Jack Black Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Jack Black breaks down his most iconic roles, including his characters in 'School of Rock,' 'Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny,' 'Nacho Libre,' 'Tropic Thunder,' 'The Holiday,' 'King Kong,' 'Orange County,' 'Shallow Hal,' 'High Fidelity,' 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' and 'Jumanji: The Next Level.'

Jumanji: The Next Level opens in theaters December 13.

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Jack Black Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ


  1. Sam Alexander

    Sam AlexanderPred 16 minutami

    Accidentally clicked on this vid and I couldn't take my eyes off him....no wonder he's a star...

  2. Ethan Essex

    Ethan EssexPred 10 urami

    josh brolin brother

  3. David Mobley

    David MobleyPred 11 urami

    Hey! I saw pick of destiny twice! 😡

  4. 100% milk

    100% milkPred 16 urami

    What about kung fu panda

  5. vincent carpenter

    vincent carpenterPred 16 urami

    Sometimes I get that crazy adrenaline… goose

  6. camila restrepo

    camila restrepoPred 19 urami

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  7. Hannah Lynn

    Hannah LynnPred dnevom

    I wish he had talked a tiny bit about Cable Guy

  8. Aleyda Alvarenga

    Aleyda AlvarengaPred dnevom

    I remember a young Jack Black as the leader of the Nasties.

  9. Edward Tayahua

    Edward TayahuaPred dnevom

    Nacho Libre is the most hilarious and beautiful film ever. Us the Mexican people love it. Thank you Jack Black.

  10. JL B

    JL BPred 2 dnevi

    Jack Black is a freaking genius and very talented

  11. x0311ofone

    x0311ofonePred 2 dnevi

    Gets a thumb up just for "Man eating bug exercise class" LOL

  12. Stuart Ritter

    Stuart RitterPred 2 dnevi

    No mention of "Mars Attacks"?

  13. • • • — • — — • — —

    • • • — • — — • — —Pred 3 dnevi

    Tenacious D is the BEST MOVIE PERIOD!

  14. Zabuchi25

    Zabuchi25Pred 3 dnevi

    nothing on The Jackal really? its the one movie he gets blown away with a 50cal in lol

  15. Julie Van Dam

    Julie Van DamPred 3 dnevi

    Thanks you for curing my depression Jack Black. You make me want to live life.

  16. George Merrick

    George MerrickPred 3 dnevi


  17. don juan

    don juanPred 3 dnevi

    im sure this has already been mentioned, but JD McNugent is the GOAT

  18. Flag Sabbath

    Flag SabbathPred 3 dnevi

    Never ending story 3?

  19. Sean Behrens

    Sean BehrensPred 3 dnevi

    It's "Slacker" not Slackers.

  20. Chesney Langen

    Chesney LangenPred 3 dnevi

    i’m mad kung fu panda wasn’t in this

  21. wuut videos

    wuut videosPred 4 dnevi

    🎶🎸👴🏻👨🏻🎸🎶 We are but men...... RRROCk!!!!

  22. rilaroothesailor

    rilaroothesailorPred 4 dnevi

    What about his first role that I can think of.... in the Epic Classic Movie "WaterWorld" I agree it was a brief moment, but it was kinda BadAss

  23. Ryan Marshall

    Ryan MarshallPred 4 dnevi

    The fact that Airborne isn’t talked about here is a little disappointing.

  24. Flag Sabbath

    Flag SabbathPred 3 dnevi

    I bought that movie to show my kids thinking they’d be as hyped as I was. They were not. Movie still holds up though

  25. Honestly dont care duh

    Honestly dont care duhPred 4 dnevi

    Remake of Bad Santa?

  26. BrontoSmilodon1

    BrontoSmilodon1Pred 4 dnevi

    So do they have longer interviews on the official website because I always notice that when actors are interviewed about their movies they always leave out the animated films. We got Jack Black talking about his movies but they completely cut out the Kung Fu Panda films

  27. Pond Walden

    Pond WaldenPred 5 dnevi

    God blessed earth with this man

  28. BrontoSmilodon1

    BrontoSmilodon1Pred 5 dnevi

    33:40 I bet Johnny Knoxville is watching this thinking "oh please"

  29. Look Behind You

    Look Behind YouPred 5 dnevi

    Man, it's so odd to look back a a time when a movie like Shallow Hal could be made.

  30. PinkAndBlackAttack 92

    PinkAndBlackAttack 92Pred 5 dnevi

    I think jack black had had every beard and hair style ever

  31. Sammy DeLorenzi

    Sammy DeLorenziPred 5 dnevi

    No Kung Fu Panda?

