Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Before You Buy

Mass Effect Legendary Edition (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a remastered collection of the famous BioWare sci-fi trilogy. How is it? Let's talk.
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  1. gameranx

    gameranxPred 2 meseci

    thanks as always for watching. let's fight: who's your favorite Mass Effect character and WHY

  2. Marvel Protogen

    Marvel ProtogenPred 3 dnevi

    You never finished this review, why?

  3. AvengerGuardian

    AvengerGuardianPred 14 dnevi


  4. Kodeth

    KodethPred 25 dnevi

    And jack too!! Cant miss her!!

  5. Kodeth

    KodethPred 25 dnevi


  6. Christopher Koenig

    Christopher KoenigPred 26 dnevi

    @Jonathan h Correct.

  7. Sumair Kanwal

    Sumair KanwalPred 8 urami

    Saving my ass once again thanks gameranx

  8. Julian DL

    Julian DLPred 9 urami

    What I got from this is that it is an excellent bundle for someone who never has played it before, but for myself, it's not worth the $70 price tag on Steam, since I played the hell out of them back in the day!

  9. lil jay-k-47

    lil jay-k-47Pred 14 urami

    Too late

  10. Oskars Z

    Oskars ZPred 23 urami

    Can you disable head movement when running?

  11. GanjaGodzilla

    GanjaGodzillaPred dnevom

    Growing up I was always very poor, mass effect 3 was one of the first games I ever owned it honestly changed me. But now I'm older I can get the trilogy. Currently downloading now. I can't wait to see what all I missed

  12. Oddziey

    OddzieyPred 2 dnevi

    as someone who has now played mass effect on both console and pc I FULLY understand why there's a big split in the fanbase about the mako, on Console, the Mako is totally fine, no complaints, it's clunky but Im not accidentally driving off of cliffs, now on the other hand... Yeah the mako still sucks on PC the aiming has gotten a tad bit better but everything is still awful and Im constantly accidentally driving off cliffs

  13. NightDancer Gaming

    NightDancer GamingPred 2 dnevi

    No multiplayer, hard pass...

  14. BluGater

    BluGaterPred 2 dnevi

    I don't really like Sci fi stuff. Never was a fan of Star wars or star trek. But I'm tempted to buy this game

  15. Dave

    DavePred 3 dnevi

    There isn’t one unified character creator. I just played the first one and all i got to choose from is Male shepherd or female….

  16. doglover427

    doglover427Pred 4 dnevi

    Now that they dropped the price $15, I bit the bullet and bought it. I'm so excited to replay this series but on a new console and with improved game play. Tbh a dream come true

  17. Genuine Plastic

    Genuine PlasticPred 4 dnevi

    First time playing this game.

  18. Fayenwolf

    FayenwolfPred 4 dnevi

    Andersons eyes are giving me anxiety lol.

  19. Captain Cap

    Captain CapPred 7 dnevi

    Already bought it time to watch before you buy

  20. crazy10bears

    crazy10bearsPred 8 dnevi

    8:09 Look at her head. Wtf? Was it always that bad?

  21. Claymore

    ClaymorePred 9 dnevi

    The question I want answered do they make the females less ... skimpy?

  22. Buddhist Peace

    Buddhist PeacePred 9 dnevi

    This would is truly incredible

  23. SageofStars

    SageofStarsPred 10 dnevi

    Eh, sorry to say, still not going to buy it...yes, for the reasons you think, and for other things as well. That ending, even with the addition, is still not good, and doesn't pay off enough of the choices. More than it originally did, sure, but not enough. The 3rd game in general remains crap, and I mean that. It plays well enough, but the story, characters, and setup? Bright spots of Krogan and Quarian homeworlds aside, it doesn't work, and there are feature length videos explaining why. But as for me, I refuse to buy for one reason only...they never made good on the promise they made for Deception. For anyone unaware, Deception was the final Mass Effect novel(of 4) that was released prior to ME3. It was, to put it bluntly, as bad as the ending, if not worse, considering at least space magic exists in this setting, and I can kind of understand. That novel though? It was poorly written, poorly plotted, and quite literally seemed to have been created by someone unfamiliar with the setting in general. There was a several thousand word google doc with its problems, and EA/the Publisher promised an updated version, saying we got a 'draft copy' on accident, so send your copy to an address when they announce it, and we'd get the 'corrected' copy. That never happened. Ever, and thus, it will take more than simply rereleasing the older games for me to care.

