Floyd Mayweather's IMMEDIATE REACTION after exhibition fight vs Logan Paul | Showtime Boxing

In this video Floyd Mayweather talks about his exhibition fight vs Logan Paul.

Shot by Matt Tucker
@MattTuckerPhotography on Instagram

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  1. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissPred 21 uro

    “When the money comes, we’ll see who was the real winner”

  2. Mo B

    Mo BPred dnevom

    0:10 aint paying gotta move

  3. serry ciok

    serry ciokPred dnevom

    All I've learnt is that Mayweather not just had more skill and stanima, than Logan, he also has a stronger punch than him.

  4. Pablo Llega

    Pablo LlegaPred 3 dnevi

    PLEASE READ NOOT SPAM ------ Did anybody else see how Mayweather knocked him out during the fight but it was an accident and mayweather was caught in the heat of the moment & went off script and knocked him out Luckily he realized it quick and held Logan up so he wouldn’t fall and the fight wouldn’t end so easily People need to wake up and realize this was Bs If mayweather would have knocked him out the. Jake Paul would have cancelled the fight between jake and mayweather

  5. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissPred 21 uro

    "exhibition" is boxing terminology for fixed

  6. Super Straight

    Super StraightPred 3 dnevi

    When Vegas turns you down you know there's something wrong with YOU.

  7. Cassie

    CassiePred 4 dnevi

    "IMMEDIATE REACTION" mans changed clothes and is in the post fight conference

  8. serry ciok

    serry ciokPred dnevom

    I dont even pay for this fight and i still want my money back. In all seriousness, it is exhibitions fight so....

  9. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojoPred 4 dnevi

    "IMMEDIATE REACTION" mans changed clothes and is in the post fight conference

  10. Laoch

    LaochPred 4 dnevi

    embarrassing performance by mayweather

  11. Karl cauckwell

    Karl cauckwellPred 5 dnevi

    So you got to understand some people Floyd Mayweather don’t give a damn what you guys think about him because he look at you as vulgar disgusting can’t figure it out by now it’s part of a brotherhood it looks down I think they’re better than everybody else he laughed at you guys here at this meeting because he made all that money he don’t give a damn what you think because he doesn’t think much of you anyway he looks down on you it’s part of a brotherhood guys better wake up you’ve been full for years and he’s been locked in a lap and that job especially this last fight this was so fake and BS it was pathetic and he laughed at you guys because you don’t care cause he doesn’t think much of you guys and he looks down on you guys as part of his brotherhood looks down and thinksNot a part of their little brotherhood is vulgar you better realize people Floyd fold you guys your bodies hoax

  12. Karl cauckwell

    Karl cauckwellPred 4 dnevi

    @Cassie You are You’re missing the point Casey he was laughing at everybody at that conference he is part of a big brotherhood that ooks down on people like me and you because we’re not part of his brotherhood OK that fight was scam the thing is you’re not getting it because you’re blind and he was laughing at everybody there at the conference his brotherhood looks down on people like me and you were not part of their club He look down upon us Look at us as Vulgar and stupid he was laughing at everybody at the conference you couldn’t see it

  13. Cassie

    CassiePred 4 dnevi

    Mayweather won, even if it wasn't by knockout

  14. JJ Da Bucket

    JJ Da BucketPred 5 dnevi

    Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

  15. V J

    V JPred 6 dnevi

    Salute to Floyd! Greatest boxer of this era💯

  16. Swift Cee

    Swift CeePred 6 dnevi

    We all need to STOP WATCHING THIS SHIT!

  17. Kiristugu Emiya

    Kiristugu EmiyaPred 6 dnevi

    Floyd reminds me of Candice


    JOEHOVAPred 6 dnevi

    this is just the greatest boxer of all time. in his weight class at least.

  19. Jennifer Donovan

    Jennifer DonovanPred 6 dnevi

    To anyone reading this, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. your hard work will pay off

  20. Kostas Nicholas Andraes

    Kostas Nicholas AndraesPred 6 dnevi

    @Alex Moore So true

  21. Alex Moore

    Alex MoorePred 6 dnevi

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  22. Kuldeep Sharma

    Kuldeep SharmaPred 6 dnevi

    @Melissa Adrian Thank you Melissa , i will write her immediately

  23. Melissa Adrian

    Melissa AdrianPred 6 dnevi

    @Kuldeep Sharma +1 4 1 6 6 2 8 8 1 8 9

  24. Melissa Adrian

    Melissa AdrianPred 6 dnevi

    @Kuldeep Sharma WASAP 👇

  25. carl gaudet

    carl gaudetPred 6 dnevi

    Off course 30 pounds more in a clinch , no experience can even that advantage lol

  26. Peter H Nguyen

    Peter H NguyenPred 6 dnevi

    do you guys think floyd had fun?

