F9: Fast and Furious 9 - Behind the Scenes

F9 finds Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto leading a quiet life with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and his son, Brian. However, a new threat is coming in the form of someone from Dom's past. The crew will come together again to stop a plot led by the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they’ve ever come up against: Dom’s brother, Jakob (John Cena)
Take a look behind the scenes and hear from the cast & crew.



  1. Kay

    KayPred uro

    8:58 sus

  2. Xi33

    Xi33Pred 3 urami

    theres a world saga?

  3. sonny

    sonnyPred 8 urami

    I'm actually not going to watch it because of cardi b

  4. lukman nur

    lukman nurPred 16 urami

    Last Scane "For Paul" with car features

  5. Vincent Huang

    Vincent HuangPred 18 urami

    ngl me as a fans really miss and need to see the car racing back, hope they bring it back at ff10. that’s the OG fast and furious man🥺

  6. rahma aadan

    rahma aadanPred 19 urami

    who's car was it at the end

  7. HellNade Gaming

    HellNade GamingPred 19 urami

    I didn't even watch the movie 😂

  8. Stan Engelkens

    Stan EngelkensPred 22 urami

    o loved the film nothing to hate

  9. Mahin Ahmed

    Mahin AhmedPred 23 urami

    I just WATCHING this movie It's so cool dude

  10. Robert Robert

    Robert RobertPred dnevom

    This your movile is the Best ,this is incredible.

  11. C7yptic Cele5tial

    C7yptic Cele5tialPred dnevom

    We hope to make u proud he says. The film was dead i went and there was only me and 2 of my friends and a random women just sleeping behind us no one else

  12. Jessie P

    Jessie PPred dnevom

    I wish it wasn’t John cena tbh his background in wwe ruins it for me, should’ve been someone else that looked more like dom and mia and isn’t really known

  13. Jacob Chandra

    Jacob ChandraPred dnevom

    From race to become expendibles

  14. Ali khan

    Ali khanPred dnevom

    i just love this series bcz of Paul but sad....

  15. BravoXBeasT

    BravoXBeasTPred dnevom


  16. Ridho 21

    Ridho 21Pred dnevom

    Paul walker

  17. Nolan Diamond

    Nolan DiamondPred dnevom

    3:58 whos talking?


    NAFISA HAFEEZPred dnevom

    I mean brothers fight let's just say it take all kinds of broken bones until they get out the truth and what they felt that reminds me it's like when an soldier goes to battle I suppose things are classified I suppose they could start with the fact that I was fighting at a certain location and we got bombed I mean still classified although its each of their own how brothers fight I suppose

  19. Nah Foo it’s not

    Nah Foo it’s notPred dnevom

    This was the most trashest movie good think Paul isn’t alive to see this movie you guys lost the concept of the fast and the furious the behind the scenes when Brian was alive everyone was smiling and enjoying to make the movie this is like a forced movie I don’t know it dosent feel the same

  20. fadcsrk

    fadcsrkPred dnevom


  21. Jeka

    JekaPred dnevom

    bla bla bla

  22. Shane Robinson

    Shane RobinsonPred dnevom

    They lost me when it went to the whole space thing, I was with them all the way until that point 👎

  23. Sheldon Arland

    Sheldon ArlandPred 2 dnevi

    Which date it is relisining

  24. Sa'ad Siddiq

    Sa'ad SiddiqPred 2 dnevi

    You got girl? I got family

  25. Belief Sports

    Belief SportsPred 3 dnevi

    what a rubbish movie, should not have made it.

  26. me good??

    me good??Pred 3 dnevi

    Me : this is family

  27. 808FBI

    808FBIPred 3 dnevi

    Glad the Rock ain't in the movie. Hopefully he doesn't return.

  28. M H

    M HPred 3 dnevi

    we hate hobbs

  29. Ikram Kennache

    Ikram KennachePred 3 dnevi


  30. Recall

    RecallPred 4 dnevi

    Vin Diesel is such a shortass

  31. رحاب عبدالله

    رحاب عبداللهPred 4 dnevi

    متى بينعرض ؟😌

  32. Igor Mijic

    Igor MijicPred 4 dnevi

    i know im looking like a child and i give u all the rights to call me whatever u want but all the boys have seen it 8:59

  33. Jennifer Angelie Nazario Velez

    Jennifer Angelie Nazario VelezPred 4 dnevi

    I got a question, if Jakob is Dom brother, and of course Mia, who's Dom young sibling, Mia or Jakob?.

  34. Timo nijssen

    Timo nijssenPred 3 dnevi

    Mia and Jakob are younger

  35. Nikolas Efthimiadis

    Nikolas EfthimiadisPred 4 dnevi

    Wasn't my idea but please the next movie title should be (as a joke not really) Fast10: Your seatbelts.

  36. Lucifer~A

    Lucifer~APred 4 dnevi

    Where is Dwayne ?

