Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: PS5 vs PS4 Pro - A Brilliant Next-Gen Upgrade!

Everything to know about Final Fantasy 7 Remake's PS5 upgrade. Visual updates come free to anyone who owns the original PS4 game, opening the gates to a new 60fps mode, improved textures, lighting, better world streaming, rapid loading times and so much more. Tom picks through the highlights of a superb PS5 re-release - plus a look at the new exclusive DLC starring Yuffie.

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  1. martin cabrera

    martin cabreraPred 4 dnevi

    I got the game free on ps plus but I paid $20 for the free 60fps, faster losing, improved visuals and it was well worth the purchase.

  2. Faisal 84

    Faisal 84Pred 15 dnevi

    14:26 Quality of life improvement, lol.

  3. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnusPred 18 dnevi

    Cloud but I like Squall more. May FF8 remake happen soon. God bless, Rev. 21:4

  4. Daddy & Jack

    Daddy & JackPred 19 dnevi

    Huge fan of the remake? Did you see that ending? I can't believe they got away with soiling one of the greatest stories ever told with that utter nonsense.

  5. BlazeHedgehog

    BlazeHedgehogPred 20 dnevi

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake is so close to CG that seeing it at 60fps gives it that kind of "soap opera effect." I don't know if I like it.

  6. PopPunkNerd

    PopPunkNerdPred 21 dnevom

    So I got a ps5 but just bought the PS4 version of this game , I know they give us the free upgrade with it . Is it worth playing it like that?

  7. BadboyDCX

    BadboyDCXPred 21 dnevom

    Awww I have ps plus version

  8. Mario Lucian Andreano

    Mario Lucian AndreanoPred 22 dnevi

    The fact that I must BUY a game which I already own through PSPlus spending 80eur just to get the PS5 upgrade is truly incredible...why can't I just pay a small amount to get the upgrade like for CoD???

  9. Stephen Brook

    Stephen BrookPred 22 dnevi

    Why is the PSplus version excluded from the upgrade?

  10. Biscuits N Tea

    Biscuits N TeaPred 25 dnevi

    Wow... sony dont give it to ps plus users? thats really bad.

  11. Ad Rose

    Ad RosePred 25 dnevi

    I mean the graphics are horrible. Just like 30% of the game looks 4k. The rest is crappy AF. Lazy SE.

  12. Alex Gomez

    Alex GomezPred 26 dnevi

    Wish they hadn’t changed the music during the opening of the game on ps5. Definitely sounded better and hit harder in the original version.

  13. DJ MX

    DJ MXPred mesecem

    Just wait how much better it will look running on a RTX 3080, PC3800 64 GB of DDR4, WD Black M.2 Nvme SSD, MSI X590 Godlike, Ryzen 5950X, Rip Consoles

  14. NoPurposeIndie2

    NoPurposeIndie2Pred mesecem

    Brother finally got a PS5, and I stayed up all night to play / finish intergrade. Another masterpiece 👌

  15. SeFu2006

    SeFu2006Pred mesecem

    All this means nothing if Cloud’s hair wasn’t upgraded

  16. R.

    R.Pred mesecem

    I just came to see the door. Thank you DF! 06:47

  17. MrMoro11 Tv

    MrMoro11 TvPred mesecem

    Many say that 60fps movement becomes smoother, but in my eyes the movement looks 2x faster than 30fps so the gameplay looks like a busy rush. I prefer playing graphics mode with 4k 30fps.

  18. Gellister SBB64

    Gellister SBB64Pred mesecem

    I am so excited for FidelityFX implementation on the new consoles. With that and dynamic resolution (assuming they both run at the same time, might cause problems?) we are going to get really sharp images that can pump the framerate and still have lots of visual effects. So glad AMD is getting that on the consoles.

  19. Max Peterson

    Max PetersonPred mesecem

    I played the DLC recently and knew it looked better but wow. This video really highlights how much better

  20. Revengeance360

    Revengeance360Pred mesecem

    I'm playing intergrade at the moment. From what I can see, some of the textures In the slums have been improved, but are still really blurry when you look at them. Like when you look at the ground, on ps4 it was just a smudged mess, but now it has a bit more graphic fidelity, but still looks a bit blurry. Is this how it's supposed to be?

