Let's get a Starship to Mars (Duna) and back in Kerbal Space Program

It's Thursday. #starship hype is super high and I haven't even tried taking the Starship I built for this week's video to Duna yet... I think it's time we fix that!
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    MARK FERGUSONPred 5 dnevi

    How much does this program cost?

  2. Hazil Ashraff

    Hazil AshraffPred 5 dnevi

    Blue Origin viewers also watch this channel

  3. Drew McClennon

    Drew McClennonPred 6 dnevi

    2:35:17 well jokes on you they’re working together now lol

  4. Samy Sabi

    Samy SabiPred 10 dnevi

    I thought, Elon doesn't even care about a degree.

  5. Gregory M

    Gregory MPred 12 dnevi

    I am a beast at ksp

  6. Bình Lê

    Bình LêPred 12 dnevi

    when a bfr doesnt as tall as a tree

  7. Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    Daniel Duntavs SaundersPred 12 dnevi

    Interesting stickers in space

  8. Fjellgutten

    FjellguttenPred 13 dnevi

    I love you man! Moar kerbal please. You are the best youtube channel

  9. Fri Ball

    Fri BallPred 13 dnevi


  10. Zach Schultz

    Zach SchultzPred 13 dnevi

    Everybody gangsta til one of the Starships is Starship Mk. Watney

  11. ryan voorhees

    ryan voorheesPred 15 dnevi

    23:15 predicted sn10

  12. Conner Mekis

    Conner MekisPred 16 dnevi

    1:46 you would think extending the front flaps would take some drag off the rear

  13. Jake Civis

    Jake CivisPred 17 dnevi

    What do you do with the waisted from nuclear?

  14. alicesankey

    alicesankeyPred 18 dnevi

    3 hours long really

  15. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровPred 22 dnevi


  16. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровPred 22 dnevi


  17. Games of All

    Games of AllPred 29 dnevi

    “Maybe they’ll survive” famous last words

  18. Anne-Lise Krogh Andersen

    Anne-Lise Krogh AndersenPred mesecem

    Watching this post SN8-11 - it's remarcable how close you get to the actual Starship testing... ;)

  19. Lᴇ Rᴜɴᴇᴇ́ Wᴇɪᴛᴢᴀʀ

    Lᴇ Rᴜɴᴇᴇ́ WᴇɪᴛᴢᴀʀPred mesecem

    Can anyone talk about how someone asked everyday astronaut to play “Starman” by David Bowie and he literally said “That’s not a song.” ?

  20. Lᴇ Rᴜɴᴇᴇ́ Wᴇɪᴛᴢᴀʀ

    Lᴇ Rᴜɴᴇᴇ́ WᴇɪᴛᴢᴀʀPred mesecem


  21. ASpaceXNerd

    ASpaceXNerdPred mesecem

    I love how he landed on a tree

  22. Preston Britto

    Preston BrittoPred mesecem

    The black geese wessely attack because pigeon importantly recognise through a domineering lumber. rightful, reminiscent bakery

  23. cgrant26

    cgrant26Pred mesecem

    LOL @ 23:00 The Power Of Kraken Compels You!

  24. The Interfaith Shepherd

    The Interfaith ShepherdPred mesecem

    Your videos are great! Why don't you just turn off comments? Perhaps it would be helpful to see a therapist about why negative comments don't feel so good. Negativity is hard for everybody...and harder for celebrities. I would hate for you to suffer from burnout.

  25. Galactic Space Program

    Galactic Space ProgramPred mesecem

    Do the burn later do it at like ~500 meters

  26. Jared Seek

    Jared SeekPred mesecem

    I'm a space/rocket nerd

  27. Jack Price

    Jack PricePred 2 meseci

    23:55 It looks like SN10

  28. Fisheiyy

    FisheiyyPred 2 meseci

    he sn9'ed it at the end

  29. OtoeTiger88

    OtoeTiger88Pred 2 meseci

    sorry bro i don't want to give random people online my first and last name

  30. YahYa Laith

    YahYa LaithPred 2 meseci

    dost hear meeeeeeeeeee

  31. YahYa Laith

    YahYa LaithPred 2 meseci


  32. YahYa Laith

    YahYa LaithPred 2 meseci

    see mee

  33. YahYa Laith

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  34. YahYa Laith

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  35. YahYa Laith

    YahYa LaithPred 2 meseci

    i cant see the chat plz some member make me member beacuse i sub and like

  36. Norbert Moses

    Norbert MosesPred 2 meseci

    Also about your comment about anonymity, people still have their rights to say their thoughts. I mean sure, some people may just want to troll, but you can't just ban all non-verified users. Like this comment. It's constructive critisism and my own thoughts, which shouldn't be allowed?

