UFC 263: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 263: Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.

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  1. Gustavo hernandez

    Gustavo hernandezPred mesecem

    Henry cejudo isn’t proud to be Mexican. Don’t bring his name up. He wishes he was white

  2. PoochZie

    PoochZiePred mesecem

    Moreno is such a good person

  3. CC PixArt

    CC PixArtPred mesecem


  4. Oklahoma Sonners Fan

    Oklahoma Sonners FanPred mesecem

    Dana white plays favorites..... no way colby is over leon edwards..... strickly trump supporters backing each other


    THELASTSTAN MANPred mesecem

    More Nate please

  6. Christopher S

    Christopher SPred mesecem

    It doesn't matter if nobody else is doing it Dana, you don't base your decisions on what other people are doing. The lifelong injuries your fighters sustain are a result of helping your company make money - it makes perfect sense for you to continue treating those injuries (if need be) even after they are no longer able to fight. To go to war is a person's choice; however, if you sustain life changing injuries you do get compensated for that, even long after your service (or at least on paper it is that way). Yes, you should give your fighter's lifelong healthcare for the injuries they have sustained during fighting via doctor's opinion. Not for injuries they have sustained themselves, that's on them.

  7. Redneck Rambo

    Redneck RamboPred mesecem

    A shame Vettori ditched and didn't give us his explanation how his delusions gave him the win 😂 The only time he outstruck Izzy was round 1 with 23 total strikes to 19 for Izzy. And that doesn't help him whatsoever given 18-11 sig strikes with much more accuracy. He clearly loses round 2, with Izzy nearly doubling strikes with much higher accuracy. He clearly loses round 3, with Izzy tripling his sig strikes total and turning a failed RNC to top control for Izzy. Rounds 4 and 5 were more of the same with Vettori getting a little closer in the strikes disparity yet still losing across the board there too. 1 TD that leads to 0 damage whatsoever doesn't give him a single round and outweigh the sig strikes differential.

  8. christian vallejo

    christian vallejoPred mesecem

    The perfect headline greely carve because eagle cytologically request against a noiseless uzbekistan. snobbish, nine cafe

  9. MsA-Z

    MsA-ZPred mesecem

    Showing humility is nothing to be ashamed of..easier to say but...it is the way to grow and move forward from any loss in life...besides no one is perfect and many of us are losers because there is only one winner in these competitions specifically designed to have a winner and loser.... everyone has their turn on the pedastool...we win to feel proud but we lose to learn.

  10. Hiếu Vũ

    Hiếu VũPred mesecem

    58:09 enjoy my family and a lot of bad food xD

  11. Ryan Guzman

    Ryan GuzmanPred mesecem

    Love morena’s gratitude!! His laugh reminds me of Adam Sandler’s Spanish laugh in the movie, Click. 😂

  12. Damon Lee

    Damon LeePred mesecem

    Military can get healthcare forever with a 20 year career

  13. Brandon Hart

    Brandon HartPred mesecem

    That poor interviewer who got interrupted by like 5 people straight

  14. Nyran Stanton

    Nyran StantonPred mesecem

    do a Muhammed Ali (rumble in the jungle) and have an event in Nigeria.

  15. Kreed Berry

    Kreed BerryPred mesecem

    Dana you really shouldn't do interviews the "idk" thing is not professional and not entertaining it's the same thing every post fight interview you lose fans with that you frustrate unconditional fans to the point where they literally skip your TV time please improve at least throw some maybe this or that situations in there but this has to stop it's very frustrating and predictable!

  16. Rob Bob

    Rob BobPred mesecem

    48:40 goddamn! 😂😂😂

  17. Burg Wook

    Burg WookPred mesecem

    How are the majority of journalists asking questions almost incapable of speaking clearly?? Surely they should employ people who can be understood

  18. Kevin Zuniga

    Kevin ZunigaPred mesecem

    Man, that fat black dude is super annoying bringing up the Paul brothers to everyone

  19. James K

    James KPred mesecem

    First responders lifetime healthcare

  20. Matthew Gibson

    Matthew GibsonPred mesecem

    Vettori fought how Dana thought Costa would have.

