Why Metro Exodus is so Immersive

2019 has already seen the release of four post apocalyptic open world games - but 4A's Metro Exodus is by far the most immersive. So what does that phrase actually mean, and what design decisions help create that feeling?

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Games shown in this episode (in order of appearance)

Metro Exodus (4A Games, 2019)
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Naughty Dog, 2016)
Alien: Isolation (The Creative Assembly, 2014)
Lone Echo (Ready at Dawn, 2017)
Prey (Arkane Studios, 2017)
Tetris Effect (Monstars Inc. / Resonair, 2018)
Subnautica (Unknown Worlds Entertainment, 2018)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (GSC Game World, 2007)
Event[0] (Ocelot Society, 2016)
Far Cry 2 (Ubisoft Montreal, 2008)
Metro 2033 (4A Games, 2010)
Metro Last Light (4A Games, 2013)
Rage 2 (Avalanche Studios / id Software, 2019)
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Studios, 2018)
Days Gone (SIE Bend Studio, 2019)
The Long Dark (Hinterland Studio, 2014)
The Sims 4 (Maxis, 2014)
Far Cry New Dawn (Ubisoft Montreal, 2019)
Rain World (Videocult, 2017)
Firewatch (Campo Santo, 2016)

Music used in this episode

Let’s Start at the Beginning - Lee Rosevere ( leerosevere.bandcamp.com/albu... )
Metro Exodus soundtrack - Alexey Omelchuk

Other credits

Tetris Effect YIN & YANG STAGE - TRAP MUSIC LEVEL - PS4 PRO 1080p | PS4 & Stuff

Contribute translated subtitles - amara.org/v/C3BEM/


  1. Game Maker's Toolkit

    Game Maker's ToolkitPred 2 leti

    Consider this your catch-all comment thread for moaning about Epic exclusivity. Grr! Video games!

  2. FoxonOxen Games

    FoxonOxen GamesPred 10 dnevi

    Great Video my friend. I recorded and beat this game on my channel and I've mentioned the things you speak of in this video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. ❤💙

  3. TheStanislavson

    TheStanislavsonPred 13 dnevi

    I am sorry to ask, but do you mention Dmitri Gluhovski's novels? I don't see a way to not mention the novel?!

  4. Danish Cannoli

    Danish CannoliPred 14 dnevi

    @Cat Sultan are you really replying to my 2 year old comment in which I have literally 4+ times admitted I was ignorant. Like I can only admit to being wrong so many times and I left the comments here for people like you but you still show up 2 years late trying to teach a lesson.. well lesson learned thanks a lot lol. I used the term wrong and I have learned why it was wrong I consider that progress and after 2 years really people need to let it rest. I get it monopoly is when they have an 100% Exclusive market. I was looking for the term oligopoly which is a state of limited competition

  5. Cat Sultan

    Cat SultanPred 14 dnevi

    @Danish Cannoli steam doesn't have a monopoly their is blizzard and origin. Epic does predetory pricing

  6. Jacob Darst

    Jacob DarstPred 27 dnevi

    @Daniel Brozovic exclusive my roommate bought it day 1 game stop disc ps4 da fuck ?

  7. lasarousi

    lasarousiPred 6 urami

    I'm sad that i see the art of read dead 2 and people see pomposity and time wasters. More Games will be less immersive as everyone bitches about it. Like complaining a book is too long and hearing a podcast summary because people don't "have the time" to experience the thing. Imagine abridging BOOKS how people want to shorten games. Also the people wanting buyable currency to skip parts of the game. Gamers are destroying the industry.

  8. jakub kolimár

    jakub kolimárPred 17 urami

    I haven’t personaly played metro bu this is very similar to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of chernobyl

  9. Ro Mo

    Ro MoPred 19 urami

    Red Dead 2 is the greatest game ever crafted... dont try and critique it. Its a losing task

  10. trillrif axegrindor

    trillrif axegrindorPred dnevom

    the tihar is enough reason to play metro alone....flaming ball bearings anyone?

