SpaceX Starship SN10 vs. SN15 - What's Improved?

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What are the differences between SpaceX’s Starship SN10 and SN15? What are all the changes, Musk talks about? And why is SpaceX disassembling their Super Heavy booster again? Let’s find out!
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  1. What about it!?

    What about it!?Pred mesecem

    A first demonstration flight for a Super Heavy Booster and what it could look like when it happens. Do you agree? Is there anything you’d add?

  2. Benjamin Brooks

    Benjamin BrooksPred 22 dnevi

    Watching Starbase being built must be like watching Willow Run being built. If you don't know, that was Ford's bomber factory during WWII that would produce one B-24 Liberator every hour. Everyone back then said it couldn't be done also...

  3. Thomas Jones

    Thomas JonesPred 26 dnevi

    What's the purpose of the Alabama State Trooper badge in the background?

  4. Odysseus Rex

    Odysseus RexPred 27 dnevi

    @Alfi Halma That is certainly within the realm of possibility. Of course, Superheavy's flight path will more resemble that of a Falcon 9 first stage than what they are trying to do with Starship, so I imagine they are quite confident that they can land it on the first try. We will see though.

  5. Vladimir Ljubopytnov

    Vladimir LjubopytnovPred 28 dnevi

    ​@3zerozerozerozerozerozerozero I agree. Rapid scheduled disintegration after it topples over..

  6. scabthecat

    scabthecatPred 28 dnevi

    Why do black people use black emojis and white people use yellow emojis?

  7. Psalm 3713

    Psalm 3713Pred 50 minutami

    *You would think some of these prototype Starships would belong in the SPACE MUSEUM, rather than being scrapped*

  8. Arf Arf

    Arf ArfPred 9 urami


  9. Sir Sun Knight

    Sir Sun KnightPred 2 dnevi

    Needs moar Cowbell.

  10. Gonzo Drummer

    Gonzo DrummerPred 7 dnevi

    bn2.1 is scrap, bn3 work continues and lox tank on the bottom, ch4 tank on the top for correction

  11. Sjrick

    SjrickPred 8 dnevi

    I love your shirt. Do you have any with a V-neck ?

  12. Flame of Schy

    Flame of SchyPred 8 dnevi

    a step closer to being interplanetary

  13. Bliss Delavie

    Bliss DelaviePred 8 dnevi

    given that spacex is hoping to catch the booster they may try to get it to hover under control just 10 or 20m off the ground at the end of the hop before finally landing... just an idea

  14. Shabbir Ullah

    Shabbir UllahPred 9 dnevi

    And it landed successfully.

  15. Riku

    RikuPred 10 dnevi

    Buy the brand new SN15, now with 100% less kaboom.

  16. Trent Lyon

    Trent LyonPred 10 dnevi

    Well done as always!

  17. Mister A

    Mister APred 10 dnevi

    So I've seen the capsule land with deployed parachutes, why cant the starship deploy parachutes to buffer and steady the landing aswell as some type of extension legs, similar to how human arms in a 90 degree position that extends outward for support on the landing pad.

  18. Dalton Mojica

    Dalton MojicaPred 10 dnevi

    It would be infeasible to add parachutes to a craft with over 100 tons of mass. Starship is comparable in size to an Airbus A380, and you don’t see any commercial airliners with parachutes now, do you?

  19. Mister A

    Mister APred 10 dnevi

    I'm sure this might decrease the high risk possibilities of explosions, and give added reassurance to crews onboard.

  20. Ilya Durnev

    Ilya DurnevPred 10 dnevi

    Still one major thing not feasible is storing cryogenic fuel frozen for 6 month in space. That will 99.9% lead to frozed to death astronauts and big explosion in the end. It is hard to imagine heat sink between habitat and fuel tanks that works flowlessly for half a year. Also, you can't turn it tip to the sun because radiation hazard. Original concept is also designed as bottom to the sun which is extreme because radiation will heat fuel tank. I guess superheavy is ok to run cryogenic fuel but starship is not. Which means no refuling on Mars (anyway, it would take 100years or so because atmosphere is not dense enough and water is hard to find). What looks feasible however is sending > 10 starships full of robots and equipment and 10% of fuel left, so that astronauts could refuel one of starships and return back to earth.

