Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PS5 - Performance + Graphics - All Modes Tested!

Adding to our existing tech review for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, here's how the game looks and plays in each of the three modes: Fidelity, Performance and Performance RT - graphics comparisons, frame-rate tests, it completes our initial review coverage for this brilliant game.

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  1. Donald Louis

    Donald LouisPred dnevom

    Is balanced mode considered performance with Ray Tracing?

  2. Nickthegamingnerd

    NickthegamingnerdPred 2 dnevi

    Performance rt dropped the resolution too much for me so I just went with performance I hope amd's FSR could soon make this a none issue

  3. Flux On yt

    Flux On ytPred 5 dnevi

    Games like these is why Playsrstion have always peoduced some of the best loiking gamea eacg gen,:Sony have always understood thar its not about how many game studios you own but the quality of the studios themselves. MS needed to buy Bethesda to try and keep up with Playstation, now it's about how well they use Bethesda, it could be a great move or end of Bethesda depending on how they support Bethesda's talent in pushing their potential and not putting too many roadblocks in their way, the best devs always have this creative freedom

  4. Overpowered Mind

    Overpowered MindPred 11 dnevi

    Honestly I can't tell the difference between RT and no RT. I prefer performance mode without RT cause the resolution is great and it plays smooth. Performance with RT seems slightly too blurry for me but I'm glad it exists. Personally don't give a shit about reflection realism, would rather the fur be higher res

  5. Red Beard

    Red BeardPred 14 dnevi

    14:50 Welp it’s on there now! With fidelity mode lol 40 FPS if you have a 120hz tv.

  6. Max P.

    Max P.Pred 16 dnevi

    Been playing only in Quality and I'm amazed. Was playing Perf RT on Miles Morales but on that one , honestly I find it so fluid and perfect...

  7. Dean Thomas

    Dean ThomasPred 16 dnevi

    some objects dont have rt enabled in rt performance, so the mode isn't utilizing rt as much as quality mode

  8. Lukas

    LukasPred 17 dnevi

    Ratched and clank is my first ps5 game. Got the ps5 last weekend. Wow it's amazing how it looks with all those flashing lights in hdr. So many details in the scene. Then I switched to perf rt mode and I couldnt tell the difference visually but it was smoother. I assume it's a bit less sharper but I couldn't see this. So I guess I will stay on this mode. Usually I do not like those kiddy games but this one looks absolutely fantastic and makes fun. Remembers me crash bandicoot on PS1 and the feeling of a new era.

  9. David Thompson

    David ThompsonPred 18 dnevi

    Surprised there is no 2160p at 60fps.

  10. Ismail Marsh

    Ismail MarshPred 20 dnevi

    This game is just unbelievably beautiful. The graphics are true nextgen.

  11. Sean kraker

    Sean krakerPred 21 dnevom

    How do you change graphics mode

  12. Louiepikmin3

    Louiepikmin3Pred 23 dnevi

    Insomniac is really carrying the ps5

  13. vasilas432

    vasilas432Pred 24 dnevi

    Default fidelity mode for me. This game isn’t as reflexes demanding as Demon’s Souls. That said Performance RT is almost perfect

  14. Igor Beuk

    Igor BeukPred 24 dnevi

    You are saying and repeating Insomniac but it's Sony and let's call things with real name not lying about Insomniac is capable doing this without Sony but imagine how it would look on Xbox

  15. Igor Beuk

    Igor BeukPred 24 dnevi

    Wait for Xbox games and you will be amazed. Best implemented ray tracing and best games I mean just look at Halo or Forza5 and you will understand that PS5 is in past.

  16. Icon of Sin

    Icon of SinPred 25 dnevi

    Guality mode is native 2160p?

  17. Andy Gilleand

    Andy GilleandPred 25 dnevi

    I prefer 30fps mode

  18. gLaiVe Chen

    gLaiVe ChenPred 26 dnevi

    recently this game got 120hz optimized it makes Fidelity much more smooth and reduce the input lag, it just made a very big improvement. hope that u can do some test to find out how Sony can do this.

  19. Romain B.

    Romain B.Pred 26 dnevi

    How does it looks on Série X ? I want to buy a PS5 or Série X for this game Final Fantasy 7 & 16 so what shoud i take ?