  37. Superfun coding

    Superfun codingPred 2 meseci

    I can't ever do that. Can you do a KSP tutorial?

  38. Josh.

    Josh.Pred 2 meseci

    are you on a mac

  39. Herb Dean

    Herb DeanPred 2 meseci

    Of course a rocket would bend under all that thrust. Think about it, if the Saturn V bends 1 meter, its over the entire 110 meter length of the rocket. You wouldn't notice it.

  40. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

    Ministry of Magic: Department of MysteriesPred 2 meseci

    Only a 7 year long mission, almost to the day.

  41. Bumbo

    BumboPred 2 meseci

    3:40:54 sn10 be like

  42. Ck digital The Q of 6th

    Ck digital The Q of 6thPred 2 meseci

    To get yer ARSS to MARS, the how to: first step (if ssto) you need a craft with multi covertion types of engines(as modernly limited), such as thick atmosphere jet perpulsion, swap to thin atmosphere pure rocket convertion, Second - for levitation, having a craft that can morph from wide wing to land & rod slim to blast out fast into orbit. Third - for deep solar path travel, use energy rockets that exirt up to 1G force, with mini nuculear & solar limitlessly gravity travel and solar wave shielding blast exhaust. Fouth - for landing touch down, to be horizontal hoover (Skycrane style bottom thrust), for the easiest living render at gravity planet/moon realms.(no risk with a rope cranes on pure verticle crafts). Then you will get the perfect Starship.

  43. Resplaypei13

    Resplaypei13Pred 2 meseci

    3:37:37 sn9 be like

  44. ryan voorhees

    ryan voorheesPred 15 dnevi

    23:15 sn10

  45. Kirill Yakovunik

    Kirill YakovunikPred 2 meseci


  46. Kirill Yakovunik

    Kirill YakovunikPred 2 meseci

    3:41:06 sn10

  47. Kirill Yakovunik

    Kirill YakovunikPred 2 meseci


  48. Resplaypei13

    Resplaypei13Pred 2 meseci

    3:37:37 sn9

  49. Sfs rocket Engineer

    Sfs rocket EngineerPred 2 meseci

    hi tim, what is your actual real job?

  50. Wiko Art

    Wiko ArtPred 2 meseci

    Hey! From you have a space siut?

  51. Hans Baker

    Hans BakerPred 2 meseci

    ha show that landing to sn9

  52. Sensitive Bubble

    Sensitive BubblePred 3 meseci

    The landing in the first couple of minutes is just like sn9 and sn8

  53. Thomas Jacob Yumol

    Thomas Jacob YumolPred 3 meseci

    remember the perseverance rover will land at mars at Feb. 18,2021 3:55 PM EST

  54. Regina Barrozo

    Regina BarrozoPred 2 meseci

    I saw it look

  55. AkulaSpawn

    AkulaSpawnPred 3 meseci

    Nobody is going to Mars anytime soon. This is all just a con to make money. There are many more reasons to go to the moon than Mars, and we haven't bothered going there in 50 years. That's half a century. I don't know of a country that would want to be the first country to have their people die on a mission to Mars. I might be wrong, but I am old enough to know how NASA and the space program really works.

  56. Mrinal Kumar Guchait

    Mrinal Kumar GuchaitPred 3 meseci

    I enjoyed the intro music, I had to rewind to listen once more.

  57. Kimberly Blatnik

    Kimberly BlatnikPred 3 meseci

    who is here after SM9 test like it if you are!!!!!!!!!

  58. Quirobert Miolan

    Quirobert MiolanPred 3 meseci

    Guys I’m gonna get kerbal later I’m so exited for the 3d

  59. Weyston Ndebele

    Weyston NdebelePred 3 meseci

    What's the song at the start?