  21. Michael Eller

    Michael EllerPred 10 dnevi


  22. TMRT

    TMRTPred 10 dnevi

    Well, it did it. Thing landed

  23. What about it!?

    What about it!?Pred 10 dnevi

    Dang, it did!

  24. Madeline Beaudet

    Madeline BeaudetPred 10 dnevi

    Dang what a difference

  25. KnifeGuy375

    KnifeGuy375Pred 10 dnevi

    What's it with youtubers and background noises, background music and little animated caracters moving in the background ...??? distractions over distractions...


    BIR GORKHALIPred 11 dnevi

    Seems to me like doctor strange telling us about the differences in SN10 and SN15

  27. Aerikkala85

    Aerikkala85Pred 11 dnevi

    For "didnt like it" there is obviously thumbs down button............ in any case.

  28. Thegoodtom 1

    Thegoodtom 1Pred 11 dnevi

    Your last weld mark was on both star ships (but further over) showing your angle slightly different. I'm referring to the two vertical weld marks you circled under the several horizontal marks.

  29. thomas payne

    thomas paynePred 11 dnevi

    Ok Ik you think it’s a block 4, but really isn’t it a block 0.15. It isn’t fully sssembled, nor has it done a maydon voyage to space,

  30. Alves Gustavo

    Alves GustavoPred 12 dnevi

    Pourquoi le titre est français? WTF

  31. Rachhanon Sam

    Rachhanon SamPred 12 dnevi

    Launch is tomorrow!

  32. Rachhanon Sam

    Rachhanon SamPred 12 dnevi

    If its possible

  33. My favorite Martian

    My favorite MartianPred 13 dnevi

    The Super Heavy Booster flight will almost copy a Falcon 9 booster flight. Launch, ascension, transition and descent. The only part missing is the actual landing. No legs means it needs to be caught. The tower construction progress will drive the booster launch schedule. The only failure points will be the catching machinery and booster navigation. Spacex already knows how to fly boosters. Catching them, not so much.

  34. Octa_SC

    Octa_SCPred 13 dnevi

    gracias susi

  35. The Lambeth Hatter

    The Lambeth HatterPred 13 dnevi

    Dont you just hate WEBMedia file

  36. Paul Michael Freedman

    Paul Michael FreedmanPred 13 dnevi

    5/3/2021 - *nope, no BN2 yet...

  37. theodiggers

    theodiggersPred 13 dnevi

    Coverage starts at 1:46

  38. Nickel2010

    Nickel2010Pred 14 dnevi


  39. 不滅のあなたへ

    不滅のあなたへPred 12 dnevi

    any proofs little soy boy?

  40. Silver Spoon

    Silver SpoonPred 14 dnevi

    10:33 know how that looks like the N1. and Russians agreed that it's a terrible idea to have so many engines on a circle. You want instead big powerful ones. Like on the Saturn or Arianne launchers.

  41. Daniel Chaiken

    Daniel ChaikenPred 14 dnevi

    For the bn1 I would add small engines on the side and use that to land

  42. Random Nobody

    Random NobodyPred 15 dnevi

    So did SN12,13 and 14 all blow up and I missed them?

  43. HippieLongHaired

    HippieLongHairedPred 15 dnevi

    Couldn't they get a bunch of cows to produce the methane and have one Texas sized barbecue on launch day?

  44. kordta

    kordtaPred 15 dnevi

    I prefer to call it "A grain distiller" instead of "silo"! ;-)

  45. Jake

    JakePred 15 dnevi

    The whole finish is looking a lot cleaner too

  46. artxp

    artxpPred 15 dnevi

    Heavy booster can open flaps to spin like helicopter to gain drag going down.

  47. Rémi Hirson

    Rémi HirsonPred 15 dnevi

    Merci susi pour les sous titres !

  48. Janet Sorenson

    Janet SorensonPred 15 dnevi

    I just found your channel today. Great video, very informative - excellent pictures and with very clear explanations. I am so glad you are here.

  49. Danny Archer

    Danny ArcherPred 15 dnevi

    Next time, put the earlier iteration on the left. I was so confused for half a minute until I read the labels in the top corners.

  50. George Freeman

    George FreemanPred 16 dnevi

    Bull $hi#

  51. Sketch

    SketchPred 16 dnevi

    I just let off a loud cheek wobbler while I was sitting on the toilet. One fart over the poo poo's nest so to speak.

  52. Aaron Bowes

    Aaron BowesPred 16 dnevi

    With SpaceX development going so fast it begs the question. WTF was NASA doing with all its time?

