Emanet 160. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 160 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.


  1. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyPred 21 dnevom

    Yaman should finally stop feeling sorry for himself and admit his mistake. But because he's a narcissistic, sadistic psychopath, he can't do that.

  2. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPred 24 dnevi

    Seher Kirimli rocks!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  3. asioe kiou

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    hora de enfrentarlo, con Selim será letal, veneno puro; ya quiero ver esa escena 👏.

  4. nieooj gotoy

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    Seher better slap Selim I’m waiting for this😂

  5. seeni gzty

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    Seria genial que Seher le gritara a Selim debes respetarme porque ahora soy SEHER KIRIMLI y le de una fuerte bofetada

  6. Momento de Adoração

    Momento de AdoraçãoPred 26 dnevi

    Que loucura. Mataram a Kiraz. Que triste

  7. yasio bolo

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    Who's killing their refresh button right now for the next episode?

  8. kolim jone

    kolim jonePred 27 dnevi

    Chicas mañana veamosla EN VIVO ayer su calificación fue la más alta 3.55 además felicitemos a Sila por su cumpleaños.

  9. yasio bolo

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    Seria genial que Seher le gritara a Selim debes respetarme porque ahora soy SEHER KIRIMLI y le de una fuerte bofetada

  10. Klan HD seriale turke

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    Cok guzel !!☆♡

  11. yasio bolo

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    Seher may come to forgive Yaman, but it does not mean she will instantly trust him. One can forgive, but it doesn't mean it is forgotten.

  12. rose Ana

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  13. نجمة الشمال

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    Kiraz 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬مقستوهاش كامل جاتني مشغل حلم ولا بلخف منين صوطا خوها هذاك ياخي

  14. İlkin Behramli

    İlkin BehramliPred 29 dnevi

    Yaman T seni sevdim

  15. R MN

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    Lucky u Selim. She only spit on ur face. I was hoping she uses her boots to kungfu u😅

  16. TellywoodindiA*

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  17. Deniz Əkbərsoy

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    kirazn ölmün dizide izledim amma kiraz ölürse dizni izlemeyi bırakıcam çünük marağsız olur ve emanet dizsin izleyenlərdə bənce izlemiyecek

  18. Deniz Əkbərsoy

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    bənce kiraz ölmesin

  19. Dyanhanum Mamedova

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    Ben Nazmiye den nefret ediyorum, bu kadar kotuleri seven, kotulukleri yazan, ve yapan insan hic gormedim. Kiraza nasil kiydi? bilmen bu dizide o kadar kotu senaryo yazilmis, yapilmis ki, dûnyanin hatasi var bu dizide, ona raymen hep baktik, hep dediki InsaAlla obûr bolumde iyi bise yazarda sevindirir bizi, hama nerde, kim vermis o kadina iylikler ki o da bize gostersin.

  20. Rustam Axmedzade

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    Sakın kirazı öldürmeyin!!!! Bı mutluluğu çok gördünüz qaribime

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  22. Ima Harun

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    my God ziya...you chose the right words..you're far away better and smart than other kirimly..you pure heart...you pure soul..

  23. Mariajose Bustamante

    Mariajose BustamantePred mesecem

    Seria genial que Seher le gritara a Selim debes respetarme porque ahora soy SEHER KIRIMLI y le de una fuerte bofetada

  24. Gaby Shreve

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    Who's killing their refresh button right now for the next episode?

  25. eva l

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    Me 😅😅

  26. Dwi Sandra

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    I am start frustration

  27. Toafitu Avia

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    We all want Yaman nd Sehar to be happy . Ziyabey nd Yussuf are doing a very good job for their papa yarman nd mama Seher..baby Yussuf tell your parents to come for a holiday in Australia.🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲💜💜💜

  28. Валех Мусаев

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    Kaw her qadlnl seven bele biri olsun cunki sevdiyi icin dadlnl qorumaqa callwlr Aferin sene yaman klrlmll duz deyirsen her qadlna her kiwiye guvenilmez

  29. Sam Aftab

    Sam AftabPred mesecem

    I think Nedim likes Zuhul and he caught Selim this time for her but not for Seher