  24. Amanda Hernandez

    Amanda HernandezPred 11 dnevi

    The only trilogy better then mass effect is the original star wars trilogy

  25. ΩMEGA

    ΩMEGAPred 11 dnevi

    Who the f is called a gamer and hasn’t played mass effect

  26. B.Z The Arsonist

    B.Z The ArsonistPred 14 dnevi

    I grew up on mass effect who's with me?

  27. lalo38th

    lalo38thPred 14 dnevi

    Before there was Witcher 3 there was Mass Effect.

  28. NAMIC559

    NAMIC559Pred 15 dnevi

    I should have listened to my gut feeling on this one the game is a walking/driving simulator the games average asf nothing special and now Xbox won’t give me a refund on this hot garbage damn I had more fun on bug city cyberpunk than this I’m never listening to peoples opinions on games

  29. Vipul Gupta

    Vipul GuptaPred 16 dnevi

    First time player on legendary edition. Just about to end ME3 and I am thoroughly disappointed that I missed on a game this good for the past decade. Mass Effect Trilogy might just be in the all time great games playlist that you should play in your lifetime. I am vested in the story, i love the characters, combat and the decision making and i fucking hate the Mako.

  30. MrD4nj

    MrD4njPred 16 dnevi

    Not sure it is worth £60 for me, but for anyone who hasn’t played this series before; do yourself a favour and buy it…now. By far my favourite story based game, the story in 1&2 are UNBELIEVABLE. If I could forget one game in order to go back and experience first time again it would be this!

  31. Johannes Gabriel

    Johannes GabrielPred 17 dnevi


  32. Eric Woodard

    Eric WoodardPred 17 dnevi

    As someone who has never played any of these games, is this worth $60? I get its a lot of game (3 very full games), but the total play time required seems a bit daunting.

  33. Mikeroconsole

    MikeroconsolePred 18 dnevi

    Unpopular opinion probably: can we please have an Andromeda trilogy?

  34. Johnny Blast

    Johnny BlastPred 20 dnevi

    SHERPARD + GARRUS = unstoppable Bro's before blue skinned ho's!

  35. Anark

    AnarkPred 21 dnevom

    me3 ending still suck balls

  36. The Traveller

    The TravellerPred 21 dnevom

    9 years later and that guy still can’t get in the club

  37. guntars

    guntarsPred 21 dnevom

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Before You Buy, you simply look it up, and you buy it. No more questions:D

  38. Devin Gagnier

    Devin GagnierPred 22 dnevi

    I have question I was wondering I can play the game offline of mass effect legendary edition on Xbox one

  39. Chris Rodriguez

    Chris RodriguezPred 23 dnevi

    I remember the day vividly when I got into mass effect. I was just out of high school went to GameStop with my first paycheck just browsing I saw mass effect 2 on the shelf and thought it looked cool it was different so I bought mass effect 2. Didn’t know anything about it, haven’t heard about it before,m. I played it every hour I could and was in love with the lore and style of it and the story. I went right back to that GameStop a few weeks laters and told them I wanted to pickup mass effect 1. I remember clearly the clerk telling me he thought the game was garbage since it didn’t make sense to him. I played it non stop until the disc wasn’t readable anymore 😂. Then I learned that your choices mattered and moved Into 2 so I replayed 2 and was happy that my character was there with her story and choices to some things as random npc’s calling you and telling you it’s good to see you again. Then me3 dropped and me and my buddy played the multiplayer non stop after we beat the story. This trilogy has an infinite amount of replay ability for me.