  21. daniel carter

    daniel carterPred mesecem

    I never noticed the short falls on the pro because I was just too into it. Makes sense and I can't wait to replay when I get my ps5.

  22. Suikoden Vocaloid 4k

    Suikoden Vocaloid 4kPred mesecem

    played its so smooth on ps5

  23. Hazard2005

    Hazard2005Pred mesecem

    After years of being a PC gamer, I just can't play games at 30fps anymore...

  24. M. Collier

    M. CollierPred mesecem

    Gonna be Performance mode for me. Im fine with playing a game that can only manage 30fps... but given the choice I'll take a hit to resolution to maintain 60fps every time.

  25. Think for Yourself

    Think for YourselfPred mesecem

    The textures on everything in the slums are still blurry tho. I always thought the PS4 pro wasn’t beefy enough to hand them. But nah. The PS5 version is definitely better but that’s not saying a lot given how blurry pipes, dumpsters, and building materials look.

  26. Geoffrey Bassett

    Geoffrey BassettPred mesecem

    Dying for a PC release of this.

  27. Gray Wolf

    Gray WolfPred mesecem

    60fps > 4K

  28. Zeemas

    ZeemasPred mesecem

    Not sure it's thanks to Square's proper planning with PS5 in mind during development or Unreal's tool set to seamslessly integrate the game to PS5 for this incredible update

  29. AnimevsOverwatch 1

    AnimevsOverwatch 1Pred mesecem

    .... So can we play it on ps4? Thought we had no ps4 version

  30. Richard

    RichardPred mesecem

    You lose shadow quality while in performance mode, they have a softer look. When in the graphics mode they are razor-sharp, and have smooth edges. So unfortunately both modes don't retain all the new upgrades. 🤷‍♂️

  31. Joshua R

    Joshua RPred mesecem

    Can't wait to play this game for $20

  32. unclesuave

    unclesuavePred mesecem

    60fps is eye sex

  33. Arcona

    ArconaPred mesecem

    Sucks there's no 4k60 mode. Oh well. Given it stays at 60 in the perf mode at all times the upper limit of the res seems too low. 1512p but doesn't really drop from this.. Well then why not target 1800p and have it DRS down to maintain 60 in demanding situations?

  34. ProAssassin84

    ProAssassin84Pred mesecem

    I just decided to jump into the Remake and what a perfect time with this PS5 upgrade. Can't wait to experience this Masterpiece. AMD really gave Sony and Microsoft the goods this time. The consoles are powerful out of the gate and to think this is just the first Year with many Multiplatform games.

  35. vvhale fccd

    vvhale fccdPred mesecem

    On a big TV I chose graphics mode because it looks better. I never had a problem with this game at 30fps to begin with and the new lighting, shadows, and reflections looks really crisp and nice.


    lllULTIMATEMASTERlllPred mesecem

    Graphics mode does NOT look like native 4K to me for some reason. It looks slightly better than 1440p to me. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I crazy?

  37. Arthur Souza

    Arthur SouzaPred mesecem

    That fog make ps5 much worst than previus version you cant see the prettty scenarios. And ps5 dont run It in 4k 60 fps what is Very Sad and not a generation jump.

  38. General Di Ravello

    General Di RavelloPred mesecem

    I have ff7 remake on a base ps4 and the texture pop takes insanely long even sometimes up to a minute for textures to pop to a higher resolution

  39. Sang Vo

    Sang VoPred mesecem

    Anything with PS5 upgrade 60 FPS is a Next-Gen in my books.

  40. Reijhin Ru

    Reijhin RuPred mesecem

    Me: Stil waiting for PC edition.

  41. Stephen Weston

    Stephen WestonPred mesecem

    This upgrade was the push I needed to start the game over on hard mode

  42. CHi

    CHiPred mesecem

    I said I wasn't going to replay it, since I Platinumed the game before, but I tried out the original storyline with the the 60fps performance mode, and suddenly found myself 3 chapters in. Damnit.