  11. Don Juan

    Don JuanPred dnevom

    10:21 *an understatement 🤗*

  12. This halo 2 Jackal sniped yer maw

    This halo 2 Jackal sniped yer mawPred 3 dnevi

    Playing through the first two Metro games was really immersive. Walking/crouching through those dark gloomy tunnels, hearing complete silence one moment then the sound of hungry mutants the next and not knowing how close they were, constantly checking your surroundings. Even after playing multiple times I still was on edge and carefully made my way through areas always thinking I was being watched or close to being attacked. Now that's what I'd call immersion

  13. This halo 2 Jackal sniped yer maw

    This halo 2 Jackal sniped yer mawPred 3 dnevi

    The sound design in this series is phenomenonal

  14. Ducky Man

    Ducky ManPred 3 dnevi

    The Ark was the level that really drew me in.

  15. Travis Wilkins

    Travis WilkinsPred 4 dnevi

    immersive is when you feel as if you yourself are existing inside of the created universe, and no amount of meaningless buzz words from developers about unrelated shit in their games is going to change what it actually means.

  16. LiL Breezi

    LiL BreeziPred 4 dnevi

    Everyone should play with hitmarkers and crosshairs off

  17. Ave

    AvePred 5 dnevi

    I need a VR port of metro exodus.

  18. Isaax

    IsaaxPred 5 dnevi

    There is no game more suitable for VR

  19. nick henley

    nick henleyPred 5 dnevi

    He actually said red dead 2 was too immersive, wow.

  20. John Nicolas

    John NicolasPred 6 dnevi

    Games like Metro Exodus and Red Dead Redemption 2 are basically the rebirth of skeuomorphism

  21. Gareth Mason

    Gareth MasonPred 6 dnevi

    Been playing the enhanced edition, came to SLthrow to look for some content about it and yeah, damn, I saw this near the top of the list. This game is a proper lean in to the screen, immersed as all hell experience. So good.

  22. lil noodle

    lil noodlePred 6 dnevi

    this vid made me buy metro

  23. goodday3108

    goodday3108Pred 7 dnevi

    Sound design and music is what got me in Metro, above all else.

  24. Consta Star

    Consta StarPred 7 dnevi

    13:00 the music cracks me up bc it sounds like someone quietly saying : boody boody boody boody boody in russian

  25. Consta Star

    Consta StarPred 7 dnevi

    7:20 and bolts for you’re crossbow ( oh and who tf uses the useless all yeeter)

  26. Consta Star

    Consta StarPred 7 dnevi

    6:30 casually looks at burning humanimals Or humans

  27. Consta Star

    Consta StarPred 7 dnevi

    5.8/5,8 k e sse essss

  28. Time 2 Stop

    Time 2 StopPred 7 dnevi

    haha yes ukrainians did a good job

  29. L Kane

    L KanePred 7 dnevi

    Id be interested in this guys take on The Long Dark

  30. Dj Raff

    Dj RaffPred 8 dnevi

    this is what far cry needs ...

  31. Synon

    SynonPred 9 dnevi

    Ok I’m convinced. But which one do I play first? Can I just play exodus without any of the others?

  32. Antonio CGonzález

    Antonio CGonzálezPred 9 dnevi

    I really wanted to like It... I love Fallout and immersive sims... But there's something about the IA and the movement that just doesn't let me like it.

  33. Toms Rudzītis

    Toms RudzītisPred 10 dnevi

    7:16 not if you are a trashman and metro veteran like me

  34. WaffleDoge

    WaffleDogePred 10 dnevi

    Metro exodus is almost the perfect survival horror game in my opinion

  35. SAV AS

    SAV ASPred 10 dnevi

    If you liked this game please check out STALKER series.

  36. OptimalBonkerz

    OptimalBonkerzPred 10 dnevi

    I actually decided to not play this game because I wanted it to be open world, open world doesn't necessarily mean a better game but the style I prefer and the hopes I had for exodus were crushed for me when I found out it was free roam not open world

  37. Alex 34251

    Alex 34251Pred 10 dnevi

    I didnt like at all far cry 2, i couldnt even end it, i really tried but just couldnt.

  38. Apache Restart

    Apache RestartPred 10 dnevi

    Game is crap.

  39. Apache Restart

    Apache RestartPred 9 dnevi

    @SAV AS Believe me. The Game is not worth your time. There is not one remorable moment in this game.

  40. SAV AS

    SAV ASPred 10 dnevi


  41. Le Christine

    Le ChristinePred 11 dnevi

    Its just like an LOU upgrade, . . . Nothing more

  42. Young Rage

    Young RagePred 11 dnevi

    I have to say my first time playing 2033 on the 360 was an even more atmospheric experience than playing the redux version. I had fallen into the dark, mysterious romance of the haracters and environment. Even start reading the book which really gets into your superstitious brain.