  40. H4rsh Turtle

    H4rsh TurtlePred 16 dnevi

    Man simimar for me i had a friend that worked at a gamestore and i traded some off my old games with him and he gave me me1 and 2 and i played them bsvk when i was like 15 and since then i probably completet them 50 times

  41. TheLostEggroll

    TheLostEggrollPred 24 dnevi

    Only the real ones remember when you had to insert a second disc

  42. Oddziey

    OddzieyPred 2 dnevi

    Lmao only on Xbox tho get WRECKED scrub 🤣

  43. Ron Swanson

    Ron SwansonPred 24 dnevi

    Just beat the mass effect trilogy for the first time ever yesterday and I got to say. It's probably my favorite game series I ever played

  44. Pink Lightning Vtuber Gaming and Nightcore

    Pink Lightning Vtuber Gaming and NightcorePred 25 dnevi

    Why does a mass effect one exist pull this video

  45. Eren Hawke

    Eren HawkePred 26 dnevi

    I've been debating on whether or not to buy this edition (I have the originals on my PS3), but after watching this video, I am DEFINITELY going to buy it again! I miss the nostalgia. And my favorite character is a tie between Kaidan and Garrus. I'm a sucker for Raphael Sbarge's voice, but that Turian ass always gets me (it's also one of the reasons I literally struggle when it comes to romance in Mass Effect-)

  46. Simon Dewit

    Simon DewitPred 26 dnevi

    I can't belive they haven't made a Netflix series out of mass effect or somthing... It's weird

  47. Simon Dewit

    Simon DewitPred 24 dnevi

    @Bohannon Is it just me? Or would Wentworth Miller be really good commander Shepard?

  48. Bohannon

    BohannonPred 24 dnevi

    Nah plz no they can't ruin my imaged shepard i dont wanna picture him what he looks like on the show

  49. NTG360

    NTG360Pred 26 dnevi

    Never played this series but ima wait for Black friday so this game can be 19.99$

  50. H4rsh Turtle

    H4rsh TurtlePred 16 dnevi

    Well its 3 phenomenal games + all dlc sp its worth its price

  51. Pyro King

    Pyro KingPred 27 dnevi

    pc suck keeps uninstalling and save cloud sucks

  52. RogueMkV

    RogueMkVPred 28 dnevi

    Ever only originally played ME2 and had so many good memories. So happy I can now play all 3 to fully understand the story and lore! Truly a world class game.

  53. Christian Padilla

    Christian PadillaPred 29 dnevi

    Thinking about getting this game never played it I remember buying the hat at GameStop thinking it was cool

  54. Buddy And The Blueprints

    Buddy And The BlueprintsPred 29 dnevi

    I have never played any of them. I am buying the ultimate pack. Should I start on the first one? Crap…I love great graphics…will I be disappointed?

  55. Adam West

    Adam WestPred 29 dnevi

    1 month later, smashed all 3 on insanity and still struggled not to cry at the end. I’m 40 fucking years old…

  56. Yung Jackie Chan

    Yung Jackie ChanPred 29 dnevi

    Didn’t talk about if they improved the horrible checkpoint system that would set you back an hour before you started the mako session. Pacing is literally the biggest issue with mass effect 1

  57. Dhirendra Kumar

    Dhirendra KumarPred mesecem

    Mass effect 2 was my first dig at ME universe, I was blown away and went ahead to play ME 1 while eagerly waiting for 3. ME 3 ending had such a huge impact on me, I was thinking about it for a whole week. Man! These are some of the jewels of Gamming culture. Andromeda was fun but it had no emotional depth like the original

  58. IChaseIYouTube

    IChaseIYouTubePred mesecem

    Only thing I'll miss about ME3's multiplayer is being able to play as a goddamn volus. XD I was a great wind that tore through matches and lobbies like... like... like a great wind! I was a biotic god!

  59. R D

    R DPred mesecem

    Is there a way to get rid of them dark corners?

  60. Double Helix Strand

    Double Helix StrandPred mesecem

    You left out one of the most important points for a "Before you buy" video: it does not run on Windows 7.

  61. DJ Banger

    DJ BangerPred mesecem

    mass effect is my favorite game specific andromeda. because you play with teamates and you've got plenty choices to make espically beautiful environment

  62. H4rsh Turtle

    H4rsh TurtlePred 16 dnevi

    Andromeda as a me fan is good just the originals are miles ahead

  63. Tummaz

    TummazPred mesecem

    I just got done playing through the entire trilogy for the first time and i was blown away. I couldn’t put it down. Skyrocketed to my top 10 favorite game series for sure. I hope we get this Bioware back one day.