  43. Matt Brown

    Matt BrownPred mesecem

    After playing the first mission on the upgrade, it felt like in retrospect i was playing the game with grease smeared glasses for the 3+ playthroughs on the ps4 pro. Everything just looks so much clearer, the ability to read a sign clearly from like 10 feet away makes it seem so much more real and less ethereal

  44. Dave

    DavePred mesecem

    Said before and I will say it again. I think every PS5 game should have a 1080p, 60 fps, ray traced mode. Or just target 60 fps ray traced and the highest dynamic resolution possible. Unless you are really close to a really big TV, it's very hard to see the 4k benefit. Resolution alone should not come at the cost of multiple other factors of picture quality and motion resolution.

  45. G R

    G RPred mesecem

    30 FPS Next Gen😂😂😂

  46. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    You against options for consumers? Being anti-consumer is kinda cringe bro.

  47. CA Iz RippiN

    CA Iz RippiNPred mesecem

    There is also still texture pop in at the beginning of cutscenes and when you talk to npc’s round the game which is very annoying. The clothes load the textures just as you talk to them. I can’t believe they make the game look this good but texture pop in is still in the game.

  48. Mutation

    MutationPred mesecem

    Oh god, that accent again. Almost puked at the 1st seconds

  49. Arbiter

    ArbiterPred mesecem

    I wish I could get into this game and understand why it's so beloved. I got to the part with Aerith, that extremely boring ass section with the metal hands and whatnot turned me off. I was having fun until that point, oh my god she is insufferable.

  50. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    Aerith is probably the best character in remake wtf lmao

  51. Pete Parker2288

    Pete Parker2288Pred mesecem

    This was my first final fantasy game and I loved it

  52. Ricardo Fernandes

    Ricardo FernandesPred mesecem

    Performance mode is a no brainer. Just about 25% reduction on resolution for double framerate

  53. PS4 Games

    PS4 GamesPred mesecem

    It's amazing how many channels lying about the resolution of the PS4 games. On Pro FF7 remake getting 4k. Not something like 1678p or whatever. When I launch the game on my PS4 Pro my TV telling me the screen is set to 3840x2160.

  54. PS4 Games

    PS4 GamesPred mesecem

    @Ruxis256 Whatever. Isn't 1619p as you said.

  55. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    ​@PS4 Games It peaks at sub 4k. It's legit noticeably not 4k in comparison to native 4k games. Ya know what I give up. Believe what you want to believe, I don't care. Your Pro saying that is irrelevant. IN GAME it will be lower. Cba with this.

  56. PS4 Games

    PS4 GamesPred mesecem

    @Ruxis256 Dude. Even my PS4 Pro telling me the game is 3840x2160.

  57. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    @PS4 Games read again. your TV is set to output 4k but the game isn't rendered at 4k. It's upscaled in a way that makes it look close to 4k. 100s of games do this. It's a fact. You're wrong. I can't help you if you refuse to see facts, but just saying, it's not a healthy way to live your life. You'll see the same info no matter where you go because the game is in fact not running at native 4k. Barely any AAA games on the pro do. That's a fact. My TV does the exact same for PS5 games. The TV is set to 4k, the game is not. That's how it is and pretty much how it's always been. How you have the gall to have PS4 games as your username makes this sentiment even more baffling. The PS4 pro is a 4k CAPABLE machine. Actually running 4k rarely ever happens. Finally, TVs don't pixel count the game it's playing. It only counts what the TV is set to display. Educate yourself. Thank you.

  58. PS4 Games

    PS4 GamesPred mesecem

    @Ruxis256 I would trust my TV instead some random channels ran by people without confirmed education.

  59. raziel x2k

    raziel x2kPred mesecem

    What loading times ? Do you guys not have ssds ? :))

  60. ATLAS 90

    ATLAS 90Pred mesecem

    Shity foundry

  61. Vincent Desrosiers

    Vincent DesrosiersPred mesecem

    I wish I could watch this video like I do any other but after 2 months actively looking for a PS5 at retail price without any success, clicking on this thumbnail genuinely hurt...

  62. Chris Liabel

    Chris LiabelPred mesecem

    But the real question is: did they give that poor door a texture?

  63. TheHDRGuy

    TheHDRGuyPred mesecem

    Held off playing this until PS5, Picked it up for $19 couldn't be happier playing it at 60fps for the first time!

