Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Gameplay Walkthrough PS5 No Commentary 2160p 60fps HD let's play playthrough review guide
Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, side missions, upgrades, outfits / costumes, all characters, best moments, final boss and true ending, secret ending.
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  1. Shirrako

    ShirrakoPred mesecem

    FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade PS5 Yuffie DLC Walkthrough FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade PS5 Base Game 4K 60FPS Walkthrough

  2. Aliayam

    AliayamPred 26 dnevi


  3. Miss Mizer

    Miss MizerPred mesecem

    Wait wtf I thought this wasn't supposed to come out for a long time! I'm so confused

  4. sweetchaos Fox

    sweetchaos FoxPred mesecem

    soooo does this mean that Zack isnt dead after all??


    MARLENE ANGELPred mesecem

    they need to remake number 10

  6. RasenRendan

    RasenRendanPred mesecem

    Thanks for not putting Zack as the thumbnail. Seriously thank you.

  7. chubs

    chubsPred 3 urami

    Wth chocobos in hi-def so cute

  8. Samira Radmila

    Samira RadmilaPred 4 urami

    For those who thinks that Zack will still gonna die and will not come Y'all bitches Zack is friking alive!My puppy will rock!Just wait and see!_reno's laugh

  9. 4RCH

    4RCHPred 23 urami

    4:32 imagine if Why suddenly played in the background.

  10. Florider_HD

    Florider_HDPred 23 urami

    so Zack ended up in an alternate reality? or why does he still have the sword?

  11. 954FortyNinersFan

    954FortyNinersFanPred 2 dnevi

    Who else is here because they can’t watch this because pS5s are still unavailable? 🙄

  12. jried madeit

    jried madeitPred 2 dnevi

    4 years of struggle, for Zack to keep his promises with Aerith, but I guess the Whisperers are being cruel. 5:08 I can only guess that Zack gonna go against fate and willingly exchange his life for all of his precious ones.

  13. Diao Chan

    Diao ChanPred 2 dnevi

    Aerith is not dead?

  14. Kiriki

    KirikiPred 3 dnevi

    So will in the next part, Zack gonna go meet Kunsel first to ask about the situation?

  15. Liam Oliver

    Liam OliverPred 3 dnevi

    Some people think that Aerith is dead in Zack's Timeline. For that to happen that means someone (Probably Sephiroth) must have killed her in the 1-day window between Zack and cloud arriving and the Bombing Mission.

  16. Sir Secular

    Sir SecularPred 3 dnevi

    Zack arrives in Midgar at the same time as Cloud and crew are leaving. They walk past each other at the end of Part 1.

  17. W Muench

    W MuenchPred 4 dnevi

    What happened to Zack between entering Midgar and arriving at the Church? I can buy that he needed time to recover and could've been separated from Cloud, but why are there two Buster Swords? Is Zack a variant? Is Owen Wilson about to pop out and kidnap him?

  18. mateo gajardo

    mateo gajardoPred 4 dnevi

    I have no hecking idea whats with my boy Zack being alive and this probably meaning Cloud could not have his mental breakdown I just want to appreciate how incredibly good Barret looks

  19. Alice Yagami

    Alice YagamiPred 5 dnevi

    Zack wait a minute.....thiscis not crisis core

  20. Andrew Martin

    Andrew MartinPred 5 dnevi

    Gotta watch playthroughs of this since it's still impossible to find a ps5

  21. Tiggy Wanyo

    Tiggy WanyoPred 6 dnevi

    What is this song that plays I can’t remember it I know it was from the original but forgot the name.

  22. Unlimited Badness

    Unlimited BadnessPred 6 dnevi

    Anybody else hear “The Promise” at 4:05?

  23. danzoEX

    danzoEXPred 6 dnevi

    I just now finished my normal playthrough of Intermission, so now I can comment on this video but Shirrako you think Aerith is dead already in Zack’s new timeline? :(

  24. Venti The Bard Official

    Venti The Bard OfficialPred 7 dnevi

    I like how humanly they move… if that makes sense?? They move so… normally like how we as actual human begins would with the little runs, and side foot steps, the loose swinging of the arms and finger movements it’s so lively! I love this! Especially the real-like facial expressions

  25. Kelinci Bulan

    Kelinci BulanPred 8 dnevi

    Anyone noticed that Cloud has the buster sword and so does Zack?