  43. Young Rage

    Young RagePred 11 dnevi

    Just finished last and 2033 in the Refdux. Now Im ready for the Exodus

  44. Fred Flintstone

    Fred FlintstonePred 11 dnevi

    What the fuck is this? Are you going to start charging extra for this goddamned shadow mountain torture?

  45. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock HolmesPred 11 dnevi

    For me any good game is immersive

  46. Jay R

    Jay RPred 11 dnevi

    What I really expected on Cyperpunk when they announced it is a FP only gameplay. But they gave me a scrapped TW3 with bugs instead.

  47. Jen Stoddard

    Jen StoddardPred 12 dnevi

    It was truly immersive, I was scared sh*tless at some points.

  48. WikiHowFrog 903

    WikiHowFrog 903Pred 12 dnevi

    Did he really just call a demon a gargoyle?

  49. j0nnZ

    j0nnZPred 12 dnevi

    Great video! Not sure, if I agree considering Far Cry 2 though. Yes, the game has a handheld map, jamming weapons and Malaria Pills (like the gas mask in Metro essentially). But the choices you make have no influence on the game world whatsoever. And those miraculously restocking guard posts and constant patrols end up being just tedious as hell. In combination with the lack of story focus and those repetitive missions there was no real feeling of immersion for me. So Far Cry 2 lacks considerably in your points 3 and 4.

  50. gunstarpl

    gunstarplPred 12 dnevi

    Metro Exodus gets boring really fast. I would not call its open world an example of one that is good. You don't litter your world with hundred or point of interests that do not contain anything "interesting" or rewarding at all. Almost 14 year old game such as Stalker did it better.


    CAUYA WOLFEPred 12 dnevi

    *Bombs drop in Metro:* Russia gets turned into a over exaggerated nuclear wasteland *Bombs drop in Far Cry 3:* America gets turned into the frontier myth

  52. Noname

    NonamePred 14 dnevi

    Ehh, Honestly this video just looks like another 'I like this game because I like this'.

  53. Ryley Storm

    Ryley StormPred 14 dnevi

    Red deads "tedium" to be honest was probably my favorite part about it. I've heard a lot of people complain about it and it always makes me sad to hear.

  54. Ryley Storm

    Ryley StormPred 5 dnevi

    @iAmWarfield wellllllllll have you played the online mode?

  55. iAmWarfield

    iAmWarfieldPred 6 dnevi

    I enjoyed every aspect of rd2. The game is a masterpiece.

  56. Ivan Leon

    Ivan LeonPred 14 dnevi

    0:46, so there is full moon, it gous down in the horizon and then the sun rises from the same angle? hahahaha, WTF is that world with multiple suns.

  57. chaindog82

    chaindog82Pred 15 dnevi

    ambushes are scripted events indeed, I got the same in same places; still I agree they were very immersive and well done

  58. mbarake

    mbarakePred 16 dnevi

    Personally, I really liked the over realism in Red Dead Redemption 2.

  59. G

    GPred 9 dnevi

    Ugh. In some parts it's over realism. In other it's super arcady like ridiculously fast reloading (even on black power revolver, pure wtf).

  60. Kizuro Shirosaki

    Kizuro ShirosakiPred 16 dnevi

    I truly wish to play this game, but its impossible with my potato pc

  61. Edmar Fecler

    Edmar FeclerPred 17 dnevi

    I went into the game with the intent of being fully immersed for the duration; but hads down the most *_powerful_* moment, thanks in large part due to my immersion was the _last driving segment._ The music, the race against time, the weight of knowing these characters, being able to put myself in the shoes of the protagonist; it had me weeping. and I'm not talking "a few tears," I mean full on weeping from the sheer power of that scene. I would have paused the game, but I didnt want to risk skipping any of it. To this day, I cannot think of another video game that has elicited such a genuine emotional response from me.

  62. PastaBio 2020

    PastaBio 2020Pred 17 dnevi

    After having played both metro 2033 and last light on normal mode I decided to play exodus on normal as well, I think the game was way to easy when it comes to ressource scarcity on normal, I would have prefers it to be like 2033 where you are litterraly constantly looking (and shooting rats to get more bullets lol)

  63. Muzzammeel Scheepers

    Muzzammeel ScheepersPred 18 dnevi

    Playing this on PS5 after the upgrade. Cranking that Pneumatic gun feels so good with the adaptive triggers

  64. Listener

    ListenerPred 19 dnevi

    try darkwood, its immersive as hell. well made, art is trippy and gameplay is unforgiving!