  20. Arshad Siddiqui

    Arshad SiddiquiPred 26 dnevi

    These dudes started off excellent with Spyro and managed to hold excellent over 20 years later.

  21. Chuks Onochie

    Chuks OnochiePred 26 dnevi

    1080p not 1800p

  22. Alex Garcia

    Alex GarciaPred 27 dnevi

    It'd be so nice if I could get a PS5 and play this 😒

  23. Glory Hold

    Glory HoldPred 27 dnevi

    A new game that literally can’t run on a current pc

  24. Chris Me

    Chris MePred mesecem

    Shit on raytracing, for me no differenc, but 60fps are so smooth. See RX 6800xt in pc, this gpu is too slow, you need somethink like dlss .

  25. ExhumedXxXx

    ExhumedXxXxPred mesecem

    I love that we are seeing graphical options on console games more often. Such a phenomenal game.

  26. Ítalo Gabriel

    Ítalo GabrielPred mesecem

    Fidelity >>>>>

  27. Viljo Vaan

    Viljo VaanPred mesecem

    Performance RT mode is so nice the game still look breathtaking and sharp but with rt and 60 fps. I play little less than 2m away 65 inch Q95T Qled. Samsung tvs have motionplus mode for 30fps games it remove the motion blur and make it more smooth but i still love the 60fps mode the best. Metro exodus is also impressive 4k, 60fps fully RT the Ps5 is awesome, best PS release ever

  28. Brodie 3D

    Brodie 3DPred mesecem

    I've noticed some other differences between fidelity mode and PRT mode.. they are relatively minor when you're sitting across the room on your couch, deeper softer shadows, DOF, cleaner textures etc.. but in one scene in PRT I noticed Ratchets eyes had no discernable shadows, just super white, almost glowing.. I turned on Fmode and restarted the scene and they were back to looking as they should.. I didn't test it again, so I don't know if it was one particular combination of the scenes lighting that caused it.. but likely not super persistent otherwise I'm sure someone would have pointed it out by now. IMO, PRT is fantastic looking/feeling for sure but when playing in Fmode I feel like I'm playing a pixar movie while in PRT I feel like I'm playing a very pretty video game.

  29. The slayer dog

    The slayer dogPred mesecem

    Hello I am the fallen King of the PC gaming food chain RTX 2080 TI I own 300 Steam games and none of them are doing what I've seen in this video checkerboard 4K does not look as good as native 4K but that's it that is the only thing that I can comment I hail this game for PlayStation 5 now release it on PC let's fight you let's see what you got this is the only game I've ever seen do the things that it's doing openly saying my RTX 2080 TI is not doing what is displayed in this video and I game in 4k and I admit that to the console world

  30. vedomedo

    vedomedoPred mesecem

    I honestly can't believe that anyone following DF doesnt think RT Perf is the best way to go.. you really do get best of both worlds. It's somewhat similar to playing games on pc with RT and using DLSS to get extra performance but losing out a bit of resolution, 100% worth it.

  31. Richard Franklin

    Richard FranklinPred mesecem

    Actually hit a bug on this game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart today. Cordelion the last crystal transition after I was taken up the elevator at the end of the mission. The world basically failed to load and I was walking on air until I fell off and died, then it loaded. Also found some lesser bugs such as Kit saying oh no at the end of the trial section on Savali even though Crank was with me. And a misvoiced line when the poison gas drops in the prison. Clank says Ratchet get us out of here even though he is on Rivets back.

  32. Immortal Uzumaki

    Immortal UzumakiPred mesecem

    Idk wtf is up with me but i like playing in 30fps idk why or how its just im so used to it that i dont really feel the difference as i allways play high sensitivity on every game its just weird lol

  33. AngryApple

    AngryApplePred mesecem

    the game looks amazing but damn the Chromatic Aberration is atrocious

  34. Jeffrey Harris

    Jeffrey HarrisPred mesecem

    I'm confused. I thought the PS5 didn't currently support 1440p. But they said Performance RT has dynamic resolution ranging from 1080p to 1440p. So does the PS5 support 1440p or not?