  30. Red

    RedPred mesecem

    Yaman: the official letter To whom it may concern, It has been brought to my attention that Kirimli mansion household and Emanet Fans are in great need of an apology from Me. Olmaz, Olmaz, I am the Man, Nothing can break me down; I am the dashing Tripple D; Dark, Dangerous and Damn Good Looking And I have a Plan. Trust me. Kendini bana birak. I live next door to Hell with family snakes crawling all over me With more guns then roses I crushed the mob empire under my feet; My virgin wife, my trophy, my reward Can't touch her skin, is still a sin; I become a rolling stone under her feet; I am not on the platform of surrender, I don't face light I'm facing the dark, I'm choking on reasons and alibi And I can get no satisfaction Cause I try and try and I try I had a Plan to give a 2 weeks notice to Nedim; or prove you are worse the money , or leave So, he brought me Selim, the soupman, we'll have a session of tenderizing, Yusuf teize will check the seasonings; As I told you , I am the Man, First in Command, and I have a Plan, But... to apologize Olmaz, Olmaz I am the K/Night Still in the Dark

  31. Mom's gnaaz khgzu

    Mom's gnaaz khgzuPred mesecem

    Ziya is not ill but yaman mentally disturbed.. Ziya always correct yaman about his behaviour.. Finally nedim did one correct job

  32. Sally YU

    Sally YUPred mesecem

    Did it occur to you that dear Nazmiye is such a considerate person? She does not allow Yaman to kiss Seher simply because she doesn’t want Emanet ladies be jealous! But she is wrong, we are as much in love with Yaman as we love Seher!

  33. Emir

    EmirPred mesecem

    Nazmiye, it is the holy month of Ramadan. Make only good triumph over evil in this month so make sure Ikbal and her cronies are exposed, our lovers are united, love flows generously and excitement is introduced via seher-yaman ali-kiraz lovestories, reunite the brothers ali and yaman/zia. Do these things and your career will shine bright. Don’t allow evil to reign supreme during Ramzan.

  34. Vladimir Ago

    Vladimir AgoPred mesecem

    Why in my contry i don't see the film?

  35. Beti Hernandez

    Beti HernandezPred mesecem

    No había escrito nada porque a pesar de todo Yaman supo la vdd, pero nos llevó 30 capítulos de maltrato físico y emocional. Ahora si se disculpa Seher lo va a perdonar?????No debería que se disculpe esta bien

  36. Zeynep Mammedova

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  37. Maria Gajewska

    Maria GajewskaPred mesecem

    Yaman powie Przepraszam,🌹 musi, jeśli kocha❤️ naprawdę Seher 😪

  38. Anar

    AnarPred mesecem

    Acı bağırsak gibi uzatacak senaryonu yazan

  39. Amazing kids Doha

    Amazing kids DohaPred mesecem

    Omg .... are we reaching the end of Emanet.... M getting panic attack. I want to see more episodes of emanet... eternal series.. but from from on wards yaman should never scream at sehar... , they should express their love for each other soon... waiting waiting waiting..😀😀

  40. Eee Mi

    Eee MiPred mesecem

    I think there are 230 episodes

  41. SehYam gamer

    SehYam gamerPred mesecem

    Taki sana kadar

  42. Wilga Poda

    Wilga PodaPred mesecem

    I keep replaying that end ...@ 0.43😁

  43. Tura Zeynalova

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    Ta ki sana kadar

  44. Naza Habibovic

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  45. Rafayil Esgerov

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  46. Sun Melody

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    Ziya Abi 🤗 you are wonderful 🌹 amazing performance 🌷🌻🌼💐🌺🌸🥀

  47. heliz doski

    heliz doskiPred mesecem

    Gıcık seher

  48. En Sueño

    En SueñoPred mesecem

    Aun le falta que Seger lo humille en público y le tire la ropa a la basura y que el reconozca publicamente que se equivoco porque el la trato como una cualquiera ahora que sufra

  49. Palmira Corregidor

    Palmira CorregidorPred mesecem

    Puede ser que no escuchemos una disculpa de yaman con tal . Pero nuestro pequeño yusuf como siempre les ha dicho a los dos como hizo el para pedir perdón a su amigo . Yaman aplícate el cuento

  50. Alisa Abu Shaqrah

    Alisa Abu ShaqrahPred mesecem

    I hope for the best ENSHA ALLAH

  51. Saimon Sam

    Saimon SamPred mesecem

    Seher Say to Yaman I Believe you i Trust you😍 And Now Yaman Tell to Seher I Never Trust Any Woman Until you 😍

  52. Toafitu Avia

    Toafitu AviaPred mesecem

    Igbal should be burn in hell, start from the beginning with all those evil plans.. Selim nd zuhal shouldn't affected with her evil plan. It's all about the wealth of yahman. God bless Yussuf love you little angel.

