Novak Djokovic v Stefanos Tsitsipas Highlights | Final | Roland Garros 2021


  1. thereis nogod

    thereis nogodPred mesecem

    typical of a loser, when they see they are winning and close to being champions they fall apart. djokovic did not win it, the other guy lost it. and it is not the first time, there was a ukrainian guy who was 2 sets to 0 against a self confessed drug user and 4 games to 1 up and lost it from there why?, mentally they are losers. has happened so many, many times.

  2. Jordan V

    Jordan VPred mesecem

    Novak and Andy Murray were just making inroads towards their first GS stuck up swiss ballerina then commented: Andy Murray is GS material while Djokovic isn't!

  3. Shravan Kumar

    Shravan KumarPred mesecem

    Amazing Novak

  4. Hoe Hoe

    Hoe HoePred mesecem

    he fxxking lucky cuz when he face Nadal also lost 1st, if he face Nadal on final i don't think he can win

  5. B.M. NAZEEB

    B.M. NAZEEBPred mesecem

    After this year's wimbledon, roger 20, nadal 20 and novak 20 grandslams.

  6. PersiaMazda

    PersiaMazdaPred mesecem

    Proud of you Tsitsipas you Will have others occasions to win RG no doubt

  7. SONG

    SONGPred mesecem

    Love him or hate him, but his mentality and determination are second to none. Seriously, I have never seen anyone who is mentally tougher than him 😌🙌🏼

  8. Michael Viger

    Michael VigerPred mesecem

    Vamos, Nole !

  9. nishi

    nishiPred mesecem

    So sad to see Tsitsipas’s grandmother passed today and he heard only 5 minutes before entering the court

  10. Hank

    HankPred mesecem

    Tsit, future is yours !

  11. Uncle Pom

    Uncle PomPred mesecem

    Sometimes just wonder what kind of mentality training that Nole and the other two greats have been through to make them able to win after two seta loss

  12. relikvija

    relikvijaPred mesecem

    Više i ne slavi

  13. Sanjap

    SanjapPred mesecem

    Federer: Tsitsi, how could you blow a 2 set lead? Tsitsi : Look who is talking, Mr 40:15

  14. Magnus Lundahl

    Magnus LundahlPred mesecem

    pathetic clown feet losses agin.

  15. H G

    H GPred mesecem

    Congratulations Tsitsipas!

  16. مغربية في هولندا

    مغربية في هولنداPred mesecem

    Djokovic 👍👍

  17. Thor06 Thor064

    Thor06 Thor064Pred mesecem

    Good job joko. Il a Mérité sa victoire. Bravo.

  18. Weihan Xingqi

    Weihan XingqiPred mesecem

    NEITHER is very likeable, so many don't want to watch them. The women's game is much more interesting and the players as well.

  19. Alexander Khan

    Alexander KhanPred mesecem

    Что отличает джоковича от всех других что он даже после поражения отдает должное сопернику и поздравляет соперника

  20. Ric Ind

    Ric IndPred mesecem

    Sadly these new generation players are of no match. They have the game but mentally they are messed up. Sadly these kids need to wait till these great players retire. This tsitsi guy had a great chance to take the trophy but when you are in a grand slam final and you are playing against Novak, Nadal, Roger and even Murray you have to be mentally present or this happens.

  21. Eddy MIYKA'EL

    Eddy MIYKA'ELPred mesecem

    Bravo les gars !

  22. Overlord

    OverlordPred mesecem

    Westerners can't stand Novak! Take a look at Video again, it's 95% of Tzitzipas winers! Haha well done Novak . Long Life Serbia!

  23. pascal dumont

    pascal dumontPred mesecem

    novak revient de très loin car mené deux à zéro et finalement gagner la partie , il faut avoir le dos solide . bravo à lui ,un immense champion.

  24. Praful Y

    Praful YPred mesecem

    Goat debate is officially over now

  25. I know that nobody cares about my opinion but

    I know that nobody cares about my opinion butPred mesecem

    The most underrated tennis player, even if he is the best in the world. It just proves that people are so shallow they appreciate charades and acting more than real, raw talent Novak provides. It also shows the hate towards certain nationalities.