  64. Metalllhead

    MetalllheadPred mesecem

    If you have a PS4 pro put a SSD in it. It really helps

  65. ibra S

    ibra SPred mesecem

    I’ve been lucky enough to have everything available apart from a ps5 . Series x FPS boost is sick . RTX 3080 getting 120fps 32:9 ultra wide BOOM

  66. Gulf Coast Glibbers

    Gulf Coast GlibbersPred mesecem

    FINALLY, I find a comparison video that is godlike. Superb visual comparisons and explanations -- entirely comprehensive. Thanks!

  67. Jay Farris

    Jay FarrisPred mesecem

    So games downloaded from PS+ aren’t getting PS5 upgrades?

  68. Jay Farris

    Jay FarrisPred mesecem

    @Nick930 don’t really understand how that works. All the ps plus games I’ve downloaded and added to my library over the years aren’t technically mine?

  69. Nick930

    Nick930Pred mesecem

    Nope. You don't own it - so you don't get the upgrade.

  70. Veiled_XSX

    Veiled_XSXPred mesecem

    A pity that the game is mediocre.

  71. HolidayAtHome

    HolidayAtHomePred mesecem

    the Door Fix. Most important peace of information ;D

  72. Ryan Boetcher

    Ryan BoetcherPred mesecem

    The PS4 simply couldn’t handle the last fight of the DLC

  73. Crazy Cat Guy

    Crazy Cat GuyPred mesecem

    Why do you call the texture issue an "upgrade'? This is a FIX (which should have been on PS4 as well).

  74. Nick930

    Nick930Pred mesecem

    The door is a fix - the texture streaming is a benefit of better hardware. And the higher res textures are simply put.. an upgrade.

  75. Snafu

    SnafuPred mesecem

    Hoping to see a PC launch at some point.

  76. TheDwarvenDefender

    TheDwarvenDefenderPred mesecem

    You failed to mention the improvements of installing the original version on an SSD. You made the video 10 months ago. You *know* that many people still can't get their hands on a PS5. *You know it.* SSDs, on the other hand, are still available, even if Chia cryptocurrency is driving up the price a bit.

  77. TheDwarvenDefender

    TheDwarvenDefenderPred mesecem

    @Ruxis256 I can think of a lot of "common knowledge" things that people don't know and need to be informed about.

  78. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    why would they mention that? faster loads on a pro with an SSD is common knowledge and not worthy of discussing.

  79. Ben Lo

    Ben LoPred mesecem

    If only PS5 is not a myth... Still no luck getting one.

  80. Piper Phillips

    Piper PhillipsPred mesecem

    As others have said, 60fps becoming widespread on consoles should've happened a decade ago. My gaming PC is a bit of a monster, and dropping from 165fps to 60fps is far, far less painful than 165fps to 30fps. Sure, ultra-high framerates are a bonus, but there's really nothing wrong with 60fps for console gaming.

  81. Duke Nukem

    Duke NukemPred mesecem

    just finished ff7 last night on my ps5, the difference is night and day. just bought the dlc and am going to play that now

  82. aboud alaboud

    aboud alaboudPred mesecem

    Smooth 60 fps.. now console people understand what's the difference between 30 & 60 By the time that they understand 120/240/300 fps.. it's will be like 20 years from now

  83. aboud alaboud

    aboud alaboudPred mesecem

    @T T kl z8

  84. T T

    T TPred mesecem

    نضحك؟ رح ابكي واحلم بحصريات سوني التاريخيه تحف فنيه بعالم الألعاب ❤️.

  85. CEWIIH

    CEWIIHPred mesecem

    GOTY when it was released, GOTY again so far on PS5! :)

  86. Prickly Peppy

    Prickly PeppyPred mesecem

    I was sooo stoked to play the remake that i didnt even notice any issues like the "Door", only thing i noticed was the city in the background while you walk above it

  87. Daven YouTubeSir

    Daven YouTubeSirPred mesecem

    I was trynna get that free upgrade but realized I couldn’t cause my version was the ps+ version. My broke ahh aint paying for that game I beat it 3x but thats wassup. Would have been nice to try but hard pass for me.