  65. NoobMaster69

    NoobMaster69Pred 19 dnevi

    This is what immersion is, some guys don't understand it... Yeah I am looking at you rdr2

  66. Thisisjustmyname

    ThisisjustmynamePred 19 dnevi

    if you're seriously complaining about rain world being "impenetrable" you have the brain of a toddler lmfao.

  67. Lyajka Lox

    Lyajka LoxPred 19 dnevi

    The ending of DLC the two colonels hits so hard im dying

  68. MLGpaxatax1000

    MLGpaxatax1000Pred 19 dnevi

    I kinda feel like fallout 4 wasn't included even tho metro exodus is better in my opinion

  69. Green Mosaic

    Green MosaicPred 20 dnevi

    I don't even know this gane exist if youtube don't recommended it. Don't worry guys 2 years later Open World game still alive and kicking

  70. Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

    Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercingPred 21 dnevom

    Stalker anomaly is great for immersive experience

  71. Дерпи Хувс

    Дерпи ХувсPred 24 dnevi

    Для русских имерсивность улучшается в два раза

  72. Venix VKL

    Venix VKLPred 24 dnevi

    the game is the best post apocaliptic evermade im sad is the last part

  73. Jett Goldberg

    Jett GoldbergPred 24 dnevi

    Weird observation, but I think cannabis is so helpful in immersion. Played COD stoned and really felt like it was more closely related to VR than me just looking at the screen. Definitely replaying Metro in a bit, it was such a good game.

  74. Frandovian

    FrandovianPred 24 dnevi

    For me: 1. When you love reading the diary while listening to Russian musics in the radio, you know it's an immersive game 2. When you really interested in reading all of the crew members bio, and you can remember all of their faces, and care for their safety, for me it's an immersive game 3. When you love to hear all the NPC's conversation to the very end even when some of it are very long (i.e Kerst conversations) but you'll hear it anyway, for me it's an immersive game 4. Artyom's journey with Colonel Miller from Metro 2033 to Exodus is also what makes this series very immersive for me 5. Anna

  75. Matias Seaborg

    Matias SeaborgPred 25 dnevi

    exodus is trash

  76. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi


  77. Adib Abrar

    Adib AbrarPred 25 dnevi

    Metro Exodus is a worthy successor to Stalker. It's like a well accomplished kid that lives upto the parent's name

  78. Sakib 62

    Sakib 62Pred 9 dnevi

    Some of the Stalker devs helped in making it is what I've heard

  79. Terminator of Sand

    Terminator of SandPred 25 dnevi

    Damn, i really need to stop binging your videos, because every one adds a new game to my wishlist.

  80. Derf Derfson

    Derf DerfsonPred 26 dnevi

    Short game tho

  81. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi

    Took me 25 hours to beat for the first time

  82. buca117

    buca117Pred 26 dnevi

    Artyom not speaking was one of the most immersion-breaking aspect of the Metro series, this game very much included. Great games, but please, silent protagonists are not inherently more immersive. Too many people talk to Artyom over the course of these games for his silence to make any sort of sense.

  83. G

    GPred 9 dnevi

    I think they realised it already because in DLCs protagonists are fully voiced and it's great.

  84. Deja Zoo

    Deja ZooPred 26 dnevi

    i didn't play this game but it feels like annoying realism i don't want that much realism 😂 even rdr2 is too much for me.

  85. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi

    Nah its just the right amount

  86. Wet Mote

    Wet MotePred 27 dnevi

    is this S.T.A.L.K.E.R ?

  87. Jorin Gedamke

    Jorin GedamkePred 28 dnevi

    Myst is actually pretty impressive here, especially Riven, because the environments look so real. But today's gamers obviously won't sit through still graphics and difficult puzzles... That is, Myst looks great but it's not much fun.

  88. Good_dog24

    Good_dog24Pred 29 dnevi

    This game in VR would be awesome

  89. Ali Zandian

    Ali ZandianPred 29 dnevi

    stalker was waaay more immersive and it was open world... now what were you saying?

  90. Zachariah Trench

    Zachariah TrenchPred 29 dnevi

    Shame, Todd "It Just Works" Howard never understood what a wasteland is. F4 couldve been like this. Hopefully that happened in the greatest timeline.