  53. Vatu Leau

    Vatu LeauPred mesecem

    Can't wait for this part plse translator

  54. Samid Samid

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    ela konodu ela emanet yaman seher

  55. Halima umatjina

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  56. Gina G

    Gina GPred mesecem

    Yaman's turning on the serious puppy eyes, oofta, lord have mercy 😍😍😍

  57. cupcake tiny

    cupcake tinyPred mesecem

    now that selim already caught...how i wish he tell the truth...that he zuhal and ikbal planning to scum and destroy seher life...i wish yaman knows everything that his sister in law ikbal is a traitor...she never think about yaman ...hoping that ikbal kick out of the mansion.....and never ever forgive her what she doing...ikbal ruin yaman and seher married life....i wanna see ikbal inside the lock up and never get vail to go out...she truly a satan.......i feel the sadness of yaman eyes and seher....wishing u both happiness after this problem...and go again in second honeymoon

  58. tarheel715

    tarheel715Pred mesecem

    FINALLY Nedim does something right for once.

  59. Sam Aftab

    Sam AftabPred mesecem

    May be for Zuhul but not for Seher

  60. Dezo Mariam

    Dezo MariamPred mesecem

    That is my girl love ❤️

  61. Wouter Uitenweerde

    Wouter UitenweerdePred mesecem

    Please I want more af emanet series from 113 in English subtitle please

  62. nicy saju

    nicy sajuPred mesecem

    As Yusuf said Yaman may show that circle with his fingers and Seher will break it.... problem solved...... easy 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  63. Irma Troncoso

    Irma TroncosoPred mesecem

    Today # For the two of us! If he it’s the one that will say it, I hope it’s for Seher and him and not for Yusuf and him !

  64. klepetusa

    klepetusaPred mesecem

    Yaman is not talking about trust...he's talking about love...he never loved any woman before Seher...you ought to tell her openly just as you need to apologize for so many hurt you put her through

  65. alideniz alideniz

    alideniz alidenizPred mesecem

    O ozuru dileyeceksin yaman kirimli 😊

  66. Silvia S.

    Silvia S.Pred mesecem

    "Bitirdim" "Bitirdim" Ikbal 😂🤣😂🤣

  67. Phani Jyothi

    Phani JyothiPred mesecem

    Everybody vote for halil and sila for best actor and actress for 2021 in turkey tv polls website.and also vote for emanet for best series in 2021.don’t forget.

  68. Altin Yildiz, Gold Star

    Altin Yildiz, Gold StarPred mesecem

    Come on REALLY! Is this how Yaman is going to apologize to Seher? Ziya always seems to bring Yaman back to himself. He will do anything for his brother. Wow, they're bringing Selim back into the show...I love it. Seher has some cajones.. They're not leaving it open ended and Ikbal is not having it...


    Ma PILAR LEIVA PEDROPred mesecem

    Do de puedo ver todos los capítulos enteros en Español??


    Ma PILAR LEIVA PEDROPred 29 dnevi

    @Teresa Villar siii

  71. Teresa Villar

    Teresa VillarPred 29 dnevi

    @Ma PILAR LEIVA PEDRO Me alegro. Y ya han subido el capítulo de ayer, 😜😜😜.


    Ma PILAR LEIVA PEDROPred 29 dnevi

    @Teresa Villar por fin lo he podido ver gracias


    Ma PILAR LEIVA PEDROPred mesecem

    @Teresa Villar voy a ver..mil gracias

  74. Teresa Villar

    Teresa VillarPred mesecem

    Lo he mirado. Ya han subido el capítulo de ayer. Cuando empiezas a ver el capítulo también te puede aparecer una ventana que pone " Este video no es apto para verlo en streaming. Tienes que descargarlo completo.".

  75. T. Khan

    T. KhanPred mesecem

    Nedim probably told the writer that the Fandom is out to get him so he needs to do something useful for a change😂

  76. Yvonne McFarquhar

    Yvonne McFarquharPred mesecem

    I think 🤔 that’s what happened, you are funny 😄

  77. Annanya roy

    Annanya royPred mesecem

    finally the halwai (soupman) gets caught🤣🤣

  78. Zehra Huseynova

    Zehra HuseynovaPred mesecem

    "Legacy" "Emanet"ailesi!1.000.000 bekliyoruz💛

  79. Jaceline Sanches

    Jaceline SanchesPred mesecem

    Best pro ever, yaman now is your time to know what is the meaning of a man. You want she to forgive you? Then do it before is to late. Being Praud won’t take u to far

  80. Bhagyashree Gouda H-1

    Bhagyashree Gouda H-1Pred mesecem

    Yaman said lies he always trusted zuhal and Iqbal .