  60. Weyston Ndebele

    Weyston NdebelePred 3 meseci

    Never mind

  61. Pixil Productions

    Pixil ProductionsPred 3 meseci

    3:10:30 I think, if you want to require your viewers or commenters to relinquish their anonymity in order to view the content you work hard to produce, you should absolutely have the right to do that. Moreover, you actually have the ability to do that right now. However, you would have to make some fairly substantial sacrifices in order to do so. You could, right now, remove your content from SLthrow and move it to your own website and host the videos there. On your own website, you could easily require viewers to reveal their identity before they view or comment. Obviously, this would have consequences, as putting up a barrier to entry in order to view your content would cause a radical reduction of views. As a content creator, you are entering into an unspoken agreement with your viewers. You are selling yourself as a personality and a content creator, and in exchange you earn revenue. It's your content, and therefore you have the right to offer that content in any way you wish. However, by putting up your content in a public space such as SLthrow, you are granting your viewers the right to post comments 'anonymously'. If you want to be heard in a public space, some people might not like what you have to say, and you may not like what they have to say back. That is the consequence of being heard. If you want to control who you can hear, and who can hear you, then you will diminish your audience. If SLthrow wants to allow their creators to apply KYC to comment posting, it's their platform, they can do whatever they want to their platform, but they will lose viewers, and they know this. As for cancel culture, I generally think it's wrong to use a social media mob to influence organizations for a political agenda, but those people are also well within their rights to voice their opinions as individuals or a collective if they choose to. The biggest issue I see with cancel culture, is something called blackmail journalism. It is a tactic used by establishment journalists to push an agenda by threatening organizations or individuals with widespread negative press about an otherwise non-newsworthy story. This is very wrong, and in my opinion, should be illegal. That's just my opinion, and by placing it here I am expecting that at least half of the people who view it will disagree with me and even possibly write something nasty in the reply section. Once again, that is the consequence of being heard. If you only want your content to be interacted with by your inner circle, that's fine. But if you plan on operating as a business, and you want to maximize your revenue, then I strongly advise you simply ignore the comments section instead.

  62. Steffie Sing

    Steffie SingPred 3 meseci

    tip of the day : to speedup loading times between screens in kerbal is to 'terminate' all your debris !! YW

  63. kworkshop

    kworkshopPred 3 meseci

    1:52:06 SN8 in a nutshell...

  64. noam khon

    noam khonPred 3 meseci


  65. wolfe1970

    wolfe1970Pred 3 meseci

    2:27:00 maybe you should go ask Elon for a dish and ask for a few of his satellites

  66. Dizzyd715

    Dizzyd715Pred 3 meseci

    26:50 SN9

  67. •Jreem•

    •Jreem•Pred 3 meseci

    1:51:56 - SN8

  68. RedPug

    RedPugPred 3 meseci

    2:39:00 yeah, suicide burns are much more efficient (meaning that you do full throttle one time to land) however they require either incredibly high skill or MechJeb.

  69. Plarg

    PlargPred 3 meseci


  70. Patrick

    PatrickPred 3 meseci

    So insane to me when I hear "college is a 100k" I went, didn't like it and dropped out, but here it costs like 700-3000 USD / year in tuition lol

  71. Portal Gael

    Portal GaelPred 3 meseci

    1:52:05 SN8 landing

  72. Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo GarciaPred 3 meseci

    It's very different from the starship! It's fat and short!

  73. Abdul Muiz

    Abdul MuizPred 3 meseci

    Ksp bruh

  74. Johann Yang

    Johann YangPred 3 meseci

    I had no idea your logo was on the ISS do you know who put them up?

  75. bill33040

    bill33040Pred 3 meseci

    Nature uses the Fibonacci series for placement to minimize shadowing leaves.

  76. Tony The Z

    Tony The ZPred 3 meseci

    what a gamer

  77. Jimmy wolfe

    Jimmy wolfePred 3 meseci

    really cool how the end of this ended like SN8s test flight...well before adding fuel

  78. Alex Bowers

    Alex BowersPred 3 meseci

    23:27 oh look it’s SN8 😅

  79. Wolf's Westerns

    Wolf's WesternsPred 3 meseci

    If Starship has flaps, like the Space Shuttle has wings, could Starship make "S" patterns like the Space Shuttle does to bleed off speed? Thumbs Up on the video. You earned it.

  80. alena_io

    alena_ioPred 3 meseci

    @Wolf's Westerns Oh right didn't think about that. Don't know if it would need extra control surfaces. I'm much more into Starships drag induced mode of control than the methods of typical airplanes/Shuttles. Would be interesting to know.

  81. Wolf's Westerns

    Wolf's WesternsPred 3 meseci

    @alena_io You may be correct, I don't know. Besides, it would need a tail rudder/rotor(?) to make the turns, of which it obviously does not have. Good thing I do not have a pilots lisense, huh? :)

  82. alena_io

    alena_ioPred 3 meseci

    Personally I don't think so. Starships flaps provide some lift so in theory it should be capable to do it, but these S patterns would be insanely stretched and since it's already breaking with the whole belly and can control it's attitude it doesn't need anymore bleeding.