  64. LaK SL

    LaK SLPred mesecem

    this is the best game of 2021 no other game come close even it's a Remake... :)

  65. M C

    M CPred mesecem

    I missed out on the whole mass effect experience. Finally though, I can now rectify That mistake...I feel like it's one of those bucket list experiences

  66. Ken Otwell

    Ken OtwellPred 29 dnevi

    Oh, you are in for such a treat! Savor every moment.

  67. xHeatProof Spy

    xHeatProof SpyPred mesecem

    So hype to play this for the first time

  68. newstuff

    newstuffPred mesecem

    Still looks like an old game to me.

  69. Cruce Signatis

    Cruce SignatisPred mesecem

    Now they just need to remaster all of the Witcher’s like this.

  70. Cassandra King

    Cassandra KingPred mesecem

    I've never played these games, so this is my first time. Any suggestions?

  71. Chris Chris

    Chris ChrisPred mesecem

    This gives me knights of the old republic vibes ? I played that when I was little, never in my life I thought I would fall in love with the game. This game kinda reminds me of it, I’m intrigued at 28 lol

  72. Nusent

    NusentPred mesecem

    Both are developed by the same company, BioWare

  73. KirkeGaming

    KirkeGamingPred mesecem

    This game can hardly keep a straight 60fps even with the game ready drivers

  74. TheRewers78

    TheRewers78Pred mesecem

    @KirkeGaming Well I asked because I'm thinking about this game and YT videos show it's running rather good. Thanks for the info.

  75. KirkeGaming

    KirkeGamingPred mesecem

    @TheRewers78 I'm no rookie when it comes to PC game optimisation. ain't my pcs issue as I play way more demanding games and im fine with them. GTX 1080 @ 1440p 144hz Gsync i7 6800K Asus x99 AII 4x4GB DDR4 RAM 2xSSD Corsair 850x pay Win 10 Everything updated. I refunded the game and rolled back my GPU driver to before the game ready. I have friends with the same issues, presumed it was just on their side. Just look at the console frame rate they can barely keep 30-60fos depending on which mode ur using.

  76. TheRewers78

    TheRewers78Pred mesecem

    What are your specs?

  77. Nepu

    NepuPred mesecem

    bought game before watching because I have low will power

  78. Randomly Random

    Randomly RandomPred mesecem

    Is it relevant to review again mass effect andromeda in 2021 after this legendary edition? Should i avoid andromeda?

  79. SexualYeti

    SexualYetiPred mesecem

    The graphics are not good enough to be worth paying for what they asking for. Despite your shilling, you have helped me determine that I won't be buying this because anything that gets the endorsement of someone who unironically says "RPGness" and other such cringe must be worthless.

  80. Will Baker

    Will BakerPred mesecem

    It's literally $20 for each game

  81. 720jlconner

    720jlconnerPred mesecem

    Man i missed these games. Like 8 hours into me1 and I enjoy the upgrades personally, i think its plays smooth as hell. Also love the mako and just rolling around blowing shit up. Can't wait to lose myself in this story again. For anyone who hasn't experienced this series its a must play.

  82. Schlomo Bagelstein

    Schlomo BagelsteinPred mesecem

    Am I the only one who skipped the first one because of the stupid tank combat?

  83. NoR Cara

    NoR CaraPred mesecem

    Played only ME3 and played it a lot. Never expirienced 1 and 2 because i was allways thrown off due to graphics, finaly bought it before watching it and ima be honest i cant wait for it to download because i have an feeling its gonna be amazing. Cant wait! :D Also to answer your question abut characters I cant wait to get back to Miranda ;)

  84. RDotMFG

    RDotMFGPred mesecem

    The Mass Effect Trilogy is top 3 favorite video games series!

  85. Corey Byrnes

    Corey ByrnesPred mesecem

    I just picked it up on PC and I can't wait to play this series for the first time I've always wanted to play them but never got around to but I've heard nothing but great things about them

  86. Liran Kaplan

    Liran KaplanPred mesecem

    Any 21:9 support for cutscenes?

  87. adam christiansen

    adam christiansenPred mesecem

    i bought ME1,2,3 with all DLC on Xbox AND pc in the past. i would love to have the 4K and updates but man... another 50.00 to rebuy AGAIN this series... is it worth it?