  32. Mccoll666

    Mccoll666Pred 5 dnevi

    pick of destiny is my favourt movie of all time and has been for a very long time, sometimes i feel like i was just born to late for all this cool stuff haha

  33. UFOpilot

    UFOpilotPred 6 dnevi

    Go write it!😂😂

  34. Bradley

    BradleyPred 6 dnevi

    Orange County is defiantly one of my fav movies

  35. Fashion Editors

    Fashion EditorsPred 6 dnevi

    We just gonna skip past Never Ending Story and Mars Attacks 👀

  36. Casey Smith

    Casey SmithPred 6 dnevi

    Jack blaCk is goated!

  37. Devin Collins

    Devin CollinsPred 6 dnevi

    So no lung fu panda, shark tale, ice age, or house with clocks?

  38. EminentKnightx

    EminentKnightxPred 7 dnevi

    This guy killed it in School of Rock. What an iconic performance.

  39. Abhijit Bhattacheryya

    Abhijit BhattacheryyaPred 7 dnevi

    No mention of Kung Fu Panda???!!! That's a travesty

  40. Kneil 1902

    Kneil 1902Pred 7 dnevi

    Deym the school of rock is one of the best movie i watch and i start to love jack black coz of it

  41. Fabian Ramirez

    Fabian RamirezPred 7 dnevi

    What about AIRBORN!!!!

  42. Power Time

    Power TimePred 7 dnevi

    I wanted to hear about kung fu panda even if it was animated

  43. Jacob Hoover

    Jacob HooverPred 7 dnevi


  44. EZ.710

    EZ.710Pred 7 dnevi

    Aw man, no Kung Fu Panda?!

  45. Hurr Durr

    Hurr DurrPred 7 dnevi

    Couldnt help but fanboy when he started speaking like Nacho

  46. Jadzebra

    JadzebraPred 7 dnevi

    When i was a kid, i didnt get Shallow Hal, i was just like....he's fat too???

  47. Wicked Mindz Entertainment

    Wicked Mindz EntertainmentPred 8 dnevi

    My first jack black movie was neverending story 3

  48. Shubert Seeley

    Shubert SeeleyPred 8 dnevi

    You guys notice how 3/4 of the cast in the pictures were in dreamworks? Or how he doesn’t talk about Sharktale?

  49. Peanut The Mouse

    Peanut The MousePred 8 dnevi


  50. Chris M

    Chris MPred 8 dnevi

    Get the corn out of my face !!

  51. Kellys Heroes

    Kellys HeroesPred 8 dnevi

    Actually me and like 10 friends went to see the pick of destiny. It was super packed

  52. 123

    123Pred 9 dnevi

    surprised they didn't mention kung fu panda but i guess it was only his live appearances

  53. Reiana Cooper

    Reiana CooperPred 9 dnevi

    I adore Jack Black so much, I have the biggest crush on him

  54. slxtknot

    slxtknotPred 9 dnevi

    The video is 2380 seconds

  55. Plant_22

    Plant_22Pred 9 dnevi

    he's so calm he almost sounds depressed

  56. Tyler Zane

    Tyler ZanePred 9 dnevi

    I seen POD in theaters jables

  57. Jan Malka Golingan

    Jan Malka GolinganPred 10 dnevi

    Can you do Matthew Lillard iconic characters?

  58. J D

    J DPred 10 dnevi

    no jack, your breakthrough was bart zero in xfiles. ok?! how can you forget!

  59. Maryetta Jeanmarie

    Maryetta JeanmariePred 10 dnevi

    The royal arch consequentially melt because tea analogously decorate unlike a awesome james. skillful, adamant timer

  60. Dooo Dooo

    Dooo DoooPred 10 dnevi

    I’m pissed they didn’t talk about Mars attacks

  61. Pyro boss

    Pyro bossPred 10 dnevi

    School of rock was my introduction to you and will always be the thing I refer you by so it makes sense you are the most proud of it.

  62. djd620

    djd620Pred 10 dnevi

    Where's Bernie? His 2nd Linklater film and he gives a great performance in it.

  63. Dark Lord Thomas Pie

    Dark Lord Thomas PiePred 10 dnevi

    Jack Black has had a variety of facial hair through the ages- soul patch, sideburns, beardstache (mustache and stubble),short beard, medium beard/garibaldi, stubble, so many beards!

  64. Dark Lord Thomas Pie

    Dark Lord Thomas PiePred 10 dnevi


  65. Keziah Sarmiento

    Keziah SarmientoPred 11 dnevi

    School of Rock was my favourite movie growing up. I grew up in a family of musicians and as a kid this movie was so influential. Jack Black also reminds me a lot of my uncle, he feels so familiar haha

  66. Callum Rogers

    Callum RogersPred 11 dnevi

    Fun fact jack had a brief role in demolition man.

  67. Gavin Mayberry-Long

    Gavin Mayberry-LongPred 11 dnevi

    Can someone somewhere get Jack Black on the Jocko Podcast. Or can Jack do an impression for us. Thanks and praise to the Gods of The Internet.

  68. Geoffrey Potter

    Geoffrey PotterPred 11 dnevi

    I really want to DM a DnD campaign for this wonderful man.