  88. XZ III

    XZ IIIPred mesecem

    well, I mean... it is a multi-platform game engine. as always though, it's up to the devs if it means they can focus on making the game better if they just focus on PS4-pro-5 machines only instead of just simply trying to to get it to work in general on variable types of machines

  89. Rice Fist

    Rice FistPred mesecem

    6:46 *Tobey Maguire Likes this video* 👍

  90. TheKeithvidz

    TheKeithvidzPred mesecem

    2013 last gen put in lethargic chips, present went with near matching gaming PCs.

  91. B01scout

    B01scoutPred mesecem

    Paying 60€ for PS Plus per year and not getting rewarded with the upgrade, which is free for regular buyers does leave a bad taste in my mouth. Feels like we people supporting via a subscription did not earn it. Buying the game again just for the upgrade for 60 € again is out of the question.

  92. B01scout

    B01scoutPred mesecem

    ​@Pat Fer I pay 60 € per year in order to keep accessing the game. That makes it by definition not free. As soon as I stop paying the subscription, using a secondary console offline, my primary console loses its activation token or Sony stops the service I will not be able to play any games from that service. These facts makes all accessed games a games as a service. I did not say I expect or demand the upgrade for 'free', as you say.

  93. Pat Fer

    Pat FerPred mesecem

    Paying 0 for the actual game and still expecting the upgrade for free that a team of people worked hard on for a while does leave a bad taste for sure.

  94. abel ald

    abel aldPred mesecem

    what?? now we want next version free without buy the old version game?? come one... Buy the game at 40e on ps4 and upgrade free. This reward is for those wo pay the game, not for those who wait to pay the month of ff7r was free for play it. The rest of months u pay because u want, It has nothing to do with it

  95. B01scout

    B01scoutPred mesecem

    70 € for original and 80 € for Intergrade. So can everybody just pay 70 € for standard and receive the free upgrade? If that's true who in his right mind would pay 80 € from the start?

  96. Gisborne

    GisbornePred mesecem

    Can't wait for the PC version. the version that should have launched day 1. The version that should be out already right now. The only true DEFINITIVE EDITION...

  97. James U

    James UPred mesecem

    Even though the texture loading is fixed in the Sector 7 slums there are still a lot of low quality textures even on the 4k 30FPS mode. Feels like this area was outsourced compared to the rest of the game. Even Tifa's bar has terrible textures behind the alcohol and there are a few big story cutscenes there. Every other area I've seen looks much better than the slums but it's crazy to see how inconsistent this game still is.

  98. Andrue Finley

    Andrue FinleyPred mesecem

    Square Enix are comprised of literal wizards and Sony dabbles in cosmic arts. Cause what did I just look at.

  99. Kevin P.

    Kevin P.Pred mesecem

    They couldn't even get 60FPS at 4K on this? LOL yikes

  100. Ruxis256

    Ruxis256Pred mesecem

    Show me your PC doing it Kevin. a 3080 can't even do native 4k in Red Dead 2 and you're expecting a 2070 equivalent to do native 4k in a game looking this good? Lmao moron.

  101. abel ald

    abel aldPred mesecem

    orrr halo finite but with ps3 graphics

  102. abel ald

    abel aldPred mesecem

    the only with 4k 60 on series x is biomutant jajjajaaj and with 20fps drops XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  103. abel ald

    abel aldPred mesecem

    jajajajaaj its not the moment for that, becouse on series x no new game have 4k 60 xD 4k 30 without ray tracing all jajajaja. Ps5 gets 4k 30 with ray tracin at least jajajajajajaaj And... dont forget,, all games run identical on xbox and ps5. Village, all same 2-3 frames of diference,,, not the diference u say like.. hoho ff7r no 4k 60 XD,,, on xbox was the same, s-tu-pid :) like village, valhala, rising, cold war, devil 5, dirt5, fifa, all the games with next gen version.. Legión better on ps5 XD, valhala better on ps5.... soo.... better quiet ;) Series s 1080p 30fps with no RT jajaajaajaj (horizon5 jajajajaaj)

  104. Jesse L

    Jesse LPred mesecem

    I have been waiting for you review before I re played again in fact. Performance mode it is! Thank for all your hard work DF

  105. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.Pred mesecem

    Did they remove any of the in-game loading zones where you slowly shimmy past hallway junk?