  88. Limxzero

    LimxzeroPred mesecem


  89. oeni

    oeniPred mesecem

    I'm almost done with all three parts of the legendary edition, me3 is still the best in terms of story and gameplay imo. Altough you can have multiple romaces in me2 😂 It is so much worth it to play from ground off. My expectations were exceeded, Me3 turned into a whole other expirience. Very well done from Bioware! A must buy!

  90. Spicy Pepper Pasta

    Spicy Pepper PastaPred mesecem

    Was torn on buying this since these days I don't like replaying games, but then I remembered it's locked behind origin. Got pissed off when I hadn't logged in for years but some russian hacked my account and it took a long time to get it resolved.

  91. Dylan Oleary

    Dylan OlearyPred mesecem

    So is there 3 platinum trophies? This looks lit

  92. hailey

    haileyPred mesecem

    Ah I remember playing this nonstop growing up. I played ME way before even Minecraft. I was obsessed 🥲

  93. markoratatata

    markoratatataPred mesecem

    Downloading 90GB :D From torrent, for free! :D See you in 3 months

  94. rowdync

    rowdyncPred mesecem

    Now that all the hoohaa has died down let's talk about some of the "new bugs" Bioware created updating the game. Yes, it looks better and the fighting is more balanced, blah, blah, blah. Apparently, everybody plays it once and moves on. I have been a fan since it came out in 2007, and some of the "F" ups I found show that the Bioware that created the game is long gone and this is the Bioware that created "Andromeda". If you do a second playthrough with the same character, you start at the level your character ended with the first time except your Paragon / Renegade score is zeroed out. There also is missing content if you play the same character, lots of missing content. I have found three major flaws, two are missions, one is content that has to do with the "trinket" you get from Shiira and I'll leave it at that, but that content is unattainable on a second playthrough. Also, you used to be able to do a second playthrough with the same character but change from "soldier" to "vanguard" to "adept" and so on if you wanted, now you can't. That's just ME 1. Bring down the sky works and make ME 1 more fun. It never worked when I brought the games over from 360 to Xbox one, don't know why. ME 2 has some major "F" ups as well that weren't present the first time around. The first time through you find that the camera angles have changed on Miranda's butt which doesn't really make sense given Jack mentions her "bubbly butt in ME 3". My guess is someone at Bioware "was offended" and it was changed even though you see more ass in ME 1 if you romance Liara or Ashley. Also, you have a bonus power that later in the game you acquire and can change as the game progresses. If you play a second playthrough with the same character (it'll say import character from ME 1 or ME 2 or start new character) you used in your first playthrough, the bonus power goes away, you lose it for the entire game. The smog on Illium was added for what reason other than screwing up one of the best photo ops in the entire series. They "fixed it" by toning down the smog but it really made no sense to add it to a skyline of a zero-emissions city. I think they all got slap-happy when they started changing things. The asari all look haggard and hungover now too with the black circles around their eyes. Once again Bioware changes something for the sake of change and f*cks it up....again. ME 3 has little in the way of change, other than all the DLC and weapons/armor packs are included (but there again, if you paid for the packs the first time around you got the armor and weapons for free, now you pay for them all, and they are a lot, so you can't use them until later in the game when you got money. They changed Tali's picture which most of you know already. Hopefully, BIOWARE will address these other issues that apparently nobody has caught because they aren't real fans of the game, they are just gamers or are getting paid by EA/Bioware for a review that will motivate you to buy the game. You have to expect this kind of crap from Bioware given their history. The days of them putting out a kickass game without issues ended with the original ME 2 release. So as long as you play the games once and then dump your character and start anew every time you play the game you'll be fine. But if you are like me and loved playing the game already maxed out on Renegade / Paragon, maxed out on powers, and have all your weapons instead of having to play with the Bull crap they give you at the beginning of the games, you are in for a disappointment because Bioware jacked it up and you should have expected big mistakes like this from them. They are not the Bioware that originally made these games. They are a suckass company that will never gain the glory of their past.

  95. Guisa

    GuisaPred mesecem

    Before you buy: don't think, just buy it. The best franchise in the world.

  96. SexualYeti

    SexualYetiPred mesecem

    "Don't ask questions. Just consume product. And then get excited for next product." Are you REALLY such a sheep!?