  26. Dante Crailman

    Dante CrailmanPred 6 dnevi

    They're in separate timelines

  27. ChoonSiang Lee

    ChoonSiang LeePred 12 dnevi

    Gotta a feeling we are gonna play as Zack in the next part

  28. William Quinn

    William QuinnPred 13 dnevi

    Jesus Christ. Barret is fucking huge.

  29. Free Doom

    Free DoomPred 13 dnevi

    Maybe they are stuck in purgatory and Zack carried Cloud's alter ego with him?

  30. warren byrne

    warren byrnePred 14 dnevi

    2:31-2:32 😍

  31. John Nada

    John NadaPred 14 dnevi


  32. Kishin Asura

    Kishin AsuraPred 14 dnevi

    Hold on a second...You are telling me Zack actually survived?! How come there are 2 Buster Swords now?

  33. Vickie Norgrove

    Vickie NorgrovePred 15 dnevi

    Okay so I just finished a fairly blind play through of the switch port of the original Final Fantasy VII. I finally fully understand the remake excitement now because I’m actually tearing up over every second of this. I’m in my 20’s and didn’t grow up with the PS1, just the XBox and PS2 but only kids games or racing games thanks to my dad. Didn’t develop a live for games until I was about 12. I’m really glad I finally got to experience Final Fantasy VII, it really is a timeless classic and I was so absorbed in it from start to finish! Graphics and gameplay still hold up pretty well too. Still wish the remake was the full game and not just a slice of it from what I’m hearing.

  34. Elli

    ElliPred 15 dnevi

    Th fact that Zack still got the buster sword definitely means he is in another timeline.

  35. DruMeister

    DruMeisterPred 16 dnevi

    I really enjoy this ending

  36. Lonely0taku

    Lonely0takuPred 16 dnevi

    This is BS. They are undoing what actually happened making past games irrelevant.


    JEREMY BLUEPred 16 dnevi

    We're surprised that Zack's still alive, even after his final stand.


    JEREMY BLUEPred 16 dnevi

    This ending leads to the next part of the remake for Final Fantasy 7.

  39. Maxisamo1

    Maxisamo1Pred 16 dnevi

    I'm so confused, so is Zach alive in this timeline? Or is this another timeline? Or did timelines converge?

  40. Dante Crailman

    Dante CrailmanPred 6 dnevi

    Another timeline

  41. Matt Creel

    Matt CreelPred 16 dnevi

    Did Barret just elude to part 2 being released in 12 months with the whole sun up to sun down thing? (12 hours = 12 months 1 year)

  42. AmI

    AmIPred 17 dnevi

    Sometime I wish final fantasy for first entry is someone that very amateur in fight until badass fight with some false god so I can feel the character progress episode by episode. I just feel the music of final fantasy told like that

  43. DiverFictionB Salman

    DiverFictionB SalmanPred 17 dnevi

    Where is the hair dresser who does their hairs, there is no way they continue their journey without messing up their hair style

  44. Katinka Princess

    Katinka PrincessPred 17 dnevi

    Waiting when it comes out for PC in 2022. Answer me if it's out, then. ;-)

  45. Daniel B

    Daniel BPred 18 dnevi

    I didn't get this ending on PS5 version. 🤔🤷‍♂️

  46. Daniel B

    Daniel BPred 17 dnevi

    @Joel Garcia oh, ok. I felt like i missed something.

  47. Joel Garcia

    Joel GarciaPred 17 dnevi

    It's the dlc ending

  48. Tariq Nawaz

    Tariq NawazPred 18 dnevi

    5:26 hey!Do yall just see that barret was standing on the flowers???!

  49. zoekwon

    zoekwonPred 18 dnevi

    everytime i watch aerith i get this weird feeling cause u know she will die soon.....

  50. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 10 dnevi

    They destroyed the arbiters of fate, wouldn't be surprised if she's not the only one dying.

  51. Quester91

    Quester91Pred 19 dnevi

    I love this remake so fucking much, definitely in my top 3 final fantasy of all time right next to 6 and 9.

  52. Yuziharu

    YuziharuPred 20 dnevi

    Tifa Lockhart is SO SO BEAUTIFUL.

  53. Voradorek84

    Voradorek84Pred 20 dnevi

    They nailed Cloud so much in FF7. He's not just emoboy.

  54. HeppuPlays

    HeppuPlaysPred 21 dnevom

    remake Barret without sun glasses is still super bizzare for me for some reason. and that it self is funny for me because it was the other way around for me in the original where he was wierd looking with the sun glasses.