  91. SMA dez

    SMA dezPred 29 dnevi

    Exodus is literally the WORST one in the series.

  92. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi

    Nah i would say its the best i think the worst one is 2033 because of its bad stealth and generic story but the redux fixes a lot of issues

  93. Brandon Moore

    Brandon MoorePred mesecem

    It sucks the game felt short, plus it's story feels a little generic compared to the last two, personally

  94. 陳宥任

    陳宥任Pred mesecem


  95. Nova

    NovaPred mesecem

    Metro Exodus is like Far Cry 3 upgraded.

  96. Nova

    NovaPred mesecem

    Immersion just means feeling included in what the world is, whether that be with a minimap or not, fantastical and out-of-this-world or not.

  97. Peter Cselik

    Peter CselikPred mesecem

    My only problem with Metro is the amount of gameplay happening in long cutscenes instead of you playing them.


    mr.MYSTERIOUS,YTPred mesecem

    dude the appeal of red dead redemption 2 was the realism

  99. Kraig The Krevetka

    Kraig The KrevetkaPred mesecem

    Aww, Rain World T_T

  100. Alejandro Humbert

    Alejandro HumbertPred mesecem

    Just wish we had more supernatural events in the game seemed like a hard 180 after the dark ones

  101. Dheeraj Mishra

    Dheeraj MishraPred mesecem

    that background audio..... I hate it

  102. dussan2

    dussan2Pred mesecem

    Good job, you just sold me on this game.

  103. Vulgarius

    VulgariusPred mesecem

    i agree 100% with this guy. but i just find it funny that he's talking about immersion while playing with huds, crosshair and hitmarkers.

  104. Kanisto

    KanistoPred mesecem

    this game tried hard to please idiots

  105. I Finished A Video Game

    I Finished A Video GamePred mesecem

    I'd never really given the Metro series a chance - think I need to check it out as some of these ideas are found in one of my favourite FPS games - Far Cry 2

  106. Georgi Kolev

    Georgi KolevPred mesecem

    I don’t want to go against the grain here but I never felt like Exodus was a more immersive open world than others I’ve played. It was a good game though.

  107. John Mcmillan

    John McmillanPred mesecem

    Red dead did not take it too far. Its not tedious, You either didnt play the game or for some odd reason didnt realise you literally have near limitless choices, You can fully skip all but a few small scenes where arthur needs to fix something. Its litteral immersion and you give it shit.

  108. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi

    Yeah but isnt it tedious to lot a single corpse for 5 seconds

  109. ha ka

    ha kaPred mesecem

    i bought it played it for 20 min and hated it ... ill give it another try

  110. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi

    You know thats the begining part and doesnt represent the full game

  111. Clarence Wilson

    Clarence WilsonPred mesecem

    What an awesome review.

  112. Jonny Bravo

    Jonny BravoPred mesecem

    I prefer the linear metros. Just feel lost in exodus

  113. Yuris Anugrah

    Yuris AnugrahPred mesecem

    I still hoping 4A games will release again Metro game

  114. Lee Walter

    Lee WalterPred mesecem

    As a left handed player, I always rebind the keys. This game punished me hard for that. **Immersive game-play? Not for me.

  115. Justin Dougherty

    Justin DoughertyPred mesecem

    You could play again after beating the game to see if events are scripted.

  116. Ogrodniczek

    OgrodniczekPred mesecem

    I have never gotten good ending in metro game. Even if you miss or screw one thing it's gone and you are left with bad ending.

  117. J.D. Arino

    J.D. ArinoPred mesecem

    Can I play this on my ps4????

  118. Svitojus

    SvitojusPred mesecem

    Metro Exodus is immersive? Nah. It is short, plastic and even bland.

  119. João Victor

    João VictorPred mesecem

    @Random Person its a troll dude.

  120. Random Person

    Random PersonPred mesecem


  121. Collin Gourd

    Collin GourdPred mesecem

    Honestly after playing through the game on ps5 if this game posited its minor bugs It would be perfect just the occasional t-pose enemy's and glitchy combat

  122. AYAYAYA ayayaya

    AYAYAYA ayayayaPred mesecem

    ahha i see you not cheeki breeki enough to play stalker.the game that people forget that metro refer.Stalker series is immersive so much that you scared by argoprom underground.

  123. fireboy the star

    fireboy the starPred 20 dnevi

    Yeah but you need mods to properly enjoy it and the games are not on console