"I didn't want a manager giving me high-fives!" | Roy Keane gives his views on Mane snubbing Klopp

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Sky Sports pundits Graeme Souness, Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp gave their views on Sadio Mane snubbing his manager Jurgen Klopp following Liverpool's win against Manchester United.

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  1. ankan bhattacharya

    ankan bhattacharyaPred 5 dnevi

    This is what it is....

  2. Emil Marian

    Emil MarianPred 18 dnevi

    I saw this dude hugging and kissing ferguson like lovers after they won against bayern munich in the Champions League final.

  3. james harrison

    james harrisonPred 18 dnevi

    send him to united we need a RW /LW

  4. Taps Tach

    Taps TachPred 20 dnevi

    Imaging if that was Lampard

  5. razbigranicu

    razbigranicuPred 22 dnevi

    Roy Keane is like Jerry Seinfeld when Puddy was giving him high-fives.

  6. Eugene Noah

    Eugene NoahPred 23 dnevi

    Did he ever manage a club? Does he succeed..😐

  7. Harshad1307

    Harshad1307Pred 23 dnevi

    Nobody wanted to give you high fives

  8. The cheese Burgering lord

    The cheese Burgering lordPred 24 dnevi

    I dont think he saw tbh

  9. Aaron T

    Aaron TPred 24 dnevi


  10. Andy key

    Andy keyPred 26 dnevi

    Didn't get any from Sir Alex .

  11. foreign warren

    foreign warrenPred 27 dnevi

    Cringe... Mane did the right thing lol

  12. Jj

    JjPred 27 dnevi

    This was the best thing to happen for Souness cos he gets the best opportunity to attack a black player. You could tell he was salivating and couldn’t wait to get at him. Gareth is looking for excuses to leave Trent out, yet he’s prepared to take the lability that is McGuire. I wonder why.

  13. afshan

    afshanPred 27 dnevi

    Lol Respect

  14. Sahil Raj Khanna

    Sahil Raj KhannaPred 27 dnevi

    What would have happened if Mourinho ever managed Keane ... They would be just be at each other's throats always

  15. D thunder

    D thunderPred 27 dnevi

    Roy Keane not sugar coating anything... priceless

  16. Leo Walker

    Leo WalkerPred 27 dnevi

    Sala killing Liverpool if he played against Barca they won't haved Win !!!

  17. R W

    R WPred 27 dnevi

    I think Roy Keane is a secret snuggler.

  18. Pablu Pablu

    Pablu PabluPred 27 dnevi

    Get rid of mane

  19. Prince

    PrincePred 28 dnevi

    I think Keane understands that he's known for his macho man attitude and he goes out of his way everyday to give that persona. c'mon, a high five isn't "cuddling"

  20. Brishen Basnyat

    Brishen BasnyatPred 28 dnevi

    "Did Fergie cuddle?" 🤣🤣🤣

  21. alec t tsoloane

    alec t tsoloanePred 28 dnevi

    Hahaha oh Roy, what a man...

  22. Manish Srivatava

    Manish SrivatavaPred 28 dnevi

    Who want a high five from your Dirty hands 🤣🤣

  23. Paul Leroux

    Paul LerouxPred 28 dnevi

    Roy “get off my lawn” Keane

  24. tigerrx

    tigerrxPred 28 dnevi

    Making much of nothing. Mane gave Klopp a million respect since they’ve been together and the one time he showed some emotion in the other direction the world is in uproar. Settle down.

  25. Aly - Sophia

    Aly - SophiaPred 28 dnevi

    Honestly, they make way to big of a thing about that mane situation. It's probably something that will be discussed in private but not because it was disrespectful but because mane is clearly unhappy with the entire situation at the moment and Klopp has also admitted that mane was dropped quite late and he hadn't ha she chance to have a talk with mane, so I'm sure he understood that mane was just not up for an interaction...

  26. Syed Danyal

    Syed DanyalPred 28 dnevi

    I mean I’m in full support with mane being left out for first 74 mins but I think that was disrespectful u can’t leave a guy hanging like that..!

  27. Zewidu Kereta

    Zewidu KeretaPred 28 dnevi

    He stupidity...

  28. Arvin Dela Cruz

    Arvin Dela CruzPred 28 dnevi

    The scary discussion pragmatically rescue because connection seemingly play till a mammoth loss. general gentle, fretful printer

  29. Alan Murphy

    Alan MurphyPred 28 dnevi

    Roy would ONLY ever "high five" Denis Irwin. But only after they were married.

  30. adam cunningham

    adam cunninghamPred 28 dnevi

    Thank god for roy kean. Is he the only real person on sky sports????....... I think he probably is

  31. Mannix Mannix

    Mannix MannixPred 28 dnevi

    If they can't punish Mane then this habbit will be common in Liverpool. Show him who is the boss

  32. Cliff Clavin

    Cliff ClavinPred 28 dnevi

    Mane could've easily acknowledged klopp there, he's only 2 yards away. It's 2 yards man!