  53. scott brown

    scott brownPred 16 dnevi

    This company is fantastic. Just think how long ago (or not) we were only mulling over welding problems, now we're refineing and fine-tuning/tweaking. This thing makes Concorde look like a Bi-plane, so be patient! Best of luck SpaceX team!

  54. Stephen Corella

    Stephen CorellaPred 16 dnevi

    420 anyone?

  55. Gorg Iyk

    Gorg IykPred 16 dnevi

    need a few small nozzles/engines to fine-tune the thrust on touchdown.

  56. Thegoodtom 1

    Thegoodtom 1Pred 11 dnevi

    They use Nitrogen bursts

  57. Edward Kasimir

    Edward KasimirPred 17 dnevi

    video starts at 0:39

  58. Lauti 1601

    Lauti 1601Pred 17 dnevi

    Well... almost May and we’re still waiting

  59. gabox01

    gabox01Pred 17 dnevi

    Anyone else rooting for another big explosion?

  60. Crasy Fingers

    Crasy FingersPred 17 dnevi

    do we know what the black nose cone thing is yet?

  61. Xarilaos Xatzivasiliou

    Xarilaos XatzivasiliouPred 18 dnevi

    expensive fireworks

  62. ROT8TED

    ROT8TEDPred 18 dnevi

    Build a rocket in 2 weeks jeez...

  63. Daniel Miller

    Daniel MillerPred 18 dnevi

    4-28 now..... They missed that 420by a lot

  64. Fabrice P.

    Fabrice P.Pred 18 dnevi

    Why whould anyone put the oldest version at the right side in a comparison? oO

  65. Kevin Dowdall

    Kevin DowdallPred 18 dnevi

    Here's elon trying to get to Mars and I can't go 20km from my home due to restrictions 😂😂

  66. Red Siegfried

    Red SiegfriedPred 18 dnevi

    I'll be back here to review the improvements after it crashes and explodes and the Senators line up to demand NASA stop dealing with SpaceX.

  67. Luis Miguel

    Luis MiguelPred 18 dnevi

    ,., great

  68. Ajay Singh

    Ajay SinghPred 19 dnevi

    Why is Doctor Strange explaining about SN15?

  69. Kaio Matos

    Kaio MatosPred 19 dnevi

    Excelente vídeo, parabéns!

  70. Ol' Jim Eagle

    Ol' Jim EaglePred 19 dnevi

    This one is definitely gonna boom, it's not nearly pointy enough.

  71. KryptLynx

    KryptLynxPred 21 dnevom

    Half of the "differences" are you not taking into account different angle of view.

  72. vic garbutt

    vic garbuttPred 21 dnevom

    I wonder if they will need the transporters AND the big crane to move from production to test/launch pads for the boosters. Its pretty windy in Texas!

  73. N MP

    N MPPred 21 dnevom

    They should sell the scrap stainless steel to people as keep sakes and to raise money - I’d pay for that!!!!

  74. sphumelele ngcamu

    sphumelele ngcamuPred 21 dnevom

    1 thing all starship video fail to mention is where will people and cargo be

  75. Glossy Nails

    Glossy NailsPred 21 dnevom

    Not really interesting. Share your knowledge by mad out the ship

  76. Tom Fournier

    Tom FournierPred 21 dnevom

    What would SLthrow be without those red thumbnail circles 🤣

  77. James anderson64

    James anderson64Pred 21 dnevom

    How long before democrats say that they can't afford this because they need more money to buy more votes from deadbeats.

  78. Tigre Demon

    Tigre DemonPred 21 dnevom

    There won't be a SH test flight. They will just go straight to stacking and launch to orbit

  79. Alan Michulec

    Alan MichulecPred 22 dnevi

    None of this will be the final version.

  80. windigo00

    windigo00Pred 22 dnevi

    money burning party... orbit? not a chance 🤣

  81. cornnatron

    cornnatronPred 22 dnevi

    Damn tight for cash? Having a episode sponser and than getting 5ads spots on a 16min vid thats worse than television.

  82. ХАС МАН

    ХАС МАНPred 22 dnevi

    It looks like difference between Titanic and Olympic

  83. сергей южанинов

    сергей южаниновPred 22 dnevi

    Крутой мужик Илон Маск!!