  26. son of serbia

    son of serbiaPred mesecem

    Never underestimate the heart of a serb

  27. Arpan Sarkar

    Arpan SarkarPred mesecem


  28. Ruben Espinoza

    Ruben EspinozaPred mesecem

    Digno Rival, para el número uno del mundo, una final esperada llena de emociónes

  29. doula971

    doula971Pred mesecem

    C'est quoi la drogue qu'il a pris juste après la pause au vestiaire djoko hein?🤔🤔🤔très bizarre toit ça

  30. Gogo Mass

    Gogo MassPred mesecem


  31. Padid AZG.

    Padid AZG.Pred mesecem

    Coming back from 2 sets behind against Nadal and Stefanos! Something happens after the second set. It is time to do a doping test.

  32. fanofmany71

    fanofmany71Pred mesecem

    1. I'm a huge fan of Novak. Glad he won and see him breaking the Grand Slam men's singles record. You know you're good when you win multiple GS titles in each of them. Stefanos will win a GS in the future no question. Glad that Roger played but he's become a hobby tennis players who avoid certain tournaments and quit half-way through tournaments to save themselves. 2. The only thing is that this Grand Slam has tainted by the wrong response to mental health. You do NOT prioritize media over mental health - what idiot does that??!?! For obvious VISIBLE reasons, there was more focus on Naomi than Roger quitting. The French Open is still defending its stance LOL Let's all go back in time when women and blacks didn't vote because "that's just how things are". 3. The Grand Slams are only Grand Slams not because there is anything special about them. They are "special" because certain elite have labelled them "Grand Slams". There are other large tournaments and the same surfaces. It's the prize money and the label that make them more "special". What makes a tournament GENUINELY special is how they treat ALL their players... this is where the French Open has failed. But at least the conversation has started - once certain people were excluded from tournaments (and still are - have you seen how wild cards are distributed in certain countries?). Once grunting was a big deal but have you heard the men these days?!?!? Remember when some players would take FOREVER on their serve??? Things change and I think this will too but it will take brave people like Naomi and other athletes around the world to step up... and their fellow mates demand change. It takes time - see how Novak, Vasek, etc. and their cause to provide a better living to lower ranked players is being stalled by rich tennis players and tournaments who make a huge profit?!!?!

  33. Ady jack

    Ady jackPred mesecem

    God of tenis

  34. Gogo Mass

    Gogo MassPred mesecem


  35. Yannick Guillon

    Yannick GuillonPred mesecem

    Bravo Novac Djokovic, exceptionnel.

  36. kstplaneta

    kstplanetaPred mesecem

    So you call this "Highlights", and show only points mostly won by the looser of the match? What a joker...

  37. Далибор

    ДалиборPred mesecem

    Novak Đoković the best in the world! We lowe you Nole! 🇷🇸

  38. Gokul S

    Gokul SPred mesecem

    I wasn't excited for Tsitsipas after he was leading for two sets...because when Djokovic went for the bathroom break just before the third set it started giving me a sense of change coming in his game...Djokovic is the biggest mental giant to turn around a game and Tsitsipas showed signs of panic and couldn't respond to Djokovic's game mentally...I understand the pain going through Tsitsipas...wishing you better luck in the future...meanwhile Djokovic is turning out to be the best tennis player of all time...not Federer...I am a Nadal Fan and I am happy he is still challenging Djokovic on the courts...Looking forward to future clashes with Nadal.

  39. David Smith

    David SmithPred mesecem

    These guys looked exhausted during that last point. I can’t imagine being that tired and then having to sprint to the net for one of those crazy drop shots. Hats off to 2 gladiators.

  40. Anna Ncg

    Anna NcgPred mesecem

    Impressive match. Tsitsipas gave an incredible performance, he proved how determined and strong he was. He may have lost the game, but he definitely earned the audience’s respect and love, he’ll get other opportunities to win a Roland Garros trophy. His journey is far from being over that is for sure! And as for Djokovic, he did a masterclass as usual. He managed to remain composed, focused and efficient, he definitely made history in both his semifinal and final matches.

