Tracked some of the pros solo queue with Caps, Showmaker, Malrang and Inspired.

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  1. wowwt

    wowwtPred 2 meseci

    Please dont put up a pic of caps.. nobody needs to see that ugly mess.

  2. Marouane Yousfi

    Marouane YousfiPred 2 meseci

    Tank cpourlesnul

  3. Br Z

    Br ZPred 2 meseci

    Hell yeah, this has gotta be one of the 1% of your content that is good.

  4. Jonathan Ekat

    Jonathan EkatPred 2 meseci

    The guy with the ingame tag “sofm jr” is kinda cringe. Probably noting close to sofm. Still not as dumb as Jankos naming himself “budget canyon” but still

  5. Azir

    AzirPred 2 meseci

    Imagine png going boom being 70 which is what I play on daily xD Back when I started 100 was a good day lmaoooo NA is wack haha

  6. Pug A

    Pug APred 2 meseci

    Watching this video makes me think that Caps is in MSI. Lol

  7. Râu Quai Nón

    Râu Quai NónPred 2 meseci

    I dont think this is the real showmaker

  8. Akshith Immanuel

    Akshith ImmanuelPred 3 meseci

    Doesn't matter which country you're from, if you play in the EUW server, you play like an EU player.

  9. Xwkıd xWKİD

    Xwkıd xWKİDPred 3 meseci

    he is watching where ?

  10. Victim Does Anime

    Victim Does AnimePred 3 meseci

    Me in Ja 150 ping sounds pretty good

  11. isak

    isakPred 3 meseci

    got a question, tp vs ignite on tristana? is she using tp because its high elo and kills arent as common, to match twisted fate roams, or is it just the standard on tristana mid?

  12. Кенигсберг Люксембургский

    Кенигсберг ЛюксембургскийPred 2 meseci

    @isak Teleport is simply better at high level games because it allows you to create that win games like Backdoor. Teleport better for splitpush. Sorry for eng.

  13. isak

    isakPred 2 meseci

    @Кенигсберг Люксембургский thank you ^^

  14. Кенигсберг Люксембургский

    Кенигсберг ЛюксембургскийPred 2 meseci

    6:16 The reason Caps chose to teleport versus TF

  15. Ellie D

    Ellie DPred 3 meseci

    QAQ Ping boom

  16. 독오른복어

    독오른복어Pred 3 meseci

    Caps on Tristana is always a pleasure to watch, aggresive yet so calculated

  17. FINIS6

    FINIS6Pred 3 meseci

    Champ takes no brain

  18. Lanel Rose Cordova

    Lanel Rose CordovaPred 3 meseci

    Or was it rogue im not sure

  19. Lanel Rose Cordova

    Lanel Rose CordovaPred 3 meseci

    Mad vs g2 spring split 2021 bo5 game 1

  20. Alex Jones

    Alex JonesPred 3 meseci

    Mid diff

  21. Y e a h

    Y e a hPred 2 meseci

    Tristana have full press kid

  22. BlackRoseFoxy

    BlackRoseFoxyPred 3 meseci

    Nasus goes brrrr

  23. Ragnorian

    RagnorianPred 3 meseci

    imagine leaving korea and going from like 10 ping to 50-100 LOL

  24. Jyu Viole Grace

    Jyu Viole GracePred 2 meseci

    @Hiyayakko if I remember correctly there’s a separate server for tournaments and scrims, hence the reason they always make a new account when doing them and why they have a different patch as well

  25. Hiyayakko

    HiyayakkoPred 2 meseci

    @Jonathan Ekat They're in Iceland so the ping is 50-60 on average

  26. Jonathan Ekat

    Jonathan EkatPred 3 meseci

    Eu has mostly 20-40 you nut heads. Most regions which I’m sure he’s in have about 24 so he probably feels a bit awkward but it’s fine.


    BREQKERPred 3 meseci

    They have 40- 50 which is enough

  28. Yehor Borkov

    Yehor BorkovPred 3 meseci

    But G2 are not in the MSI, are they?

  29. allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlny

    allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlnyPred 3 meseci


  30. nathan schader

    nathan schaderPred 3 meseci

    As a nasus main in the camille matchup you want to have about 150-200 stacks at ten minutes and 550-600 stacks at 20 you hard win the match up after level 6 just ult and all in when you have mana for 2 w’s your ult and a bunch of q’s

  31. Olle Reberg

    Olle RebergPred 3 meseci

    Tp is much more common in high in general because a) they know how better just how valuable it is nad b) they're much better able to effectively utilise it to exert map pressure/ctrl

  32. Bruno Susnjara

    Bruno SusnjaraPred 3 meseci

    Imagine being so spoiled by Korean ping that you complain about 100-150 ping hahahaha

  33. Reda Mohammed Jdaini

    Reda Mohammed JdainiPred 3 meseci

    @Hello Bakit yeah totally not biased right?