  106. Mustafa Pop25

    Mustafa Pop25Pred mesecem

    Imagine paying 60$ for this game Getting a ps5 for 1200$ and you cant get your hands on that episode unless you pay 20$ for it

  107. Excessive Speeds

    Excessive SpeedsPred mesecem

    the instant chocobo travel is actually a bad thing, since you don't get to hear the chocobo theme anymore while its loading

  108. Lucas Rodriguez

    Lucas RodriguezPred mesecem

    I take sharper image over 60 fps anyday in singleplayer game, but is good to have the option for a second playthrough.

  109. dookcur ruff

    dookcur ruffPred mesecem

    lazy developers wont release for PC

  110. MustafaPS5

    MustafaPS5Pred mesecem

    ps5 is the way to play with its super speed loading, resident evil 8 proves it as well

  111. leonthesleepy

    leonthesleepyPred mesecem

    Man, if only the Spiderman PS5 remaster was free too.

  112. Doug R

    Doug RPred mesecem

    PC gaming : farrr better experience if you have the hardware. I have a 3080/9900k both OCed and it's unreal. Ultra settings, RTGI, all at 4k with 120hz gsync... that experience is just unfathomable awesome. If you think 30 to 60 fps is transformative (it is), imagine consistently being between 90 and 120 hz with perfect frame times and no stuttering due to gsync. At 4k. I'm just glad console bois are finally giving up on the "30 fps is literally indistinguishable from 60 fps with the human eye" nonsense. That said, I also have a ps5 and it's a great option for those who don't want to shell out the cash I did for my PC. I just worry about it being able to hold up for 5-10 years. Like, it's a mid range PC at launch. Give it a few GPU generations and it will be low end, and by that time the standard will be 30 fps with aggressive resolution scaling so that visual parity with PC is close and new effects can be used. This 60 fps kick is not going to stay unfortunately. For example no game running UE5 will be 60 fps on ps5/xbox SX. They will be lucky to run at 1080p 30 fps (with upscaling but that temporal super sampling is meh).

  113. Doug R

    Doug RPred mesecem

    Remember when console fanboys used to say the human eye cant tell the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps?

  114. ScootaKuH

    ScootaKuHPred mesecem

    I've never said that. There is a clear difference between 30 and 60fps. I spot less of a difference in resolutions, but of course there's going to be a difference when you double the framerate.

  115. Skopin

    SkopinPred mesecem

    Just waiting for the PC release so we can get both 4K and 60FPS.

  116. Octavin Adi Nugroho

    Octavin Adi NugrohoPred mesecem

    PS5 looks beautifull paired with my 43inch Akari 1080p TV . And this game at performance mode in this TV is Superb!


    PORPETA BRANCAPred mesecem


  118. Abelardo Espinoza

    Abelardo EspinozaPred mesecem

    This makes me happy that I held off on beating the game until the PS5 version

  119. EnduringArts

    EnduringArtsPred mesecem

    The fog is garbage and really make the game look not good. Fog in general should be used very sparingly in games.

  120. Ken

    KenPred mesecem

    i feel really special having a ps5, thank you Sony.

  121. Maik Leenards

    Maik LeenardsPred mesecem

    So it doesn't have actual Ray-Tracing?

  122. B Cap

    B CapPred mesecem

    I tought 30 was fine for this game the first run. After trying the 60 fps mode, I could never play it at 30 again


    AWESOME BOB GAMINGPred mesecem

    HI Tom another fab ps5 analysis from you m8. There was never any doubt that this would be a technical marvel show case for ps5. Goes 2 show why thus far Sony is again killing series X both in sales & more importantly, on quality exclusives! Hasn't Spencer & MS learnt anything from last gens defeat from Sony? Seems not & l genuinely feel sorry for both xbox gamers & the series X since it really is a powerful console & deserves better marketing & games. So another win for PS5. TC Tom & stay safe. My regards 2 all the team at DF XD 😄😁🙏👍

  124. Tom Big

    Tom BigPred mesecem

    I am looking forward to what the next chapter will look like on the PS 9