  21. Michael Piotr

    Michael PiotrPred mesecem

    No result Diaz as usual ...lifting his fits up like he’s won ....got beaten in every aspect of the fight ... 🤦🏼‍♂️

  22. Clayton Tarrant

    Clayton TarrantPred mesecem

    Dana for the love of God buy a fucking hearing aid!! Every press conference.....what!/what he say/ say that again! 😂

  23. lil3ric88

    lil3ric88Pred mesecem

    Dana’s go to: “Listen” “Durable” “We will see what happens” “We will see how this plays out” “He looked Incredible” “He looked as good as you possibly could” “And uhhhh” “Idk...yeah idk” “Y’all know I don’t make fights the night of the fight” “He’s better every time he’s in there”

  24. Cord Barham

    Cord BarhamPred mesecem

    way too many journalists with speech impediments...that should be a minimum qualification...enunciation... diction...pacing....not too difficult you would think

  25. NzSw4t

    NzSw4tPred mesecem

    Adesanya goes 5-0 and gives himself a C+ 😂 this is a true kiwi, this is my guy 🔥

  26. Doug Hagler

    Doug HaglerPred mesecem

    Lots of people have jobs where they get healthcare after they retire. What, you think retired cops and firefighters can't go to the doctor?

  27. tomatocan

    tomatocanPred mesecem

    why can't MMA media realize that when Dana can't .. HEAR YOU, SLOW DOWN AND SPEAK UP. not break down into staccato super fast mumbles of the original question. Thanks , i feel better.

  28. Bernard Desmond

    Bernard DesmondPred mesecem

    Has Dana’s hearing gone down a little...??

  29. joshua lyons

    joshua lyonsPred mesecem

    although it was a smart move, stylebender still copped out of heavyweight after the loss. but whatever. still a massive fan.

  30. Barrera Jorge

    Barrera JorgePred mesecem

    Las drogas afectan hasta la voz no mames

  31. Vu

    VuPred mesecem

    Moreno laughing about Figueiredo speaking Portuguese to him after the fight shows how awesome this guy is 🤣. So deserving

  32. Greg Tanner

    Greg TannerPred mesecem

    Where the f*ck is Belal? No post-fight interview after beating Damian Maia, and no post-fight press seat? Silencing Palestinians?


    COACH DEEPred mesecem

    Love Nate but he is very punchy dam

  34. Taran Jenkins

    Taran JenkinsPred mesecem

    If Leon doesn't get a title shot he should just go to Bellator

  35. R D S

    R D SPred mesecem

    Man is but only after Colvington


    CAMERON HOGGPred mesecem

    How can you not be a fan of Leon? Outrageously good fighter, class act on interview, funny as fuck. So good to see. Hope the fight on Saturday gets him the jump towards the stardom he deserves.

  37. Justin Liu

    Justin LiuPred mesecem

    If only Nate stops tryna to act and fight like a badass and showboating and just stay composed and discipline without trash talking or what not he would've beaten Leon it was great to see before but now there's no point in it

  38. highlandritz

    highlandritzPred mesecem

    "Eric Cartman mentality." *LOL*

  39. Blackwings Prophet

    Blackwings ProphetPred mesecem

    People need to talk about riddell vs doberb more dudes put on a banger and shone how to effectively use takedowns when needed in a stand up fight

  40. Poppa Piff

    Poppa PiffPred mesecem

    Much love Izzy you are a gent and the fuckin man!

  41. Rodrigo Chapa

    Rodrigo ChapaPred mesecem

    The best sentence 57:13

  42. Victoria Kat

    Victoria KatPred mesecem

    Leon a real role model 💯

  43. Paul King

    Paul KingPred mesecem

    Respect to Dana white for his speech on freedom of expression 👏 if only more big businesses behaved the same way freedom wouldn't be under threat.. so happy for Brandon Morano legit decent bloke but a killer didn't think he'd win this he proved me wrong but I'm glad he did.. Izzy is a legend in the making been a fan since the word go and he is real ...

  44. jacob bailey

    jacob baileyPred mesecem

    We got olivera and moreno becoming Champs? Man we couldn't have asked for a more underdog couple months Absolutely love it. Hard work paying off

  45. Ness Bareh

    Ness BarehPred mesecem

    58:06 I wanna do that too. Teach us champ!

  46. Nino TV

    Nino TVPred mesecem

    You gotta let Colby and Leon fight at this point man, they both got beat by the champ, I don’t believe beating Woodley should be the staple to get you a title shot, especially since he lost 4 straight on his way out of the company…

  47. Rudy Requeno

    Rudy RequenoPred mesecem

    Reporter: I’m a Former Mexican Dana White: “How does that work” 😭😭😭

  48. Karma Capricornio

    Karma CapricornioPred mesecem

    Who was the reporter?