  81. Cristina Strungaru

    Cristina StrungaruPred mesecem

    "I never trust any woman until you"-refresh our memory Yaman, when was that ? Your actions and words in the past weeks say otherwise....the only one believed Seher innocence was Ziya. At this stage even the writer is confused about Yaman 😂🤯

  82. Maria Tillery

    Maria TilleryPred mesecem

    Could it be? No, he probably will not apologize...However, I like that Yaman is actually trying to talk to Saher and she has really voiced and is showing her feelings! Tomorrow’s episode looks fantastic!

  83. Mona Bakes Cooks

    Mona Bakes CooksPred mesecem

    U r "done" all right Ikbal... Ur time in the boiler room is imminent. Ziya's performance is priceless, I wud say it's a difficult role for a person to demonstrate such diverse expressions n his stuttering shows of a insecure person. Ikbal has taken advantage of this n has only made his illness worse.

  84. NishNish

    NishNishPred mesecem

    I’m getting rlly excited to see seher shouting at selim 😂

  85. rosario martinez

    rosario martinezPred mesecem

    vote for the Year 2021 but also Year 2020

  86. A Ca

    A CaPred mesecem

    Ilkbalin bu seferde siyrilacagini düsünüyorum ne yaparsa yapsin ablasini öldürmeside artik biraz baymaya basladi

  87. 12151625 1234566

    12151625 1234566Pred mesecem

    Adam bi ozur dilemiyor ya nasil inat

  88. Lorna Smith

    Lorna SmithPred mesecem

    Some of these comments make us think Selim Zuhal and Ikbal need bodguards...We are so frustrated with them! (Remember their only actors and this is only a story) 😂 Finally Nedim did his job! 👋 Enjoying the comments! 😘

  89. Elspeth Whelan

    Elspeth WhelanPred mesecem

    Just goes to show what great actors they are. 😂

  90. sara jaya

    sara jayaPred mesecem

    selim should tell seher it's ikbal work



    Never going to happen

  92. Shri Singh

    Shri SinghPred mesecem

    I want a scene where Yaman weeps in Seher's laps for whatever he had gone through and apologize and Seher simply consoling him....😇

  93. Beatrice Night

    Beatrice NightPred mesecem

    Ziya ain't stupid, in fact he's the only that is eager to bring peace in the family, but he's going to be disappointed if he finds out his wife hand in this for the second time

  94. Cristina Sanchez

    Cristina SanchezPred mesecem

    Yaman es una víctima el no sabe pedir perdón y no podemos condenarlos porque no es su culpa .

  95. Saba Javed

    Saba JavedPred mesecem

    My dear emanet family. Yaman's healing process begins now. Seher is like an angel sent from above to heal Yaman's most painful wounds, which is why she has such a therapeutic personality. Seher will be able to break through his emotional block. Seher will heal him! That's all the beauty in this series. Yaman tells Seher that he lives in darkness, only Seher can get him out of there, she symbolizes purity and light. He is in the dark and she is in the light, the light always defeats the darkness. Anyone who says Yaman should apologize quickly does not know Yaman's character: he is emotionally crippled, he still does not understand the intensity of his injury to Seher, he knows physical injuries and he will always save and protect Seher, but now the girl is mentally broken and it's hard for him to see it! She said herself that he said sorry to save her from death, now she is dead inside, but he still does not see it. This series is more complex than one thinks, Yaman is not an ordinary person, he has a problem when it comes to emotions, Seher will break through this wall because only she is capable of it because she is the most precious person in his life.

  96. Sotiria Theodosiadis

    Sotiria TheodosiadisPred mesecem

    I totally agree, you summed it up perfectly.. 🥰

  97. celin

    celinPred mesecem


  98. Rabia Hassan

    Rabia HassanPred mesecem

    Oh Yaman, you’re wrong, you’ve been trusting the biggest snake 🐍 of all. Have you forgotten Iqbal? And you believed Zuhal.

  99. Dhinnue P S

    Dhinnue P SPred mesecem

    Yaman is very happy when Seher yells at Selim... Come on Seher give him a tight slap in front of Yaman....

  100. Esqin Bayram

    Esqin BayramPred mesecem

    Seher süründür ama barışın boaşamyin həb bir-birinizin olun nolursunuz🙏

  101. Shah Massi Shah Massi

    Shah Massi Shah MassiPred mesecem

    Naz loves the power of evil over the vulnerable. In fact she has successfully shown how Yaman, Seher and even Ziya are manipulated by her favourite female antagonist, Iqbal, who at every turn is saved from exposure. Now, one by one, Selim and then Zuhal will be put away. EMANET of Evil.👿

  102. LowDip

    LowDipPred mesecem

    I don't accept the fact that every one is pushing Yaman to apologize! Sehar made a great mistake when she hid Salim's attitude toward her at the restaurant. She is the original cause of all these problems. Before getting Yaman's trust and apologize, she needs first to learn never to hide anything from her husband. She is still not a responsible person...she needs to woman up if she expect Yaman to be honest with her! Her personality is really frustrating..