  83. Wolf's Westerns

    Wolf's WesternsPred 3 meseci

    2:19:00 You keep saying "Look at that" Sir, look at what?

  84. Wolf's Westerns

    Wolf's WesternsPred 3 meseci

    I am at the 1:54:04 mark, and I am going to watch it all. I love this. I would like to learn how to do this.After I am done here, I think I start watching the Tutorials. I am glad I found your channel. Thank you!!

  85. Mariano Figueron

    Mariano FigueronPred 3 meseci


  86. Ammar Mufiid Johansyah

    Ammar Mufiid JohansyahPred 3 meseci

    lol the pogo

  87. JB Benjamin

    JB BenjaminPred 3 meseci

    When will you be doing a meet up in the UK or are we too backward for that now? :(

  88. enzo patrola

    enzo patrolaPred 3 meseci

    At 23:27 That’s how sn8 ended up

  89. Jebediah Kerman

    Jebediah KermanPred 3 meseci

    iM nOt hErE tO wAtCh yOu pLaY a GaMe

  90. Zach thompson

    Zach thompsonPred 3 meseci

    The guarded chicory beverly replace because bra seasonally mate sans a important starter. ambiguous, unequal vibraphone

  91. Neil Brideau

    Neil BrideauPred 3 meseci

    Of all the entertainment in the world I spent my time watching this.

  92. coolascats

    coolascatsPred 3 meseci

    So fun to revisit this... I miss my kerbals

  93. Serapis Christos

    Serapis ChristosPred 3 meseci

    i fng phone, too bad iphone sucks!

  94. Sam I Am

    Sam I AmPred 4 meseci

    3:02:00 "Great Job Man"...!!! "Claaassic Ending"...!!!

  95. Caleb M Curby

    Caleb M CurbyPred 4 meseci

    Watching this now, almost a year into the pandemic in the US, and at 1:48:00 he talks about how his dad had this really weird infection that they couldn't identify and I'm over here like 😳😬

  96. Sukacita Yeremia

    Sukacita YeremiaPred 4 meseci

    Plot twist, watching this is how the Starship team got their KSP design...

  97. Daniel Miles

    Daniel MilesPred 4 meseci

    Kerbal Space Program is to Rocketry as Breathing is to being alive..... Soooooo many people have been inspired by KSP! Play more Tim!!

  98. Joshua Wiggins

    Joshua WigginsPred 4 meseci

    tim did you really say "play star man that's not a song" at 1:08:20 David bowie bro come on we love you Tim

  99. Sonic sync

    Sonic syncPred 3 meseci

    That’s a song by David Bowie called starman

  100. Waxsoda61774308

    Waxsoda61774308Pred 4 meseci

    If I built this my Xbox would explode

  101. Orestes Delgado

    Orestes DelgadoPred 4 meseci

    your job are very good design 3d so good display i saw it thumb up

  102. Sylar Gray

    Sylar GrayPred 4 meseci

    Why is he wasting so much delta v...???? U should wait for your aps then u can more efficiently reach orbital velocity

  103. joy howard

    joy howardPred 4 meseci

    Install throttle controlled avionics, it adds no parts, but adds a configurable autopilot system with modules It can land anything pinpoint without landing legs

  104. allan churm

    allan churmPred 4 meseci

    love this ...

  105. Danielle Stewart

    Danielle StewartPred 4 meseci

    The grateful gratis disadvantage scully hang because case centrally rain save a knowing partner. well-groomed, lamentable double

  106. Ever Piek

    Ever PiekPred 4 meseci

    lol...the way you keep saying that... the ev'ryday astro-nut... i love it! xD

  107. Icky

    IckyPred 4 meseci

    the refueling stuff HAD to be overheating for it to take that long.

  108. Matthew Neely

    Matthew NeelyPred 4 meseci

    perpetual motion

  109. Aparupa Giri

    Aparupa GiriPred 4 meseci


  110. Sean Tarpey

    Sean TarpeyPred 4 meseci

    Tim I love your stuff but get out of here with that Facist youtube censorship.

  111. lisandra negron

    lisandra negronPred 4 meseci

    i got kerbal space program

  112. leroidangleterre

    leroidangleterrePred 4 meseci

    Is the .craft file available ? Also, how are the flaps controlled ?

  113. Wilfred Archibald

    Wilfred ArchibaldPred 4 meseci

    30:32 more enjins!!!!!