  49. James Moore

    James MoorePred mesecem

    Where are they getting some of these "Journalists" from? Some of them can't even put a sentence together 🤣

  50. Vladan Andjelkovic

    Vladan AndjelkovicPred mesecem

    Ufc is not what is just too be Vettori won that fight

  51. Alex M

    Alex MPred mesecem

    What did he say about Covington, bringing in "juniors book"?

  52. dwgroenewoud

    dwgroenewoudPred mesecem

    Listening to Nate is the same as playing South Park at 0,5 speed

  53. juntjoo nunya

    juntjoo nunyaPred mesecem

    What did Moreno promise the reporter on his fight prediction last time he asked him??

  54. CB

    CBPred mesecem

    Brandon Moreno should be on everyone's list of favorite fighters. Dude is a beast in the cage and a great dude out of it.

  55. thomas burns

    thomas burnsPred mesecem

    I feel like if lewis somehow beats francis for the belt jones will be suddenly ready to move to hw lol which will prove he just didn't want francis, it's no secret lewis is an easier fight (usually unless he clips you)

  56. Accurate Interpretationz

    Accurate InterpretationzPred mesecem

    Dana the man

  57. abcdefghijklmnop

    abcdefghijklmnopPred mesecem

    That weed Nate was smoking was kicking in so hard it made me think Dana said- "Look, you know me, I'll tell you the truth".

  58. Daniel S

    Daniel SPred mesecem

    32:00 this dude is so fucking irritating always bringing up the paul brothers and making dana talk about them and giving them space. fuckng kick that fool out he knows nothing about our sport and is just an instigator for the pauls

  59. Liuv Suarez

    Liuv SuarezPred mesecem

    Usman vs Colby 2; Early 2022 or late 2021. Usman vs Leon.

  60. Mark Andro

    Mark AndroPred mesecem

    "you're giving people a platform so they can say what they believe" super ironic considering how they silenced Belal after his win knowing he would use the platform to speak on Palestine.

  61. chadiwack

    chadiwackPred mesecem

    Nate says I just hung around didn't really train for war... then says but I still think I'm the better fighter. I like Nate, but if you're gonna piss around during training... you are NOT the better fighter. The better fighter is the one who comes to WIN, who turns up on the night. This interview is a joke, why would I spend any money on PPV watching him knowing he doesn't give a crap.

  62. Eric Allen

    Eric AllenPred mesecem

    There is something wrong with Mr. Diaz. This guys needs to get help!

  63. Michael Spicer

    Michael SpicerPred mesecem

    Diaz Vs Tony Ferguson @170lb 🤤

  64. Luis Casanova

    Luis CasanovaPred mesecem

    At this point, it would be the best for them, the UFC to sell PPV and for the fans.

  65. The Puerto Rock

    The Puerto RockPred mesecem

    Some of those voices are fruity. Next question?

  66. dante`afk

    dante`afkPred mesecem

    Diaz translation: uhwuwhahah uhhh wuauaua fight uwwuwuuwuw i wish uhhhafasf

  67. Chris Tom

    Chris TomPred mesecem

    I suppose I haven’t seen many Nate Diaz interviews. Is that how he has always talked/acted? I’m not a CTE expert but he looks like his brain is moving way faster then he can put words together. He also has a lot of weird facial movements. He talks like Benicio Del Toro from Usual Suspects.

  68. nick Ronin

    nick RoninPred mesecem

    if the Diaz vs Edwards fight was 10 rounds ...

  69. G Dando

    G DandoPred mesecem

    God bless Nate but half the time sounds like he's completely fucking wasted haha

  70. Journeyman

    JourneymanPred mesecem

    I agree with leon. He should get the next title shot, but kamaru will probably wreck him then let kamaru rematch colby

  71. Eugene Bruno

    Eugene BrunoPred mesecem

    I like marvin vitori's "i won" mentality. Thats how to motivate yourself. But use it in a diff way.

  72. mylittlephil

    mylittlephilPred mesecem

    Press dude: He said maybe 5 times that he got cut in the camp and that's what made him loose his motivation. lol.

  73. 林品安

    林品安Pred mesecem

    I may score Marvin won by 48-47

  74. dan madgett

    dan madgettPred mesecem

    Advice To The World, “(Don’t Be A Marvin)” !

  75. Guli Parpieva

    Guli ParpievaPred mesecem

    When the fighters get paid hundreds of thousands, millions then Healthcare for life shouldn’t be in the conversation

  76. Ricardo Nieves

    Ricardo NievesPred mesecem

    If Colby gets the shot and not Leon ufc racist.

