skeppy is a cheater .-.

  69. BF & GF Friday Night Funk!n Games And More!

    BF & GF Friday Night Funk!n Games And More!Pred 5 dnevi

    14:42 “Your a wizard harry” but its Your a builder now skeppy Lol

  70. Aaswertuiol Xsrtyuionu

    Aaswertuiol XsrtyuionuPred 5 dnevi

    The lazy dessert internationally load because flag distinctly interfere amongst a lackadaisical pencil. momentous, grouchy equipment

  71. Foxy Knoxy

    Foxy KnoxyPred 5 dnevi

    Skeppy skeppy!

  72. Sabah Hamagareb

    Sabah HamagarebPred 5 dnevi



    UJJAL ROYPred 5 dnevi

    Why are you diamond 💎?

  74. 鄧詠心2021 5C27

    鄧詠心2021 5C27Pred 6 dnevi

    I have not watch skeppy for a long time

  75. Donnia Reafat

    Donnia ReafatPred 6 dnevi

    I’m good at building

  76. 07946 571857

    07946 571857Pred 6 dnevi

    He was so confused

  77. Pandaxwarrior

    PandaxwarriorPred 6 dnevi

    Sleppy stop im not stupid he knows that tiger guy is thare

  78. lexygirl1786

    lexygirl1786Pred 6 dnevi


  79. Nathan Biro

    Nathan BiroPred 6 dnevi

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  80. Evelyn Erickson

    Evelyn EricksonPred 6 dnevi

    omg i thought there was only 2 PEOPLE

  81. Taylor Byrne Ryan

    Taylor Byrne RyanPred 6 dnevi

    Did you tell him you were cheating billing your stuff yours was fack have a good day

  82. لجين سيف

    لجين سيفPred 6 dnevi

    *waiting for the shift dance too*

  83. XxUnFound

    XxUnFoundPred 6 dnevi

    This is made on my birth-day

  84. Dalarnas Industrihus AB

    Dalarnas Industrihus ABPred 6 dnevi


  85. Autumn Pablo

    Autumn PabloPred 7 dnevi

    I like both of your building s

  86. Phrogness

    PhrognessPred 7 dnevi


  87. sans meglovonia

    sans meglovoniaPred 7 dnevi

    Find the impostor llllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l Read this twice V Why does the the human Brian ignore second the?

  88. Xx Jxssica_ Gamez xX

    Xx Jxssica_ Gamez xXPred 7 dnevi

    imagine bbh watching this XD

  89. Chadwick Depew

    Chadwick DepewPred 7 dnevi


  90. 1kcharrison

    1kcharrisonPred 7 dnevi

    I love how the professional builder in the thumbnail was Bob the builder...

  91. J Rathbun

    J RathbunPred 7 dnevi

    Me .cheater cheater pumpkin eater me afterwords whoa

  92. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverPred 7 dnevi

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  93. Luna Blackwood

    Luna BlackwoodPred 7 dnevi

    2:00 bbh: all's fair in love and war skeppy : this isn't *war* woah there. did you forget to mention love or is it love

  94. []Adm1rable Eclipse[]

    []Adm1rable Eclipse[]Pred 7 dnevi

    Did anyone notice that the logo thing actually blinks-

  95. iiBlueShiba

    iiBlueShibaPred 7 dnevi

    hmMMmmm intresting

  96. Jaxon Lewis

    Jaxon LewisPred 7 dnevi

    Me watching this whilst building a ruin of a church

  97. And I Oof

    And I OofPred 7 dnevi

    9:28 looks like a rocket skip ngl

  98. Sebpem

    SebpemPred 8 dnevi

    *Everybody Gangsta till Skeppy gets Mumbo Jumbo*

  99. im offline

    im offlinePred 8 dnevi

    On what are u guys talking

  100. Elfsxie Playz

    Elfsxie PlayzPred 8 dnevi

    I can’t tell who is who’s voice rn-

  101. asdf edsf

    asdf edsfPred 8 dnevi

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