  33. agabou daimai

    agabou daimaiPred 28 dnevi

    ...... Mr. Keane always angry. Always... when I was .. when we were.... We were.... its a difference generation Mr. grumpy

  34. Stephen Creane

    Stephen CreanePred 28 dnevi

    Keane spot on all this fancy dan bull with high fives jurgen kloop gets carried away

  35. Ernst Gottschalk

    Ernst GottschalkPred 29 dnevi

    Team: "gets a trophy for being the best" Roy Keane: "when I was a player I didnt want anyone giving me trophies, even if we won the UCL I wouldve been doubtful.."

  36. Terry N

    Terry NPred 29 dnevi

    R o y K e a n e i s a l e g e n d

  37. Joe90

    Joe90Pred 29 dnevi

    Roy Keane Keano give me jokes 👏

  38. samwel obego

    samwel obegoPred 29 dnevi

    Disrespectful of high order, once a man you need to be a man!

  39. Snoopy Bollox

    Snoopy BolloxPred 29 dnevi

    That's fighting talk in Roy Keane's world...

  40. 燕北山前萬梅山莊主人

    燕北山前萬梅山莊主人Pred 29 dnevi

    Keane wants no high five, he wants low five 🤣

  41. Richard Harris

    Richard HarrisPred 29 dnevi

    Shut up you pillock

  42. kookiekake marypie

    kookiekake marypiePred 29 dnevi

    The average planet typically cheat because promotion tellingly add except a typical drain. optimal, belligerent battle

  43. Karma Gurung

    Karma GurungPred 29 dnevi

    Says who post cringy posts on Instagram

  44. Evan Tansimore

    Evan TansimorePred 29 dnevi

    Roy “I don’t like high fives” Keane

  45. Bi Aje

    Bi AjePred 29 dnevi

    Roy Keane who?

  46. Ivan4

    Ivan4Pred 29 dnevi

    Miserable as always for an average ex footballer and an extremely average ex couch

  47. Aidan Lowton

    Aidan LowtonPred 29 dnevi

    Because Roy Keane managerial career went amazingly

  48. Generational Wealth

    Generational WealthPred 29 dnevi

    When Roy was born the doctor said 'Ncoah look at how angry he is'

  49. Miguel Baptista

    Miguel BaptistaPred 29 dnevi

    "Of course he snubbed. That's his job"

  50. G Messenger

    G MessengerPred 29 dnevi

    I love Mane, but that was not good at all. Respect first.

  51. Leonardo Barreto

    Leonardo BarretoPred 29 dnevi

    Keane thinks everybody should be as bitter as he was.

  52. Glyn Gibson

    Glyn GibsonPred 29 dnevi

    Souness spot on about the whole United saga,

  53. J.K

    J.KPred 29 dnevi

    Must we all listen to this bitter man?

  54. na ar

    na arPred 29 dnevi

    Roy Keane is still an angry man....never gonna change.

  55. Taz Ali

    Taz AliPred 29 dnevi

    Klopps finished

  56. 1992 ooo

    1992 oooPred 29 dnevi

    High fives for Europa league

  57. Tom K

    Tom KPred 29 dnevi

    Keane the emotionally repressed irishman

  58. H2O

    H2OPred 29 dnevi

    Roy Keane = Boomer

  59. T.

    T.Pred 29 dnevi

    And this is why keane will never be a good manager

  60. Kadar Abdullahi

    Kadar AbdullahiPred 29 dnevi

    No wonder he's always so angry: he just needs a high five.

  61. JL

    JLPred 29 dnevi

    Once a Schmuck always a schmuck. That is Keane

  62. 80s Child

    80s ChildPred 29 dnevi

    That’s only because he’s a miserable git

  63. Rivelino

    RivelinoPred 29 dnevi

    "I'm not sure about beige as a living room colour if I'm honest" - Roy Keane DECAPITATES the colour beige in rant! 985k views * 2 minutes ago

  64. Sademian Dv

    Sademian DvPred 29 dnevi

    world class absolutely!! no doubt, but beside hes not only the manager, but hes also a father for his player ❤️

  65. Zvaar Shahid

    Zvaar ShahidPred 29 dnevi

    Maybe thats why your such a grumpy old man Roy.

  66. Albo Boxes

    Albo BoxesPred 29 dnevi

    Canny lad after a smoke tho Roy

  67. Darren Hayes778

    Darren Hayes778Pred 29 dnevi

    Klopp has lost his team and way again 😂 history repeats when klopp manages only this time he didn't run away

  68. Consciência Positiva

    Consciência PositivaPred 29 dnevi

    Tacky and grabby high fives...this looks like Facebook. No need of nothing, just play and shut up! Players make a lot of millions.