  55. Lebrun Jemz

    Lebrun JemzPred 21 dnevom

    the story gonna be a huge clusterf!ck, can't wait for this to be as dumb as KH lmao.

  56. iAidanugget

    iAidanuggetPred 22 dnevi

    I would pay good money for a release of the ff7 soundtrack hummed by Barret

  57. Operation Reunion

    Operation ReunionPred 22 dnevi

    I think the new cast is doing a great job, I can't help but miss the old cast like Rick Gomez. Sad that Sony took over casting and replaced Square Enix's actors with their own. The new actors from Intergrade are all from Sony's Funimation. I think alot of them are good, it's just sad to see this marketing stunt. Thanks for uploading this!

  58. Zack Fair

    Zack FairPred 23 dnevi

    Why is my voice so damn soft?

  59. Carlos Perez

    Carlos PerezPred 23 dnevi

    Sofuked up not to have Intergrade on PS4 ...being part of the 1st game not the second...feel so left out by Square...bastards

  60. Fractured Wolf

    Fractured WolfPred 23 dnevi

    Your stomach's in knots cause you in love with cloud

  61. Adrian Rosario

    Adrian RosarioPred 23 dnevi

    Imagine if Zack called her Aeris instead.

  62. Jose Tomas Campos Robledano

    Jose Tomas Campos RobledanoPred 23 dnevi

    Wait? There are 2 Buster Swords now? FF7 is going to get the Kingdom Hearts treatment with a dumb retcons every step of the way, isn’t it?

  63. Just Damon

    Just DamonPred 23 dnevi

    The thumb nail makes it look like you shipped aerith and barret

  64. Mr Snrub

    Mr SnrubPred 23 dnevi

    Getting chills from the Kalm OST... Why must we wait so long?

  65. Rango pistacho

    Rango pistachoPred 23 dnevi

    so zacks alive sephiroth is on the loose with a body already from advent children and cloud is starting to smile THE END IS NIGH

  66. Tariq Nawaz

    Tariq NawazPred 18 dnevi

    I am really hoping that sephiroth will see her real biological mother one day .And genesis too

  67. Shray Singh

    Shray SinghPred 24 dnevi

    What the.........

  68. Mermidion

    MermidionPred 24 dnevi

    You can change whole parts of the plot, even bring supposedly dead people back to live.. ...but you couldn't give RedXIII some more lines than he had in the original? Shame on you Square. shaaaame!

  69. Karri Kemppainen

    Karri KemppainenPred 24 dnevi

    Is it just me or did Bill look more of a Cid than that of Highwind? 😂 Chocobo Cid

  70. Help me! I need a Lamborghini!!!

    Help me! I need a Lamborghini!!!Pred 24 dnevi

    So Square, when's episode 2?

  71. Juan Ramon Flores Santos

    Juan Ramon Flores SantosPred 24 dnevi

    This is bullshit this is just a dlc 🙄, am I the only one in on this??

  72. Mike Emrie

    Mike EmriePred 25 dnevi

    I could watch the gang just learning to hitchhike and quipping to each other for an entire 80 hour game

  73. Udalix

    UdalixPred 25 dnevi

    I find the full motion scenes all the characters look to wierd, not at all how they look during 99% of the game. They shoulda just left it all cohesive.

  74. Bob Odenkirk

    Bob OdenkirkPred 25 dnevi

    This is too much for me. The nostalgia is actually crippling

  75. XXXTelevision

    XXXTelevisionPred 25 dnevi

    So Zack is alive

  76. Envy Ling

    Envy LingPred 25 dnevi

    Zack is back!!! But as he's about to go see Aerith, Aerith left town. Next thing you know, he see his ol' buddy Cloud been flirtin' Aerith all this time, then he's gonna wanna strangle Cloud & scream, "Yo! Stay away from my girl man!"

  77. RedPugie

    RedPugiePred 4 dnevi

    Different timelines my guy

  78. Marcvs Jvnio Brvtvs

    Marcvs Jvnio BrvtvsPred 25 dnevi

    Barrett and Cloud, just bear with it for a moment. 😄

  79. Aliayam

    AliayamPred 26 dnevi


  80. Happy life

    Happy lifePred 26 dnevi


  81. Chris Grech

    Chris GrechPred 26 dnevi

    Just imagine when Zack finds out Cloud been hitting on Aerith in an alternate timeline.

  82. pirzol89

    pirzol89Pred 20 dnevi

    Until they go to Forgotten City.