  35. Tristin Hamilton

    Tristin HamiltonPred mesecem

    Hearing the old school soundtrack makes me excited. Just worried its gonna have the boring big budget movie sound like the past several games. Hope the soundtracks are good. Was on vacation the day it came out and will be playing it today!

  36. Tyrion Erikson

    Tyrion EriksonPred mesecem

    Playing exclusively on performance mode. Ray tracing just doesn't make a difference to me

  37. BoneSawArm

    BoneSawArmPred mesecem

    Performance rt is the best one

  38. RS232

    RS232Pred mesecem

    what good showcase here is that AMD doesn't have to rely on dedicated chip to handle some degree of Ray Tracing, NVIDIA is BSing us. on their RTX line up

  39. Misa

    MisaPred mesecem

    On a 4k tv... 60 fps with no rt is the way to go.

  40. Matron Lars

    Matron LarsPred mesecem

    I dont have great knowledge about ps5 hardware specs but can the ps5 handle 4k6fps with ray tracing? Will we see ps5 games with that performance before ps5 pro?

  41. Anders Öhlund

    Anders ÖhlundPred mesecem

    They mentioned that 120Hz displays could potentially open up for 40 fps modes. I sometimes change the output from my PC going to my TV to 50 Hz if I can't quite get a stable 60 fps in games. 50 feels about as smooth as 60 and a lot better than 30 and if it means solid framerate it's worth it.

  42. MaiTai

    MaiTaiPred mesecem

    Can you make a 1080p and 4k@120fps Warzone performance test?

  43. Clément M

    Clément MPred mesecem

    Remember when the R&C serie ran at 512x448 on ps2 with 60 fps ? Was already looking great, with huge organic cities and lot of moving big sized characters/some vehicles.. To bad in Europe most (to not say everyone) of us were stuck with interlaced scan which means slightly blurry output. Always have been a fan of the serie. The games had simple story but a good amount of humor for the whole family, and the replayability was enjoyable. Also have to say we had a lot of fun on Split screen !!

  44. elwingy

    elwingyPred mesecem

    native 4k is a complete waste of resources... i hope this marketing bullcrap dies soonest possible. Reconstruction techniques have come a long way. Use all those resources for better graphics not pixels...

  45. DEADGAME1805

    DEADGAME1805Pred mesecem

    In 5 months the PS5 is gonna be a year old already 🙃

  46. Jaap Relou

    Jaap RelouPred mesecem

    I’m here for preformed ray tracing mode all the way… to hell with 4K and 30fps (which even is more non 4K than is actually is)

  47. Ross Sheridan

    Ross SheridanPred mesecem

    "I don't know how these guy do it"....it's called crunch

  48. Kid Misfit

    Kid MisfitPred mesecem

    Yet they said it wasn’t crunch

  49. Gustavo Barron

    Gustavo BarronPred mesecem

    This game looks like the 1st next gen game

  50. Ollie H

    Ollie HPred mesecem

    Just started playing. If 120hz mode within the PS5 settings is set to automatic instead of off I found the performance RT mode was forced down to 1080p. I only investigated this initially as I thought the resolution looked off on my Sony tv.

  51. samsoulee

    samsouleePred mesecem

    Can't believe in this day and age that those games won't be on pc ... I mean, WHERE am i supposed to buy a ps5 ....

  52. Richard

    RichardPred mesecem

    $70 for a Pixar movie...yea it looks great, but I don't see all the hype. Sony has way better games then this.

  53. Insert Richie

    Insert RichiePred mesecem

    I feel like noone in their comparison have pointed out the explosions and particles, or did I miss this? It seems that fidelity mode has double the amount of particles from breaking boxes etc than performance RT. Awesome vid though! Insomniac are killing it right now :D

  54. Richard Franklin

    Richard FranklinPred mesecem

    Wouldn't surprise me. Usually when you target 30 FPS you can ramp up things like this. But trust me the game throws an insane amount around the screen at 60 FPS RT.

  55. Legend x44

    Legend x44Pred mesecem

    this is just the beginning. ps5 is beast. 👌every $ worth it. ray tracing. 4k. ultra fast ssd. awesome! now you can't even compare console to mid range or budget pc build. (ps5 price point) so lucky i got it on srp.