  97. atheia kid

    atheia kidPred mesecem

    I'm playing them for the first time and keeping motivation in M3 is tough. Going from ME1 to ME2 was amazing but so much feels off in ME3, mainly not being able two holster guns like in the previous two games. The gun doesn't even lower when not in combat so you're pointing it at friendlies, and there's a slight zoom with the gun out (mainly why I holstered it in the other games) so it feels like you're playing with binoculars. Other things bad in ME3 are the UI got ridiculously huge so it feels like a low resolution monitor and the in conversation camera cinematography and facial expressions are nowhere near the level of polish they were in ME2, but I can look past that. The no holstering is literally ruining it for me.

  98. Arjun Nath

    Arjun NathPred mesecem

    I too was really annoyed by the no holster option in mass effect 3. It makes exploring tedious.

  99. Blutkehle2

    Blutkehle2Pred mesecem

    Im dowloading it right now. Crappy Internet connection, so 10 hours left. But screw it, it will be totaly worth it. So many awesome memorys. In the original games I even refused to finish the last mission, just because I didn't want the journey to be over. I cried when I had to shoot Rex because of the decicions I made. I deleted this game file and started all over just to save this one character. Mass Effect is life, Mass Effect is love

  100. Deano spleeno

    Deano spleenoPred mesecem

    This series was so good. Id love to experience more and the DLC but i dont really have time to these days with kids. that and i kinda said goodbye to the characters come the final stages of MS3 and im not sure i want to reopen a story i really loved, played and completed.

  101. Frankenstyleish

    FrankenstyleishPred mesecem

    All this positive feedback on the game just lost me sixty bucks. ME1 and ME2 have been floating in my top five games of all time since they came out. 3 was awful, and not because of the ending that people complain about (honestly the ending was the only thing to like about 3), but this isn't an in depth review. The legendary edition is a hand full of minor cosmetic improvements while leaving some major shortcomings in place, and introducing new problems. The inputs during dialogs still make it easy to accidentally skip bits of conversation as well as accidentally choosing dialog options you didn't intend. The setting to not show helmets during conversations (or not at all if you prefer) from ME 2 is gone. Yes you can select not to wear a helmet, but only with some armor sets and because helmets have their own bonuses you loose them if you remove it. So conversations all tend to take place between an NPC and a blank robot faced helmet. A lot of people are saying the Maco is much improved in ME 1, but in the OG version never once did the Maco flip onto it's back and get stuck there in my several hundred hours of playing it. In this new version it happens regularly, and you can't exit the vehicle unless it's stopped with all wheels firmly on the ground, so planetary exploration is a pointless exercise in rebooting the game every time you flip when hitting roots and rocks. Then there's silly changes like resetting the camera position in cut-scenes if the original happened to catch a passing butt. The animations and models weren't touched up, so all the player gets is worse gameplay in exchange for some minor improvements on textures and effects. This package is just a terrible waste of money.

  102. Djaius Buenafe

    Djaius BuenafePred mesecem

    When Mako flips you literally just have to press x, or did you never figure that out? Honestly, despite the ridiculous amount of bugs I encountered in the first 2 games, this was still probably the best gaming purchase I've ever made.

  103. MehediofBD

    MehediofBDPred mesecem

    I'd have bought it if they put me2 or 3 UI in 1.

  104. Batman

    BatmanPred mesecem

    I am waiting it to be for sale. Its doesn't deserve full price.

  105. Sylvius the Mad

    Sylvius the MadPred mesecem

    The Mako was unfinished in the first game. It was always supposed to drive differently based on the gravity on each planet, but that feature was cut during development so it ended up driving the same everywhere. I wish they'd restored it rather than just giving us a different driving experience that's the same everywhere.

  106. General Demonichi

    General DemonichiPred mesecem

    guys i got the game but i dont see mass effect 2 and 3 included. when i start the game, it immediately goes to mass effect 1. can someone help me out?