  77. Vincent Lavoie

    Vincent LavoiePred mesecem

    Leon is NUMBER ONE contender. Is progression is slowed down because is not the biggest mouth, and thats a shame for the sport

  78. evan .quarles

    evan .quarlesPred mesecem

    Nate and Robbie Lawlor les go!

  79. Chico Banderas

    Chico BanderasPred mesecem

    And, what him Jimmy and Darren are trying to do in the community is unreal.. Actively doing something.. Fighters are saying this needs to stop.. Brilliant stuff lads..

  80. Chico Banderas

    Chico BanderasPred mesecem

    Thats a happy Leon.. Way more of his character has come out.. Its good to see.. Nuff happy for him...

  81. Larry Zeka

    Larry ZekaPred mesecem

    Judges drinking way to much of that hype Coolaid. It wasn’t a 5-0 win.

  82. UP west

    UP westPred mesecem

    Leon is a cool guy

  83. PowerPlay

    PowerPlayPred mesecem

    The peoples champ is a mong head. Wonderful role model for young American children.

  84. ScoBai

    ScoBaiPred mesecem

    Dana after every question: "Who", "what", "did who do what"

  85. Suzie B

    Suzie BPred mesecem

    You can tell how much Dana likes Adesanya, and I can see why. Adesanya literally became my favorite UfC fighter. I have literally bought PPVs for the first time because of him. He is lit 🔥 also became a huge fan of Moreno over watching the embedded series, and then to watch him win was so cool!

  86. essentrinkenaapipi

    essentrinkenaapipiPred mesecem

    izzy izza G

  87. Eric Williams

    Eric WilliamsPred mesecem

    Leon what kind of Englishman are you don't watch football

  88. Cory Simpkins

    Cory SimpkinsPred mesecem

    He is a punch drunk bum. He wont fight again. He is irrelevant...i hope he retires

  89. babelero

    babeleroPred mesecem

    Brandon "mc lovin" moreno 😎

  90. Humanoids

    HumanoidsPred mesecem

    39:36 sure got a bit brown nosey here

  91. iAmJPA

    iAmJPAPred mesecem

    45:44 lol Former Mexican? Who the hell was that guy? 😂 LMAO How the hell does that work being a former Mexican? Gracias gente.

  92. Karma Capricornio

    Karma CapricornioPred mesecem

    Sabes quién fue ese idiota?

  93. Humanoids

    HumanoidsPred mesecem

    34:14 of course

  94. THE New England Cultivator

    THE New England CultivatorPred mesecem

    Is it just me or does it seem like it's getting harder & harder for Nate to put coherent sentences together??? Im a fan , but i really hope he retires soon before he has no brain cells left

  95. vicky lee

    vicky leePred mesecem


  96. TypicallyAHater

    TypicallyAHaterPred mesecem

    Respect to Nate but damn he sounds 28-13 it hurts my heart to hear him sound like that

  97. M johnston

    M johnstonPred mesecem

    Dana turns gangster when anyone ,mentions fighter pay.

  98. joao da silva

    joao da silvaPred mesecem

    Diaz must retire immediately...

  99. Prashant Prasad

    Prashant PrasadPred mesecem

    1:24:10 the way Issy looked at the pizza lol.

  100. thomas burns

    thomas burnsPred mesecem

    The "gangster" got cut in training and this somehow made him lose lol please

  101. Justin Liu

    Justin LiuPred mesecem

    Leon was in line behind colby after he fought RDA I'd say he deserves a title shot if colby doesn't take or want it

  102. Rich Kid

    Rich KidPred mesecem

    Wish fake news man would just give up the GD belt and retire bc I can’t stand all these exciting fighters waiting around to fight this bum 🔪

  103. CFH

    CFHPred mesecem

    Must be a Masvidal fan, huh?

  104. Derek May

    Derek MayPred mesecem

    Just completely lost all respect for Nate and the ufc for letting him do this press conference high. Horrible

  105. CFH

    CFHPred mesecem

    @Derek May Not even close mate.

  106. Derek May

    Derek MayPred mesecem

    @CFH Dude leave it. You made me popular, thanks 🙏 Now go smoke a joint

  107. CFH

    CFHPred mesecem

    @Derek May Nobody said that now!

  108. Derek May

    Derek MayPred mesecem

    @CFH Thanks 🙏 for your assessment of my comment. Good to see I was that important

  109. CFH

    CFHPred mesecem

    @Derek May You really care that much about who gets high and where? That's on you cupcake.

  110. Derek May

    Derek MayPred mesecem

    What the heck is wrong with Nate. Too many hits to the head??? Wow…. Is he high??