  83. Fractured Wolf

    Fractured WolfPred 22 dnevi

    @Luis SR granted he might be sad and thats assuming they even meet at all with all this timeline stuff

  84. Luis SR

    Luis SRPred 22 dnevi

    Zack would be shocked obviously but after a moment he would be very happy, being angry or resentful would be out of character.

  85. Fractured Wolf

    Fractured WolfPred 23 dnevi

    ya i lowkey want zack to piss off so cloud can get his girl

  86. P.S.U.S

    P.S.U.SPred 26 dnevi

    I just wanted to see Aerith alive once more :'D

  87. Joshua Harris

    Joshua HarrisPred 26 dnevi

    1:08 Cloud throwing shade at Barret for having a hard time walking up the stairs lol.

  88. Zeke Stafford

    Zeke StaffordPred 27 dnevi

    I was not emotionally prepared for this.

  89. Michael Walker

    Michael WalkerPred 27 dnevi

    black mega man is best mega man

  90. Niko

    NikoPred 27 dnevi

    zack ending is really confusing,i think they are trying too hard to reform the original story

  91. Isaac Zais

    Isaac ZaisPred 27 dnevi

    No matter what the ps5 graphics still look the same, and so far the ps5 simply still is not worth it

  92. Matija Volk

    Matija VolkPred 2 urami

    The FPS makes a big difference

  93. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 21 dnevom

    I dunno, got mine and I'm absolutely lovin it so far. Them loading times are sweet.

  94. Ionel

    IonelPred 25 dnevi

    Plot twist part 2 graphic gameplay gonna be like this

  95. Erick Hernandez B

    Erick Hernandez BPred 27 dnevi

    That Barrer, always strong and cheerful, he's got a hint from me😄✨

  96. Pippo

    PippoPred 27 dnevi

    zack is alive ?????

  97. The Best Part About Making Meatballs

    The Best Part About Making MeatballsPred 27 dnevi

    FF7 reeemake is shit. Anyone who bought it is an idiot.

  98. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 21 dnevom

    Who pissed in your cheerios?

  99. Sting Weeber

    Sting WeeberPred 24 dnevi

    t. Guy that’s mad he can’t get a PS5 😂😂😂😂😂

  100. Ionel

    IonelPred 25 dnevi


  101. tony fernandes

    tony fernandesPred 26 dnevi

    I guess you saved the money for some meatballs...

  102. shin a

    shin aPred 27 dnevi

    Guys what if this is the same truck that zack and cloud took before zack died

  103. Kenshin Brown

    Kenshin BrownPred 25 dnevi

    That's what I was thinking.

  104. Ruaridh McGeorge

    Ruaridh McGeorgePred 28 dnevi

    So they really are just gonna shit all over Zacks sacrifice, makes his death meaningless.. Ughhh just stop with this new age fan service crap.. 😑

  105. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 20 dnevi

    @Ruaridh McGeorge whatever you say bud

  106. Ruaridh McGeorge

    Ruaridh McGeorgePred 21 dnevom

    @Lord Itachi As a long time fan I feel cheated out of a remaster. This is just kingdom hearts with Final Fantasy Characters, I wouldn't be surprised if some stupid time portal opens and OMG Cloud and the gang, WITH ZACK need to team up with Mickey, Goofy and Donald and Sora to take down the new Heartless (enter generic world breaking bad guy here).... Watch next it'll be Sephiroth who's "destiny is changed" and will become clouds new besto, turn into a goodguy again, marry Tifa cause clouds too into Aerith now. As "a long time fan" I feel disgusted. I feel like someone has taken an old photo I had of a family member I loved and defaced all over the image. Sure the original is still in there but you now need to scrape through endless bs to even catch a glimpse of it. Rant over.. Its early here n I ain't had my morning doobie.. I hope you enjoy the ride, I wont be paying Jack shit for this abomination er.. part 3? cause ye all know intergrade was a just a hype/ money spinner too. Goodbye legendary classic RPG *throws under the bus* 😔

  107. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 21 dnevom

    As a long time fan, I'm interested to see where it goes, and I'm not the only one. Hey if people don't like it there's always the original.

  108. Sarah Ellwood

    Sarah EllwoodPred 28 dnevi

    Interesting, having not finished the PS4 version I am a little confused but honestly outside of that last bit this was fun to see. I have questions, many of which require me to beat the PS4 version so guess. XD

  109. The Mixed Plate Frequency

    The Mixed Plate FrequencyPred 28 dnevi

    What if Zack ends up turning out like Sephiroth at the very end, and you end up fighting Zack as the final boss.