  107. Forget your Vanity

    Forget your VanityPred mesecem

    Bought this game today. Huuuge rpg fan and I missed this series So im looking forward to diving into this game. All I hear about mass effect is that it's a masterpiece 2021 and diving into it for the first time with the only spoiler being that the ending is apparently bad. How it's bad I have no idea

  108. Forget your Vanity

    Forget your VanityPred mesecem

    @Djaius Buenafe I played through the first game. Honest opinion of the first game. The first 5 or 6 hours are bad Running through the critidal and feros. Feros was just to dark and had bad map design. But every mission outside of that were great and I'm honestly thinking and replaying it again once I beat mass effect 2 and 3 and see how my choices change I honestly felt really bad that trex died

  109. Djaius Buenafe

    Djaius BuenafePred mesecem

    It's actually fine. People were mad at first, but they added more cutscenes with the extended cut.

  110. Katarina

    KatarinaPred mesecem

    Just spent an entire month delaying college work and playing this game for the first time, it was so damn good I freaking loved it. I played as Paragon FemShep but now I just wanna jump right back in and do a Renegade MaleShep playthrough to see what else the game has to offer. Although I don't know if I will be able to act mean to my team, I love those characters so much.

  111. UltraSuperDuperFreak

    UltraSuperDuperFreakPred mesecem

    I bought the regular version of all 3 games, i bought the deluxe upgrades for 3 games, i bought every single dlc for all 3 games, i even bought Mass Effect Trilogy thinking it would group all 3 gamse together like this one does menu wise. FUCKING NO! I AINT BUYING IT A FOURTH TIME , JUST TO GET BETTER GRAPHIC ! There is 4k mods i can download for free :P By default they shoudl give me this version for free ! I been loyal enough :P

  112. IamRyu

    IamRyuPred mesecem

    Tell me about it, it's probably going to take me a couple of months to complete this legendary edition due to my work and stuff.

  113. Eric Nguyen

    Eric NguyenPred mesecem

    I first bought mass effect back in 2007 when I was 15. Bought the 2nd at 18 in 2010 and 3rd at 19 in 2011. Now nearly 30 this franchise has aged very well and its like reliving those good old days

  114. Josh Brown

    Josh BrownPred mesecem

    I finished my first play through of the trilogy through the Xbox game pass. I should have waited for when I got the legendary edition, in every game I did almost every mission except for 1 cuz I found it a bit boring to stray off from the main stuff most of the time, but the thing is I got none of the dlc and there’s not multiplayer for the third one, so I was literally unable to get the amount of war score and preparation necessary for the secret ending. I didn’t even know it existed until after I finished the game but now I know that I coulda gotten it.

  115. Chris Jordan

    Chris JordanPred mesecem

    When i was a little kid i play mass effect 3 thank god now i can try the first game and second cause the story was a little Hard cause some of the characters i dont know were they came from

  116. Dragonslayer Ornstein

    Dragonslayer OrnsteinPred mesecem

    Been a big mass effect fan since the the game first came out got the legendary edition two days ago and its worth the money.

  117. Angel Santana

    Angel SantanaPred mesecem

    A classic, a game that you don’t want it to end ( opposite feeling to AC) , I am so glad they made this.

  118. MrReddington 77

    MrReddington 77Pred mesecem

    So I’m one of those that has never played Mass effect and just got the legendary edition even though they’re all on game pass and well: Part 1 started off really cool and overwhelming and once the story got started and I started meeting the other characters I was hooked. I’m a 43 year old gamer and the only game I felt I was this connected to was the original final fantasy 7. This game has me laughing at the dialogue and I truly feel like I’m the commander of the Normandy. I can see why it’s been praised as much as it has. I’m in the beginning of mass effect 2 and was so happy to run into Garrus. Cannot wait to play more tomorrow.

  119. Xx Killa PRODIGY

    Xx Killa PRODIGYPred mesecem

    Just bought it cuz I wanted a new rpg idk shit bout this game lmao

  120. londonfog 66

    londonfog 66Pred mesecem

    I hope you enjoy it!

  121. Damon De bruin

    Damon De bruinPred mesecem

    Just finished this. It was awesome.

  122. Errik Buursink

    Errik BuursinkPred mesecem

    1:40 face reveal???

  123. Endoe Kronic

    Endoe KronicPred mesecem

    BUY? The last game I bought was in 2003, minus the games that go on sale like RDR2, but then I should have waited to download it when it was cracked. This Mass Effect game was played on my MODDED xbox360 when it came out. I think am done buying games. Since I can just watch people play them on SLthrow now.