  41. Jayadev singer

    Jayadev singerPred mesecem

    If there was an extra day or two of rest... Novak might have won in 3-4 sets

  42. Stefans Lofts

    Stefans LoftsPred mesecem

    You dont have to have a big fan base to be the best player in the world and the best player ever :) its you thats playing not the fans...and novak is playing the best tennis in the world with best results, with fans or no and with personality or no :p

  43. Alex Chartiert

    Alex ChartiertPred mesecem

    Once again the Djoker was better

  44. euripides ornitharis

    euripides ornitharisPred mesecem

    Those who talked of 1st and 3rd divisions between the older and younger generation must take their words back. Well done Djokovic.

  45. Jeniffer Holiday

    Jeniffer HolidayPred mesecem

    Love ❤️ love ❤️ Novak

  46. Deni Ferreira

    Deni FerreiraPred mesecem

    Esse servo foi das trevas ao céu! Prevaleceu a experiência!

  47. Jeb Clar

    Jeb ClarPred mesecem

    Dopovic !!!!!

  48. jela jelica

    jela jelicaPred mesecem

    NOLE KING💪👏👏

  49. Kannan Jayakumar

    Kannan JayakumarPred mesecem

    One day we all are gonna wake up and switch on the TV to find out there is no more Rafa, Djokovic and federer era 😌just like the messi- Ronaldo era in football ,Tennis will never be the same 😍Hope these legends flourish there maximum at their last years🙏

  50. kostas s

    kostas sPred mesecem

    Tsitsipas was amazing.But Djokovic rules the game.

  51. 李玉翊

    李玉翊Pred mesecem

    Love you 😗

  52. Keith Lee

    Keith LeePred mesecem

    Djokavic is the GOAT. Only man who won all slams twice, only man who won all masters twice. Longest time for being world #1, beat Nadal H2H, beat Federal H2H. Peak Djokavic was the best tennis player ever. He had complete dominance in 2011 and 2014 seasons.

  53. Fernando Cianci

    Fernando CianciPred mesecem

    Tsitsipas, next mumber one, no doubts

  54. Daniel B

    Daniel BPred mesecem

    Novak Djokovic Best player of all time !

  55. Αγγελος Αγγελου

    Αγγελος ΑγγελουPred mesecem


  56. bqcjm2ldnstuff

    bqcjm2ldnstuffPred mesecem

    Nadal and Federer argue over who is the better tennis player. At one point Nadal gets angry and says: "I'm Djokovic for you!"

  57. MufLjuz MufLjuz

    MufLjuz MufLjuzPred mesecem

    stara fora. Ali dobra 😂

  58. Alex Knezevic

    Alex KnezevicPred mesecem

    His 19th slam, 84th title, the only player with at least two of each grand slam in Open era, the only player with at least two of each of 14 big titles, 60 big titles (4 more than Nadal and 6 more than Fed), still improving his weeks on #1 record & on his way to kalendar slam.

  59. Душан Силни

    Душан СилниPred mesecem

    And has a better score against Federrer and Nadal.


    ASHWINI MALIKPred mesecem

    Grand slams are a playground of Slavs and other east Europeans. Slavs & other east Europeans, and to a extent Italians, Spaniards and Austrians also : proving time and again and again and again, that you don't have to flood your country with immigrants to excel in sports.

  61. flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423

    flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423Pred mesecem


  62. flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423

    flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423Pred mesecem


  63. Душан Силни

    Душан СилниPred mesecem

    @flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423 So whats your name? Maybe Mr. Crying man?

  64. flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423

    flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423Pred mesecem

    @Душан Силни on drugs ? sorry my name is not novak.

  65. Душан Силни

    Душан СилниPred mesecem

    Are you on drugs or you re just idiot?