  69. danwemet

    danwemetPred 11 dnevi

    ive watched this video so many times. love me some JB

  70. Rob Buckhouse

    Rob BuckhousePred 11 dnevi

    No Saving Silverman? #FAIL

  71. Aaadd Kali

    Aaadd KaliPred 12 dnevi

    The dashing blouse focally tick because shrimp industrially scribble mid a abounding frost. screeching, unbecoming archaeology

  72. Kane Meeks

    Kane MeeksPred 12 dnevi

    He totally smoked a doob with Jared Hess on top of that parking garage lmao

  73. steve glover

    steve gloverPred 12 dnevi

    He should have mentioned Karen Gillan (but she probably won't mind because he's so great), Kung-Fu panda, and Bob Roberts, and maybe even Never Ending Story. Tenacious D Forever!!!

  74. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph GarciaPred 12 dnevi


  75. Lee Gerry

    Lee GerryPred 13 dnevi

    You mean all the times Jack Black played himself

  76. Holty2k6

    Holty2k6Pred 13 dnevi

    i watched the Tenacious D movie when it came out in the UK it was epic

  77. Kontrast

    KontrastPred 13 dnevi

    How did Jack Black's impression of 'Jimmy Page' sound EXACTLY like 'Mick Jagger'

  78. Omega Alphide

    Omega AlphidePred 13 dnevi

    Anybody else wanna see jack black be in a marvel movie? Especially a Deadpool movie. I really feel like the comedy between jack black and Ryan Reynolds would be great, even for just one scene

  79. TheSneakySlothh

    TheSneakySlothhPred 13 dnevi

    I litterally own the pick of destiny dvd, just in case i lose internet for a day so i can stay entertained lmao, love Jack Black!

  80. Carter Short

    Carter ShortPred 13 dnevi

    I grew up watching school of rock, (it's to the point i have probably seen it 200 times) and seeing jack break it down and see what went into my favorite movie is really cool, thank you guys

  81. Someone Irrelevant

    Someone IrrelevantPred 13 dnevi

    I find your lack of Kung Fu Panda........disturbing.

  82. BBrecht

    BBrechtPred 13 dnevi

    Aren't all of Jack Black's iconic roles just Jack Black?

  83. natiman1345

    natiman1345Pred 13 dnevi

    Where is Airborne in here?!?!

  84. SealTeam Ryx

    SealTeam RyxPred 13 dnevi

    School of Rock is a pretty good movie. It's totally ridiculous though haha he used those kids %100 and would've been in major major trouble for doing that and most definitely wouldn't be allowed to open his own music school hahaha but it's still it a great movie

  85. Julio McLaurin

    Julio McLaurinPred 14 dnevi

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  86. Mallory Varrone

    Mallory VarronePred 14 dnevi

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  87. Joel Farley

    Joel FarleyPred 14 dnevi

    Jack black is such a legend!!

  88. Isabella McClymont

    Isabella McClymontPred 14 dnevi

    This was a ride. Only Jack Black has a water buffalo named after him.

  89. Isabella McClymont

    Isabella McClymontPred 14 dnevi

    Love how much he loves School of Rock.

  90. ccoop95

    ccoop95Pred 14 dnevi

    i'm pretty sure the meeting place regarding nacho libre he is describing is featured in a gta v mission

  91. Mallory Varrone

    Mallory VarronePred 15 dnevi

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  92. G Izar

    G IzarPred 15 dnevi

    Chancho! I need to borrow some sweatssss!

  93. odibex

    odibexPred 15 dnevi

    he called the movie Slacker "Slackers" ahaha what a buffoon also if you were wondering why he kept talking about Mike White, some guy you never heard of, he killed himself EDIT: OK, he's still alive, who am I thinking of Harris Wittels? I don't know why he was talking about him that much then..

  94. Kyle Santos

    Kyle SantosPred 15 dnevi

    WHERE THE F is PO??

  95. Elijah Walker

    Elijah WalkerPred 15 dnevi

    There isnt enough jack black haters.

  96. Christophe Redig

    Christophe RedigPred 15 dnevi

    I loved when he played the big jamaican 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  97. Grace Armstrong

    Grace ArmstrongPred 15 dnevi

    I could literally listen to him talk for my entire life and not be bored

  98. Rhiannon Bittle

    Rhiannon BittlePred 15 dnevi

    Who cares what this absolute vile and Godless and evil democrat race hustler has to say?

  99. Thaddeus Portz

    Thaddeus PortzPred 16 dnevi

    They missed his iconic role in The Office.

  100. Byron Photography

    Byron PhotographyPred 16 dnevi

    But the lighting and background in this video are cringeworthy yikes

  101. Guss De Blod

    Guss De BlodPred 16 dnevi

    Hey I went to see the pick of destiny, in France, and the room was quite full!