  27. Regdu Geht

    Regdu GehtPred 7 dnevi

    "Yeah, I love money and all things money. I love lying and making money, hugging and making money. Shoot, getting hit and making money."

  28. Hilo Howlie

    Hilo HowliePred 7 dnevi

    "exhibition" is boxing terminology for fixed

  29. Too much Free Time

    Too much Free TimePred 7 dnevi

    I dont even pay for this fight and i still want my money back. In all seriousness, it is exhibitions fight so....

  30. timesmash

    timesmashPred 7 dnevi

    Mayweather won, even if it wasn't by knockout

  31. My SG Adventures

    My SG AdventuresPred 7 dnevi

    Title should be, Floyd getting a taste of his own Grabbing Medicine.

  32. Regdu Geht

    Regdu GehtPred 7 dnevi

    Bruh what did people expect

  33. silver carter

    silver carterPred 7 dnevi

    Sad..this is what boxing is now..old people fighting Internet kids

  34. senni bgon

    senni bgonPred 7 dnevi

    Floyd: "I wanted to give people the show and he was fightin to survive" Manny: (left the room giggling)

  35. joseph salzig

    joseph salzigPred 7 dnevi

    i can not believe that people would pay that much money to watch that shit show

  36. Truth Reigns Forever

    Truth Reigns ForeverPred 7 dnevi

    Floyd: I was hoping I could knock out this “Internet celeb” and make a name off of him and embarrass him. Since he was bigger I was gonna prove I could knock him out and make my stock go higher. But it back fired. I did not and could knock out the 200 pounder. And now the amateur Logan looks like he’s great and his name went higher because I he went the distance.

  37. Kainthemain

    KainthemainPred 7 dnevi

    Losing too a SLthrowr, shit that's gotta sting

  38. senni bgon

    senni bgonPred 7 dnevi

    Winner of Jake v Mcgregor gets Floyd

  39. Kiwi Bonsai

    Kiwi BonsaiPred 7 dnevi

    There's a professional then there's the boy who's ego makes people sick.

  40. Young dizz stomach

    Young dizz stomachPred 7 dnevi

    Everyone is saying Logan survived 8 rounds but he actually got knocked out and floyd held him up..

  41. Mirnes Nuhanovic

    Mirnes NuhanovicPred 7 dnevi

    Floyd seems like a cool guy.

  42. David El

    David ElPred 7 dnevi


  43. Z E R O

    Z E R OPred 7 dnevi

    "How is your future Floyd" Floyed: It was fun

  44. Stevie Peevee

    Stevie PeeveePred 8 dnevi

    Is there any bigger grub that loves money more than Floyd ,at least it wasn't as bad as his fight against the japanese kick boxer that was shameful..

  45. person person

    person personPred 8 dnevi

    Bruh what did people expect

  46. ActOfLove *

    ActOfLove *Pred 8 dnevi

    “Don’t worry about everything; instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

  47. David Rivera

    David RiveraPred 8 dnevi

    Floyd fought and beat real boxers, championship, legends... But not a youtuber.!?! 🤔

  48. Sad vibes

    Sad vibesPred 8 dnevi

    Yikes to the people who paid to watch this bullshit

  49. F Lopez

    F LopezPred 8 dnevi

    I wonder if Floyd had fun..

  50. Caster Troy

    Caster TroyPred 8 dnevi

    This is nothing but a 100 million dollar show. He is not even sweating. Easiest money he has ever made in his career...

  51. bob dylan

    bob dylanPred 8 dnevi

    Winner of Jake v Mcgregor gets Floyd

  52. misuyy fong

    misuyy fongPred 8 dnevi

    Conspiracy theory: Jake comes out, talks mad shit so Floyd vs Jake next after Tyrone.

  53. Anthony C

    Anthony CPred 8 dnevi

    He does not need the money n yes we get he’s a fighter but the more proper fighters take up these clowns offers it will continue and let’s not beat about the bush hear, this was as Rehearsed as a line dancing competition.