  56. TVS GT500

    TVS GT500Pred mesecem

    Regular Performance is the way to go. The resolution drop for Performance RT is quite noticeable; and well, if you don't notice it you're either sitting too far from your screen or you need your eyes checked. Also, resolution being higher in regular Performance Mode impacts every part of the screen whereas RT mode only helps on extremely small areas of the screen, and depending on the map some areas barely even at all. Finally, you're going to notice the higher resolution much more than RT while in combat. Which is the whole point of the game.

  57. tkato rad

    tkato radPred mesecem

    IDK why but when I tried RT performance the game looked like a PS4 game, quality was friggin beautiful.

  58. The Weasel

    The WeaselPred mesecem

    Shame about the pop in tho

  59. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Yeah i tested this it was bugging me i know it shouldn't. It's less noticable in fidelity but its there if your looking. I've only seen pop in in the two open levels when flying the dragon it was quite bad there not when walking and with the hoverboot level it has some slow textures loading. I've almost finished and have only noticed pop in/textures on these two levels. Mabey because they are more open or whatever but ssd can handle it.

  60. hiawa23

    hiawa23Pred mesecem

    Reflections are nice and all, but my preference is Fidelity.

  61. DoubleOh Dutch

    DoubleOh DutchPred mesecem

    The wonders Naught Dog will perform on PS5… All those moments will be rendered, in time, like tears in RTX…

  62. Crash Gaming

    Crash GamingPred mesecem

    Read here carefully, guys. I waited with a reply so I can finish the game. It took me 37 hours to complete the game on Hard difficulty. Not the last difficulty. I have completed each side quest on the map followed by main quest and found all the collectibles on each map. Finished all the arenas. Did NOT upgrade all the weapons. And I activated the infinite ammo and life on the last 20% of the game. 37 hours. Whoever buys Ratchet and Clank just for the story and skip the rest of the content is an idiot, and does not get to complain about the game. No Ratchet and Clank fan will ever do such things. 37 hours,mate. 37 !!! I got my money's worth right there. Best looking next gen game and best Ratchet that I ever played. And I played them all. 37 hours !!!

  63. 90 Lancaster

    90 LancasterPred mesecem

    To answer the question in all seriousness - I have been wondering if perhaps so long as the majority of console games are cross platform then making a distinction of "generation" doesn't even really apply "yet". It's more akin to having a up the minute PC vs a 5 year old one they can both play the same game but not in the same way. The change to a truely exclusive "new generation" would thus in PC terms be like a PC game forcing you to run Windows 10 and your Computer really objecting to doing that so much that it become unworkable to do it. I suspect we will get a "grey area" where either some games will be running at like 550p to 720p on a base Playstation 4 or Xbox One standard model and then one day they just will not even be able to get them to work at all (kinda like how Cyberpunk 2077 barely works on a lower end model console or lower spec PC) which means "maybe" there might be a era where we get Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro compatibility for a game as well as Xbox series S & X and PS5. But no base console support. I think Sony and Microsoft might prefer that not to happen and might even actively discourage that, but considering how difficult it is for them to make enough machines to up the installed User base it's just not economic to shoot themselves in the foot yet - as long as games give you that "free update" I think people will be very happy to meander along & it's nice to know you don't have to pay to play twice (Control and Sunken City I am looking at you). I don't mind a GOTY style version coming out later exclusive to the 2021 formats though if they add new content - but that isn't always happening and when some do it and some don't those who don't look like they are ripping you off a bit. Besides if you bought a game on disc it might be nice for some to lend it around to friends and family see if they like something or not. (Though that Friends and family trick does kinda get around that issue too) Though one thing I think that might extend the life of the prior generation at least another couple of years is the Nintendo Switch as performance wise (in undocked mode) it's pretty similar to a base last generation console and so long as developers and publishers want to farm that they might as well. Not to mention if you are someone making "shovelware" like say a Kemco published JRPG then really you are already a niche market it would be nuts to not make your game as back compatible as possible - and an awful lot of indy titles would run on a toaster anyway. & Xbox and Playstation alike is kinda infested with indy titles like cockroaches in a kitchen you find your self wading through them ankle deep to get to what you actually want. ( I kinda wish they were segregated into their own ghetto sometimes away from the more premium offerings) & that is despite me owning at least a couple of hundred of that sort thing - but I do kinda treat them like super attenuated demos anyway to be honest. But I guess the answer is not the "last generation" isn't going away just yet (especially on sub-triple A titles) if only because the Nintendo switch and midrange laptop gaming is still a thing.