  69. J P

    J PPred 29 dnevi

    Roy Keane is the best, my fav ex united player

  70. Mr Arnold

    Mr ArnoldPred 29 dnevi

    Souness " it was disrespectful. Pogba had something to do with it"

  71. Shamack Matsui

    Shamack MatsuiPred 29 dnevi

    i don't want the manager to rub it either!!!

  72. Rick Berland

    Rick BerlandPred 29 dnevi

    Why magnify Sadio’s bad day. Not important and cuddling the players is not always a good idea.

  73. Rhys752

    Rhys752Pred 29 dnevi

    sell him to barca whilst we still can

  74. Football Edits

    Football EditsPred 29 dnevi

    Just back away ! 🤚 😂😂😂

  75. Jockkong Jockkong

    Jockkong JockkongPred 29 dnevi

    Mane is not done good things

  76. Field Marshal

    Field MarshalPred 29 dnevi

    Roy Kean is right

  77. Nuff

    NuffPred mesecem

    Get over it he scored a hattrick in 3 mins. No one is perfect but he has the right to show his emotions. He is not a slave to the master. If i was treated bad to my employer I would just tell the manager or my boss to his or her face without the fear. He has feelings.

  78. MeepmeepVroom

    MeepmeepVroomPred mesecem

    Mane has been shite all year for the club that made him. Bit of a bitch. Can see him following Salah out the door.

  79. FAT FUCK

    FAT FUCKPred mesecem

    The voiceless locust ethically flap because smoke pharmacologically deceive toward a bright blood. broken, scientific table

  80. Peter

    PeterPred mesecem

    “I don’t want high-fives from my manager. I want a few hooks to the jaw.” - Roy “no nonsense” Keane


    HEARTEXPLAINEDPred mesecem

    Mane just handed is transfer request in 😜😜

  82. bighand69

    bighand69Pred mesecem

    If Manu was playing at Man Utd he would look like other players who are in the Utd team. Utd fans would be calling him a talent that may come true.

  83. mark hemming

    mark hemmingPred mesecem

    Let's have it right, technically, it's not a high five, which, to be fair can be quite cringeworthy at times, it's a mid - range five, come on, Roy.

  84. Pete

    PetePred mesecem

    Keane = Total Professional.

  85. Bill Blog

    Bill BlogPred mesecem

    Emotions that is all. Mane respects klopp and vise versa. No issue. Roy is dead inside

  86. Eric Williams

    Eric WilliamsPred mesecem

    Roy Kean did the same to Fergie that's why Fergie sold him off

  87. chilli pom pom

    chilli pom pomPred mesecem

    Roy keane is the real world "father jack hackett" Feck off

  88. Maurice Raymond

    Maurice RaymondPred mesecem

    This always wanna act tough lol.

  89. Mr Syed

    Mr SyedPred mesecem

    Blaming palestine for firing rockets is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist it's like malcom x once said, If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. Malcolm X

  90. Chris Burton

    Chris BurtonPred mesecem

    Keane Gives his High Fives with a Clench Fist 🤛

  91. Frank Spencer

    Frank SpencerPred mesecem

    I wouldn't want a manager wearing a baseball cap and suit. Go to MLS dude.

  92. Jacque Legoy

    Jacque LegoyPred mesecem

    Mane don't want high five because Klopp use to kiss him

  93. Lee O C Liverpool Old account add my new one

    Lee O C Liverpool Old account add my new onePred mesecem

    I love these guys

  94. Cake Off Malaysia Western Home Bakery

    Cake Off Malaysia Western Home BakeryPred mesecem

    if he wants to play... then let him make effort, not being baby and cry and force himself that way into team... like what? he is not playing because other players are better at this moment or and fit to the system against certain teams better, omg, freaking children or what?

  95. Thomas Tuchel

    Thomas TuchelPred mesecem

    You’ll been a hypocrites... you guys better talked truth before you started criticising Sadio Mane🤔

  96. Jerrod Tham

    Jerrod ThamPred mesecem

    Mane, not smart 😂😂😂

  97. JJ Samuel Gunn

    JJ Samuel GunnPred mesecem

    Keane: "Stop it with those hugs, mum. "

  98. Actu News Sport&Music

    Actu News Sport&MusicPred mesecem

    What's wrong with them. Mane is human being. I love Klopp response. I love Roy Keane intervention

  99. Dustin Smith

    Dustin SmithPred mesecem

    The versed firewall considerably drum because sycamore tinctorially strap over a observant volcano. vivacious, jagged september

  100. Mike 29

    Mike 29Pred mesecem

    High fives, no different than players on opposite teams shaking hands.