  110. Free Doom

    Free DoomPred 14 dnevi

    nice thought. I had a similar idea

  111. Cadamus

    CadamusPred 28 dnevi

    wow Barret's voice is awful. Sounds like a white guy doing a black guys voice

  112. Cadamus

    CadamusPred 20 dnevi

    @Lord Itachi wow, what's it like having garbage taste?

  113. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 20 dnevi

    @Cadamus Yes I do, most people also feel the same, you're one of the very few who think it sucks.

  114. Cadamus

    CadamusPred 20 dnevi

    @Lord Itachi lol are you deaf? You think it sounds good?

  115. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 21 dnevom

    Lol no

  116. Cadamus

    CadamusPred 27 dnevi

    @hyhhy I'm sure it is, but it still sounds like a white guy doing a black guy impression. Regardless, he sounds horrible

  117. Ken

    KenPred 28 dnevi

    "..." - Red XIII

  118. Mauricio Neri

    Mauricio NeriPred 28 dnevi

    Que horrible suena en ingles

  119. John Smith

    John SmithPred 28 dnevi

    It's sad and disappointing when the other characters gets more screen time than the main character Cloud.

  120. Max DeRoche

    Max DeRochePred 28 dnevi

    Hey Chocobo Bill, one drugs please

  121. TheKessi1000

    TheKessi1000Pred 28 dnevi

    This game is going to be a complete mess by the time they get finished with it.

  122. Richard Ellis

    Richard EllisPred 28 dnevi

    voices are utter shite. fuck me barret sounds like mr t!

  123. Recoder

    RecoderPred 29 dnevi

    Have the creators even played the original?

  124. Recoder

    RecoderPred 26 dnevi

    @tony fernandes Correct. It's become a re-imagining, not a remake. We knew they'd do this.

  125. tony fernandes

    tony fernandesPred 26 dnevi

    Some even made the original. Why do you say that? Didn't like the first part?

  126. ZoahPorre

    ZoahPorrePred 29 dnevi

    4:08 Your stomach wont be in knots after Sephiroth guts ya .. I wont buy this game at all if she lives.

  127. Detective Phat Weedington

    Detective Phat WeedingtonPred 29 dnevi

    1: How is Zach alive? 2: how did you get this ending? is this a secret ending or something?

  128. Rodrigue Muet

    Rodrigue MuetPred 29 dnevi

    Zack Is Alive ?

  129. Antti Varho

    Antti VarhoPred 29 dnevi

    Zack hits the church looking for Aerith. Must be flashback from the past...right?

  130. Allan Vang

    Allan VangPred 29 dnevi

    I really like that they decided NOT to simply just remake the game and do something new. Cause nobody really knows whats gonna happen from here out.

  131. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 13 dnevi

    @Eston I agree. I like how it might actually be a REmake, as in remaking the story.

  132. Eston

    EstonPred 13 dnevi

    Finally someone who isn't bitching about how they're trying something new and is instead seeing it in a positive light. Honestly if FF7R was just an HD version of the original that would have been far more disappointing.

  133. Lord Itachi

    Lord ItachiPred 21 dnevom

    @tony fernandes I have faith in part 2 whatever they decide, Zack and aerith living, different plot, I welcome it with open arms as a long time fan of the series.

  134. tony fernandes

    tony fernandesPred 26 dnevi

    Finally someone with a positive opinion! The original game will always be available. I much rather have a remake like this, where they take the original game, and use it as the basis for a great new game. I beat the midgar part in 6 hours. Seeing how much they expanded that part into a full game worthy of game of the year honors. Anyone complaining is just missing the point. Some story details might be controversial, but the game is a joy to play, and there is huge intrigue on the story. I only hope it doesn't take that long for part two.

  135. JSpriggan477 Naguit

    JSpriggan477 NaguitPred 29 dnevi

    How i wish I was the handsome old driver guy

  136. Daddy & Jack

    Daddy & JackPred mesecem

    I really wish they hadn't tried to rewrite this. The original was a masterpiece. What on earth is Zack doing back?

  137. kamptey

    kampteyPred mesecem


  138. A Dxo

    A DxoPred mesecem

    What's the song called again when it plays at 1:00 mark

  139. Bryant

    BryantPred mesecem

    How did zack survived?

  140. Hothwasaninsidejob

    HothwasaninsidejobPred mesecem

    Who else is watching this since they can’t get a ps5 yet?