  64. NeutralGenericUser

    NeutralGenericUserPred mesecem

    What happens if you have a 1080p TV? Can you set it to quality mode and still get 60 FPS??


    AWESOME BOB GAMINGPred mesecem

    Hi guys another fab video thanks. There's never been any doubt that this was going to be incredibly impressive in performance RT mode! Another show case exclusive for PS5 that crushed any game on both series X consoles. Again Sony is brining out the big AAA guns, showing Spencer & Co that they're series bout maintaining they're top dog numero uno position in the gaming arena. This early on in ps5's cycle we have one of the most technically impressive games ever & again I really don't see anything on series X consoles that shouts buy me like this does. I have a series X & ps5 & love then both. Seriously though other then having games pass, MS really needs a different approach to their games line up strategy. They're getting destroyed again & I do genuinely feel sorry 4 xbox fanboys that bought into Phil Spencers BS marketing hype all over again. Sony are showing ppl why they're leaders in the games arena with incredible games that show the potential of their platform. MS are just full of empty promises & still haven't learnt from their defeat last gen. Shame as series X is potentially a powerful console that deserves far better games to show gamers why they should own an xbox console! 😁🤣👊🙏👍

  66. Theft For The Righteous

    Theft For The RighteousPred mesecem

    It’s crazy how so far ahead Sony studios are

  67. hofct

    hofctPred mesecem

    For next-gen console games, Performance mode should be selected as the Default Players need to acquired the platinum trophy to unlock the Graphic mode

  68. Davey Luth

    Davey LuthPred mesecem

    Just an observation. The game does seem to have some enhanced effects in Fidelity mode vs Performance RT, besides just the resolution boost. If you look in the distance during the scene they used to show the crowd density at 7:10, there seem to be some more complex depth of field effects going on in quality mode. Still waiting on my copy, so just going off this video here. But Miles Morales stated in the menus that there were enhanced effects in Fidelity mode, so I imagine there are a few subtle differences often overlooked in these comparison videos. Wish I didn’t have the options to be honest! It’s an OCD nightmare. Gonna give fidelity a go first and see what’s what.

  69. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Advice just try and forgot about the sweet 60fps and remember it's alot lower resolution with less objects and less ray tracing effects. You get used to the 30fps quickly and it's pretty smooth. In performance i feel like I'm playing 2016 R&C with ray tracing. In fidelity I feel like I'm playing a next gen game abiet with less framerate but the colour depth and RT is done so much better imo. Each to there own though. The game is great regardless.

  70. Greek Freak

    Greek FreakPred mesecem

    Everybody says performance rt but fidelity and ps5 in resolution mode on an oled is spectacular. I know they say the 1440 resolution isn’t a difference but yes it is. When i play in performance clank feels bigger and like the world is small and i can see more things on my screen at once. In fidelity/resolution i feel like a fly in a huge world. I honestly think it’s more immersive. I know the resolution is for far away things zoomed in but i swear it seems to make the whole world bigger. I’m telling you its 2 different games😂 make sure you change the settings on your ps5 too not just the in game one

  71. Davey Luth

    Davey LuthPred mesecem

    @Greek Freak I think it’s the depth of field effects. In fidelity mode they’re absolutely off the chain. It’s especially obvious when you’re aiming at an enemy. Really gives it that Pixar movie feel. The extra focus detail gives the scene so much more depth, making the world seem bigger. I think it’s the most noticeable difference vs the performance modes, has more of an impact than even the ray tracing, imo.