  103. smb

    smbPred mesecem

    @LowDip You consider Yaman a victim of Seher, and that she is to blame for everything. Seher humiliated Yaman, not the other way around? What is the matter with you guys? Why accuse a victim of violence? I have nothing more to say.

  104. LowDip

    LowDipPred mesecem

    She already humiliated him by fooling him and going to her wedding before clearing and cleaning Salim's harrasement. Yaman asked her when she returned back but she preferred to stay silent! I wonder what if we can see that she is still playing the trust game... She is good at hiding things...the id, her plans to escape... How could he trust her? Besides, I don't really like that she is still seeking to change him according to her preferences... Last time he apologized 'for' her, not 'to' her... This should mean a lot...

  105. smb

    smbPred mesecem

    Seriously? Seher should fear that if she forgets to tell her husband something, she will become a victim of violence. Yaman should apologize for the abuses and for not saying what he was accusing her of. Not everything can be justified by mistake of another people. Not humiliation.

  106. Monika a

    Monika aPred mesecem

    Eagerly waiting for today episode just for salim how he is going to explain seher or did he well reveal the truth about ekbal. Too much curious cannot wait

  107. Tunzale Mammadova

    Tunzale MammadovaPred mesecem

    barışıcaqlar yaaaa

  108. Tunzale Mammadova

    Tunzale MammadovaPred mesecem

  109. Bindusree Star

    Bindusree StarPred mesecem

    Ziya Yusuf 👍.nedim 👌.Selim 👊 mainly (zuhal ikbal 👊). Yaman seher save your relationship next episode promo 👌.I can't wait

  110. Rena Detoraki

    Rena DetorakiPred mesecem

    ....The greatness of his anger was caused by his love for Secher...

  111. Карина Валерьевна

    Карина ВалерьевнаPred mesecem

    Selim kinuwsun her weyi anlatsln

  112. Jayasree vanteru

    Jayasree vanteruPred mesecem

    Saleem will make Seher to realize whom she is living with, detective saved all original proofs and at the end Yaman came to know, otherwise Yaman never thinks that Seher is innocent. i guess tomorrow Seher leave Yaman and wedding ring.

  113. Tania Monge

    Tania MongePred mesecem

    Y para cuando se empezara a revelar la relacion que hay entre Ali,Yaman y Ziya!!?? Sobre eso no se ha publicado nada!!

  114. Айгерим Жумаева

    Айгерим ЖумаеваPred mesecem

    Ikbal Ziyani unuttu 🤣🤣👏👏👏👏har shey Ziya abinin hatirlamasi ishke chok yaradi garceklerdy ortaya cikmasina

  115. Diana Silva

    Diana SilvaPred mesecem

    Seher no puede, no debe dar el brazo a torcer, ella no puede perdonar a alguien que ni siquiera pide perdon o se disculpa. No tiene ninguna lógica. Yaman si verdaderamente ama a Seher y está sentidamente arrepentido, debe dejar su orgullo y pedir perdón. Hasta que eso no pase, Seher debe hacerse respetar. Por otra parte, yo no creo que Selim delate a Ikbal, esa bruja no creo que caiga por ahora, mas adelante Zuhal haga algo y sea entre ella y Selim quienes la destruyan, y Ziya termine contando lo de la muerte de Kevsher la hermana de Seher, ojala sea pronto.

  116. Elżbieta Betlej

    Elżbieta BetlejPred mesecem

    Seher is now mafia lady. She is a mirror reflection of Yaman (character) . Even Ziya gets frustrated at Yaman's inability to apologize. Welcome in the club, we have got the discounts for swimmingpool entries 😅.

  117. Julissa Cueva Blas

    Julissa Cueva BlasPred mesecem

    Excelente avance, gracias, por favor traducción del capítulo completo

  118. Edna Mendes

    Edna MendesPred mesecem

    A legenda em português 😖

  119. Noritah Noriani Madina

    Noritah Noriani MadinaPred mesecem

    Yaman was so happy because selim also got scolded..not only him. Seher should also scold Nedim.

  120. Lisa Ybarra

    Lisa YbarraPred mesecem

    She should scold Nediem 😂😂

  121. Xalid Bəhramov

    Xalid BəhramovPred mesecem

    OF YAMAN 😡😡😡