  54. James Owens

    James OwensPred 8 dnevi

    All I hear from this dude was I did in for the cash just like the McGregor fight like the reporter said it looks like he didn't even fight im so glad I didn't buy this trash

  55. Bruno Andrea Van Iterson

    Bruno Andrea Van ItersonPred 8 dnevi

    4:15 hahaah got me

  56. misuyy fong

    misuyy fongPred 8 dnevi

    potential of a real Leaderboard fight.

  57. Charlie Windmll

    Charlie WindmllPred 8 dnevi

    Is no one going to talk about how money sounds like he has brain damage when forming a sentence

  58. Mr XxX

    Mr XxXPred 8 dnevi

    man i gave that problem

  59. Peter Sahota

    Peter SahotaPred 8 dnevi

    Mayweather the best boxer in history wanted fun only and does not hold onto other boxers ever. He didn't hold onto McGregor or Mani Pacquiao He only boxed lol

  60. Jack Russ

    Jack RussPred 8 dnevi

    I'll never watch anything to do with Floyd money grabbing mayweather again,absolute shite,all that hard work over all them years to make a massive knob of himself and boxing what a guy ,

  61. Dudland Walks

    Dudland WalksPred 8 dnevi

    Floyds waiting for a rematch to make more money off his legacy. Then the boxing match will be over in round one if there is a next time.

  62. Mike B

    Mike BPred 8 dnevi

    Didn't watch the fight as I heard it was a load of crap! Money for nothing!

  63. Aaron Abraham

    Aaron AbrahamPred 8 dnevi

    Now Mayweather knows what pac man felt. Dancing and grappling for and dancing or running away in Mayweathers case

  64. skeelo69

    skeelo69Pred 8 dnevi

    Someone pay Mayweather $400m so that Canelo can whup his ass.

  65. skeelo69

    skeelo69Pred 8 dnevi

    Money Mayweather needs to retire gracefully.

  66. arie kanarie

    arie kanariePred 8 dnevi

    Omg floyd looking old

  67. Andrew beavers

    Andrew beaversPred 8 dnevi

    I didn't pay for it, and I still feel like I want a refund.

  68. Electronic Repair

    Electronic RepairPred 8 dnevi

    Hilarious..Jake and his fans saying Jake won...ahhahahahah.... he's been fighting people that are like 30+ lbs less than him. I get it find the ones who seem weakest to make himself seem the strongest.

  69. George Quinten

    George QuintenPred 8 dnevi

    Wack 100%. Circus entertainment not for boxing PPV. 4 a REAL boxing exhibition bring Mayweather vs Tyson!

  70. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnPred 8 dnevi

    Mayweather Jr: Did they pay? No, Mayweather: They should be removed.

  71. Leyla Brown

    Leyla BrownPred 8 dnevi

    imagine all the ticktockers and youtbers who are coming for this trend

  72. Bobby Toombs

    Bobby ToombsPred 8 dnevi

    If they ain’t paid they gotta go!!


    YOYO YOOOPred 8 dnevi

    This is trash. Its not even entertainment anymore when both sides just dancing in a ring and dont even try to knock there opponent out. This is why these fights never reach the potential of a real Leaderboard fight.

  74. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffPred 9 dnevi

    This is racist

  75. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff JeffPred 8 dnevi

    @laskin riubn you are racist

  76. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnPred 8 dnevi

    Shout out to the people who didn’t pay for this PPV. We’re the real winners here.

  77. Daquan Mckenzie

    Daquan MckenziePred 9 dnevi

    Excuses bro. Now if u would of won u would have been talking hella shit


    LOUIE NYCPred 9 dnevi

    Vegas shut you down because they didn't want that fucking clown show in there state 🤡 🥊🥊 🤡


    NinTURBO SEGAGRAFX16Pred 9 dnevi

    The top dancer complained about dancing? 😂 oh Floyd.

  80. Physickl

    PhysicklPred 9 dnevi

    Money Mayweather hall of fame for the best runner in boxing🤣

  81. Rick Smith

    Rick SmithPred 9 dnevi

    Floyd wouldn't of put him down in his prime. Floyd has always been the best at figuring out how to win without actually winning. He deserves the hall of fame but he's far from the GOAT

  82. Khaled Qazizada

    Khaled QazizadaPred 9 dnevi

    He call himself the Best boxer in history and nowdays he boxs SLthrowr and amaturs 🤔

  83. حماد hammad okal عوكل ٢

    حماد hammad okal عوكل ٢Pred 9 dnevi

    I came back after deleting Macron's slap and Jordan's clashes

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    God is one and Islam is truth religionPred 9 dnevi

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  85. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithPred 9 dnevi

    Floyd took down one of the most brutal kickboxers three times in the first round but he can't finish some random dude with little to no boxing experience? If you think these influencer events are not fixed, you're a fool. If you didn't pay for this debacle, you're my hero. Keep being awesome.