  72. Greek Freak

    Greek FreakPred mesecem

    @Logan vgg vv your so true this game is perfect in fidelity. Same for Spider-Man maybe 30 isn’t as good because it has one huge map and r&c is smaller field you can explore ay a time . It’s crazy because insomniac made both but r&c fidelity is what they need to aim for in future titles if not better. When i go performance it looks smaller world imo . I can’t be the only one who notices how one mode the world looks small and the other it looks huge 😂

  73. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Not everyone im playing in fidelity and I was blown away last night visually graphics are mint. I wasn't impressed with the look of performance rt looked artifical and digital looking sounds silly but fake and overly bright. Framerate 30fps isn't as bad as people are making out I switched from 60 and it took me 10mins to adjust. For this game im preferring graphics and a locked 30 over a lower resolution 60. First game I've played this way as im normally a performance guy I played some spiderman remastered yesterday and I prefer 60 rt in that game but in R&C the visuals take too much of a hit in performance rt. If you compare ray tracing colour depth and detail its night and day. I'm suprised people aren't noticing.

  74. Vili Evans

    Vili EvansPred mesecem

    I played like 4 hours of 60 RT and couldn't even tell you the visual improvements of the 30FPS mode because 30FPS was that bad to look at. Even stationary you can see the shit in the distance moving poorly.

  75. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    @Vili Evans it's 30 so you do get that motion blur compared to 60 as its half the frame rate I guess I'm just used to it im pretty sensitive to frames and i find this one pretty smooth no comparison to 60 fps but more than playable. For me RT60 definitely loses alot of detail and colour depth and looks more next gen visually. Frames wise god the performance wins hands down.

  76. Vili Evans

    Vili EvansPred mesecem

    @Logan vgg vv 30fps introduces insane blur in motion, so unless you are just standing still there is nothing beneficial.

  77. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Framerate aside and just graphics wise i noticed the opposite RT60 looks so artificial and digital compared to fidelity. Visually quality mode looks alot better imo just look at ratchet and rivet they look blurry in comparison and ray tracing isn't identical and looks much better the loss of objects as well is noticable. I noticed more popin in two open levels with RT 60 and picture seems sharper. 60 frames is amazing though.

  78. Vili Evans

    Vili EvansPred mesecem

    Multiple modes for multiple playthroughs.

  79. r771 q3

    r771 q3Pred mesecem

    It looks the same for me.

  80. KoolMB

    KoolMBPred mesecem

    30fps shouldn't be a thing anymore in 2021 in my honest opinion

  81. Clint Hoffman

    Clint HoffmanPred mesecem

    Excellent review. I'm already playing the game. Perf w/RT is the only way to go.

  82. MyPlaystationVideos

    MyPlaystationVideosPred mesecem

    120fps on PS5!

  83. marco

    marcoPred mesecem

    So setting the console to AUTOMATIC 120HZ output will directly impact the color quality in being washed out?

  84. 9 ronaldo

    9 ronaldoPred mesecem

    this game is crazy. this is exactly what real next gen console game looks like. i will play new game+ for sure.

  85. crazykenbei

    crazykenbeiPred mesecem

    Sounds like we might need a ps5 pro to get the fidelity mode to run at 60 fps.

  86. Reel-Films 1998

    Reel-Films 1998Pred mesecem

    I swear xbox fanboys are so salty they are trying to talk shit about the graphics and gameplay. Its cool if they dont like it everybody is allowed to think on their own but like come on you dont need to be a hater. Just enjoy great games

  87. Nayyab Mughal

    Nayyab MughalPred mesecem

    So no 4k 60fps?

  88. Nayyab Mughal

    Nayyab MughalPred mesecem

    @Ruxis256 bro not with rtx. Just 4k 60fps.

  89. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    Is the PS5 equivalent to the 30 series cards?

  90. Lars

    LarsPred mesecem

    I had hoped for stable 4k / 60fps from the 'next gen'. not the choice between quality and performance

  91. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    Well when even 3080s struggle to run newer games at native 4k60, why would you expect a 2070 equivalent console to do it? lmao

  92. Kelnomy

    KelnomyPred mesecem

    When PS6 release, it will run this game 8K 120FPS with RT no problem

  93. Lars

    LarsPred mesecem

    probably nativ 4k60fps RT (what I actually wanted from the PS5)

  94. Scott rocks

    Scott rocksPred mesecem

    I find this incredible a Single player cartoon game with no real Shadows or Nothing real like that. What runs 1080p 60fps Ray tracing on a next generation console. And PS fans are saying it's incredible 🤣WTF. 4 + years ago when cartoon games where running on Xbox One X in 4k @60fps HDR. Now they running 4k 120fps HDR. All PlayStation fans said they wouldn't dare play cartoon games. They said they not little kids they said LOL