  84. popokiobake

    popokiobakePred 22 dnevi

    Not much improvement, the 15 is still a proof of concept prototype. Lots can still go horribly wrong through its development and evolution.

  85. Xovius

    XoviusPred 22 dnevi

    How long until they replace all those SUVs at the site with CyberTrucks? :D

  86. Mark DeRoller

    Mark DeRollerPred 23 dnevi

    The aerial shot of the manufacturing area looks like something out of a James Bond movie.

  87. Aditya Karan

    Aditya KaranPred 23 dnevi

    Sorry to say but video just looks like find 10 differences in the two pics. Barely anything useful.

  88. Davout

    DavoutPred 23 dnevi

    not enough emoji.

  89. Louis J Knowles

    Louis J KnowlesPred 23 dnevi

    If they can just scrap boosters like that then it's probably safe to say their budget is high enough to attempt just a fewww more starship flights if they keep blowin up

  90. Nigel Griffiths

    Nigel GriffithsPred 23 dnevi

    Top marks great stuff😁😆😉🧐😇

  91. Notch Johnson

    Notch JohnsonPred 23 dnevi

    The 'before' picture goes on the left and the 'after' on the right.

  92. kishore mehta

    kishore mehtaPred 23 dnevi

    We need oxygen in India,

  93. Benur M

    Benur MPred 23 dnevi

    2:17 "elongated"

  94. jarrad Moore

    jarrad MoorePred 23 dnevi

    Serial number 15

  95. Eugene Weerts

    Eugene WeertsPred 23 dnevi

    If they still sit with landing prototypes by sn33, elon will cry...

  96. FlyboyCGC

    FlyboyCGCPred 23 dnevi

    10 is crap, 15 is super crap. You’re welcome.

  97. Rick Sihler

    Rick SihlerPred 23 dnevi

    I have no comment.

  98. Simon Bethke

    Simon BethkePred 23 dnevi

    Regarding the welding marks on SN15 I guess they might have been there in SN10 already, but afaik the metal sheets on SN15 are much thinner than on SN10.

  99. Fi xo

    Fi xoPred 23 dnevi

    Install legs of Starhopper in starship!!!

  100. nandos1111

    nandos1111Pred 23 dnevi

    That's ducting not raceway... Raceway has an open air lid for loosely laid cables. Ducting is completely sealed

  101. david mike

    david mikePred 23 dnevi

    wanted to like it twice

  102. TK 421

    TK 421Pred 24 dnevi

    Booster go boom!

  103. Charlie Williams

    Charlie WilliamsPred 24 dnevi

    You would think that he would spray paint his rocks.

  104. Armand9x

    Armand9xPred 24 dnevi

    Before goes on the Left, after goes on the Right.

  105. Kaufman Entertainment

    Kaufman EntertainmentPred 24 dnevi

    The difference? They now fall and explode from a greater height.

  106. Mike Ciappetta

    Mike CiappettaPred 24 dnevi

    Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On a, Jupiter and Mars....

  107. Richard Steen

    Richard SteenPred 17 dnevi

    let me play a m o n g u s in the stars

  108. Jason mcgee

    Jason mcgeePred 24 dnevi

    10:20 I wouldn’t quite say that it is proven technology. The raptor engines are still fairly experimental compared to the rest of the technology.

  109. Roy Joseph

    Roy JosephPred 24 dnevi

  110. Rudolf Wickond

    Rudolf WickondPred 24 dnevi

    SpaceX should cut up their prototypes and crashed starships, and sell the parts to space enthusiasts. At least the parts that dont contain industrial secrets.

  111. Edoardo

    EdoardoPred 24 dnevi

    Seeing SN15 on the left and SN10 to the right made me want to reverse the archetypical arrow of time 😜

  112. Jovi Deso

    Jovi DesoPred 20 dnevi

    Ya. I got 4 min in b4 realizing it was ◀️ ◀️.

  113. Boris Tiutrin

    Boris TiutrinPred 24 dnevi

    judging by the investment and the course of development, the rocket is made not by scientists and engineers, but by marketers. (Let's fasten more engines - then it will fly further and faster)

  114. Jovi Deso

    Jovi DesoPred 20 dnevi

    'we should put a fin closer, u know.. edge.' -' I like, more fins.. find a spot'.' 'Also, the cloudtrails on the bottom,..they're light.' -'yes, good, more fog, make it showy.' ..and print that.