    ANGEL BOYPred mesecem

    Djoko GOAT 🖤🔥

  67. Stewart Sigesmund

    Stewart SigesmundPred mesecem

    He will never beat nole But he will be 1 when nole retires The greek god of failure sisipass

  68. Mitchell Hills

    Mitchell HillsPred mesecem

    So stupid. The guy reached a slam final and you say that??

  69. flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423

    flavius honorius emperor of rome 395-423Pred mesecem

    Nole is taking meds. we all saw what happened after set no 2 when he run like an old man and then suddenly he was.....BORN AGAIN after he visited the.......restroom...........WHAT A DISGRACE.....AND TO THINK THERE ARE STILL IDIOTS BELOW WHO THINK OF HIM AS A GOAT AND EVEN DARE TO INSULT FEDAL BY COMPARING THIS DOPING DOPOVIC WITH THE GREAT MAN. OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY στεφανε δεν πειραζει,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,εσυ τουλαχιστον αγωνιστηκες ΚΑΘΑΡΟΣ.

  70. bqcjm2ldnstuff

    bqcjm2ldnstuffPred mesecem

    Wouldn't be easier for him to eat meat? He is vegan...

  71. Душан Силни

    Душан СилниPred mesecem


  72. Arun Narzary

    Arun NarzaryPred mesecem

    Fabio stilton is a pickle. He can't digest when Djokovic wins. He is a Fedtard who withdrew from the French Open knowing that he would lose against Berenttini.

  73. petar rakita

    petar rakitaPred mesecem

    Jar SRBI su naj jaci rekao mi Deda !

  74. Mark Anderson

    Mark AndersonPred mesecem

    Unlucky for Stefanos but remember Novak has lost ten grand slam finals. To Federer, Nadal, Wawrinka and Murray. I hope he gets to 21 because he truly is the goat he has a winning record against all his major

  75. Nikola

    NikolaPred mesecem

    Bravo Djokovic 🇷🇸🤍🇬🇷 🙏

  76. Marcela Vagni

    Marcela VagniPred mesecem


  77. x AKI x

    x AKI xPred mesecem

    Браво за нашег Ђоковића !!!!!

  78. Wathy Imsong

    Wathy ImsongPred mesecem

    Djokovic is the G.O.A.T. period.

  79. الكاسر الجارح

    الكاسر الجارحPred mesecem

    الاعب الوحيد الذي يقارع جوكيفيتش هو نادال

  80. Stevo Glusac

    Stevo GlusacPred mesecem

    What a joke when you have people making comments about Tsitsipas and completely ignoring Novak. That ignorance is so rude it is unbelievable. And they call that having manners, Western manners.

  81. sudheer reddy vanga

    sudheer reddy vangaPred mesecem

    Congratulations Djokovic love youu

  82. Berdj Achdjian

    Berdj AchdjianPred mesecem

    the problem is the board !! The semi final Nadal Djoko should not have happened ! Nadal should have played against Tsitsipas and Djoko vs Zverev !!! then we would have a final Nadal vs Djoko even more exceptional !!!

  83. Cyril Jacob

    Cyril JacobPred mesecem

    So many great points played by Djokovic wasn't shown here. So pathetic video.

  84. komunista114

    komunista114Pred mesecem

    What the public doesn't realise.... especially the limp glory fans of Nadal and Federer, is that this man has balls of un-obtanium. The best is yet to come from this man.

  85. Peter J. Andros

    Peter J. AndrosPred mesecem

    Novak is too generous. Tsitsipas will most likely never win a GS. The Greek nationals, top to bottom, are raised in a tall poppy culture that has a hard time educating kids and adults for ultimate achievement in the world. Greek society is magnificently corrupt and lacks what Ancient Greece had in spades: paideia. Novak was raised Greek Orthodox in a corrupt Serbian society and may have managed to wriggle free of a society that still embraces genocide and injustice, although Novak went seriously off the rails for a couple of years not long ago. Maybe he got some essential mentoring that remains secret from the public. Who knows?