  95. Kid Misfit

    Kid MisfitPred mesecem

    Nobody said they wouldn’t play “kid games” you Xbots love making shit up,

  96. Kid Misfit

    Kid MisfitPred mesecem

    But hurt xbot doesn’t the medium run under 1080p unstable 30 FPS with no Ray tracing? 😂😂

  97. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    I gotta admit after seeing gameplay and reviews I was expecting a huge leap graphics wise but when actually playing its hard to be blown away. They are what you'd expect they are pretty good. There are some "woah" gameplay moments but mabey it's just me but I've never been that amazed at graphics in any game the first Uncharted comes to mind and Gears of War on 360 back in the day. Nothings perfect there's pop in some slow textures and rail hit box is messy but it'll get patched. To me the haptics are the best thing in the game. Its cartoony for sure and its really easy puzzles are childish. I liked the 2016 as you had to grind a bit made it longer with more replayabilty. Im two days into this and will probably be 100% first playthrough. I'm enjoying it though.

  98. Nuckerball

    NuckerballPred mesecem

    If only PS5 had the extra 2 tf the series x has and the quality mode would be a locked 4k

  99. Karim Shivers

    Karim ShiversPred mesecem

    Sooo does the Quality mode have RT????

  100. BadboyDCX

    BadboyDCXPred mesecem

    I don't see a difference

  101. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    I noticed the fur stands are less and blurry in performance rt fur on ratchets face its more blurred as opposed to individual strands but meh. Surprised no one has mentioned texture pop in. In the first open word levels dragon flying and hover boots the amount of texture pop in suprised me but amazing game.

  102. JordOfTheSith

    JordOfTheSithPred mesecem

    Playing the game today, the opening sequence on the RT performance mode... Getting silly frame drops and screen tearing...

  103. JordOfTheSith

    JordOfTheSithPred mesecem

    @Logan vgg vv Thanks for the reply! I did a few things, I reset my TV settings and tweaked them and no result. Weirdly as DF said, the 120hz mode on the PS5 automatically enables in the RT performance mode. I then disabled that in settings and no longer have any judder or screen tearing!

  104. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Motion blur in game on? I normally have it off in games but a low setting 3 or 4 helps. Same with flim grain as well. TV on game mode and all silly unnecessary settings turned off? Shouldn't be getting frame drops mabey check the motion plus/judder settings on telly make sure all off?

  105. Booshank23

    Booshank23Pred mesecem

    Is anybody else sick and tired of every game having a neon filled cyberpunk area? So samey.


    TOP BANANAPred mesecem

    So much for 4k120 gaming and the big rush n push for hdmi2.1 TVs. Most games can't even get 4k60fps. I'm. Surprised Sony hasn't been hit with a class action lawsuit for misleading gamers

  107. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    Well it's not misleading lmao That's your first problem. The PS4 pro was advertised as being capable of 4k gaming and some games support it. Not every game is going to hit 4k120 but many probably will. Same with 4k60. If you thought a 2070 equivalent machine was going to be pushing out 4k120 on every big release, then that's on you for not understanding games or technology.

  108. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Misleading customers a little bit its a business though but still annoying. Remember hearing god of war ragnarok and gt7 where only "possible on the PS5" 😂 Heading to PS4 now.

  109. Wendell Greenidge

    Wendell GreenidgePred mesecem

    I think performance mode is the best way to play it for me, I don’t even notice all those reflections until someone points it out like this video

  110. llMcSH4DYll

    llMcSH4DYllPred mesecem

    Ok my TV is shit! People of the comments point me to the TV I need to play this game in all its glory.

  111. llMcSH4DYll

    llMcSH4DYllPred mesecem

    @Greek Freak ty my friend.

  112. Greek Freak

    Greek FreakPred mesecem

    Lg oled for gaming or Sony oled for movies I have lg cx and c1 I’d recommend the c1 for this game it looks amazing. If you want brighter I’d go lg g1. Sony’s are at the top as far as image goes but lg has the gaming specs you would need. Also don’t get scared of burn in oled has the best picture quality 😂

  113. Tradition

    TraditionPred mesecem

    Performance RT is canon. Anything else is weird ewww

  114. RantKid

    RantKidPred mesecem

    I highly disagree that there is no notable difference between Performance RT and Quality. There absolutely is. Ligthing in quality is far more accurate and switching between the two makes it obvious to me. That said I think the 60fps is worth giving up the enhanced RT though. I just don't understand how they think the two modes aren't different.