  37. Tajemnej

    TajemnejPred 5 dnevi

    Good for Paul that he never gonna see this shit. From best tuner, racing movies to mainstream shit…

  38. Mpfariseni Manthakha

    Mpfariseni ManthakhaPred 5 urami

    Don't say that

  39. Ummar Farooq

    Ummar FarooqPred 5 dnevi

    This is the worst movie out the whole saga. Absolutely waste of time. Hope 10 redeems itself. Ramming a satellite and surviving 🤦🏽‍♂️

  40. Haiden Norris

    Haiden NorrisPred 5 dnevi

    At 2:10 Is that lewis hamilton behind Ramsey

  41. Petar Cindric

    Petar CindricPred 5 dnevi

    did you say family

  42. ELF-Once안젤로

    ELF-Once안젤로Pred 6 dnevi

    We should remember, just like some of the other movies, they literally said, 'the hell with green screens, we're doing these things in real places in real times'.

  43. Mad

    MadPred 6 dnevi

    i want deckard shaw in fast and furious

  44. Stanley Barton

    Stanley BartonPred 6 dnevi

    Good content! 0:15

  45. Sean Carlson

    Sean CarlsonPred 6 dnevi

    Good video, 9:73

  46. Dexxy

    DexxyPred 6 dnevi


  47. Michael Passion's Garage

    Michael Passion's GaragePred 7 dnevi

    Bring Dwayne Johnson BACK

  48. Michael Passion's Garage

    Michael Passion's GaragePred 7 dnevi

    this film is junk, and it get worse and worse

  49. The Helper [itsabout everything]

    The Helper [itsabout everything]Pred 7 dnevi

    One of favorite Movie

  50. Tighe Gleason

    Tighe GleasonPred 8 dnevi


  51. abbie

    abbiePred 8 dnevi

    It wasn't even giving what I thought it would gave, I need my money back💁🙄

  52. Topx playz

    Topx playzPred 8 dnevi

    It's not the same with Paul walker man but life is life

  53. Weey Isidian

    Weey IsidianPred 9 dnevi

    Paul Walker is definitely so Proud in heaven

  54. Tith Rawyvong

    Tith RawyvongPred 10 dnevi

    Why no have the Rock

  55. RowlanYT

    RowlanYTPred 10 dnevi

    Me: I love my family Dom: did u say family

  56. Ryan Ramboer

    Ryan RamboerPred 10 dnevi

    I really wish after the picnic scene at the end that the blue car Brian is driving rolls the window down and we get a see a CGI Brian smiling at Dom. It would have added so much more emotion than simply watching a car pull into a driveway.

  57. Marc at yankee park

    Marc at yankee parkPred 10 dnevi

    Dumbass movies make money, go figure

  58. Clone_Bricks98

    Clone_Bricks98Pred 11 dnevi

    Bringing Mia back Was kinda stupid...cmon...mia without Brian...makes no sense

  59. Presley 🦋

    Presley 🦋Pred 11 dnevi


  60. dawn illig

    dawn illigPred 11 dnevi

    they act in japan

  61. YaBoyFr3do

    YaBoyFr3doPred 11 dnevi

    Did someone say family😏

  62. Mohd Naqib

    Mohd NaqibPred 12 dnevi

    "nothing important than family" - dom

  63. Mostafa Ramezani

    Mostafa RamezaniPred 12 dnevi


  64. Patricija

    PatricijaPred 12 dnevi

    hat jemand familie gesagt?

  65. Miika Kotaluoto

    Miika KotaluotoPred 12 dnevi

    Lets be honest. If youre an actual ff fan, you know f9 was one of the worst ones yet. I respect the family tho

  66. Ugly Stick

    Ugly StickPred 12 dnevi

    I miss the 1st one where was actual racing not destroying half of city type film

  67. Emilio Velasquez

    Emilio VelasquezPred 13 dnevi

    Did John cena jus say FAMILY?

  68. D K

    D KPred 14 dnevi

    Tej is the mf bestttttt !!!!

  69. Rita Landis

    Rita LandisPred 15 dnevi


  70. liam liam

    liam liamPred 15 dnevi

    and when u guys are gonna make fast 10 (in an long freaking time) i would love more street racing but keep it up btw faf is my favorite film out there not gonna lie

  71. liam liam

    liam liamPred 15 dnevi

    idk why but my mom loves all of the fast and furious movies but dont like fast 7,8 and 9. my fav is 100% the new fast 9 its so good and i wish brian was in this movie R.I.P brian

  72. Koh yu Chin

    Koh yu ChinPred 15 dnevi


  73. Fabi The real one《Movie,Gaming》

    Fabi The real one《Movie,Gaming》Pred 15 dnevi

    Can't wait for next 2 or 3 years so that 10 can come out

  74. Rozan Putra

    Rozan PutraPred 16 dnevi


  75. Nico 12

    Nico 12Pred 16 dnevi

    This is the worst movid of all

  76. kenzie Kilpatrick

    kenzie KilpatrickPred 17 dnevi

    Is cardib really going to be in this movie because if she is then I can't wait for this to be released as cardib was made to be a movie star as well as a singer she's definitely making her money now and I bet her family is so proud of her and her daughter and soon to be her other baby soon to enter the world. Seriously though could you imagine your mother being Cardib and your father being offset.... It's not even about the money and fame it's about the way they're going to be brought up and growing into adults... I hope that I'm alive to see them grow up because I'm sure that they will be famous in their own right.