  86. vince califano

    vince califanoPred 9 dnevi

    grandparent at 44!?

  87. Maria Casella

    Maria CasellaPred 9 dnevi

    Mayweather never doubted you or your skills and experience 👍🏻💪🏻❤️🔥

  88. Ceebrze3

    Ceebrze3Pred 9 dnevi

    Shout out to the people who didn’t pay for this PPV. We’re the real winners here.

  89. Big E

    Big EPred 9 dnevi

    Hes fighting what he really wants to say so bad

  90. Cndace Candler

    Cndace CandlerPred 9 dnevi

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  91. Jim Jones

    Jim JonesPred 9 dnevi

    What else is he gonna say 😂

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    edcvgftyu tgbhujiPred 9 dnevi

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  93. Blake Ow

    Blake OwPred 9 dnevi

    This is hilarious, even though Paul went the distance.. Money toyed with him, for an embarrassing 8 rounds 😂

  94. Hu Man

    Hu ManPred 9 dnevi

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  95. Sipouli Valkou

    Sipouli ValkouPred 9 dnevi

    Retired but still have 50 fights more .what the hell .you lost the fight .you could not knock the youtuber out .maybe this time you fight some facebooker.¿,¡

  96. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeebPred 9 dnevi

    Why floyd Mayweather acting like he didnt hug pacman the whole time they fought smh

  97. Jesus is Lord

    Jesus is LordPred 9 dnevi

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  98. Eww Oppp

    Eww OpppPred 9 dnevi

    disgrace to the sport

  99. Eww Oppp

    Eww OpppPred 9 dnevi

    it was cool. it was fun. all this weirdo can say

  100. vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeebPred 9 dnevi

    This guy is a good sport 👏 just for fun

  101. spammer_YT cool kid

    spammer_YT cool kidPred 9 dnevi

    This fight was strictly for entertainment purposes only

  102. Friend of Jesus

    Friend of JesusPred 9 dnevi

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  103. 15k challenge with 0 video ✓

    15k challenge with 0 video ✓Pred 9 dnevi

    This was one of the most boring fights I have ever seen, the losers of tonight,are the ppl who paid 50 bucks to watch it.

  104. Alhaithm Albakri

    Alhaithm AlbakriPred 9 dnevi

    Nice copy paste

  105. 15k challenge with 0 video ✓

    15k challenge with 0 video ✓Pred 9 dnevi

    Shout out to the people who didn’t pay for this PPV. We’re the real winners here.

  106. Parker Essential

    Parker EssentialPred 9 dnevi

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  107. Tre Caesar

    Tre CaesarPred 9 dnevi

    Garbage ass fight

  108. Alibobs Marland

    Alibobs MarlandPred 9 dnevi

    He had to earn big bucks to show up for that embarrassing circus.


    JAMIE LESTERPred 9 dnevi

    Complete and utter joke of a so called fight

  110. Panty Sniffer

    Panty SnifferPred 9 dnevi

    Floyd will do anything to be relevant. His in the shadow of Manny Pacquiao.

  111. josborne1981able

    josborne1981ablePred 9 dnevi

    Going the distance holding is not a win. Let's go champ!

  112. John TheSpartan

    John TheSpartanPred 9 dnevi

    I love how he avoided all the questions that tried to make him say that it was not a real fight :P

  113. Ea$y?M●n€¥

    Ea$y?M●n€¥Pred 9 dnevi

    trash fight! they both look exhausted 😂😂😂😂

  114. Simply Be

    Simply BePred 9 dnevi

    Fun= I made 200M+

  115. Mahmoud Hassen

    Mahmoud HassenPred 9 dnevi

    3:23 hold up, what did you say? That seems wrong

  116. DannyGOaL Channel

    DannyGOaL ChannelPred 9 dnevi

    This guy is a good sport 👏 just for fun

  117. Juvenal Hernandez

    Juvenal HernandezPred 9 dnevi

    Yeahhhh . La..Dallas...Miami. 9-7-duece $$$$$