  115. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Agree the colour depth is much better in quality as well. RT reflections are more detailed. I'm switching back and forth. It's weird the colors and lighting seem a bit too bright and digital in performance rt even with settings correct bit of flim grain added. It looks more natural in fidelity. That 60 though 😍

  116. El Kenny Bagnis

    El Kenny BagnisPred mesecem

    Been playing performance ray tracing mode and I love it

  117. Known

    KnownPred 11 dnevi

    Performance RT is the way to go, ill take the hit in resolution for 60fps.

  118. soniccinos

    soniccinosPred 28 dnevi

    Performance RT would be my option too!!! If I had a PS5... lol...

  119. spacemanjupiter

    spacemanjupiterPred mesecem

    @donny dutchmen I noticed there was a lot of trickery in making the environments look bigger than they are, and I agree, beyond a certain point past the immediate gameplay environment the quality drops a lot. Still a great looking game overall.

  120. donny dutchmen

    donny dutchmenPred mesecem

    Me too. The other modes are just not it. And 30fps really looks terrible :(. In my opinion it is even unplayable and totally not an option at all. But performance mode and performance + RT is awesome! I think it is an awesome game but there are still a few points of critique possible. First of all, the yellow rifts that transport you from one side of the level to another are useless and really a gimmick. They are not far enough apart from each other, and if you use them you end up having your back turned towards the enemies. This resulted for me to not use them at all, or only if they are my last option. Second, this game looks awesome up close, but if you look further then 150 meters the amount of detail is drastically lower. Only within the levels that they showed within presentation trailers the amount of detail is very high. But some things have a lot of detail while other look like PS2 quality. For instance, if you take a look at the lava in this game, it does not hold up to today's standards. Also the enemies and objects you destroy always disappear, and you walk right through them. And these things take away from that true next gen experience.

  121. KGORE

    KGOREPred mesecem

    Performance rt is the best

  122. Rickey Bynum

    Rickey BynumPred mesecem

    By far Rift Apart is the best looking console video game I have ever played.

  123. Mohamed Mahmoud

    Mohamed MahmoudPred mesecem

    which tv is it playing on ? and what are the tv settings? please

  124. NikHem343

    NikHem343Pred mesecem

    Listening to you guys talk about anything is like having friends over and I don‘t mean that in the sad „I don‘t have friends“ kind of way, but in the „this is really relaxing“, Red Letter Media kind of way. Pls respond.

  125. Mr Rich

    Mr RichPred mesecem

    12:44 john is funny

  126. Amosity

    AmosityPred mesecem

    It bothers me that I had to hook my PS5 back to my tv just to play this game because Sony refuses to add 1440p monitor support even tho we still can’t play these games in 4K without sacrificing FPS and RT

  127. _ Haroon

    _ HaroonPred mesecem


  128. j3001m

    j3001mPred mesecem

    I be thinking you missed all the bugs and there are many and I mean many, without even trying to look for them, may be a good idea to start again, but you have to go slower to find them, the game likes to keep you moving, so you miss them all, but if you go looking for all the upgrades you soon find them

  129. j3001m

    j3001mPred mesecem

    @Logan vgg vv not been stuck behind a wall but had your problems in the open areas before they open up, at the start of the game if you do a re-start just before you pickup your gun, you have to re-start as the ships are not there but are on the recording of the video, no joke

  130. j3001m

    j3001mPred mesecem

    @Logan vgg vv there are crap load, very easy to find like you noted them, lookout for the parts where they like you to move fast, slow down to see the bugs

  131. Logan vgg vv

    Logan vgg vvPred mesecem

    Wat bugs exactly? Ive been stuck behind an invisible wall a few times and texture pop in in first 2 open areas pretty noticeable in 60RT

  132. Ondrej Eder

    Ondrej EderPred mesecem

    These consoles really deliver so far, and it's just starting, imagine what we will see done in games in 3-5 years from now. Very exciting times