  34. Hello Bakit

    Hello BakitPred 3 meseci


  35. Gurpreet

    GurpreetPred 3 meseci

    @Bruno Susnjara I don't think a pro player would care about what an iron player has to deal with at all.

  36. Ramzi Bouderrah

    Ramzi BouderrahPred 3 meseci

    @Reda Mohammed Jdaini i'm a TF OTP and whenever ping is above 100ms it becomes unnatural to pick gold cards and Ults, keep in mind some champs are all about muscle memory and when you're fixated on the timing ping throws you off

  37. Adam I

    Adam IPred 3 meseci

    I play on 180 ping just got new net now play on 150 pibg

  38. Dorin Alexandru

    Dorin AlexandruPred 3 meseci

    Ping boom QAQ

  39. Emir Pehlivanoğlu

    Emir PehlivanoğluPred 3 meseci

    10:28 DOINB RYZE HACK?英雄联盟 400 CS 24 MIN DOINB RYZE HACK?英雄联盟 400 CS 24 MIN DOINB RYZE HACK?英雄联盟 400 CS 24 MIN DOINB RYZE HACK?英雄联盟 400 CS 24 MIN DOINB RYZE HACK?英雄联盟 400 CS 24 MIN

  40. Hades Zero

    Hades ZeroPred 3 meseci

    Remember when fanboys said caps will clap showmaker?

  41. Gurpreet

    GurpreetPred 3 meseci

    @Kacper Słoniewski You don't remember that akali in S9 right? There is a reason her early game is garbage now.

  42. Kacper Słoniewski

    Kacper SłoniewskiPred 3 meseci

    @Gurpreet meanwhile worlds 2019 caps picks akali vs showmaker. Sure pve


    BREQKERPred 3 meseci

    He did in 2019

  44. Gurpreet

    GurpreetPred 3 meseci

    @HOucine aka No he didn't. That was the PVE mid lane meta where players like doinb/caps pick ryze/nautilus and perm push wave and perm gank side lanes. That's why G2 became garbage when people had to actually contest mid lane prio and junglers couldn't chain gank at will.

  45. HOucine aka

    HOucine akaPred 3 meseci

    What are you talking about he did clap the shit out of him in 2019 he clapped all midlaners sadly he coudnt clap doingb thats it

  46. 200 years

    200 yearsPred 3 meseci

    Remember G2 and Damwon are 1-1 in a best of 5. So waiting for the 3rd series at Worlds.


    BREQKERPred 3 meseci

    @Kuba Kowalski me too

  48. Kuba Kowalski

    Kuba KowalskiPred 3 meseci

    @BREQKER I'd be happy to see it happening


    BREQKERPred 3 meseci

    @Kuba Kowalski 1-1 right now but soon 2 - 1 for G2 at Worlds

  50. Kuba Kowalski

    Kuba KowalskiPred 3 meseci

    DWG wasn't participating in 2019 msi. Worlds only so It's 1-1

  51. FinKaisar

    FinKaisarPred 3 meseci

    2-1 for g2* Remember 2019 worlds and msi

  52. Trislander

    TrislanderPred 3 meseci

    I see a Caedrel Video, I click it!

  53. Markus Ohov

    Markus OhovPred 3 meseci

    One thing that EU is bad at and it's Network.


    BREQKERPred 3 meseci

    I'm in France and my ping is 20 so not it's fine buddy

  55. Birb Attack

    Birb AttackPred 3 meseci

    Carlos after watching this game: "Welcome G2 Inspired."

  56. Edwaldus

    EdwaldusPred 3 meseci

    @Devilbhro the Savage No way Elyoya is leaving Mad anytime soon. They are better than ever.

  57. White privileged male

    White privileged malePred 3 meseci

    @Mefix I think you can cut selfmade out of the equation. He didn't have a good split and is kind of overrated right now.

  58. Aurélien Becht

    Aurélien BechtPred 3 meseci

    Are you stupid ? Carlos won't sign him you dumdum, he has to go to FNC first

  59. Mefix

    MefixPred 3 meseci

    @Birb Attack Why would best team in history of Europe try to find rookie? If you want to replace Jankos Inspired/Selfmade are proved for 2-3 years. They are 5 experienced players lol.

  60. Maarten Ruyssen

    Maarten RuyssenPred 3 meseci

    @ngoc lonng Not that good imo and already a veteran without much room to grow.