  77. Muhd Alif Irfan

    Muhd Alif IrfanPred 17 dnevi


  78. Fabi don one don

    Fabi don one donPred 17 dnevi

    I was mad with som when he switch to the bad side

  79. Alzan Spkml

    Alzan SpkmlPred 18 dnevi

    Meleleh denger suara dom

  80. Dawit Aron

    Dawit AronPred 18 dnevi


  81. komi

    komiPred 18 dnevi

    whats with the empty chair 3:58


    MATTHEW VPred 18 dnevi


  83. Brennan Whaylen

    Brennan WhaylenPred 19 dnevi

    They need to bring Dwayne Johnson back.

  84. Healer R

    Healer RPred 6 urami

    Na he’s crap

  85. Ayush Ledwani

    Ayush LedwaniPred 4 dnevi

    He did"nt Returned Bcuz he hates John Cena

  86. ELF-Once안젤로

    ELF-Once안젤로Pred 6 dnevi

    I think they will. I hope they will, but I know they will.

  87. Nathan.T

    Nathan.TPred 11 dnevi

    Yeah , but Vin and Dwayne have a kind of fight witch each other

  88. Funnymen

    FunnymenPred 13 dnevi

    Oh yes absolutely

  89. W Nguyen

    W NguyenPred 20 dnevi

    This Family BS is getting ridiculous. When Dom says "family" its cringey

  90. Dre RcGarageGarage

    Dre RcGarageGaragePred 20 dnevi

    Cardi cant even talk wtf??

  91. honey

    honeyPred 21 dnevom

    I hope Gal Gadot will be back soon

  92. MATESZgta

    MATESZgtaPred 21 dnevom

    RIP paul

  93. Jennifer Jenny

    Jennifer JennyPred 21 dnevom


  94. Ashmiranda Morris

    Ashmiranda MorrisPred 22 dnevi

    Love movies of Vin his really a good actor. Fast and Furious is really a good movie.. you all are like a family and stick together no matter what😍

  95. Sarang Sajivan

    Sarang SajivanPred 22 dnevi

    hes got family

  96. Kaibric Turner

    Kaibric TurnerPred 22 dnevi

    I’ve seen this movie twice now. Enjoyed every second of it. How do you top space travel? Only one answer …Time Travel! 😁

  97. ElectroPadMusic ♪

    ElectroPadMusic ♪Pred 22 dnevi

    Helens character name is queenie but what comes in my head is queen Elizabeth 😂😂😂

  98. Sharon Pollack

    Sharon PollackPred 22 dnevi

    Love these movies. Family is so important and it shows that family is not always blood. Friends by heart

  99. Nero

    NeroPred 22 dnevi

    1. The Fast and the Furious 2. 2 Fast 2 Furious 3. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 4. Fast and Furious 5. Fast 5 6. Fast and Furious 6 7. Furious 7 8. The Fate of the Furious 9. Fast 9 10. Fast 10 (your seatbelts) 11. All Fast no Furious 12. Fast & Furious 13. Fast vs Furious 14. Fall of the Furious 15. Tokyo Drift 3 16. Final Fast. Last Furious 17. Fasturious 18. Fasturious and the Adventures to Mars 19. Fasturious: Space Drift 20. Fasturious 4: Galaxy Wars 21. Fasturious 5: Racing Against the King of Time 22. Fasturious 6: Universal Catastrophe 23. Fasturious 7: A Trip to Hell 24. Final Fasturious: Shaking Hands with God.

  100. Vivificateur Véridique

    Vivificateur VéridiquePred 23 dnevi

    A Very, very bad movie

  101. Tara Jain

    Tara JainPred 23 dnevi

    3:59 I cant see anyone but I can hear The audio . Does anyone even?


    OBB OFFICIALPred 23 dnevi

    Alhamdulillah sudah nonton filmnya

  103. CSR 2 Boosted kid

    CSR 2 Boosted kidPred 24 dnevi

    Bring Paul back

  104. Thoriso Matsoga

    Thoriso MatsogaPred 2 dnevi

    But he is dead😢😔

  105. Realta 140

    Realta 140Pred 24 dnevi

    Cardi B I can’t 😂

  106. Snake SneksoN

    Snake SneksoNPred 24 dnevi

    8:58, damn must be cold on set....

  107. HN Classic

    HN ClassicPred 25 dnevi

    *People who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years, God bless u and u r family 💜*

  108. Thiya Prahastha

    Thiya PrahasthaPred 25 dnevi

    We wish wanna see paul is here 😥