  86. GoalieLife

    GoalieLifePred mesecem

    I said on twitter when Novak got the break point in the 3rd set that it was really match point. People laughed, but you could see it coming. He does not get flustered by being a set or two down, just as being 0-5 down to Rafa didn't upset him. His mental strength is off the charts.

  87. bqcjm2ldnstuff

    bqcjm2ldnstuffPred mesecem

    That's because deep in his soul he knows that he is the best who ever played this game. And he knows that his opponent is aware of this also. But the world doesn't accept this fact and he has to prove again and again and again. TIll the moment he holds all important tennis records...

  88. Mike Mike

    Mike MikePred mesecem

    Greece 🇬🇷 and Serbia 🇷🇸 only love ❤️

  89. iam rips

    iam ripsPred mesecem

    I sometimes feel Djokovic intentionally let's his opponents win a set or two and then starts playing better to win the match. It's like making fun of your opponens

  90. maxx friedrich

    maxx friedrichPred mesecem

    Dr NO1E !!!

  91. B T

    B TPred mesecem

    Tennis history will look at this tournament where Novak Djokovic established his legacy as the best tennis player who has ever lived

  92. Sarvesh S

    Sarvesh SPred mesecem

    Greatest of all time🔥💥💯🐐🐐🐐

  93. stasha crevar

    stasha crevarPred mesecem

    Bravo Noleee !!!! 🇷🇸🇷🇸❤️❤️💖

  94. Vladan Borisavov

    Vladan BorisavovPred mesecem

    What kind of highlights is this??! Only Tsitsi points. Ridicilous. Bravo ,Nole!!!

  95. Nepal's Flora & Fauna

    Nepal's Flora & FaunaPred mesecem

    It would have been great had Tsitsipas won it. He had most difficult draw playing Isner, Carreno Busta, Medvedev, Zverev and Djokovic. But he just couldn't maintained his level from third set. Hope he will win Grandslam soon.

  96. DvDuIo77n1k

    DvDuIo77n1kPred mesecem

    Jaci si kurac Breee hehehe... Nole najbolji si 🙌🏻

  97. vlad

    vladPred mesecem

    I think i all fedal fans will agree that today djokovic ends the goat debate 🙏🙏🙏

  98. Mirza Duranovic

    Mirza DuranovicPred mesecem

    Nole najbolji si

  99. Lenin Guerra

    Lenin GuerraPred mesecem

    Nole: the Houdini of tennis.

  100. Cunga Iunga

    Cunga IungaPred mesecem

    Papi is papi end will always be

  101. 小强COC分享小宅

    小强COC分享小宅Pred mesecem

    Stefanos VIP box make me upset. He was fighting so hard alone with so minuman support from his own box. Wtf.

  102. Wow4ik

    Wow4ikPred mesecem

    Won all 1000's at least 2x, won all GS's at least 2x, record World No.1, Rafa and Roger beaten at least 2x in their Premium GS's!!!! Positive H2H against Rafa and Roger!!! And there is still debate who is GOAT??!!! I do not understand the mindset of some people!!!!

  103. Michael Jordan

    Michael JordanPred mesecem

    This is by far his most sweetest victory

  104. Panayiotis Kyriacou

    Panayiotis KyriacouPred mesecem

    2-0 down.. off to the dressing rooms....

  105. Aristos Miliopulos

    Aristos MiliopulosPred mesecem


  106. Dave K

    Dave KPred mesecem

    Djokovic is definitely the GOAT - Only one of the Big 3 to win every grand slam more than once - Most weeks at #1 all time (324 weeks and counting) - Only one of the Big 3 to have a winning record against the other 2 players

  107. Fish and chips

    Fish and chipsPred mesecem

    Boring men's tennis as usual. 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

  108. Aristos Miliopulos

    Aristos MiliopulosPred mesecem


  109. Richa Francisco

    Richa FranciscoPred mesecem

    Doidim do grego ficou chateadinho. Se fosse com o nadal teria levado 3xo

  110. Miguel Ortiz

    Miguel OrtizPred mesecem

    Screw you all Dokovic’s bitches!!!!!!😆😆😆