  61. Andrew Kelley

    Andrew KelleyPred 3 meseci


  62. Noway Norway

    Noway NorwayPred 3 meseci

    QAQ Boom

  63. Aaryan

    AaryanPred 3 meseci

    i play at 300 ping it doesnt lagg man

  64. fernandotorres84

    fernandotorres84Pred 3 meseci

    Meanwhile us, normal folks, play on 100 ping all the time xD

  65. Crups

    CrupsPred 3 meseci

    @Bruno Susnjara 100 ping is rare in Europe, you have to live pretty far away from the server or in a not-so developed country. And since it's Europe, is highly unlikely. I'm not talking shit, I'm just stating a fact.

  66. Shady Drow

    Shady DrowPred 3 meseci

    130 constant ping from middle east says hi. It's actually not that unplayable as long as it doesn't fluctuate. I'd rather have 170 consistent ping than it going from 120 to 150

  67. White privileged male

    White privileged malePred 3 meseci

    I have between 30-40 ping in germany. 100 ping isn't normal lol.

  68. Gurpreet

    GurpreetPred 3 meseci

    @Kijestic Productions 60-70 ping consistent on the west side > 100 ping/randomly d.cing

  69. Kijestic Productions

    Kijestic ProductionsPred 3 meseci

    @Mad Dax I was just averaging it out over the whole server

  70. DαrκΕχοδυs

    DαrκΕχοδυsPred 3 meseci

    DK will absolutely smash these eu kids

  71. Hello Bakit

    Hello BakitPred 3 meseci

    @BREQKER ???? SINCE WHEN?????????? 0 WORLDS?????????? IDIOT


    BREQKERPred 3 meseci

    Nah EU are better

  73. flaviatore

    flaviatorePred 3 meseci

    Yo, you re so CAEDREL with my heart

  74. jens vindelbo

    jens vindelboPred 3 meseci

    engagement comment because SLthrow

  75. Valentinnitus

    ValentinnitusPred 3 meseci

    What a cracked game!!

  76. Norbert Linczer

    Norbert LinczerPred 3 meseci

    Caps >>>showmaker

  77. Aaron Atienza

    Aaron AtienzaPred 2 meseci

    @HOucine aka no bro im just saying that ur argument are nonsense and delusional i think you should take law to atleast get better at arguing

  78. genuu lala

    genuu lalaPred 3 meseci

    @HOucine aka 2020 worlds is better than 2019 worlds lol there are more stronger teams than 2019, even jankos himself said that they are better during 2020 worlds. but there's korea. they can't even win against drx in scrim. your G2 player said it himself...

  79. HOucine aka

    HOucine akaPred 3 meseci

    @Aaron Atienza you need my attention this bad i ignored you and u had to type somethingtwice its fine , your right buddy and your so true does this make you feel better random ?

  80. Aaron Atienza

    Aaron AtienzaPred 3 meseci

    @HOucine aka damn EU fanboys are the most delusional fans I've ever seen

  81. Aaron Atienza

    Aaron AtienzaPred 3 meseci

    @HOucine aka wtf are u talking about fanboy?

  82. Whose man Is this

    Whose man Is thisPred 3 meseci

    Algorithm gang

  83. CCPhreaky

    CCPhreakyPred 3 meseci

    Showmaker not playing his own skin makes me sad

  84. Eslam ElAttar

    Eslam ElAttarPred 3 meseci

    Wasn’t out when this game was played im pretty sure

  85. Cian

    CianPred 3 meseci

    Only comes out today so he can’t

  86. Lucas Ben

    Lucas BenPred 3 meseci


  87. Makksi

    MakksiPred 3 meseci

    Great video, Caedrel.

  88. james S

    james SPred 3 meseci

    nice vid caedrel

  89. Crenmid

    CrenmidPred 3 meseci

    Big game man

  90. flaimyy

    flaimyyPred 3 meseci

    Any twitch Frogs?

  91. Dayan Ramirez

    Dayan RamirezPred 3 meseci


  92. Tolgahan Gökdemir

    Tolgahan GökdemirPred 3 meseci


  93. Enzoss100

    Enzoss100Pred 3 meseci

    Where do you guys get to watch these bootcamps

  94. Zeronothinghere

    ZeronothingherePred 3 meseci

    @Enzoss100 Alternatively if you have an acc on EUW, you can also watch the players I think

  95. Enzoss100

    Enzoss100Pred 3 meseci

    @Jonas Poggers thank you dude!!

  96. Jonas

    JonasPred 3 meseci

    ​@Enzoss100 There is a page called trackthepros for lol where you can see pro gamers accounts and if they are in game. Then you can open the live game on opgg and download the spectate link to open it in your own client.

  97. Enzoss100

    Enzoss100Pred 3 meseci

    @flaimyy yup i follow caedrel, but where does he get to watch I'd rlly love to see and rewatch other lanes and things too

  98. flaimyy

    flaimyyPred 3 meseci